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1. Foreword
2. Startups market overview
3. Fintech startups focus
4. Top 20 Fintech Startups
5. Future predictions
6. Credits
We consider digitalisation to be an enabler and a driver rather than a standalone
activity, and fintech companies play an important role in generating ideas and in
the relation with established banks. As such, we see the development of this
industry as an opportunity and we are involved in various initiatives in this area
both in Romania and at the Group level. Moreover, UniCredit has already
launched in many of the countries in which it operates, partnerships that aim to
collaborate with fintech operators, to develop and support various innovative
technologies that can then be made available to our customers.
As a simple pan-European commercial bank, wishing to have a more agile
business model, we are therefore ready to adapt more easily to the new
economic and technological environment in which we operate.

“ The aim of UniCredit's digital transforma-

tion is to enhance efficiency and, most
The aim of UniCredit's digital transformation is to enhance efficiency and, most
importantly, to improve the experience of our customers, meeting their
changing needs. To support our digital strategy, Transform 2019 includes
importantly, to improve the experience of
investments for business projects of EUR 1.7bn and for regulatory activities of
our customers, meeting their changing
EUR 0.7bn, making up a total of EUR 2.4bn.
Răsvan Radu, CEO UniCredit Bank We are therefore glad to put the foundation stone of the first report of the top
20 fintech companies from Romania in collaboration with How to Web -
a report that provides a clearer view of the local fintech environment.
Startups market
and business people - first are hired by bigger companies,
while the second are not that many.
5 years ago we were moderate optimists. Let's wait 5 more
years and see where this is taking us.
5 years ago it would have been impossible to predict the positive
trajectory of the Romanian tech ecosystem. With UiPath, Bitde-
fender and Emag valued well above $4bln in total, Bucharest is
Tech Startups Ecosystem Overview
quickly becoming a new darling of the European tech ecosystem.
In the same time, the venture landscape has improve significantly Active startups: 1000 to 1500

with 2 new seed funds being launched in 2018 in excess of $50m, Startup-related conferences: ~40/year
Tech/startup meetups: ~1000/year
while more are expected in 2019.
Coworking spaces and hubs: 51

The local digital and IT&C market has been steady growing, and
Private investments made yearly
nowadays local startup can start by maturing their products by
selling them on the local market before growing internationally. - Angel investors: ~ €1 millions
- Accelerators:  ~ €500 thousands
International services like Uber, Revolut or Taxify prioritise their ef-
- Venture Capital: ~ €5 millions
forts for launching locally, and pressure local players, both startups
and corporate, to innovate and improve their services. Startup exits/acquisitions:
~ 60 (40 of them sold in the last 5 years )
Good news bring new challenges. While new R&D centres contin-
Exit total valuation: ~ €300 millions
ue to grow, with Fitbit, Amazon, GoPro and many others opening
their doors in the last years, the workforce pressure has grown to
record highs. Startups have a very hard time to both hire engineers
Startups market
14.8% 11.5%
6.6% 6.6%

26.7% financial
not launched
73.3% 62.3%
launched 13.1% 19.7%
crypto payment

blockchain 9.8%
personal finance
Fintech startups
Fintech is the new wonder kid of the startup world. Across the But, on the same time, other very successful FinTechs found that
globe, more than 7,500 FinTech firms, combined, have raised over the success path could be a well defined partnership with the
USD 109.8 billion. traditional firms.

Fintech’s popularity among VCs at all stages speaks to its core During the last few years, the relationship between FinTechs and
attributes: well-defined market opportunities in its major segments, traditional financial institutions has changed from competition to
long-developing innovation cycles and significant growth oppor- collaboration.
tunities amid the best-developed segments.

