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Volume LXVII Issue 18 ©1986, The Heights, Inc Boston College, Chestnut Hill MA 02167 October 27, 1986

University Concludes First Appeal Process

by Jean McMillan procedure which states that the
was asked to leave. He said it came not closed. "I had no option, but to similar level who would have
complaint has a right to object to
as no surprise when his grievance go through their internal grievance similar kinds of responsibilities so,
After a year and half of hearings, people nominated to the hearing
was denied. "Consider who wrote procedure before I took any option, therefore, the three of us could in-
a decision has been made to sustain committee. Sullivan also added,
the rules, how they were inter- So right now, I'm weighing my dividually and collectively ap-
the termination of Walter Greaney "Once the meetings began to be
preted, and was it a reasonable alternatives," said Greaney. He said preciate Mr. Greaney's situation."
111, former BC director of held, because of the schedules ofall
amount of time?" asked Greaney in he is considering outside litigation. Nolan said that once all the
Housekeeping. the people involved, it became dif-
his statement. Chairman ot the hearing commit- evidence was collected, the deci-
According to Director of Human ficult and there were a number of
Regarding the length of the pro- tee, Charles Flaherty, stated that it sion was clear. "There wasn't any
Resources Leo Sullivan, the three witnesses and other information cess, Greaney said, "It was two was the first time the aDDeal Drocess equivocation on the part of the
member appeal board formed to that the board needed in order to years and three months. I had four had been utilized, and so they board."
hear the case completed hearings render their decision." The meetings, which is unreasonable." realized they would be establishing Regarding the reasons for
Asked why the process took this a precedent and, therefore, were Greaney's dismissal, Nolan said
'I feel my rights have been violated.' long, Greaney said, "One can only very careful. Flaherty is the Direc- Greaney was charged with serious
?Walter Greraney 111 guess." He added, "They hope you tor of Research Administration. misjudgement. "The question clear-
will fade away or go broke in the The other two members of the ly comes down on the side of the
Former Housekeeping Director question of judgement. Boston Col-
and made their recommendation to witnesses consisted of BC person- 1 think it was eminently fair' lege extendsconsiderable leverage,
Executive Vice President Frank nel, said Sullivan. ?Charles Nolan, Director autonomy, and opportunity to
Campanella. The final decision was "Their policies and procedures Undergraduate Admissions utilize and implement their discre-
made on July 7, said Sullivan. are not a unilateral agreement, and tion in carrying out their duties. It

Greaney was appealing his firing I feel my rights have been violated," process, neither of which has hap- committee were Sharon Hamby, was the judgement of the panel that
by the University in February of said Greaney, in a recent interview pened." Chief librarian the Law
of Library, Mr. Greaney exercised not only
1984. Sullivan would not comment with The Heights. Greaney main- Although Greaney said he has and Charles Nolan, director of the poor judgement, but serious mis-
on the reasons for his termination tained that he was unable to proper- been working in real estate, he said undergraduate admissions office. judgement with regard to that faith
or his groundsfor appeal other than ly support his position. he has petitioned for his job back. "I think it was emminently fair, that was instilled in him. I think in
to say, "He appealed our decision In a prepared written statement, Asked what he thought his chances and certainly it gave both parties an an academic community, if
to terminate his service, and the ap- Greaney stated, "Even though I ar- were of getting his jobback, he said, opportunity to share with people anything, a sense of fairness is an
peal board found that the reasons rived with six past and present "Depends who tells them to do it. designated by the University as one overriding issue here and that is par-
that we communicated to him were employees, they were not allowed I've seen their fair play, and I don't who would carry out the fairness of ticularly true of Boston College."
appropriate." to testify. Furthermore, some af- consider fair
it play at all." the process," said Nolan, adding,
Sullivan attributed the Jength of fidavits submitted by my witnesses According to Greaney, the case is "We're all administrators on a Greaney, page 12
time of the process to delays center- were rejected." He also said that his
ing around the selecting of the father, Professor Walter Greaney 11,
board. He referred to the erievanrp his counsel for the initial meeting UGBC Senate Elects Junior Tom
Round and Round Durney as 1986-1987 Chairman
Phot^yStev^-itzpatricI by Rita Pandit said. Durney said that the elected
Off-campus housing, the rights of senators are a great group of peo-
Junior Tom Durney was elected the Gay and Lesbian Coalition and ple that he can help work well
chairperson for the 1986-87 UGBC the Unification Church, the together.
Senate. Of the twenty senators pre- alchohol policy, ROTC status and Another goal for the newly
sent at the meeting, thirteen voted the possibility of contraception be- elected chairperson is to make the
for Durney, andthe remaining seven ing available on campus are a few Senate an equally important part of
votes went to his opposition, of the major issues that will be dealt UGBC. Durney, a SOM Finance
sophomore Mike Johnson. with by the University and major was defeated by Jill Alper in
The first item on Durney's agen- Academic Affairs Committee. the run for UGBC president last
da is the forming of the separate Durney said the Senate should spring. Asked if he would run again
committees which include, take a firm stand in all issues since Durney replied that it was a
Finance, University and Academic they represent the views of the stu- possibiliy.
Affairs, and the Executive and the dent body to the administration.
Legislative Review. "I also want it known that any stu-
"There are a lot of things that the dent or student group can present
Finance Committee has to take care their case to the Senate. We are
of as far as the UGBC budget. We open to all new ideas. All you have
have to look into the MassPIRG con- to do is get in touch with me, and
tract and the eleven thousand dollar I'll put it on the agenda," Durney
worth of damages which happened emphasized.
during Homecoming. There are only The Legislative and Executive
two things that the Senate did not Review Committee is designed to
approve, a $42,000 concert and the make sure that the UGBC Senate by-
MassPIRG contract which is now laws are in proper working order. "I
being negotiatedby lawyers. When want the Executive and Legislative
the issues come to the Senate, we branches to have a strong working
will then vote on them," Durney relationship," he said. Senate Chair Thomas Durney

HTInshide eights Liddy tells what

Eagle Skaters BC Drops West
Halloween Fun
really goes on, Split vs. Maine, Virginia: 19-10 Kit, page 22
page 3 page 13 page 13
2 October 27, 1986 The Heights

