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add anchor delete anchor


free transform rotate tool text tool gap tool eye drop reflect tool pen tool


direct scale tool rectangle gradient tool hand tool measure tool ellipse tool
default fill
frame tool enter

caps lock return

zoom toggle fill / scissors selection tool content pen rectangle tool
stroke collector tool

shift shift

alt alt

fn control option command command option

Keys for the Control Panel Type Panels and Dialog Boxes

Toggle focus to/from Control panel Cmd+6 Ctrl+6

Toggle Character/Paragraph text attributes mode Cmd+Opt+7 Ctrl+Alt+7
Change reference point when proxy has focus Any key (numeric) Any key (numeric)
Open Justification Opt+Cmd Alt+Ctrl+
Display the pop-up menu that has focus Alt+Down Arrow
dialog box +Shift+J Shift+J
Open Units & Increments Preferences Opt-click Kerning icon Alt-click Kerning icon
Open Paragraph Opt+Cmd Alt+Ctrl+J
Open the Text Frame Options dialog box Opt-click Number of Cols icon Alt-click Number Of Cols icon
Rules dialog box +J
Open the Move dialog box Opt-click X or Y icon Alt-click X or Y icon
Open Keep Options Opt+Cmd Alt+Ctrl+K
Open the Rotate dialog box Opt-click Angle icon Alt-click Angle icon
dialog box +K
Open the Scale dialog box Opt-click X or Y Scale icon Alt-click X or Y Scale icon
Activate Character Cmd+T Ctrl+T
Open the Shear dialog box Opt-click Shear icon Alt-click Shear icon
Open Text Preferences Opt-click Superscript, Alt-click Superscript,
Activate Paragraph Cmd+Opt Ctrl+Alt+T
Subscript, or Small Caps Subscript, or Small Caps
panel +T
Open the Underline Options dialog box button button
Open the Strikethrough Options dialog box Opt-click Underline button Alt-click Underline button
Open the Grids Preferences Opt-click Strikethrough button Alt-click Strikethrough button
Opt-click Align To Baseline Alt-click Align To Baseline Grid, Keys for Indexing
Grid, or Do Not Align To or Do Not Align To Baseline SHORTCUTS
Open the Drop Caps & Nested Styles dialog box Baseline Grid button Grid button
Opt-click Drop Cap Number Of Alt-click Drop Cap Number Of
Lines, or Drop Cap One Or Lines, or Drop Cap One Or
Open the Justification dialog box More Characters icon More Characters icon Create index entry Shift+ Shift+Cmd+
Open Named Grid dialog box Opt-click Leading icon Alt-click Leading icon without dialog box Ctrl+Alt+[ Opt+[
Open New Named Grid Options dialog box Double-click Named Grid icon Double-click Named Grid icon (alphanumeric only)
Open Frame Grid Options dialog box Opt-click Named Grid icon Alt-click Named Grid icon Open index entry Cmd+7 Ctrl+7
Opt-click Number of Alt-click Number of characters dialog box
characters Horizontal, Number Horizontal, Number of Create proper name Shift+ Shift+Ctrl+
of Characters Vertical, Characters Vertical, Character index entry (last Cmd+ Alt+]
Character Aki, Line Aki, Aki, Line Aki, Vertical Scale, name, first name) Opt+]
Vertical Scale, Horizontal Horizontal Scale, Grid View,
Scale, Grid View, Font Size, Font Size, Number of Columns,
Number of Columns, or or Column Gutter icon
Tools Layers Panel

