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Long form Short form Long form Short form

I have got I’ve got I have not got I haven’t got

You have got You’ve got You have not got You haven’t got
He has got He’s got He has not got He hasn’t got
She has got She’s got She has not got She hasn’t got
It has got It’s got It has not got It hasn’t got

We have got We’ve got We have not got We haven’t got

You have got You’ve got You have not go You haven’t got
They have got They’ve got They have not got They haven’t got

We use the verb “have got”:

To show possession- that something
belongs to someone.
 She has got a red bicycle.
 We have a new computer
Have I got?
Have you got? To show relationship
Has he got?  I have got two sisters and a brother.
Has she got?
Has it got? To describe appearance.
 She has got green eyes and short, red hair
Have we got?
Have you got? To talk about other states or conditions
Have they got? (illnesses, problems,)
 She has a headache.

 Don’t use got in the short answers

 Use only 'have' when talking about actions or experiences
 There is no contracted form for 'Have' in the positive form.
The contracted form is used for 'have got'
Ex.: I have a red bicycle. OR I've got a red
A Circle the best answer B. has got, have got, has or have
1. Αll the students __________ pencils
2. Μy parents __________ five
1. My brother __ three girlfriends. children
a. has got b. have got 3. I __________ lunch at two o’clock.
2. We __ manyflowers in our garden. 4. The baby __________ two teeth.
a. has got b. have got 5. Helen __________ a shower every
3. The children __ lots of homework. day.
a. has got b. have got 6. Elephants __________ big ears.
4. Susan __ a little sister. 7. Ι __________ a pen in my pocket.
a. has got b. have got 8. We always _________ dinner at six.
5. I ___ a new bicycle. 9. I _________ a lot of free time on
a. has got b. have got Sundays.
6. Helena __ blonde hair and green eyes.
a. has got b. have got

C Fill have got / has got then write the sentences using the short form like the example
eg. My dad has got a boat. My dad’s got a boat.

1. They ______________a nice house. _____________________________________

2. I ______________a brother and a sister. _____________________________________
3. Jessica ______________brown hair. _____________________________________
4. We ______________ a big kitchen. _____________________________________
5. The dog ______________your shoe. _____________________________________
6. The baby ______________a new tooth. _____________________________________
7. They ______________ a very big dog. _____________________________________
8. The house ______________a big garden. _____________________________________
E . Write sentences with the verb “have got” as in the example (affirmative, negative
and interrogative), Use the short form where possible

1. Elephants / small ears Elephants haven’t got small ears

2. Tigers / green eyes _____________________________________________

3. Kathy / a big dog _____________________________________________

4. the teacher / books _____________________________________________

5. The man / a new car _____________________________________________

6. The cat / a ball. _____________________________________________

H . Look at the pictures and write questions and sentences like the example

Eg. Has the boy got a bike?

girl/ cat
The boy has got a bike. The boy hasn’t got a bike .

they/ brown eyes _______________________________________?


The baby/ three teeth ________________________________?


The boy/ mobile phone


The children / balls

Sara / pens

Mrs. Smith Sara / car _____________________________________?