Mock Voting Preps for Real Thing Mass. Ballot Questions

do is raise student conciousness on He also said that in general, peo- Question 1: Regulating or prohibiting abortion
by Joanne McAllister ple do notrealize the power of the Proposed Amendment to the extent permitted by the U.S. Constitution.
voting and also see where BC
There will be a mock election students are, a kind of sampling," vote. The questions on the ballot It would also provide that the state constitution does not require public
explained Amaral. must be understood before a vote or private funding of abortions, or the provision of services or facilities
held on Wednesday and Thursday
giving the Boston College com- The groups have already is cast, because of the actuality that for performing abortions, beyond what is required by the U.S. Constitu-
munity a practice run for the real distributed copies of the eight ballot the next day, "you are going to wake tion. The provisions of this amendment would not apply to abortions re-
thing on November 4. qusetions and what the result ayes up and this will be law," said quired to prevent the death of the mother.
The Boston College Republicans or no vote will yield. Calling the Cornelius. A Yes vote would change the state constitution to allow the state
and BC's Massachusetts Public In- questions "very emotional," Cor- Amaral said that the candidates legislature to regulate or prohibit abortion or the funding of abortion to
terest Group [MassPlßG], in a com- nelius stated that a closer look is interviewed by the two groups in- the extent permitted by the U.S. Constitution.
needed on the issues of abortion clude those running for Governor, A No vote would leave the state constitution unchanged and continue
bined effort, are co-sponsoring the of
event. According to College funding, hazardous waste, acid rain Lieutenant Governor, Secretary state constitutional protection of abortion.
Republican President Bruce Cor- and the seatbelt law, to name a few. State, Treasurer, Auditor and the Question 2: Government Aid To Non-Public Schools and Students
nelius, the goal of the mock elec- Tonight, the groups will have out Eighth Congressional District. Cor- Proposed Amendment to the Constitution
tion is to bring together faculty and leaflets explaining how maior can- nelius said that these offices are Summary: The proposed constitutional amendment would allow the ex-
students in an effort to evaluate the didates stand on the questions and "the people who will have the most penditure of public funds for private schools and private school students.
candidates and the eight ballot also their platforms. "The big pro- influence" in the government. It would remove primary and secondary schools from the list of non-public
questions. blem with politics is that you vote True to the nature of the groups, institutions barred from receiving public aid and would allow public
PIRG Student Coordinator Cindy for people on thier face value but MassPIRG concentrates more on money, property, or loans of credit to be used for founding, maintaining,
Amaral and Cornelius are in charge you don't know what they really or aiding those schools. The proposed amendment would also allow public
of the event. "What we're trying to stand for," said Cornelius.
Mock Election, page 20 financial aid, materials, or services to be provided to a non-public school
student requesting such aid, but only if that school does not discriminate
in its entrance requirements on the basis of race, color, national origin,
religious belief, sex, or physical handicap. The state legislature would have
SHREVE-)ewelers Since 1800 the power to impose limits on aid, materials, or services provided to
A Yes vote would change the state constitution to allow government aid
Chestnut Hill Mall Full And Part Time Sales to non-public schools and non-public school students, to the extent allowed
by the U.S. Constitution.
To Christmas A No vote would keep in the state constitution the current restrictions
SALES FINE JEWELRY on governmentaid to non-public schools and non-public school students.
Question 3: Limiting State Tax Increases
SALES SILVER.CHINA & FINE GIFTS Law proposed by Initiative Petition
CASHIERS Summary: The proposed law would reduce and then repeal the Th surtax
STOCK PART-TIME DAYS on Massachusetts state income taxes and would limit state tax revenue
growth to the level of growth in total wages and salaries of the citizens
CUSTOMER SERVICE PART-TIME NIGHTS & WEEKENDS of the state. It would set the rate of the surtax on Massachusetts state in-
come taxes at 3 34% for tax years beginning during 1986, and it would 1
Some appropriate experience desirable. repeal the surtax tor tax years beginning on or after January 1, 1987. The
revenues limited by this law would not include non-tax revenues such as
Interested applicants call the manager at 965-2700 federal reimbursements, tuitions, fees and earnings on investments. The
reduction in state tax revenues would first take effect in the fiscal year
following the enactment of the new law authorizing new local taxes or
increases. The provisions of the Act could be enforced in court by a group
of taxpayers.
A Yes vote would limit increases in state tax revenue.
A No vote would leave state tax laws unchanged.
Question 4: Cleaning Up Oil and Hazardous Materials

ffie jMusicat iquiU in Law proposed by Initiative Petition Referendum, page 20

with tfte government HEADACHES

of ffioston "(toiieae SPORTS INJURIES
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" .a precious quality of deep involvement with the music..."
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October 27, 1986 The Heights 3

Parents Visit and Share College Experience

by April Pancella parents given by BC professors. about the lecture and about BC. campus. Counselling Services ex- Room. Parents wined and dined to
Subjects varied, but the discussions Parents tended to be interrogative. plained the needs of the students in live entertainment by BC student
Parents from all over the country covered areas such health, interna- the 1986-1987 academic year and actors, dancers and musicians, in a
came to Boston College this tional studies, theology, and career Father William B. Neenan, Dean Career Center Director explained "Cabaret"-style atmosphere.
weekend to share with their planning. Parents had the oppor- of Arts and Sciences, addressed the the usefulness of the Center in Special bookstore hours on Satur-
children the BC Experience during tunity to listen and actively par- requirements and options offered to choosing a career. "I never knew day allowed parents to buy their BC
the University's annual Parents' ticipate in theclasses. Professors ex- students. In the opening letter of the BC did so much for the students. paraphernalia. The store was stock-
Weekend. pressed the desire that the parents booklet Father Neenan preparedfor They not only help them get filled with sweatshirts, glasses, ban-
The weekend began Saturday gain a greater knowledge of what
with welcoming remarks from
President of the Alumni Association
is offered for their children at BC.
'I want to share with you the experiences I
Richard Horan, UGBC President Jill
Alper, President Father Monan and
"I want to share with you [the
parents] the experiences I en- encounter with the students in my c ass.'
Vice President for Student Affairs
Kevin Duffy. Student life, students'
with the students in my
stated Professor John
?Theology Professor John McDargh
needs and the past, present and McDargh as an introduction to his the parents, he stated "My hope is through their four years but provide ners and other BC equipment just
future of BC were all topics brought lecture "Theology From the Bottom that during your [parents] stay on an excellent program in preparing waiting to be bought.
to the attention of the parents. Up: Getting Back to Basics." the campus, you [parents] may for after graduation," expressed one In the BC tradition, the weekend
In order to give an idea of the become more familiar with some of parent. was ended with Sunday's Continen-
classroom situations their children The speakers were enthusiastic in the resources of this University." tal Breakfast followed by special
encounter at BC, the University addressing the parents and en- The University emphasized the The day ended with a dinner and masses in O'Connell House and St.
organized a set of lectures for the couraged them to ask questions services offered for students on performance in McElroy Dining Joseph's Chapel.

