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Nov 18 - Cloudy 38 Nov. 20 Ring Ceremony
Nov 19 - Cloudy 34 Nov. 22 Thanksgiving
Nov 20 - Cloudy 36 Nov.26-30 Great Lakes
Nov. 21 - Cloudy 40 Theater Workshop for all
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Volume 48, Issue 1 Cleveland Central Catholic High School Fall 2018

Hollywood Homecoming
By Kayla Lopez, Ta’shja Statham

A month ago, we had a major
event here at Cleveland Central
Catholic. On Thursday, Oct. 11, on
the football field we had our pep
rally. Student Senate planned and
led many activities outside and had
a lot of people participating. We
had a special guest, Incognito.
Our homecoming court was
quite different, with the addi-
tion of freshman Lord and Lady,
Mr. Aaron Eatman and surprise guest Incognito from Z107.9 get
sophomore Duke and Duchess, and
the crowd pumped up at the rally. Photo: Kayla Lopez
junior Prince and Princess. But let’s
not forget who won. Let’s give a big
congratulations to Rayshawn Ford Max to be the host of our Holly- “Homecoming brought Hol-
and Erica Thomas crowned as our wood Homecoming of 2018. The lywood to CCC with beautiful
homecoming King and Queen at evening also starred Big 40, who
the dance on Saturday, Oct. 13. sang his song “Motivation” to hype
decorations and an artistic
Senior Jada Hicks invited DJ the crowd up. style.” ~ Madeleine Wadesisi

Homecoming Court: Junior Prince and Princess Terran Clark and Kayla Golphin; Senior Homecoming Court: Malik Ford and
Sha’Myrah Wingfield, Erica Thomas and Rayshawn Ford, Kenny Richey and Kitonna Delargy, Courtney Rosser and Qu’Juan
McGlothin; Sophomore Duke and Duchess Javon Williams and Asya Smith; Freshman Lady and Lord Autumn Cozart and Addison
Baker, Jr. Photo: Kayla Lopez
2 The MillWrite, Cleveland Central Catholic Fall 2018 3 The MillWrite, Cleveland Central Catholic Fall 2018

The Numbers Game by Makyriah Murray, Melissa Smith
Light of the Day
Sports Posters located on
Elevators- 1 Ecclesiastes: 3, 1-8
Records the 3rd Floor- 16
Water fountains- 4 There is a time and reason
for everything that happens under Heaven.
Gym rooms-1
2- 8 Classes located on

A time for birth and a time for death,
A time to plant and a time to pluck,
the 2nd Floor- 12 A time for killing and a time for healing,
Volleyball Staircases- 4 A time to build and a time to tear down,
A time to weep and a time to joy,
A time to grieve and a time to dance,
11-11 Social Centers- 1 A time to love and a time not to love,
Vending Machines- 3 A time to kiss and a time not to kiss,
A time to win and a time to lose,
Plants located inside the NEXT DAY OFF A time to save and a time to throw away,
A time to tear and a time to sow,

Social Center- 2 November 21 st 2018

A time for talking and a time for listening,
A time to love and a time to hate,
A time for war and a time for peace.

Millwrite Countdown The Millwrite Staff:

By Emmanuel Ray
Publications Class:
The Millwrite:
1. Talks about what’s going on in school Monday-Friday.
Andre Gardner, Emmanuel Ray, Parking Lot Progress Photos: Madeleine Wadesisi
Kayla Lopez, Madeleine Wadesisi,
2. Represents the pep rallies. Ta’Shja Statham, Chesney Shan-
3. Takes pictures of the sports teams: basketball volleyball, baseball, non, Kamron Wade, Justyn Hall,
bowling, track, cross country, football, softball. Aliyah White, Melissa Smith,
4. Quotes athletes and other students who say something great Makyriah Murray
about the school.
5. Hopes that people get motivated in school. Nameplate Design: Kamron Wade
6. Includes the things that people do around the school.
7. Includes pictures of students, faculty, and and others. Photography: Kayla Lopez, Mark
8. Contains many things that any newspaper does. Lehman, Sr. Mary Seton, Life-
9. Looks around the school to get ideas. Touch, Madeleine Wadesisi
10. Includes stories about faculty, staff, students, and the wider
community. Advisor: Sr. Mary Seton
4 The MillWrite, Cleveland Central Catholic Fall 2018 5 The MillWrite, Cleveland Central Catholic Fall 2018

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Cleveland Music Scene
An interview with rapper Rob Nor Interviewer: Is there any time that you looked to God for help? 
(Instagram: @fromrobnor) @fromrobnor: Yes, actually daily. I hold fast to what the bible says in Psalms 73:26 bro.Everyday I live is a
battle against my sin and finding refuge in Jesus along with fighting my sin with scripture is me entirely
Interviewer: Hello, Do you have time for an inter- looking to God for help. Thanks for asking. 
@fromrobnor: Sure. Interviewer: Amazing. Do you incorporate that into your motivation? 
@fromrobnor: My relationship with God brings motivation. 
Interviewer: I’ve heard you’re great at rapping. 
@fromrobnor: Those are kind words from whoever Interviewer: What’s the hardest thing to do when making music? 
you’ve heard that from. I’m okay though.  @fromrobnor: Discerning the opinions of people, knowing, I can make the art I want. 