The most important competitive advantage of Fintech firms are According to the World FinTech Report
their agility and execution speed: how fast they are identifying a 2018, 75% of FinTech startups are open to
market need, how fast they are launching a new product and how collaborate with traditional financial
fast they are pivoting after an unsuccessful launch.
services firms.
Some of the most successful FinTech startups found that the suc-
cess key is the focus on super well defined feature sets, niche
segments or addressing some key pain points in the customer
Fintech startups
But both traditional financial institutions and FinTechs have strug- The increasing focus on managing regulatory requirements and
gled in finding the right partner, implementing change, scaling up compliance contributed to an increase in funding for regtech
the innovation and create a meaningful culture fit. companies. In just 6 months, VC funding to regtech companies
has already exceeded regtech funding raised during all of 2017.
In the more mature fintech areas of payments and lending, domi-
nant market players continued to emerge over the first 6 months Open banking is not just the future of financial services; it is the
of 2018, attracting larger and larger deal sizes. future of commerce itself as open ‘banking’ is just the start – as it
progressively extends to other segments of the financial services
Meanwhile, a broader range of companies focused on newer areas industry and then beyond, including energy, telecommunica-
of fintech innovation, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and data tions, etc. Open data will be the catalyst for a new phase of en-
analytics, also attracted attention from fintech investors. ablement and disruption, leveraging technology and data to
Regulatory issues have been a hot button topic for corporate and create new and improved products and services for customers.
other fintech investors so far this year, particularly in Europe, as a Open banking regulation in the UK, Europe, the United States
result of the implementation of Payment Services Directive 2 and Australia is the start of this change.
(PSD2) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
Fintech startups

Open banking regulation in the UK, Europe, the United States and
Australia is the start of this change.
Fintech 20
HTW presents its first annual Romanian Fintech Innovators report. It compiles
a list of the year’s best fintech startups in Romania.

The report presents the most innovative companies, creating products and
services at the intersection of technology and financial services who are seek-
ing to disrupt the existing processes and products that dominate the market.

We’ve selected the companies following extensive regional

research and analysis based on data relating to several di-
mensions, including the core 5 factors noted below:

1. Product stage
2. Investment
3. Team
4. Geographic distribution
5. Addressable market

Value proposition:
4Secunde is a software robot that automates the management of the They need to do this for many clients in a very small time-interval
many monthly fiscal reports in the accounting services companies. (a few days for hundreds or even thousands of documents)
4Secunde automates 12-17 steps (depending on the needs of
Product description: each company) and reduces the human repetitive tasks by 90%
‘The accounting industry faces the same human resources problem while rising the accuracy.
most industries do.
Their particularity is that the result of their work is contained by the We were launched in 2012, have 2 Big Four companies and a lot
fiscal documents they prepare on behalf of their clients. These of other international accounting and audit companies as clients.
should be internally managed (carefully looked for in order not to The biggest client we have has 1.000 clients itself
miss one, renamed, archived, etc.) but also uploaded to the authori-
for the accounting services. The second one has
ties in a sequence of manual web upload, later checked using some
680 clients."
received indexes, download the server response and so on.
Category: Software robots
Product stage: Growth
Investment type: Bootstrapped
Located in (city): Bucharest
Year founded: 2012
Active in: Romania
Team size: 1-5
Main co-founder(s): Eduard Alexandrian
Stefan Voinea

Connect with us:

Eduard Alexandrian

Value proposition:
Get paid 50% faster. We make it simple.
How it works

Product description:
Argentum’s SMS invoice delivery system is the quickest, surest
way to get paid on time by enabling your customers to pay in-
Upload details to
voices with the click of a button. Simply upload your invoices and Send SMS Invoices Get paid
Argentum Cloud
customer phone numbers to the Argentum Cloud and we take
care of the rest.
Category: Payments, Money transfers
Product stage: Launched
Investment type: Angel
Located in (city): Cluj-Napoca
Year founded: 2016
Active in: Romania
Team size: 1-5
Main co-founder(s): George Voina,
Andrei Barabas

Connect with us:

Andrei Barabas
0729 087 520

Value proposition: 98% of the population holds only 2%

Using technology we teach you how to save money, give you a great of the world’s wealth, that mainly happens because, most people
gamified experience , and we automate the whole process so it’s have no plan when it comes to spending their money, living
effortless for you pay-check to pay-check they don’t save anything, and with no
money saved there are no money to invest, so basically we ad-
Product description:
dress the "no investment no wealth" , issue
"Beez teaches you to plan expenses as financial objectives and provides
tools to help users automate the savings, increase saving rates via ma- Our differentiator factor is that we approach the financial stability
chine learning algorithms, cashback, budgeting, great FX rate on paying issue from a holistic perspective an apply behavioral economic
monthly credits to banks. techniques to help users along the way

We increase social experience by sharing group financial objectives,

with friends, and also gamifying experience to help users better plan
their personal budgets
Category: Payments, Money transfers
Product stage: Launched
Investment type: Angel
Located in (city): Cluj-Napoca
Year founded: 2016
Active in: Romania
Team size: 1-5
Main co-founder(s): George Voina,
Andrei Barabas

Connect with us:

Cramba Lucian
0 749 548 6060

Our amazing customer support team is always happy to answer any

Value proposition:
crypto-related questions via live chat on our website 16 hours a day,
Digital currency trading made easy, with live chat support for all your
every day.

