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Running Head: Journal Reflection

The counseling session began with introductions of the procedures and what we should do as a

counselor and as a client. This stage is important in any counseling session since it is the time of

exploration and focusing on what the counseling session should be done. After we’re given our

own partner we began the counseling session. In that session I was able to establish rapport and

trust with my counselor in order to come up with a working and fruitful relationship with her.

Because of the things I shared to her. Also I establish rapport and trust with my client so that see

will secured on what she will going to tell me. During the counseling stage when I was the

counselor I made use of skills like questioning, where I would pose a question directly to my client,

sometimes I would choose to just listen to what the client wanted to speak out while in some

instances I would be forced to paraphrase the question. So the she can understand much better and

she could answer me elaborately. This enabled me to gain information when the client bought out

the underlying issues including those that I had not thought about. This active listening also

improved my relationship with her that I can apply in real counseling session. I was able to know

to express acceptance by avoiding any expression of disagreement or judgment thus making the

client open up and also to trust their counselor in real counseling setting. The session also left me

with enough time to explore and diagnose the issue thus nothing the way of approach to the


However, it may not see on the video because of the time limit, if I had the chance to continue it

the whole period I would like to encourage my client through verbal or non-verbal cues. During

the counseling session my eyes were on my client as she spoke and I would nod my head to show

consent which encouraged the client to speak on since there was someone who was ready to listen.

As part of my active listening strategy, I also faced my client to show my attentiveness through
Running Head: Journal Reflection

my body language. The other strategy, I used to encourage my client was to respond to her speech

appropriately through an understanding murmur like “um-hmm” and raising my eyebrows to

indicate that I could understand every details of her speech. After the session my client seems to

relieve everything she wants to get out of her. She told me she felt happy because she was able to

express what she really feels for a long time.

In the counseling session I will describe the style of counseling that I used, the actions I had taken

need further improvement, my perception about the feedback from my other classmates and

professor would do. By discussing the particular experience in detail, I can start too aware of the

specific skills and technique which counselors may use in other clients to take positive action by


Being the client in a counseling session perhaps is not easy. There are moment that I think what

should I tell, am I going to tell her this? Maybe she will judge me. A lot of things comes to my

mind. But one thing for sure I should always tell the truth because that will be the best thing I can

come up to an effective counseling session. The topic I used to share was really confidential since

it’s about my family background. Even if I have a lots of doubts knowing that my other classmates

would know I truly believe that they will practice confidentiality. Like what on our Psychological

Assessment subject last semester Father Bernard and Sir Nino kept on reminding us “If you really

want to be a good Psychologist you must know how to give importance to confidentiality”.

My counselor seems reflecting on my feelings and validate my feelings. Validating or ‘Okaying’,

someone feelings through reflecting their feelings is a way to tell that person that you are accepting

their feelings and emotions. This can be a relief to me who is struggling with some difficult

Running Head: Journal Reflection

Additionally, reflecting feelings makes a person feel understood and listened to. In a world with

so many distractions, good listeners are hard to come by. Thus, when someone not only listens to

us, but also reflects our feelings back to us, we feel like we are truly being listened to and


Shiella Marie M. Tuvieron

BS Psych IV
Running Head: Journal Reflection

The session began when we took our preliminary exam and after a couple of minutes we checked

our test papers. Followed by when the IPR method introduced to us. According to powerpoint

presented to us the IPR or the interpersonal process recall method it uses a stimulated recall of

videotaped interactions to facilitate therapy and counselor training. Recall sessions are conducted

by a clinical “Interrogator” who helps the client examine the underlying dynamics of his

interaction with the counselor. The development, role and training of this “interrogator” are

describe. The value of the IPR method in accelerating client progress in counseling and basic

consideration in regard to application are discussed. That is one of the information I have on my

notes during the discussion.

After the discussion the class was divide into two. The first would be the one who will watch the

counseling session and the second will have their own task. I was on the second group so we

formed five groups and went to the library to do what we need to do assigned by our professor.

Throughout the period we read books about counseling. We had difficult time trying to find what

we need to look in order to answer the questions in our questionnaire. We have different books

and at the end of the time each of us gather different ideas and we decide to put them all together.

We combined our own answer and summarize them all. When we are already in the classroom one

of my groupmates put it a yellow pad and finalized what would we think would be the best answer.

The moment we are the library I was given the chance to read some articles and references about

effective counseling which would helpful especially we need to practice it in real counseling


Shiella Marie M. Tuvieron

BS Psych IV