G. Gordon Liddy Hits BC on College Circuit

by James Silva America and the Soviet Union are telephone and one in the smoke and the mission was abruptly over. former spy "fear in the
at a relative parity is absolute detector, to monitor room conver- Liddy and six cohorts were in- guards" and "awe in the convicts"
Controversial superspy G. Gordon nonsense," propounded Liddy, who sations. Later, it was discovered the dicted in the January of 1973. Five over his extensive education, which
Liddy discussed current problems in relayed that the Soviet military edge receiver in the smoke detector was of the men pleaded guilty. Liddy includes a doctorate in law. Thefear
America and what really goes on is 199-21 in troop divisions, defective, and Liddy was instructed refused to talk and was sent to turned to reality when Liddy bugg-
behind the scenes in government, 55,000-13,500 in tanks, and 765-524 to have it repaired. prison. The spy leader stated that he ed the warden's office with
including his own involvement in in combat ships. Although, initially it was to be a felt it was his duty not to talk. "By materials from the convict's;
the Watergate break-in. The secret agent told a receptive five minute repair job, Liddy said his my silence, I preserved the Nixon workshop and, later, organized a
mission was transformed into a two- Presidency for a year."
Liddy spoke Wednesday as part of audience that America is out- team ot prisoners to burglarize the
the UGBC Social Justice Lecture warden's office.
Liddy stated that although "we
have the finest country in the 'By my silence, I preserved the With the evidence obtained
through his clandestine activities,
Liddy, as a convict,'filed a lawsuit
world," a place where people "risk
starvation, disease, and piracy to get
into," we suffer from naivete and
Nixon Presidency for a year.' against the warden and prosecuted
him in court. The warden was found
weakness as a people.
The former FBI agent described
G. Gordon Liddy ?
guilty and resigned. Liddy was
transferred to another prison, one of
eight transfers he experienced. The
his opinion of how Americans live
in a world of illusion, that John Watergate Perpetrator former secret agent joked, "I was ex-

Americans often "ignore the harsh pelled from prison."
aspects of life" and try to wish them On the topic of spying, Liddy
away. Liddy cited Patrick Henry's espoused that "Your nation's spies
view that it is natural for man to live numbered in nuclear missiles and-one-half hour photo recon- Liddy said the information he are your eyes and ears." Liddy
in illusion but that man must "see 2,349-1,647 and that while .75% of naissance mission by a change in knew could have brought down the criticized President Carter for
the worst and prepare for it." our missiles are sixteen years and orders. The secret agent then Nixon administration within 48 dismantling the capabilities of the
Discussing America's weakness,
the former spy declared "the world
is a bad neighborhood., it is like the
combat zone at 2:30 am." Liddy
five years and younger. *
older, 75% of the Soviet missiles are <"Velayed that the mission "failed
because I made a mistake,... an er-
"Of course the Soviets want a ror of omission."
nuclear freeze," mused Liddy. The recon crew was originally to
hours. CIA. He also said that because of
our Freedom of Information Act, 15
When asked if he felt the of our own allies will not exchange
Watergate break-in was wrong, Lid- information with us, leaving the US
stated that America was once "They're Communist but they're not apply tape across the locks of the dy responded, "No, I don't. I par- in what he called a "vulnerable
regarded with respect, and that no crazy." Democrat offices to hold the door ticipated in the system by the rules position of darkness." The former
one would bother us for we ap- The superspy revealed his fateful open and allow quick access and of the system." The former spy was spy chief cited that Moses
peared to have the strength of an of- involvement in the Watergate inci- departure. This activity was not to then questioned on the morality of employed spies in Biblical times,
fensive tackle. Liddy, who revealed dent. Liddy elaborated on how be considered suspicious because the system?did he agree with it? concluding spying is a long proven
he had traveled around the world former President Nixon had created the night guard was accustomed to strategy.
three times since 1977, said, "The the Special Investigation Unit, a seeing the clean-up crews tape the Liddy answered by saying "that's Before asking the last question of
perception of us as a people is less joint intelligence staff, to discover locks. like asking if France is in Europe. It the evening, a bearded gentleman
that of an offensive tackle and more who was releasing classified govern- However, because of delays, the doesn't matter what I think about it. told Liddy that while he did not vote
and more that of an old lady." ment information. Because several recon team penetrated after the It's simply there." for Nixon and he did not agree with
The former Nixon staff aid Democrats were suspected, Liddy clean-up crews left, and Liddy After his conviction, Liddy was many of Liddy's views, when he saw
described how America's military was instructed to bug an office in neglected to inform his team of this placed in a maximum security the integrity and loyalty of Liddy in
imbalance with the Soviet Union the Democratic headquarters with situation. The night guard noticed prison in Danbury, Connecticut. the Watergate trial, "you made me
exemplifies our weakness. "That radio receivers, one in the the taped locks, called the police, Upon entering the prison, the feel proud to be an American."

Voices On The Dustbowl by Steve Fitzpatrick and Rita Pandit

What is Hell?

Chris Bothelo, '87 A&S Anne James, '88 SOE Steve Fitzpatrick, '88 A&S Erin O'Rourke, '89 A&S Elaine Scanlon, '88 A&S
Doing Voices on the Dustbowi Katie Allan, '88 A&S Having two ingrown toe nails in
Spending eternity with 2000 The opposite of Heaven. every week. shoes that are too small.
unretouched senior portraits A Monopoly Game that never
4 October 27, 1986 The Heights

Safer on Campus
Almost a year to the day since Paul Moran was hit by an MBTA
train, two Boston College students were struck by a car in Cleveland
Circle. With so many students socializing off-campus, these accidents,
though tragic, are inevitable. Having hundreds of students flocking
off-campus in groups to areas with heavy traffic and other dangers is
not an ideal situation.
If more students were allowed to party on campus, the chance of
these accidents happening would, although not be completely
eliminated, be reduced. This is not to say that students should never
leave the safe confines of the campus to explore the city night life.
However, when masses of students are forced to look off campus for
social activities, the risk of accidents increases.
Both of the students who were hit were on-campus residents. If more
social options could be found on campus, there would surely be less
problems off campus, for both BC students and their neighbors. Again,
we make a plea to the University to ease up on regulations and en-
courage more gatherings on campus. To students who venture off cam-
pus, we urge that extra caution be taken to prevent the frequency of
such accidents.