Product description: Over the last 3 years, CoinFlux has pro-

"CoinFlux is the leading digital currency exchange service from Roma- cessed 198,000 transactions worth over
nia, helping customers trade Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether, Ether Classic and 200 million euro with 18,000+ clients.
XRP (Ripple) against the Euro and each other. Over the last 3 years,
CoinFlux has processed 198,000 transactions worth over 200 million The company takes pride in its rapid organic growth, influenced by
euro with 18,000+ clients. the rising awareness and interest in digital currencies, but also in the
positive reputation CoinFlux has in the community, the focus on
We offer an easy to use online platform where you can buy, sell and permanent improvement and authentic availability to consider
trade digital currencies 24 hours a day. customer feedback."
Category: Crypto
Product stage:Growth
Investment type: Bootstrapped
Located in (city): Cluj-Napoca
Year founded: 2015
Active in: Romania
Team size: 10-20
Main co-founder(s): Vlad Nistor,
Andra Barac

Accelerators: MVP Academy, Bucharest, 2017

Connect with us:

Vlad Nistor
0721 278 740

Value proposition:
Users can also utilise our debt collection tools, which will help
We help SMEs get paid on time by providing credit reports and allow-
improve their cash flow.
ing users to register defaults against bad payers.

We obtain our data from courts, debt collection agencies, large

Product description: corporations, SMEs and other public data sources. This data is
combined and presented in one easy-to-use interface, giving
"Confidas is a credit reporting bureau. We enable businesses of all sizes
you a better understanding of your debtors and the credit risk
to access credit risk information on any entity in Romania to determine
they represent.
what sort of risk they represent to their business.

We focus on collecting data from SMEs, which represent 90% of

The platform makes it easier for businesses to manage customers. We
the Romanian companies (400.000), while our competitors are
closely monitor your customers and send you email alerts for import-
only providing data from public sources or only from large
ant changes that could affect their ability to pay their bills.
corporations. This makes our data unique on the market."
Category: Credit Risk, Know Your Customer (KYC)
Product stage: Launched
Investment type: Angel
Located in (city): Bucharest
Year founded: 2016
Active in: Romania
Team size: 5-10
Main co-founder(s): Eduard Burghelia

Connect with us:

Eduard Burghelia

Value proposition:
Category: Personal finance
Manage your personal finances as easily as managing a calendar, by
yourself or by collaborating with family members.
Product stage: Launched
Investment type: Bootstrapped
Product description: Located in (city): Cluj-Napoca
Dollarbird is a calendar-based personal finance app, that takes a calen- Year founded: 2013
dar-based approach to personal finance. It makes tracking expenses Active in: Global
and forecasting cashflow as easy as adding events to a calendar. It is
Team size: 1-5
mainly targeted at younger users and families that want the easiest
Main co-founder(s): Szabo Levente,
possible way to manage their finances. Szekely Szabi

The company takes pride in its rapid organic growth, influenced by the
Connect with us:
rising awareness and interest in digital currencies, but also in the posi-
Szabi Szekely
tive reputation CoinFlux has in the community, the focus on perma-
nent improvement and authentic availability to consider customer

Value proposition:
Software Cloud POS connected to your business
Grow your business and make your life easier by integrating with all
the services you need: different payment methods, delivery, reserva-
Product description:
tions, goods suppliers, advanced reporting or stock keeping. Just
Ebriza is a point of sale system offered as a service for bars, restaurants, install the app and use it for as long as you need it. It will completely
cafes, food trucks, delivery, retail, services and more. change the way you do business!

