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Position Operations Manager - Moolabin Department Intermodal

Classification Reports To Service Delivery Manager –


Direct Reports 2 Location Brisbane

Created 5 February 2015 Hays Point Range

Financial Performance for 2014/15 Financial Year

Revenue: TBA


Budget: TBC

Overall Purpose

The Operations Manager Moolabin has overall accountability for the effective, efficient and timely delivery of our customers’
freight ensuring a service that meets or exceeds our customers’ expectations. The Moolabin Service Team is lead by the
Operations Manager Moolabin and includes terminal and depot operational staff, specialists (such as trainers), shift supervisors
and operational supervisors. The Operations Manager Moolabin will create and maintain a team of direct reports appropriate to
ensure focus is achieved on safe work practices and delivering performance to plan.
The Operations Manager Moolabin ensures operational plan implementation through best practice terminal resource,
infrastructure and assets utilization (labour, equipment, track & tarmac) in a manner that delivers superior service and
performance at the lowest unit cost. The position holder must initiate and implement logistical solutions that meet a wide range
of stakeholders needs and expectations, which will include the resolution of conflicting priorities and management of account
related issues and customer relationships. The definition and achievement of budget initiatives for service, revenue and volume
targets which continue to deliver acceptable internal profit margins is a vital element of the positions responsibilities. These
targets will be a combination of location specific and overall national goals.
Key to this role will be ensuring our values of Safety, Customer Service, People & Teamwork, and Performance are
incorporated in all aspects of our operations. The Operations Manager Moolabin must foster and develop a customer centric
and performance culture within their team and demonstrate and model leadership, with commercial awareness and
responsiveness to customer requirements.

The role is accountable for customer service delivery within their defined span of control. The service must deliver improved
safety performance for customers and employees, and must be delivered within agreed cost budgets.

The position requires a high level of leadership, interpersonal and communication skills to operate effectively at all levels of the
organisation. The Operations Manager Moolabin must develop, communicate, direct and gain support for the implementation of
strategies and plans targeted at improving the performance of the Team under their management and work with their peers to
improve the overall performance of the business.
Key Accountabilities

Accountability Major Activities Key Performance Indicators


Lead and  Demonstration of clear, effective leadership in all aspects  Recordable Injury Frequency
champion the SHE of safety by proactively communicating and enforcing Rate (RIFR)
Strategy safety values resulting in increased hazard/risk  Lost Time Injury Frequency
awareness, personal accountability and preventative Rate (LTIFR)
Lead cultural behaviours throughout the workforce.
change to deliver  Significant incident reduction
 To ensure that the appropriate training, assessment, re-
improved safety assessment, licensing and accreditation needs are in  Reporting of near misses
and sustainability place for any employees or contractors under your control.  Completion of audits
 Working with the nominated Safety Representative,  Workers compensation costs
continually drive improved safety performance; ensuring
Actively manage
that the working environment provides for the safety and  Reduced time to return to work
risk and reduce
wellbeing of all staff, contractors and those who interface  Reduction in risk profile
Pacific National’s with the service.
risk profile  Personal time spent leading
 Provide necessary resourcing for effective safety and engaging people in safety
 Employee Engagement Survey
 Lead cultural change consistent with the value of safety results
“Home Safely Every Day” and the Asciano Sustainability
 Delivery of targeted safety
Charter. Communicate clear safety performance
projects & initiatives
requirements and standards. Mentor others in safety
leadership.  Close out of notices and actions
from regulatory bodies
 Act as a role model for safety by putting safety first,
demonstrating behaviours that are aligned with safety best  Reduction in number of notices
practice. form regulatory bodies
 Actively engage in the workplace, promoting safe
behaviours and practices and promoting strong risk
awareness and engaging employees in safety
 Identify present and anticipate future business risks.
Participate in the discipline of maintaining a risk register
and continually work to reduce the risk profile of Pacific
 Responsible for delivery of targeted safety initiatives
across National Intermodal, directly managing safety
business partners to ensure alignment with PN Strategy
and access of deep functional expertise.
 Monitor and drive adherence to SHE audit and
compliance program
Accountability Major Activities Key Performance Indicators