Constructive Discipline The Heights

Boston College's Independent Student

Editor-in-Chief Jean McMillan

"Honest, neighbors, we are not completely evil." Managing Editor Ted Mosher
News Editor John
This is what the "Cavemen" and the rest of the University are try- Review Editor Robert Guillemin
ing to say to the Allston/Brighton residents with the Boston College Sports Editor
Photography Editor
Ken Carty
Steve Fitzpatrick
Community Services project. In an attempt to ease relations off cam- Copy Editor
Graphics Editor
Scott Callahan
Dan DaSilva
pus, the Dean for Student Development's Office has begun this pro- Associate Editor Veronica Noonan
gram whereby students provide yardwork, tutoring and other services Assistant Managing Editor Sue McAleavy
to community residents. Assistant News Editor Joanne McAllister
Assistant Review Editor .Scan Borstel
The Dean for Student Development's Office is considering making Assistant Sports Editor Steve Condon
April Pancella
this program part of the disciplinary measures it will take against Assistant
Copy Editor
Photography Editor John Guillemin
students who violate University regulations. This would be a fantastic Assistant
Graphics Editor
to the Editor
Caroline Kennedy
Rita Pandit
idea. It makes more sense and is more productive than taking away Assistant to the Editor Tanya Froede
housing or assessing fines which will just be passed on to parents.
Although it is not always recognized, Boston College is an asset to National Advertising Manager Denise Gunn
the community. We pump plenty of money into local businesses, pro- Advertising Manager Matt Delaney
vide a plentiful student labor force, as well as employ a substanial Business Manager John Redfield
Assistant to the Advertising Manager Erica Deady
number of local residents. This service program demonstrates more Sales Manager
Sales Representative Allston/Brighton
Karen O'Toole
Karen O'Toole
clearly that students and the University in general do not necessarily Sales Representative Brookline Rita Pandit
Sales Representative Newton John Morrier
have to be enemies of the community. It gives neighbors personal and Sales Representative Boston/Cambridge David Ramirez
direct contact with students and will hopefully modify their view of Typesetting Manager
Typesetting Assistant
Maria Sevilla
Denise Griffin
the species known as "students." Yes, we do make noise and Administrative Assistant Erica Deady
Administrative Assistant Kristyn Martin
sometimes get out of control, but we are not evil to the core. Administrative Assistant Kathy Moran
Administrative Assistant Joe O'Hara
Contributors: Timothy Aleck, Jeannie Bertino, Brian Callahan, Rob Coyne,
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October 27, 1986 The Heights 5