One of the most important differentiators of Ebriza is accessing the Ebriza is a software service that allows the merchant to always be
software service according to the typology and size of the business, the connected to his business, to use integrated applications (Delivery,
customer being able to configure his subscription with applications Providers, Payment, Reservations, Stocks & more) in a functional
from Ebriza marketplace. ecosystem, and to use a Point of Sales application for several types of
Ebriza Marketplace - business."
Category: POS system
Product stage: Scale-up / established
Investment type: Seed
Located in (city): Cluj - Bucharest
Year founded: 2015
Active in: Romania, Region, Europe
Team size: 10-20
Main co-founder(s):
Alexandru Mares - CEO & Co-Founder,
Cristian Dinescu - CCO & Co-Founder

Accelerators: Risky Business

Connect with us:

Cristian Dinescu
FinTech OS

Value proposition: While greatly reducing cost of operations in any enterprise, this layer acts
FintechOS is an innovation acceleration platform that combines cut- as a foundation of innovation, empowering all systems and processes
ting edge digital technology with a powerful financial core to enable that are built on top of it.
a 10 times faster digital transformation of financial services compa-
nies at a fraction of costs. On top of this innovation core FintechOS provides a powerful RoboDe-
signer tool that enable data modeling and development of amazingly
complex digital processes and customer journeys without having to
Product description: write software code. RoboDesigner is capable to author processes like
"FintechOS skillfully blends together cutting edge technologies like evo- onboarding, origination, quote & bind, claims, underwriting process that
lutive data models and analytics, digital signature and smart contracts, AI are automated through our artificial intelligence capabilities.
based identity management and biometrics, IoT connectivity, and natu-
ral language processing together with the latest business innovations in Finally, FintechOS offer digital experience portals with branded omni-
terms of customer 360 engagement, risk assessment, new digital prod- channel interactions. An open api gateway is provided out of the box en-
ucts and services and automated core financial processes. suring that whatever you build is 100% open and accessible securely
thru API."
Category: Consumer banking, Insurance, SME finance
Product stage: Launched
Investment type: Seed
Located in (city): Romania, Europe, US
Year founded: 2017
Active in: Global
Team size: >20
Main co-founder(s): Teodor Blidarus,
Sergiu Negut

Accelerators: Microsoft Accelerator Program,

London, 2018

Connect with us:

Daniel Ionescu

Value proposition:
"iFactor is a Independent invoice trading marketplace platform. iFactor is a efficient and scalable online marketplace, acting as a digi-
iFactor brings together Small-Medium sized companies, interested in tal broker, enabling Legacy Financial players (Banks , NBFI's) and Al-
selling their individual outstanding invoices for immediate cash, and ternative Financial Players ( Investors) to gain access and finance the
Banks and Investors , looking for diversifying their asset portfolio with small businesses considered non bankable (underbanked).
a low risk investment."
Factor has a proprietary KYC , Risk assessment software customizable
Product description: on any Regulatory frame in the world whilst all the competitors have
"SME's do not have access to working capital facilities from banks, as big barriers in pass-porting and scaling to other markets.
they are low ticket size in combination with high process costs due to iFactor's KYC and Risk assessment process enables Banks to become
the necessary Risk Analysis and complex portfolio monitoring. Facing peer Buyers of invoices on the Platform , giving iFactor a huge com-
this problem SME's are incapable of growth and expansion. petitive advantage."
Category: Analisys, Lending, SME finance
Product stage: Launched
Investment type: Bootstrapped
Located in (city): Bucharest
Year founded: 2016
Active in: Romania, Region, Europe
Team size: 10-20
Main co-founder(s): Cosmin Curticapean,
Manuel Costescu, Sebastian Presecan, Mihai Grosu

Accelerators: KPMG Growpad Bucharest 2018

Connect with us:

Cosmin Curticapean
Instant Factoring
Value proposition:
Our target are micro and small companies in the CEE region (45.000 com-
"Instant Factoring is a fintech factoring platform providing liquidity
panies as Total available market only in Romania; 25.000 in Croatia; 115.000
to small entrepreneurs in maximum 24h, powered by robo-under- companies in Poland). Those SMEs have very limited access to financing and
writing, transactions transparency using the blockchain, and devel- we want to serve them.
oping machine learning based credit risk algorithms.

Our results to date – 7 months from start

Product description:
"Growing companies require working capital. Banks are unwilling and - Stealth Launch Date: 29th of March 2018
unable to finance smaller companies, causing profitable businesses to fail. - Total Volume of Financing @ 30.09.20182.1 million EUR
The SME credit GAP: Total estimated financing gap: 2,6 trillion USD (World - Total number of applications received 1500
Bank, 2017)
- Total number of applications approved 1200

We make financing easy, disrupting the traditional invoice financing sector - Monthly Recurring Financing amount 700 K EUR

with friction-free online client on-boarding, automated credit risk analysis, - License approved by National Bank 7th of September 2018
2 hours credit approval, cash in account within 24 hours, and full transpar- - Average Value per transaction EUR 2.000
ency on pricing.