Lead the  Lead and accelerate the development of a customer-  Damage reduction
development of a centred culture fostering deep employee engagement with
 Truck Turnaround times
customer-centred the Asciano value of “supporting our customers to succeed
culture is at the heart of all we do”.  Freight Availability - DIFOT >95%
 Identify, develop and implement, productivity and cost  On Time Arrivals
improvement opportunities for the maintenance, servicing  Asset Utilisation
Contribute to the
and utilisation of Pacific National assets in order to
optimise return on investment whilst continuing to deliver 
development of a Feedback from customers /
Pacific National high quality customer service. customer satisfaction – Net
Customer Strategy promoter score
and champion  Address out-of-course requests for additional services in a
innovative timely, flexible manner, with the desired outcome being  Delivery against contractual service
aligned to providing value-added services to the customer standards KPIs
solutions as a way
base which will ultimately assist with strengthening Pacific  Revenue
of working
National market share.
 Support Sales and Customer Service to build strategic
Build Strategic  Measurable improvement to our
customer relationships. As required, take a leading role in
Customer customers business
major customer relationship management. Troubleshoot
relationships and problems as necessary to build strategic partnerships.  Increased Market share
creatively develop Actively develop growth markets through business
business development activities focussing on both organic growth
opportunities for and new market growth.
Asciano (not only  Work with the Service Delivery Manager to transform
PN) structures, processes and systems to leverage scale,
optimise the utilisation of resources and fleet, drive
innovation and make the experience simpler and more
Deliver win-win satisfying for customers.
business outcomes
which contribute to
our customers
business and earn
strong returns for
Accountability Major Activities Key Performance Indicators

People &

Lead, inspire and  Effectively manage the selection and development of all  360 feedback
motivate staff to personnel under your control in a style which ensures that  Employee Engagement Survey
meet and exceed the operational team is a dynamic, cohesive and results
goals productive workforce which has a strong focus on
 Measurable improvement in talent
continuous improvement and the achievement of
plans. Performance against diversity
operational and business performance targets. targets
transformation of  Lead, inspire and motivate staff to achieve and exceed  Performance and Development
Pacific National Pacific National goals. Articulate the Asciano and PN vision Plans in place for all staff by end
and goals clearly to ensure individuals and teams August
understand what success looks like. Build engagement and
Champion the  Underperformance and disciplinary
passion to deliver and commitment to the Asciano values.
development of issues are promptly dealt with in a
 Support the implementation of the Pacific National fair and consistent manner
talent for future
business model, champion the structural realignment
process, engage staff and encourage collaboration and
Contribute to teamwork within and across teams. Take the opportunity to
delivery of a embed Asciano values and leadership competencies
positive workplace through the change process. Role model collaboration and
relations strategy best for business approach with lead team members and
which contributes all staff.
to the future growth  Actively contribute to the Pacific National Talent
and sustainability Management Strategy. Build succession, retain key staff
of the business and mitigate risks where needed. Actively mentor
emerging talent and leaders, taking opportunities to coach
Actively manage the Asciano leadership competencies. Be a champion of
stakeholders for the diversity strategy.
the benefit of the  Identify opportunities and take action to develop effective
performance of the relationships with business partners (internal and external)
business and other stakeholders to meet business goals.
Communicate with stakeholders effectively.
 Effectively manage and resolve HR and IR issues,
including the performance management of employees who
are not meeting expected standards, whilst maintaining a
strong, direct and open relationship with all personnel
under your control
 Improve Moolabin’s ability to systematically evaluate and
drive improvement in its Culture and Climate
 Integrate, align and improve Moolabin’s current
management system to improve its ability to manage
performance in a timely, robust and quantifiable manner
Accountability Major Activities Key Performance Indicators