r's orum
Ed "Rock and Roll- A Search for God" would defined by the lawful authority as Mr. Kane about his experience in the Watergate Scan-
have been better off staying home and wat- implied. It is subjective and should remain
Gender Clash ching the Red Sox game. The beating that the censure-free at Boston College to insure the
Sox took was nothing compared to the assault exposure to diverse thought that is the foun-
dal. The last part of the lecture was a ques-
tion and answer period.
Since Mr. Liddy was such an intelligent, ar-
To the Editor: launched against both Rock and Roll and the dation of a liberal arts education. Further- ticulate and funny man, he easily captivated
In response to the letter in The Heights in audience's intelligence. more, contrary to sentiments expressed by the audience. What a strange captivation,
the Reader's Forum entitled 'Inclusive Speech Beginning with a quote from Lenin (the Mr. Kane, the First Amendment protects though! He had almost all of the audience
or Second Sex' I have found an inaccurate Marxist leader, not the ex-Beatle) on the evils everyone, including Moonies, and it applies applauding and laughing as he told about
description of the situation described. I am of popular music, the program instantly everywhere, including the campuses of Jesuit how he masterminded the Watergate break-
aware ot tne situation because I am the stu- revealed itself for what it was: not a search Universities. in. My fellow BC students were applauding
dent who advised the female to 'pipe down for God, but a hunt for the Devil. There are many who have expressed the this man as if he were a hero, maybe another
honey!' (not 'settle down' as was inaccurate- With our born again narrator serving as concern that the followers of Rev. Moon Jefferson or Washington or Churchill. Didn't
ly quoted). both judge and jury, we began to prosecute recruit people who are vulnerable. This, of their Jesuit education teach them right from
In defense of the accused professor, he did self professed satanist bands such as Demon, course, is true, but it is also the practice of wrong? While answering questions, M. Lid-
not turn the question over to the class; Venom, Anthrax, and Destruction Although every organized religion in the world. I he dy compared his breaking of the law to the
moreover, the tone of her question and ob- the narrator overestimating the popularity of Catholic Church, itself, recruits and indoc- breaking of the speed limit, which we all have
vious 'prima donna' attitude in which it was these bands(l have never heard ot tnem trinates its members at the most vulnerable done. Once again the audience responded
asked prompted the response. I don't believe before) they do exist and are, in fact, a and impressionable time of life, infancy and with laughter. Aren't BC students intelligent
that the professor, or anyone in general con- menace to today's youth. Case closed? No, childhood. People who live in glass houses enough to realize there is a difference bet-
sciously discriminates against male or female not quite yet. shouldn't throw stones. ween commiting a felony and driving a little
students. What I said was in defense of the The narrator then called to the stand the Finally, to the woman (in a recent "Voices too fast on their way home from work?
professor. most popular and successful bands of recent on the Dustbowi") who claimed that a I wentto the lecture series, not necessarily
Led chapter of the Unification Church at BC to hear G. Gordon Liddy speak, but to see
I have no objections against specifying times. Bands such as The Doors, Zep-
how my fellow BC students would react. I
genders in class discussion, but in this in- pelin, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, and would be "an insult to the Jesuits on cam-
stance, this outburst was prompted by an ob- AC DC were called on and allowed to de- pus", wouldn't it be more appropriate to say was saddened and somewhat frightened at
vious meticulous needier who was trying to fend themselves with nothing but out of con- that to disallow it would be an insult to the how these so-called "intelligent" people,
make a point of her own. More power to this text quotations and lyrics, this seemed only entire student body. I believe thatthe students who are attending Boston College could ap-
female student for speaking her mind, I have fair since they were only prosecuted with out of Boston College are mature and intelligent plaud a convicted criminal.
no problem with that, but there is a time and of context quotes from the Bible. Lenin's and quite capable of choosing their own Kimberly A. Kohoskie
a place for every kind of behavior, and this opening quote was out of context, too, beliefs, morals, and ideals, if all of the A&S '87
was neither-Thank you. because Lenin ruled thirty years before the possibilities are open to them. Censorship is
birth of rock. Our meaningful search was fast the tool of a totalitarian regime and should
not be used. The suggestion that it should be
Hunger Fast
Jim Nyhan becoming a circus. To the Editor:
A&S '89 All hopes for reason and justice evaporated employed is absurd. Hats off to the fund-raisers who fasted
as Madonna, Michael Jackson, and John I am not a member of the Unification
last week for the cause of world hunger. The
Greycliff Rebirth Denver were inducted into the snake- Church, nor do I support Rev. Moon. I do,
worshippers hall of famed swear this was hap- however, support the ideas of free expression
pening right around the third inning). of thought and an openness to diverse ideas
personal awareness of such a widespread
phenomenon is half the battle in bringing
about the change we would all like to see.
To The Editor: If the BC Chaplaincy does not like Rock that may, or may not, comply with my own. The front page of the Boston Globe Oc-
1It's taken me a while to respond, but I think and Roll, that's fine with me, but don't attack These are values that are supposed to be an
I have to. I'm writing in regards to a most en- my intelligence with such a barrage of irra- important part of a liberal arts education, and tober 20, contained an article entitled India's
Fate Wavers Atop a Vast Population. "Every
thusiastic article written on the "renaissance" tional assumptions and prejudices. Michael I hope the administration keeps this in mind
of the Greycliff Language House here at B.C. Jackson believes in the occult because he pro- when dealing with this issue. -
problem of modern India violence, hunger,
Being my second year at Greycliff, I have a duce a video with werewolves in it? KISS is Mike Crimmins
A&S '90
illiteracy is in some way linked to popula-
tion pressures," said V.A. Pasi Pandiker,
few comments to offer. not simply the name of a band, but rather,
We're all susceptible to a little backpatting an acronym for "Knights in Satan's Service"?
director of the Center for Policy Research in
every now and then, however, shouldn't we You know that I have long believed that J.S
have done something to deserve it, at least?? Bach was not just a composer, but an
I'm surprised (bemused bewildered and acronym for "Jesus Surrender, Beelzebub and
Criminal Appeal New Delhi. "Our tremendous population
growth means we cannot bring about
qualitative change in education or health for
the great masses of Indian people" the expert
shocked) that Mr. Capalbo and the Romance the Anti-christ is at Hand," but I never To The Editor: continued. The assumption that population
Language Department are taking so much thought of using University funding to get my This letter is intended to convey my disap- growth is the central obstacle to the material
credit for the continued existence of our point across. pointment with UGBC over their having well-being of the people is an epidemic
house. I get the uneasy feeling that we're sup- The simplicity of the argument was astoun- brought G. Gordon Liddy to campus.
posed to be eternally grateful that we have ding. Anything that does not praise God UGBC's ostensible reason to temper the fallacy which merits paused consideration.
Human beings are our most precious
graciously been allowed to least for praises Satan. There is no middle ground, liberal addresses of Ralph Nader and Ben-
resource. The application of cooperative in-
now. secularism does not exist. If the music you jamin Hooks, implies a partisan motive. But genuity on the part of the world's wealthier
I'd love to know what was behind this new- listen to does not sing the Lord's praises, it truly, there should be no partisan appeal sur- nations is imperative for genuine progress
ly inspired effort to become interested in sings to the Devil. Can a University such as rounding Mr. Liddy; republicans and
Greycliff House. Certainly the last comments BC really encourage such narrow-minded, democrats alike should denounce the man as toward alleviating such rampant poverty. The
crux of the situation lies in the upright use
we had, had not been altogether favorable: fundamentalist thinking, such a division of a convicted criminal, a violator of the Con-
too much trouble because we were off cam- black and white? stitution and a malicious obliterator of the
of the world's abundant resources. To blame
this crisis on the sheer numbers of people
pus; costs too much; not enough interest; they With the trial over and the defendent con- American people's faith in benevolent is to not recognize the overall reality.
needed new office space, etc, etc on thatvein demned, the true outragebegan. Our narrator government. Not only should the man be More to the point is the personal lifestyle
of thinking. launched into a hypnotic sermon worthy of rebuked, but those who would finance his of the industrial nations. Limiting our inor-
Indeed I certainly don't want to descredit Jimmy Swaggart himself. Most of us stared in "comeback" (from the producers of "Miami dinate consumption of available resources in
the improvements! The majority of the open-mouthed disbelief as he asked us to Vice" to the directors of the UGBC Social order to share with the less privileged coun-
students living there do speak a language, and bow our heads and pray that this wret- Justice Lecture Series) should be made to tries is the key. International discussion of the
at least put Greycliff down as their choice of chedness be taken from our lives, and then realize their grave errors of judgement. Reagan-Gorbachev caliber is the beginning
housing. We have started a film series, with, asked for a show of hand from those who felt That G. Gordon Liddy was paid to speak
it seems, not the usual balking by the powers of the answer. The willingness to cede some
that they had been born again(after a 90 is disappointing; that he was mciuaea in the of the goods that we happily have control
that be, and in general there are pretty good minute slideshow). The following question so-called "Social Justice" Lecture Series is over is ultimately the international agreement
feelings all around. We even got a fresh coat and answer period was as revealing and in- nothing short of obscene. While it is true that
of paint-( the heating is another subject that formative as the lecture. A man such as there are divergent notions of justice and law that is needed.
won't be dealt with right now.) George Harrison(the organizer for Concerts in this country (a healthy thing), Mr. Liddy
Who can know what genius or saint may
spring from the confines of Indian soil one
But still, I think for all this success, there for Bangladesh) will not enter the Kingdom plainly has neither a sense of justice nor a
day? People are a treasure, not only as pro-
is something missing. Since the subject here of Heaven, despite the fact that he has fed, regard for the law. His Machiavellian deeds, spective wage-earners, but also, and more im-
is backpatting, I for one wish to extend a hear- clothed, visited and given drink to the least his unrepentant demeanor abide no laws ex- portantly, for the special contribution of each
ty and unfortunately oversighted thanks to the of Christ's brothers, because he is not a Chris- cept those which might perchance serve his person's talents to the rest of humanity.
Faculty members and the students of Greycliff tian. One young woman was informed that dangerous and immoral ends.
1985-1986. They were concerned enough to Diminishing world hunger involves fomen-
her Jewish father would be going to Hell In considering Mr. Liddy a viable
write letters, seek out elusive ( and still at ting a greater appreciation for the human per-
because he has not accepted Christ into his spokesman for the Right, UGBC displayed son. To pursue contrary means to this fun-
large) housing directors, talk with department heart. So much for being God's chosen poor judgement. But while poor judgement damental notion, is to threaten the welfare
heads, professors and a couple classes, and people. is understandable and forgiveable, the cruel
they felt the outrage and helplessness when Deception, a tool for the Devil, was used disregard for the idea of "justice" that their
of the very people we have set out to defend.
our questions were not answered. by the BC Chaplaincy last Tuesday. Images choice exhibited is utterly reprehensible. Care Stephen Kane
Though we all did not stay at Greycliff for of popular artists such as Jagger and Bowie and consideration should be taken to insure '84
one reason or another, I feel we helped rat- were used along with the promise of a mean- that such regrettable mistakes are not
tle those in charge to take a fresh look at this ingful search for God, to lure students into repeated.
house. Too bad they couldn't have extend- a meaningless witch hunt-prayer service. The
ed that kindness to other houses. Still, all in Chaplaincy should be ashamed , not only for Phil Duffy
all, Let's hope they be as benevolant as they their tactics, but of their closed minded pre- A&S '88
were last year, and grant yet another reprieve. judiced handling of an important and poten-
We're still being considered for a Football
Dorm next year-awesome huh???
tially interesting topic
Frank Koughan
A&S '89
Liddy Comeback
Natalie Liberace To the Editor:
A&S '87 going wrong with our Boston Col-
Free Speech lege education? Tonight I went to the UGBC
lecture series as neither an extreme conser-