The most accessible financing for SME's working cap, a fintech solution for
End of Month 7:
online factoring, with a response time of 2h and funding 24h from the ap-
We financed more than 250 SMEs with 2.1 mil EUR in 7 months and more
proval. We get an average of 3% fee of the invoice value per month, with-
than 1500 processed invoices with zero default rate. "
out any hidden costs.
Category: Lending, Insurance, SME finance
Product stage: Scale-up / established
Investment type: Series A, B
Located in (city): Bucharest
Year founded: 2018
Active in: Romania, Europe
Team size: 5-10
Main co-founder(s): Elisa Rusu,
Cristian Ionescu, Alex Lapusan, Piotr Swieboda,
Cosmina Pirlea

Connect with us:

Elisa Rusu

Category: Payments, Money transfers

Product stage: Growth
Value proposition:
pay-per-minute for Skype callsBanks and Investors , looking for Investment type: Bootstrapped
diversifying their asset portfolio with a low risk investment." Located in (city): Bucharest
Year founded: 2014
Active in: Europe, US, Global

Product description: Team size: <20

Main co-founder(s): Alex Negru
A consultant/doctor/isoteric reader can offer Skype sessions and
charge for every minute of that call. Minutizer is like "Paypal for time".
Connect with us:
Alex Negru

Value proposition:
Moneymailme is an innovative chatting app that combines the social Social money is a new term used to describe the transfer of funds
interaction with the joy of sending and receiving money directly on through social technology such as chat applications. The mix
your smartphone. Banks and Investors , looking for diversifying their between chatting and sending or receiving money is a natural step
asset portfolio with a low risk investment." in today’s increasing connected world. As a direct result, the current
methods of transferring social money are quickly becoming out-
Product description: dated. Time taken to transfer funds on a P2P basis are extraordinari-
"From sending money back to your friend who paid earlier for your ly long, especially if one finds herself / himself in a situation where
coffee at the University, to contributing with your office colleagues to they need an immediate transfer of cash. In an emergency situa-
buying a gift for your boss, Moneymailme facilitates micro-payments, tion, you have to be able to chat with your friend or relatives, con-
file sharing and chatting at the same time, allowing you to make a really stantly assuring them you are there to help. Moneymailme brings
enjoyable social experience out of payments. this reassuring feeling to people. No more going home or to an
office to complete a transfer! Do it immediately from your phone.
We are proud to be the first company in the world to release an app
that offers video calls with money transfers integrated!
Category: Money transfers
Product stage: Launched
Investment type: Angel
Located in (city): London
Year founded: 2016
Active in: Global
Team size: 10-20
Main co-founder(s): Mihai Ivascu
Accelerators: FbStart Program,
by Facebook, 2017

Connect with us:

Mihaela Becheru

Value proposition:
A personal finance app that requires no manual input, developed for Mony relies on SMS alerts you receive from
people who want a simple way to track and analyse their spendings.
the bank each time you use your card.
Product description: This saves you from manually typing in the amounts. Most transac-
"Mony is an expense tracking app, and what sets it apart from the com- tions are automatically grouped into categories based on merchant
petition is the simplicity and the lack of manual input required from it’s information. You even see how your categories are trending histori-
users. You won't end up forgetting to type in your expenses, and you cally and identify areas of improvement.
won't be swamped with notifications reminding you to do so. The
more established tracking apps also come with complex features that While the target clearly includes the busy crowd with a wish for a fast
make things more difficult for people who just want a quick, clear over- and automatic spending tracker, its simple way of presenting stats
view of their spendings. All this creates frustration that leads to high based on your purchases is sure to impress users who are accus-
abandon rates. tomed to more complex but cumbersome apps."
Category: Personal finance
Product stage: Pre-revenue
Investment type: Bootstrapped
Located in (city): Cluj-Napoca
Year founded: 2018
Active in: Romania
Team size: 1-5
Main co-founder(s): Crafting Software
Innovation SRL

Connect with us:

Adrian Magdas
Ocean Credit
Value proposition:
Online automated lending platform, with instant payouts even out- Category: Lending
side banking hours.
Product stage: Launched
Investment type: Bootstrapped
Product description:
Located in (city): Bucharest
Ocean Credit is an automated instant lending solution. The platform
Year founded: 2016
offers an exclusive online service, accessible to registered users directly
from their smartphones. The loan principal is instantly payed out on the Active in: Romania
user's card even outside banking hours. Team size: 10-20
Main co-founder(s): Radu Ciorba