 Manage the development and ongoing maintenance of  Express capital and operating
Support the Terminal budgets, ensuring accurate monitoring and expenditure actuals vs. budget
National reporting of variations in expenditure or revenue and the  Timely execution of corrective
Intermodal achievement of EBITDA and EBIT expectations. measures to align expenses with
Business Strategy  Manage, liaise and negotiate with key suppliers in order to fluctuations in activity
and execute the achieve defined budget outcomes and sound commercial  Accurate and timely processing of
business plan to terms for the business. accounts payable and receivable
targeted  Manage the Terminal Operations in a way which ensures  Accurate and timely reporting of
performance or that the agreed standard of safety, revenue, profit, costs and revenue
above customer service and operational performance targets are
 Management of service and supply
achieved, accurately measured and reported on, in line
Drive operational with divisional, corporate and operator requirements.
 Customer satisfaction
excellence and  Lead the delivery of the business strategy within an area of
best in class control and through collaboration with peers and as part of  Achievement of all finance related
planning, the overall Pacific National Strategy. Ensure the performance targets
scheduling and operational business plan supports the business strategy.  Revenue
utilisation of assets  Ensure delivery of ongoing productivity improvement  EBIT
projects. E.g. BIP, fuel efficiency, Project 95, overtime  Operating EBITDA Margin
Responsible for reduction, Sustain using lean, six sigma methodologies.
delivery of ongoing  Deliver against the Pacific National Sustainability Strategy
productivity including activities to minimise environmental footprint  Cash conversion % (operating cash
improvement including reduced carbon emissions and energy intensity. flow/EBITDA)
projects in line with  Work with Asset and Infrastructure Services to support  Growth CAPEX
budget improvement in asset and infrastructure management to  Free cash flow
improve utilisation, maintenance scheduling and manage  Commercial contract / negotiations
sustaining CAPEX spend over time.
Deliver  Operating cost
improvements  Contribute to program of planned investment in
 Haulage volumes
against the Pacific infrastructure for future business growth and manage the
National business to successfully generate cash to do so.  Number of significant environmental
Sustainability incidents
 Maximise labour utilisation through working closely with
Strategy live run, establishing labour pooling within geographies  Fuel usage reduction
 Focus on contributing and supporting the success of the  Reduction of overtime
Support entire network and other geographies balanced with  Labour utilization
transformation in delivering the best performance outcomes possible within  Asset utilization
asset and span of control.
 Network utilization
infrastructure  Remove current and known areas of inefficiency related to
management to  Improve average annual slot
the manner in which Moolabin manages and operates key
unlock value utilisation to better than 89%
business functions
 Reduce truck turnaround times in
 Improve the current capability of Moolabin to drive
improved levels of accountability, clarity of purpose and
overall performance  Reduce container damage
 Manage and resolve risks and other issues  Change Management and
stakeholder engagement across all
 Maintain overall integrity & coherence
business units .
 Manage the breadth of development and implementation
 Gaining and maintaining line
management support during the
change management process.
 Project timeline defined, endorsed
and actively managed to develop
and implement on time.
Key Interactions

Internal Employees, internal departments, Asciano departments, HR, Finance, Legal

External Customers, Trade Unions, suppliers, contractors, members of the public

Behavioral Competencies

Core Competency Description Applies?

Customer Focus Dedicated to meeting the expectations and requirement of internal and 
external customers; gets first-hand customer information and uses it
for improvement in products and services; acts with customer in mind;
establishes and maintains effective relationship with customer and
gains their trust and respect.

Building Business Identifying opportunities and taking action to develop relationships with 
Partnerships business partners (internal and external) and other stakeholders to
meet business goals; building networks to obtain co-operation without
relying on authority.

Influencing and Negotiating Effectively exploring alternatives and positions to reach outcomes that 
gain the support and acceptance of all parties and maximise benefits
to the organisation

Living Our Core Values Leads and or interacts with others consistent with our values and 
behaviours. Develops and environment where people can develop
trust in each other through behaviours consistent with the
organisation's values.

Passion for Outcomes Continuously challenges what is possible and strives to do things 
better (i.e.: more efficiently; more effectively; more productively; more
safely). Sets stretch objectives and strive to exceed them. Focuses
energy and efforts on delivering business outcomes, balancing
competing demands as necessary. Demonstrates energy, passion and
drive that enable significant obstacles and resistance to be overcome.

Communicating with Impact Communicating in a way that is clear, concise and easily understood; 
communicating with impact and credibility; influencing others using
persuasive arguments; using appropriate language, style and
terminology for the situation.

Safety Leadership Acting as a role model for safety by demonstrating behaviours that are 
aligned with safety best practice; knowing and understanding relevant
safety principles and regulations; driving and monitoring safety in one's

Personal Accountability Holds self and others accountable for achieving results. Set clear 
goals for self and the business ensuring that teams and individuals
understand performance expectations. Demonstrates personal
flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances and ensures the ability to
adapt to change and take personal ownership is reflected in the

Developing Org. Capability Understands the skills and capabilities we need now and for the future 
and ensure we have the appropriate structure, systems and processes
in place to build and maintain these capabilities. Actively develops
talent and organisational culture to ensure we have strong succession
in place for critical roles and build a sustainable culture reflective of
our core values.
Major Challenges/Projects

 Continued improvement in safety performance.