Interviewer: So you’re good at it?  Interviewer: Yeah that’s a problem with music. It’s for the fans but it’s you because your music carries
@fromrobnor: I would like to think so.  your output. Artists these days are just following a pattern. It’s not like it used to be. 
@fromrobnor: That’s debatable but I understand where you would think that. 
Interviewer: That’s good. Sometimes the best mo-
tivation  is self-motivation.  Interviewer: I don’t know. From N.W.A. to modern it is not hard to see a change. 
@fromrobnor: I agree.  @fromrobnor: Yea. That’s because music evolves, which it should but I think that there are some artists
in hip hop still striving to set trends. 
Interviewer: So what made you get into rapping in
general?  Interviewer: I know evolution is
@fromrobnor: Man, being raised around it. I fell in a great thing. 
love with the culture at  a young age and started writ- @fromrobnor: Yea. It shows
ing at a young age as well.  growth. 

Interviewer: Amazing, I guess it is a part of you like Interviewer: Are you ever
art is for me.  pressured?
@fromrobnor: Definitely, bro.  @fromrobnor: In what way? 

Interviewer: Do you have any hobbies besides rap- Interviewer: Peer pressure 
ping that could possibly become a future career?  @fromrobnor: Aaahhhh, you
@fromrobnor: I enjoy acting. I like doing funny skit asked the right guy, lol. Definitely.
stuff with friends of mine. Maybe writing for shows or writing books as well.  Peer pressure has been some-
thing I’ve fallen to in the past and
Interviewer: Awesome, I always wanted to make a comic book. Do you produce music?  still struggle with at times. 
@fromrobnor: I do actually, I work on
Logic Pro X. I’m working on getting Interviewer: We all do. Being pressured believe it or not, has made me better and worse in ways.  
better at it though, lol. I’m not where I @fromrobnor: I feel you bro. 
want to be .  Anything else? 
Interviewer: Yeah. Last question. Are you celebrating Halloween? 
Interviewer: It’s cool. Progress @fromrobnor: Imma get some candy that day, That’s all I’m saying.  
makes perfect. 
@fromrobnor: Definitely.  Interviewer: Lol. I remember I got a pen and some hot chocolate.  
@fromrobnor: Fosho lol. Thanks for interviewing me, bro. 
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[Interview and page design by Chesney Shannon, Melissa Smith, Kamron Wade]
6 The MillWrite, Cleveland Central Catholic Fall 2018 7 The MillWrite, Cleveland Central Catholic Fall 2018

This season did not go as planned for the Ironman football team, as they finished 2-8. They were
hoping to win out in their conference like last year but VASJ stopped them in their tracks.They Respect All, Fear None
won their last game against Trinity. -- Andre Gardner

Maya Crawford
Shawndell Adams 62 A’Millyan Bonds
DaKarai Johnson 55 De’Vonne Ferebee
Autumn Cozart
Addison Baker 52 Ja’Juan Jones 50 Selena Jackson
Ashley Davis
Maurice Baker 7 Anaysia Langford
Jahari Jones 26 Destiny Griffiths
Kody Bell 9 Jaclyn Lebron
Qu’Juan McGlothin 1 Kiara Marks
Elizabeth Neace
Nathan Bledsoe 11 Kor’Juan McRae 3 Antonae Norris
Mackenzie Rametta
Irvin Boiner 14 Charli Sanders
Isiah Parks 65 Arianna Sega
Christopher Brown Destinee Tate
Christopher Perez 76 Glenesha Smith
Salome Wadesisi
56 Jeremiah Powell 8
Jaylon Florence 28, Nelson Rodriguez 66 The season ended with the SENIORS
Andre Gardner 5 James Sawyer 22 win-loss record of 11-11.
JalenGreen 60 Sirhan Smith 2 The teams did exception- Glenesha Smith
Holy Name: 39 - 0, Lake Catholic: 45 - 6, ally well and gave it their Erica Thomas
Daniel Griffin 6 Quinton Stephens 10
Elyria Catholic: 74 - 22, NDCL: 65-12, all this year. Arianna Sega
Daithan Haynes 12 Patrick Turk 31
University School: 50 - 28, Gilmour: 6 - 42, Head Coach: Erin Williams Selena Jackson
Justin Hogan 24 Trevon Wells 17
VASJ: 35 - 14, St. Thomas: 40 - 24 Assistant Coaches: William Antonae Norris
Kenan Johnstone 4 Kevin Williams 69 Ready, Matthew Wallen-

