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2019 Year

AOP Schedule
Oct.18 Dept in-
Nov.18 Dept in-
D-Day D-Day
charge charge

▷ Nov.18 BRM

▷ Y18 Sales Estimation Full Year

1. Y18 (Estimate) GAP review by each Division Each Team/Division
■Tet 2019 Simulation & Y18 Full Year forecast → Target Activities in Y2019
① Tet Simulation : Oct.18 ~ Feb.19 (5 Months) 11 2. Y19 Exchange rate (KRW/USD/VND). Increase Ratio:
Fin. /Biz M./ Prod.
- Main brand focus: C-pie, Custas, Gte & Say Me, (Thu)
Tax, Inflation, Material Price, Fee, etc…
morning cake …(include export)
② Sales estimation 3 months (Oct-Nov-Dec)
▷ Production Plan
1. Production Plan by Factory-Brand-SKUs (old & new) 01(Thu) Prod.
▷ Set up Y19 AOP Sales (Local & Export) 2. Labor Cost Plan – Direct/Indirect (with HR 3/11-Sat)
22 Review in
(Mon) SPM 08(Thu) Prod.
3. Manufactuing Cost AOP by Factory-Brand-SKUs 13(Tue) Prod.
■ Product:
Old Brand : extension, new SKUs Sales / MKT ▷ HR Plan (Mancount-Salary Cost)
New Brand : concept, launching time, contribution Sales / MKT / R&D
1. Personnel Plan for Sales/Head Quarter/Production 03(Sat) HR

■ Market activities: (Set up Salary % & Base up Y19 8/11-Thu) Report in BRM
① Brand > Branch (Center) > Dealers > Shop (old&new) Sales
- Distribution, display plan. 2. Salary Cost Plan of OFV (included PI,PS,Incentive) 16(Fri) HR

② Sales activities & Brand news

▷ Investment Plan
- Segment market plan for shop(channel)>Area
√ Promotion Plan : normal & special program for each area. Sales
1. OFV Investment Plan Y19 (HQ/Sales/Production) 03(Sat) All
Report in BRM
■Market share target → Confectionery growth prospects 2. Depreciation cost plan Y19 (by each Team) 07(Wed) Tech./Acc.
① Core brand focus: Gr% of each product in confectionery MKT
→ Compare with competitors in each Category/Brand. ▷ Budget Plan
→ Set up gross rate target for each Brand.
1. Set up Budget for Training, Stationery, Benefits for OFV 09(Fri) HR/GA
■Export → Have schedule for each Team/Div (by HR/GA)
① Export plan for each SKUs>Brand>Country>Regions Global Biz
2. Set up Budget AOP Y19 by each Team 10(Sat) HQ/Sales
3. Review Budget plan by each Team 14(Wed) Biz Mgmt
→ Have schedule to review for each Team (12-14/11) With each Team/Div

▷ Y19 AOP Sales (L/E) report > COO confirm

Global Biz ▷ Financial Plan
1. Profits & Loss AOP Y19 (OFV/Local/Export) >Report COO 16(Fri) Biz Mgmt
2. Cash Flow, Balance Sheet, Finacial/Other Income/Expense 19(Mon) Finance

3. Final AOP Y19 (Strategy/Target Activities by Division Report COO

& Bussiness Operatings (by numbering) on 22/11(Thu)