 Improve cultural engagement of staff at Moolabin
Behavioral Competencies
 Identify, improve and implement efficiencies within Moolabin that yield a positive return for Pacific National
 Continuing to deliver on efficiency projects e.g. managing slot utilization and freight availability.
 Building customer-centric culture aligned with Asciano values
 Develop a Working Together & Change receptive culture
 Continually drive cost saving Initiatives

Skills/Experience & Competencies

Skills/Experience  Demonstrated experience delivering large scale and complex organisational change and
realising agreed benefits
 Strong project management skills and experience, with demonstrated experience in managing
business change projects
 Strong interpersonal skills with demonstrated ability to effectively communicate, liaise and
interact with internal and external stakeholders
 Sound understanding of Safety Management Systems and application within organisations.
 Strong planning and coordination skills
 Demonstrated ability to lead and work within multiple teams;
 Strong analytical and problem solving skills with a high degree of initiative and flexibility.
 Knowledge of business operations and key interfaces.
 Strong people and change management skills
 A thorough working knowledge of PC based word and spreadsheet applications, and
computer based planning systems
 Demonstrates honesty, treats people with dignity, respect and fairness and fulfils
commitments to others - and doing all these consistently
 Works co-operatively and independently with colleagues across the breath and depth of our
 Demonstrates a personal commitment to continuous improvement and finding new, more
effective ways to achieve objectives
 Accepts responsibility for own performance with a high level concern for quality and timeliness
 Self motivated, acting before being required to by events to improve job performance, avoid
problems or find or create new opportunities
 Works well in a flexible environment, and approaches change or new environments positively
 Demonstrates a commitment to maintaining highest standards of safety by following safe
practices as specified by regulation and common sense and leads by example
 Considers the environmental impact of own activities whilst at work and complies with any
reasonable direction regarding environmental management
 Plan a course of action to accomplish a long-term goal, after developing alternatives based on
logical assumptions, facts, available resources and constraints
 Effectively manages time and resources to ensure that work is completed efficiently, and takes
responsibilities for any shortcomings.
 Accomplishes tasks by considering all areas involved, no matter how small, showing concern
for all aspects of the job. Accurately checks processes and tasks to ensure client jobs are
completed to the highest standards
 Works with others to facilitate skill and knowledge transfer to foster personal development and
for the benefit of the organisation
 Shows a broad understanding of key safety fundamentals, including an understanding of the
organisation’s objectives and how these maximise value for the business, its shareholders and
 Able to take on an improvement initiative and run the project from concept through to
implementation and review
 Resolves problems and understands situation by systematically breaking down the problem
into smaller pieces, or tracing the causes, effects and implications in a logical way. Includes
setting priorities, thinking through options, and incorporating an assessment of both risks and
Technical  Tertiary qualifications in project / logistics management or relevant experience
Competencies  Tertiary qualifications in change management or relevant experience.
 Lean Six Sigma
Skills/Experience & Competencies

Qualifications/  Qualifications in logistics, supply chain or process improvement management disciplines

 Completed frontline management studies in leadership, team coordination or supervision
(preferred but not
Other  Excellent interpersonal and communication skills with a proven record of motivation and
 A thorough working knowledge of PC based word and spreadsheet applications, as well as
experience in the use of TMS/Freightweb/CHS planning and booking systems
 Appropriate industry experience in either a business, logistics or management stream
 Financial management skills, experience and commercial acumen
 Proven ability to be able to prepare, interpret and or, implement complex reports, budgets and
other analytical data
 A working knowledge of the relevant industrial laws, including the OHS legislation and
 Demonstrated conflict management, negotiation and problem solving skills
 Experience in leading and developing successful teams
 Proven ability to successfully implement improvement programs and change management

Organisational Chart

Service Delivery
Manager QLD

Operations and
Operations Manager - Operations Manager - Operations Manager -
BFT Rockhampton Townsville
Manager - Moolabin

Operations Supervisor
- Linehaul x 2

Operations Supervisor
- Taree

Operations Supervisor
- Terminals

This role is defined as a Transport Safety Worker, therefore subject to random, for cause and post incident related
drug and alcohol testing.

Sign Off
I have read and understand the requirements of this position. I agree to consult with my Manager or Team Leader should I not
understand the key accountabilities or expectations of me. I will carry out the position to the best of my ability and understand I
must meet required performance standards and targets. I accept the responsibilities of the position as outlined above.

I understand the position description for my role is constantly evolving, based on emerging priorities and shifts in organisational
and departmental needs, and therefore will be updated from time to time.

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