SEPTEMBER STATS Kody Bell is a phenomenal A Coach’s Thoughts
athlete. He has been chosen for
8 athlete of the month because he is We asked Assistant Coach William Ready a couple of questions concerning volleyball. We asked
him what life lessons he got from co-coaching volleyball.
Touchdowns a great player on the offensive side He answered, “It teaches the value and importance of hard work and dedication. For example,
and defensive side of the ball when we have three young women Dezi Griffiths, Elizabeth Neace, and Mackenzie Rametta who are currently
2 we need him. For example, in the
Saturday night game against VASJ,
juniors that when they arrived as freshmen and had never played volleyball before but yet all are contrib-
uting members of the team due to their hard work and dedication.”
he caught the ball over two VASJ Ready was also asked why he loves volleyball.
He answered, “ I just love getting to coach and giving to Central Catholic in any way and Coach
defenders and took it to the house. Williams has done such a good job organizing the team.”

Page design and content by Madeleine Wadesisi, Andre Gardner. Photos: Sr. Mary Seton Page design and content by Madeleine Wadesisi. Photos: Sr. Mary Seton
8 The MillWrite, Cleveland Central Catholic Fall 2018 9 The MillWrite, Cleveland Central Catholic Fall 2018

By Justyn Hall
Teacher Interviews Aliyah
Sophomore Jada Jackson is a CCC junior var-
sity cheerleader. She has been interested in cheerlead- What made you decide to come to CCC?
ing since she was six years old. Sr. Madeline Muller:
She is currently cheering during the football Ms. Gallagher: Mrs. Konishi: “I was a librarian and wanted
season and plans to cheer during the basketball season “I thought it would be just the right place “I came to Central because to help more students with
as well. Overall, Jada has enjoyed the season so far and to come to, because I just love the wel- of the reputation and their college essays and
she loves her teammates and the coach as well. coming environment” had relatives that went to thought that CCC would be
Jada’s goal is to get on the varsity cheer team. school here.” the perfect place for me.”
She plans to accomplish this with more repetition and Ms. Sachs
ambition than she already does. JV: Shy’Anne Evans, Jada Hicks, Jada Jackson, Denise McDaniel “I came to CCCHS because all of my
Sister Nicole: Ms. Florentino:
Front: Braylin Graham, Chloe Henry, Kayla Wright students I had before were so excited
“I wanted to work in an inner city “I knew that I would love
to come to CCC.”
school; so then Sister Allison actually working here, because I
Outside of school, including over the summer,
Mrs. Sims: asked me to come here and I said yes.” love high school students.”
Jada practices with her friends, performs in front of
“I was working in finance for the past
her mother, and stays in shape. Jada’s motivation is her
few years and wanted to go back to Ms. Kimmel: Mr. Kuchenmeister:
mother. She pushes Jada to not give up and be all that
teaching and I thought CCC was just “I was invited to an interview and “I really liked the wel-
she can be as she’s cheering.
the right choice.” was impressed.” coming environment that
“Don’t be scared to try out, no matter how
good everybody else might be. You have to believe CCC had for me.”
that you can be better than them!” said Jada to all
Courtney Rosser, Ka’Nija Benton, Sha’Myrah Wingfield, Jasmine
Bell, Valerie Allen; Front: Jada Hicks
“Always believe in yourself.” Mrs. Sims: Sister Nicole: Ms. Sachs:
Jada Jackson “I worked in finance as a business “Yes, this is my first year teaching; “This is my 15th year teaching.
and marketing manager.” before Central I worked in medical Before Central I taught for CMSD

research for 5 years.” schools doing K- 5th art.”
Sr. Madeline Muller:
“This is my 50th anniversary of Mr. Kuchenmeister: Ms. Florentino: Ms. Kimmel:
By Justyn Hall Sister of the Humility of Mary.” “This is my first year “Yes, this is my 1st “This is my 11th year
teaching, and before year teaching theol- teaching. Before com-
Sophomore Asya Smith is a mem- Ms. Gallagher: I got here earned my ogy. Before Central ing here, I worked at
ber of Cleveland Central Catholic’s cross “I actually did fundraising and degree at Kent State I taught Spanish and Ecot.”
country team. This is her first year ever be- alumni relations .” University.:” Business Skills.”
ing a part of a cross country team.
She had a lot to say about the 2018
season and the progress she’s made as an WHAT IS YOUR RELIGION?
individual. Asya has enjoyed her overall
experience as being part of the team and Mrs. Sims: Ms. Sachs: Ms. Gallagher: Mr. Kuchenmeister:
plans to return for the next season. Sahira Dawson, Samaria Lucas, Kai’lee Lyons, Asya Smith, Trent Proctor, “I am Catholic.” “I was baptised at Saint Colum- “I am Catholic.” “I am Catholic.”
“Running for so long almost every Justin Thrash, Kennedy Moten kille.”
day helps to focus me mentally and get in Asya is currently trying her hardest to beat her personal Sister Madeleine:
great shape. Outside of scheduled team record which has gone from 36 minutes to 29 minutes. Mrs. Konishi:
Sister Nicole: Ms. Florentino: “This is my 50th anniversary
practices, I train myself to get better and be She encourages everyone to run after their dreams and “ I was raised a
“I am Catholic.” “I am Catholic.” as a Sister of the Humility of
more and more ambitious at every meet.” invites everyone to join the cross country team next school year. Catholic.”
10 The MillWrite, Cleveland Central Catholic Fall 2018
11 The MillWrite, Cleveland Central Catholic Fall 2018