Selection tool V, Esc V, Esc Select all objects on layer Option-click layer Alt-click layer
Direct Selection tool A A Copy selection to new layer Opt-drag small square Alt-drag small
Toggle Selection and Direct Cmd+Tab Ctrl+Tab to new layer square to new layer
Page tool Shift+P Shift+P Add new layer below Command-click Create Ctrl-click Create
Gap tool U U selected layer New Layer New Layer
Pen tool P P Add new layer to the top of Shift+Command-click Shift+Ctrl-click
Add Anchor Point tool = = the layer list Create New Layer Create New Layer
Delete Anchor Point tool - - Add new layer to the top of the Cmd+Option+Shift-click Shift+Alt+Ctrl-click
Convert Direction Point tool Shift+C Shift+C layer list and open New Layer Create New Layer Create New Layer
Type tool T T dialog box
Type On A Path tool Shift+T Shift+T Add new layer and open New Option-click Create Alt-click Create New
Pencil tool (Note tool) N N Layer dialog box New Layer Layer
Line tool \ \
Rectangle Frame tool F F
Rectangle tool M M
Pages Panel
Ellipse tool L L
Rotate tool R R
Scale tool S S Apply master to selected page Opt-click master Alt-click master
Shear tool O O Base another master page on Opt-click the master you Alt-click the master
Free Transform tool E E selected master want to base the you want to base the
Eyedropper tool I I selected master on selected master on
Measure tool K K Create master page Cmd-click Create New Ctrl-click Create New
Gradient tool G G Page button Page button
Scissors tool C C Display Insert Pages dialog box Opt-click New Page Alt-click New Page
Hand tool H H button button
Temporarily selects Spacebar (Layout mode), Spacebar (Layout mode), Add new page after last page Shift+Cmd+P Shift+Ctrl+P
Hand tool Opt (Text mode), or Alt (Text mode), or
Opt+Spacebar (both) Alt+Spacebar (both)
Zoom tool Z Z
Temp selects Zoom Intool Cmd+Spacebar Ctrl+Spacebar Character and Paragraph Styles
Toggle Fill and Stroke X X
Swap Fill and Stroke Shift+X Shift+X
Make character style Select text and press Select text and press
Toggle between Formatting J J
definition match text Shift+Opt+Cmd+C Shift+Alt+Ctrl+C
Affects Container &
Make paragraph style Select text and press Select text and press
Formatting Affects Text
definition match text Shift+Opt+Cmd+R Shift+Alt+Ctrl+R
Apply Color , [comma] , [comma]
Change options without Shift+Opt+Cmd- Shift+Alt+Ctrl-
Apply Gradient . [period] . [period]
applying style double-click style double-click style
Apply No Color / /
Remove style and local Opt-click paragraph style Alt-click paragraph
Switch between Normal View W W
formatting name style name
and Preview Mode
Clear overrides from Opt+Shift-click parag Alt+Shift-click
Frame Grid tool (horizontal) Y Y
para-style style name paragraph style name
Frame Grid tool (vertical) Q Q
Show/hide Paragraph and Cmd+F11,Cmd+Shift+F11 F11, Shift+F11
Gradient Feather tool Shift+G Shift+G
Character Styles panels
Tabs Panel

Keys for Panels

Activate Tabs Shift+ Shift+
Delete without confirmation Option-click Delete icon Alt-click Delete icon
panel Cmd+T Ctrl+T
Create item and set options Option-click New button Alt-click New button
Switch between Opt-click Alt-click
Apply value and keep focus on option Shift+Enter Shift+Enter
alignment options tab tab
Activate last-used option in last-used panel Command+Option+~ [tilde] Ctrl+Alt+~ [tilde]
Select range of styles, layers, links, swatches, or Shift-click Shift-click
library objects in a panel
Select nonadjacent styles, layers, links, swatches, Command-click Ctrl-click Color Panels
or library objects in a panel SHORTCUTS
Apply value and select next value Tab Tab
Move focus to selected object, text, or window Esc Esc
Show/Hide all panels, Toolbox, and Control panel Tab Tab
(with no insertion point) Move color sliders Shift-drag Shift-drag
Show/Hide all panels except the Toolbox and Shift+Tab Shift+Tab in tandem slider slider
Control panel (docked or not) Select a color for the Opt-click Alt-click
Open or close all stashed panels Command+Option+Tab Ctrl+Alt+Tab nonactive fill /stroke color bar color bar
Stash a panel group Opt+drag any panel tab (in the Alt+drag any panel tab (in the Switch between color Shift-click Shift-click
group) to edge of window group) to edge of screen modes (CMYK, RGB, color bar color bar
Select item by name Opt+Cmd-click in list and Alt+Ctrl-click in list, and then LAB)
then use keyboard to select use keyboard to select item by
item by name name
Open the Drop Shadow panel Cmd+Opt+M Alt+Ctrl+M