Connect withus:
Radu Ciorba
Value proposition:
Pago is the app which brings all your utility bills in one account and Category: Payments
allows you to pay them all with one confirmation. Product stage: Growth
Investment type: Seed
Product description: Located in (city): Bucharest

Over 75% of utility bills in Romania are still being paid offline, mostly Year founded: 2016
with cash. This takes time, effort and is difficult to manage. Some may Active in: Romania
say online platforms from utility companies and banks already solve Team size: 10-20
this, by allowing online payments. But this still requires several different
Main co-founder(s): Adrian Cighi
accounts, where the same information is required over and over again Alexandru-Gala Popescu
for each payment. Pago brings utility bills from 75+ companies in one Accelerators: MKB Fintechlab, Budapest, 2018
account, where they are updated in real time and can be paid in a few
seconds every month - our record so far is 33 bills paid in 28 seconds,
Connect with us:
with one FaceID confirmation. In addition, the app offers the ability to
Adrian Cighi
manage and pay bills for multiple locations, full payment history, in-
cluding payments done outside Pago, PDFs of all bills, automatic pay-
ments on a set date of the month and notifications for new bills and
when they are due.

Category: Payments, Personal finance,

Value proposition: Consumer banking
All your invoices. One payment. Done!
Product stage: Pre-revenue
Investment type: Seed
Product description:
Located in (city): Cluj-Napoca
"PAY24 is cross-platform solution that innovates the way payments are
Year founded: 2017
made and streamlines the expenditure planning for both retail and
corporate customers, based on three verticals. Active in: Romania
Individuals and corporates, are provided with utilities invoices, insur- Team size: 10-20
ance and leasing instalments as well as local municipal taxes for Main co-founder(s): Marius Zirbo,
onward one debit (chosen invoices) multiple credit (to utilities suppliers, Tiberiu Gonczi
insurance companies).
PAY24 users have access to a single financial environment that provides Connect with us:
business intelligence from all user’s banking accounts. Based on anal- Marius Zirbo
ysed transaction behaviour user has access to the most suitable card
issued by the bank with customised services and products."

Value proposition: Category: Payments

Enhance the shopping experience by transforming the POS termi- Product stage: Growth
nals from simple card readers into smart marketing machines.a low Investment type: Seed
risk investment.
Located in (city): Bucharest
Year founded: 2015
Product description: Active in: Romania
"SymphoPay is a middleware payments solution designed for banks Team size: 1-5
willing to increase customer engagement with every single transaction Main co-founder(s): Daniel Nicolescu
Sebastian Ionita
by connecting all payments terminals (either fixed or mobile) to a
cloud-based platform capable to integrate marketing and loyalty
campaigns in real-time." Connect with us:
Daniel Nicolescu

Value proposition: As a consequence, cash flow problems are listed among top
ThinkOut is a cash flow analysis platform dedicated to small and problems that entrepreneurs face as SMEs grow very slowly or
medium sized companies, which helps managers to easily access not at all, focusing mostly on survival.
an overview of past financial trends and better understand the
future of their business. ThinkOut offers a real time overview of a business in a matter of
minutes directly connecting the bank accounts. Managers can
start focus more on strategic, creative thinking instead on
Product description:
spending hours in compelling or updating burdensome reports
"ThinkOut helps SMEs managers to better understand how money and spreadsheets with numbers and transactions.
move their business.
ThinkOut provides a financial diagnose in an easy and fast
As SME owners or managers have to fulfill many different roles si- manner, based on reliable, real-time data as it is imported
multaneously, their companies are often run based on intuition. A directly from the bank accounts and tertiary financial data
real business analysis and forecast is out of hand, especially due to sources. Leveraging the analysis of the past, ThinkOut provides
the effort needed and the lack of easy-to-use apps. a better understanding of the present situation in order to help
the entrepreneurs make informed future business decisions. "
Category: Analisys, SME finance
Product stage: Launched
Investment type: Angel
Located in (city): Iași
Year founded: 2016
Active in: Romania, Region
Team size: 1-5
Main co-founder(s): Cristi Bârlădeanu
Accelerators: Cristi Bârlădeanu

Connect with us:

Cristi Bârlădeanu
Volt Finance
Value proposition:
"Volt is a mobile app that facilitates instant peer-to-peer money
transfers, on any bank card, to one or more friends.a low risk
Category: Money transfers
investment." Product stage: Launched
Investment type: Launched
Product description: Located in (city): Bucharest
"Volt is a mobile application based on peer-to-peer technology that fa- Year founded: 2016
cilitates instant transfers between cards, even if the cards are issued by Active in: Romania
different banks. A valid phone number is required to initiate a transfer.
Team size: 5-10
The application allows users to either request or transfer money
Main co-founder(s): Radu Ciorba
instantly, both individually (from or to a single friend), as well as, in large
groups. Volt is available on both iOS and Android.

Connect with us:

Version 1 of the application is freely available on the App Store and
Radu Ciorba
Google Play Store and has been downloaded by 5000+ 0773 308 689
people. The second version will be released later this year."

We are now establishing relations with companies (mainly Big 4 and

Value proposition:
large IT integrators) to oversee the integration (and eventually bring
"Any invoice sent to me should automatically land in my e-banking,
customers), letting us focus on Sales and Product Development. We
ready to be paid."
are also present on the market place of major banking solution pro-
Product description:
"Younify is a B2B company providing banks with customer facing solu-
We are live with a paying customer in Romania ( and
tions. Our main product is an invoice aggregation product that auto-
our objective for 2019 is to capitalize on our product and seek 5 ad-
matically collects the user bills from his utilities and suppliers, analyzes
ditional customers (banks). Our market in EU tops to 2’700 banks
them and pushes them through API to his e-Banking.
and an additional 1’000 Financial Institutions.

We propose the product as a SaaS, with an implementation time of 3

We noticed that the biggest user group of our product are SME and
months for the resource constraint banks. Our product is country ag-
independent. We are now enhance our bill analysis tool to be able to
nostic and can be deployed in a matter of weeks in any new country.
interpret any invoice and propose a product that could cope with
any invoice on digital (PDF) support. This product will be sold by the
We are currently taking care of developing and selling the product as
banks to their professional customers, resulting for additional reve-
well as the implementation once it has been sold.
nue for the banks. "
Category: Payments
Product stage: Growth
Investment type: Seed
Located in (city): Bucharest
Year founded: 2015
Active in: Romania
Team size: 1-5
Main co-founder(s): Daniel Nicolescu
Sebastian Ionita

Connect with us:

Youssef Hautier
Future predictions

We expect the use of partnerships or alliances will likely in- Investments in insurtech and regtech are expected to grow
crease over the next 12 months as insurance companies look over the next 6 months, in addition to investments in
to combine their services with companies that have already enabling technologies like AI, RPA and blockchain. Open
established customer bases. Such alliances could be particu- banking will likely continue to gain ground around the world
larly effective as a means for insurtechs to fuel expansion into — including Asia, where the Hong Kong (SAR) Monetary Au-
other regions of the world. thority recently published its open API framework.

The global fintech market is expected to remain strong over There is also expected to be an increase in B2B offerings both
the remainder of 2018. Leading players in payments and from fintechs and from traditional corporates that have de-
lending will continue to emerge in the most mature markets, veloped successful digital products and see offering them to
focusing their growth efforts on expanding the breadth of other financial institutions as an opportunity to create a new
their product and service offerings. As leading companies revenue stream.
become more pronounced, there will also likely be some
consolidation of platforms unable to achieve scale.
We collaborate with startups, companies, VC funds and accelera-
tors on topics like product management, idea validation,
go-to-market strategy, business development, startup scouting or
investment strategy (

Fintech Camp is a network of local grassroots movements bringing

people closer to fintech - by bringing fintech in their community.
We organise regular meetups and projects in 9 cities across Roma-
nia, Moldova, Hungary, Finland, Croatia and Germany.

UniCredit is a strong Pan-European Group with a simple

commercial banking model and a fully plugged in Corporate &
Investment Bank, delivering its unique Western, Central and
Eastern European network to its extensive 25 million strong client
How to Web is the flagship conference for CEE startups and
franchise. UniCredit offers local expertise as well as international
innovators, held annually in Bucharest. The event focuses on
reach and accompanies and supports its clients globally, provid-
empowering founders and professionals to create disrupting tech
ing clients with unparalleled access to leading banks in its 14 core
products and businesses.
markets as well as an another 19 countries worldwide.