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UNIT 3A Word in your Ear C00 S10 | Sa a Expressing likes and dislikes 1 Talk to your partner about a book you have bought, read or used recently which you found particularly enjoyable, useful or interesting. 2. Look at the types of book in the box and say which three you buy, read or use most regularly and why. cookery books (autojbiography _thrillers/crime novels modern literature science fiction _ educational books manuals romantic novels travel books puzzle books lassic literature reference books ‘What type of person do you think buys which type of book? 4 Which type of book do you think is the most popular in your country? EA ST Comprehension m1 Look at the headline of the article on page 51. What do you think the article will say about book buying in Britain? m2 Read the article quickly to find out what the following numbers refer to: 95,000 $99 35 55 55,000 12 793 47 22 Now read again more carefully and answer these questions. ‘Why has the writer used the expression ‘chapters ahead’? (lines 2-3) In your own words explain the term ‘for pleasure’. (line 7) What does ‘the same’ in line 14 refer to? ‘What does the word ‘markedly’ in line 15 mean? ‘What does ‘the figure’ in lines 17-18 refer to? What are ‘culinary titles’? (line 25) What does the phrasal verb ‘bore out’ in line 31 mean? Explain in your own words why “trophy” books’ may be ‘more purchased than read’. (lines 36-39) 9 What does ‘they’ in line 50 refer to? 10 What do you understand by the adverb ‘steadily’? (line 56) 11_Explain in your own words the term ‘consumer spending’. (ine 61) 12. Which word is used in the article for the conclusions drawn from the information collected in the survey? BY sw RYN