By Aliyah White Fun Questions about By,
the teachers White

“My favorite food is
Mrs. Sims: enchilladas.”
Ms. Kimmel,:
“I love to help students. Also “I love pasta.”
it’s creative.” Ms.Kimmel:
“My favorite food is salmon.”
Sister Nicole:
“My favorite food is sau-
Mr. Kuchenmeister: Mrs. Sims: sage and meatballs.” Ms. Sachs:
“I want to be able to say that “I love working with students and “I like all Ethnic food.”
I taught that certain student teaching them how to write well.” Sr. Nicole
Mrs. Sims
on their graduation day and Ms. Gallagher:
I just love to help others.” Ms. Sachs: Mrs. Konishi: Ms. Florentino: Sister Madeline:
“My favorite food is
“It is who I am at my core; it’s what I “My favorite food is “My favorite food is any “My favorite food is gluten
like to do.” pizza.” type of Filipino food.” free cheesecake.”
Ms. Florentino:
“I love working with stu- Sister Nicole:
Ms. Sachs dents. I believe in a good “ I didn’t want to at first but Sister Allison Ms. Florentino DO YOU PLAY ANY SPORTS? IF SO, WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE AND WHY?
education. said it would be the perfect job for me, so
I said “Okay” and now I love my job.”
Sister Madeline: Ms. Gallagher:
Ms. Florentino: Sister Nicole: Mr. Kuchenmeister:
“I wanted to help Mrs. Konishi: “I wanted to find
“Yes, I play basketball, I “ I am not much of a sports player.” “ I do not play any sports,
students more “Initially I wanted to spend time with my daughter, but then it became a way to help
played soccer in college but my favorites are base-
with their col- more of a passion. The best thing in the world is seeing someone be suc- people more.”
and I also swam.” Mrs. Sims: Sister Madeline: ball and bowling.”
lege essays.” cessful and say that you were a part of it.” “ I do not play any “I do not play any
sports.” sports.” Ms. Sachs:
Ms. Gallagher:
WHAT COLLEGE DID YOU ATTEND? Ms. Kimmel: “ I play volleyball and I “In high school I ran girl’s
“I went to Western Governors University.” love all sports but I’m not a Track, and threw the Dis-
Ms. Sachs: Sister Nicole: Mrs. Sims: big fan of soccer.” Ms. Kimmel:: cus and Shotput.”
“I attended Otterbein University, “I attended Case West- “I went to Kent State University for my Bach- “ I play basketball, and volley-
Walden University, and Indi- ern Reserve University.” elor’s degree in English, Then I went to Notre ball. I also like kayaking and
anaWesleyan University.” Dame College for education.” swimming.”

Ms. Gallagher: Mr. Kuchenmeister: Ms. Florentino: Mrs. Konishi:
“I attended “I attended Kent “I attended the University “I did not play any sports
Canisius Col- State University.” of Notre Dame my first year because I went to an all girls
lege in Buffalo, and graduated at Franciscan school, but my favorite sport to
New York.” University.” watch right now is baseball.”
Ms. Kimmel Sr. Madeline Ms. Gallagher
Sister Madeline: Mrs. Konishi:
Interviews by Andre Gardner, Emmanuel Ray, Kayla Lopez, Melissa Smith, Kamron Wade, Justyn Hall, Madeleine Wadesisi,
“I attended John Carroll University “I went to the University Makyriah Murray, Aliyah White, Chesney Shannon, Tashja Statham
Mr. Kuchenmeister before I became a sister.” of Michigan.” Mrs. Konishi
12 The MillWrite, Cleveland Central Catholic Fall 2018

First Quarter
at CCC

Freshmen receive CCC pins.
Right: Ja’Juan Jones leads a
song at the Nov. 1 Mass.

Homecoming Rally

The drumline plays at a home game.

The publications class represents CCC in gratitude
to a 1971 graduate who donated one million dol-
lars anonymously.

Seniors at the Homecoming Pep Rally

Related Interests