Jagger Antichrist? To The Editor:

In response to a letter by graduate student
vative, promoting fascism, or as an extreme
liberal, promoting communism. After retur-
ning from the lecture by Mr. G. Gordon Lid-
Stephen Kane last week and to others who dy, I was shocked by the response of my
have expressed opposition to the Unification fellow student body. For the first part of his
To the Editor: Church, I would like to address a couple of speech, he spoke about the politics of such
The thirty students who were tricked into issues. I agree with Mr. Kane in that freedom issues as Social Security, the defense of US,
attending mass last Tuesday night by going is the right to pursue the "good". The the Soviet Union and the covert actions of
to the BC Chaplaincy-sponsored lecture call- "good", however, is not an objective reality the CIA. The next part of his dissertation was
6 October 27, 1986 The Heights

Hearing Suspends Church Renovations space. nearmg was held in which the Com- Wednesday's Boston Globe, car- published by Bernard Cardinal Law,
by J. McAllister
The church's exterior is protected mission agreed to accept the peti- ried a picture of the inside of the Im- assured that "The renovations will
An emergency hearing by the by city and national architectural tion. Harrel said, "What that does maculate Conception Church preserve some of the best
Boston Landmarks Commission designations. The Jesuit founders of is trigger a study report by our staff." which showed the paneling and features?the ceiling, the columns,
resulted in a 90 day freeze on plann- Boston College built the church The study evaluates the history of pews broken up into piles of scrap the capitals, etc., through the atrium
ed renovations for the South End's which stands as one of the best sur- the church, looks into surrounding wood. The accompanying article design." He said that the project will

St. Immaculate take about three years to complete.
. ,
viving examples of "Jesuit-Baroque"
economic issues, and assesses the
church's landmark value.
also detailed some of the damages.
These included smashed casings Manning would not comment to
A Compilation z^ church was that
a The inside of the church, consists
of sculpture, painting, and architec-
During the 90 day study period,
no further work can be done inside
around the Stations of the Cross and
marble sculptures that adorn the
the Boston Globe.
The present rectory was the first
ture. Its original four-keyboard organ the church. According to Harrell, aisles and the destruction of two Jesuit novitate in New England. The
of the original Boston College until the largest made by Boston organ since there had already been some large chandaliers that hung near the address was that of the original
its move to Chestnut Hill in 1913. makers Hooks and Hastings, was damage to the site without a alter. Boston College (1863), which
Jesuits have started gutting the in- created specifically for the interior building permit, the study report The photographer was accom- removed to Chestnut Hill in 1913.
terior of the church, without a of the church. was begun immediately. "Now the panied by a representative of The The school threafter accommodated
building permit. According to "We had received a petition Building Department will not, can- Boston Landmarks Commissions on BC High, since relocated in Dor-
Chairwoman of the Boston Land- previously from ten registered voters not allow any work." a tour of the church and the photos chester. The church is one of the
marks Commission, Pauline Chase- from the city of Boston to designate Harrell said the members of her were distributed by the Boston many achievements of architect
Harrell, the Jesuits have said that the the interior of the church as a land- staff took photos of the interior of Preservation Alliance Patrick C. Keeley who designed of
space is intended for the housing mark," said Harrell. the church and that to her Provincial of the Society of Jesus some 16 Catholic cathedrals (in-
of Jesuits and Provincial office On October 14, an emergency understanding, the church "under- of New England Rev. Robert E. Man- cluding Boston's Holy Cross) and
ning in an interview to The Pilot perhaps as many as 700 churches.
m^_^_^_^_^_m _^_^_mm_^mwm?^mm?mmmmmm?mm?^m?^m?^?m^?m??^??^^a?m^?m?~?^m?^m?mm?mmmmm

went a great deal of damage."

"HILARIOUS! ONE OF THE WILDEST- Parking Irritates Visiting Parents

WEIRDEST PICK-ME-UPS OF by April Pancella on and off campus. Crosby, and the Newton Police were
IL I L Al\! ?
PEOPLE, Peter Trovers
The problem which has plagued
"I came to see my daughter and
participate in the activities offered
ticketing all over. What are we sup-
posed to do? I wound up parking on
BC during the numerous home foot- on campus this weekend. I never ex- a street, praying I didn't get ticketed
"Brilliant! A triumph! Provocative, %yH B ball games and special functions pected the parking situation to be or towed. I thought BC would bet-
dizzying, satisfying and, above all, J| W has once again prevailed. The
weekends spent by many parents
this bad. I went to Upper Campus
to park and was told by BC Police
ter prepare for this," claimed one
visiting their children at BC for the that I could have five minutes to Lieutenant Tees, Shift Com-
annual Parents' Weekend were unload. I went to park on the sur- mander for BC Police on Saturday
tainted by the lack of legal parking rounding streets, like Priscilla and afternoon said that no special
preparations were made for the
weekend. "There are city or-
dinances prohibiting parking on
those streets so no one can park

It's never too late! there. No parking is allowed on Up-

per Campus. It is allowed
periodically, but there are city or-
nnrniH 1
I STflßlfQ
dinances prohibiting the blockage
of fire lanes. We are able to relax
these rules somewhat on moving
M»KWH MUffHT SSSENMIILPRESSMMI I ** days, but nothing special was pro-
has new internships, applying to all vided for Parents' Weekend. There
true stories "usic pehokmeow tikmgheus Bfc. BB "^B^ majors/career fields. was no towing on Lower."
Some parents, especially those of
BOOK | ,«naciio i-!.-i!
ISeW. \u25a0! SB freshmen, not yet knowing where
0 |§£fc
A 4
Bro. In< All R.fht. \i/
WW v9
JH B^T Check us out: M-F, 10-4 they could and could not legally
Start 7your future today! (TFS^fSS^ park, were shocked at the treatment
|PG|p*wnt*l cmoANCt suastsTto <$£>\ m Mm m
SOME MATibialMat NOT t SUfTAIi FQ« CMIUXttN (J) HB j|| RB^ 7
jy^-raMH they received from the police. "I
parked my car on Crosby. I was just
going to pick up my son. As I was
_i\u25a0i. ..
..i. ?-i~. walking away from my car, an officer
Fri-Sat 12mid. Fri-Sal 12mid. Newton PD, page 8

R?M?Mlb?R, S?nSors, tljis week is youß last
cpaNce to get youß senior pOßtßaif taken
eitl)?R for tl)? fiRSt tiM? or a Retake Please
call tofray at 552-3493 or 552-3494 fOR an .
appolNtM?Nt at tl?e yeaßPook office. If yotiß
pictuße isn't taken Py FRlday OctoPeß 31st,
you will Not Pc iN tpe yeaßPook.
October 27, 1986 The Heights 7

Student Directory Due Out November 10

by Rita Pandit soon as possible. I don't control The programming was a difficult
everything. Students fill outthecards tional recruits students to sell adver- tion as a service. University of
task. There were many bugs in the tising to pay for the printing. California at Berkley and Rice
The Source, Boston College's sur- (change of address and major) dur- system. There is long process of con-
ing the summer and in the beginn- "Everything is done by thecompany. University are examples.
dent directory, is expected to be verting the information on the IBM We help train [advertising represen-
distributed by the week of ing of the year. They are supposed display writer diskette to a magnetic
to be in by September 12. We (Stu- tatives] and give them support. In "What is unique about our Source
November 10, 1986, according to tape."
turn, they set advertising rates, and is that we put seed names in pur-
Emmanuel Yap, treasurer of BC Stu- dent Agencies) don't get the list
dent Agencies. handed down right away." Yap said that the galleys, or a it costs nothing for the University. posely for the protection of the
Yap said students always complain One difference in this year's direc- rough draft of the actual copy, are DataNational does all the billing students," Yap said. Different
that The Source is late. "Where's the tory is an extra line added for the ad- finished, and after he and his and pays the ad reps," he said. For solicitors cannot use the BC student
dress of foreign students. "The associates have finished proof- 1986, a full page ad cost $1800. directory to obtain names. If a com-
Source? Why isn't it out yet? It's tak-
ing so long. These are some of the Registrar's Office decided to dothis. reading them, The Source will be Three thousand dollars was paid by pany sends mail to one of these fake
It was unfair for all the foreign sent to the printer in Texas, DataN- Apple Computer for the entire back names which has a real address,
things that are said to me." He con-
tinued by saying that the compiling students because their addresses ational. The student directory is free cover. DataNational makes college then Source it is known that they got it from
were not complete. Because of this, of cost to students, as well as to BC student directories all over the na- The and not the University.
of the data takes quite a bit of time.
"I'd like to get The Source out as we had to go through the entire list. staff and student groups. DataNa-
Abortion Referendum DebatedI for
students, Deans and faculty
interested in
by Sheila Mehegan 1981, the Supreme Judicial Court The funding policy may change
On November fourth the voters of then voted in favor of the proposi- from year to year as the politicians
tion to fund these abortions under change from year to year. One year
International Studies Minor
Massachusetts will have the oppor-
tunity to either help prevent or help the institution known as Medicaid, legislature might decide to collect THURSDAY, OCTOBER 30, 1986
implement an which is funded by the taxpayer's money from taxpayers to fund abor- McGuinn sth Floor Lounge
money. Massachusetts is one of just tions and the next year a new

News Analysis
extremely 4:30 P.M.-6:30 P.M.
controversial fourteen states that chooses to fund legislature may decide to abolish
amendment. It abortions in this way. this practice.
is an amend- If the amendment passes, the state If the amendment fails to pass
ment that has pro-life/ pro-choice
groups at war with each other as
taxpayer or
not require
insurance com-
the then
the state constitution would
change. The decision to have an
Boston's First Salad Bar
both sides defend their differing
viewpoints, and as they try to con-
not prohibit
to pay for abortions.
would remain free from
control, and women is Still
vince voters to
adopt their point of stop
making it
a requirement.
or not to
would be
the state
to answer Boston's First Salad Bar
In McGuinn Auditorium Wednes- these abortions would then be left to the government.
day evening, the Boston College up to the discretion of the private The questions at hand are these: First. Number 1. In ten short years, Souper Salad has become the
Women's Resource Center spon- insurance companies, and to the Does state legislature have the right first place to go for the greatest selection of fresh vegetables,
sored a panel discussion designed discretion of the state government. to prohibit all abortions in prepared salads, homemade salad dressings, bread, and assorted
to enlighten the audience and The state legislature would then Massachusetts except when a delicious touches.
Add hearty hand-stuffed sandwiches; steaming, flavorful soups;
enable them to come to some sort come to a decision on the issue bas-
ed who was in office at the time. Different, page 11 mesquite grilled entrees; appetizers; premium beers; juicy burgers;
of educated opinion before the on devastating deserts and values that give you the most for your
November fourth election.

money. Souper Salad - the first that will last - always.
Question One on the ballot reads
as follows: "The proposed constitu-
tional amendment would allow the
legislature to prohibit or regulate T trTANNING SALON
abortions to the extent permitted by
the United States Constitution. It
would also provide that the state
constitution does not require public 731-8879
373 Harvard Street, Brookline, MA 02146
Mon. Fri., 9-9 - Sat.9-6
or private funding of abortions, or
the provision of services or facilities
for performing abortions, beyond
\u25a0 - ,
\u25a0' fc
what is required by the United I ife' muurn- --Ji: 3
States Constitution.
The provisions of this amendment
would not apply to abortions re-
quired to prevent the death of the
mother. bjCw. ?J
In 1973, the United States
Supreme Court legalized abortion.
The Roe vs. Wade and the Doe vs.
Bolton rulings gave women the
authority to make their own per-
sonal decision with no governmen- SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER
tal interference, as to whether or not 8 visits for $29?with ad M BOSTON: 524 Commonwealth Aye., Kenmore Square. 536-7662
she opts to have an abortion. In
(regular: 6 for $29) Gift Certificates HARVARD SQUARE: 36 Boylston Si..The Garage, 407-6680

PROFESSIONAL DISC JOCKEY SERVICE MasterCard & VISA Available BRAINTREE: South Shore Plaza. 843-4658

All Pne-Law StuOewts

Oie BellaßMiNe Law

round trip
from Boston

HONG KONG $764 witl?
RIO $659
also, Int'l Student 1.D.,
$350 Louise Clank
Hostel cards, railpasses,
and the FREE CIEE
Student Travel Catalog BostON College Law School
X:i7UßSt>ay, OctOt>?R 30,1986 at 4:CO P.M.
[617] 266-1926 IN McQuiNN AuOItORIUM
8 October 27, 1986 The Heights

God andRock Presentation Found Mislead ing

by Melissa Bowler "kingdom of darkness," to cast off presentation. "We don't sponsor been tricked, trapped, or deceived.
evil and "come to God, come to events that proselytize. "I expected it to be based main- sion, and I'm sure that is what he
Clayton Reed, a campus minister Christ! You must be saved "Sponsored is a tricky word," he ly on contemporary music, rather was trying to do."
in the Boston area with Maranatha now!. . .Tonight!" added, and described his office's than rock and roll as a vehicle for Sexton said she was frustrated by
Ministries gave a presentation entitl- Reed narrarated a slide show sponsorship as administrative per- him [Reed] to push his views," what she called Reed's "need to
ed "Rock and Roll-A Search For which exposed what he termed the mission for a time and place for the Kathleen Sexton, a student in the take things out of context and twist
God" which was advertised, to "ex- demonic spirits involved in the event to be held. audience, said. them to suit his own purposes."
amine the spiritual roots of contem- music of Iron Maiden, Twisted Upon hearing of the nature of the Another student said the presen- Reed also stated that "Peter Kreeft
porary music. . .an exciting, infor- Sister, Ozzy Osbourne, Kiss, even actual presentation, Dinneen said tation "was okay, but once [Reed] would agree" that "non-Christians
mative, and often life-changing ex- the Beatles, among many others. he felt "really deceived." He started preaching, I was annoyed. cannot attain salvation."
perience," and was sponsored by University Chaplain Rev. John thought the presentation was sup- He tried to lure us with the idea that When told of this, Associate Pro-
the BC Chaplaincy. Dinneen, SJ, was asked about his posed to be simply "an exposure of if we weren't saved, we were fessor of Philosophy Peter Kreeft,
Reed preached that the audience knowledge regarding the nature of the demonic in rock and roll." hopeless." who was not in attendence, replied
should distinguish between the the presentation. He replied that he After over twemty minutes of in- Senior philosophy major James that "Cod decides who gets to
"kingdom of light" and the wasn't aware of the nature of the sisting that each individual should MacGillivray described the presen- Heaven, not us. I fully expect to find
surrender themselves to Christ, tation as "mass hypnosis. ..a Socrates in Heaven!"
Reed requested that a moment be skillfull orator playing on emotions.

Students For Pro-Choice

allowed for prayer "out of respect for I never expected attempts at conver- Born, 12
those in the room that wanted to be

Interested in helping defeat the

changed by God now." At the com-
pletion of the prayer, Reed asked,
"Who has been saved
Newton PD, BC Police
Anti-Choice Referendum? tonight?. .someone must have
been saved."
For those who had been saved, or
Ticket Visiting Parents The stats as to the exact number
Ucontinued from page 6
felt their lives had been changed in of tickets and towings for the
Call Brenda 277-2087 some way, it may have been a
wonderful experience. But a large
was ticketing it. I tried to explain
that I was only going to be 5
weekend were not available.
Comments such as "I went to the
portion of the audience felt they had minutes, but the officer sat in her lectures and mass, half wanting to
car, slammed the door, and drove listen and the other half wondering
away," claimed another parent. if my car was still where I left it"and
Appearing at the 99 Restaurant Pub Newton
Tuesdays, October 28 & November 4
- Newton Police said that no in-
crease in patrol officers was im-
plemented for the weekend. "For
"We're so afraid of being towed"
were overheard coming from
parents all over campus throughout
home football game weekends, the weekend.
"Positively Daves" Boston College usually hires 30-40
extra Newton Police Officers for the
Parents claimed that when they
did question the problem, they were
Dave Herlihy and Dave Martin from O Positive street, but this weekend was a nor-
mal weekend. There have not been
given no solid answers.
BC Police said they were not
performing on acoustic guitars a large number of tickets reported.
aware of any complaints as to
There will probably be a few cars
$1.00 off appetizers with this coupon towed from the Beacon Street tow
ticketing and towing. They also
stated that they didn't expect this
Coupon valid 10/28 and 11/14 9 p.m. -1 a.m. only zone, but that's normal," added a weekend to have many more traf-

_ .. .
Newton Police representative. ficking problems than usual.
Limit one per customer, only at 99 Newton

99 Newton Low Calorie/High Protein
«9#LJ% Chestnut Hill
Restaurant - Pubs
160 Boyls.onS.ree,
Save 500 off our
j Chicken Breast Supreme
Salad. Sandwiches. Chili With this COUpOD
Breakfast Served
1918 Beacon Street
i Cleveland Circle
does not I
Boston, Massachusetts
566-9307 expires
, ?
November 8, 1986

live by insurance alone. J MON-FRI


And neither will you when L \u25a0»

you work with the best in the business.

Say the word and people automatically think

of insurance. But at ./Etna, there's a lot more to being an insur-
ance company than just being an insurance company. We're more
than that. We're a diversifiedfinancial services organization.
size and scope means we can offer you a variety
of diversified career opportunities: information systems, mar- Lucky you if you go to 8.C., too.
keting, accounting, business administration, communications
and a lot more. (Of course, if you'd like a career in insurance- JUST SHOW US YOUR BOSTON
related areas, we have a few of those as well!) COLLEGE STUDENT I.D. AND GET:
If you'd like to learn more about the diversified career
options and management development and training opportuni-
ties /Etna offers, why not attend a presentation given by repre-
sentatives of our various divisions? They'll explain how you can
invest your liberal arts degree in a promising career with the best
in the business. Just mark your calendars for: ONLY $18
regularly up to $25
October 28 Guys or gals cuts include shampoo,
McQuinn Hall ? 3rd Floor Lounge styling and conditioning.
refreshments will be served $49 COMPLETE

*~ . An equal opportunity employer

* I
October 27, 1986 The Heights 9

NYC Covenant House Shelters Runaways

by Edward Freccero ped out and came back with tour the hardships of streetlife by runn- a youth as a lie". Covenant House I do because of God and sometimes
more kids, the rest of their tribe, ing a collection of quotes from dif- assigns a private counselor to each God has the face of a child.".
Lovetta, a nineteen year-old girl who were in the same predicament. ferent kids who grew up on the child. Covenant House has a special
from California, was living with her This startedkind of a chain reaction streets to a background film of many unit for pregnant girls and unwed
mother. She had one big problem and before Father Bruce knew it, different pictures of city streets with mothers. Covenant House provides When the video was over, Meg
that would not allow her to live a more and more street kids who had a "combat-zone" like scenario. remedial education and vocational Romano had a question and answer
normal childhood and drove her to nowhere else to turn, were coming Father Bruce described many of counseling. Covenant House is also period and asked students to help
run away from home again and to him for support and shelter. Cove- the unique qualities of the Covenant run on a budget that consists of Covenant House, or any organiza-
again. Her mother was insane. nant House was born. House. Such as its "open-intake" seventy-six percent donations and tions like it, in any way that they
Lenny and Kenny, two twins Running on almost no money and program, which says that any kid private contributions. can. Covenant House "makes rela-
whose parents committed suicide, alot of volenteer work, Covenant under twenty-one who has come to Near the end of the video, Father tionships with kids, not because
took the only money that they had House opened up a home for Covenant House for his first time Bruce was asked why he does what they are good or bad, but because
and entrusted it to a "coyote", so- runaways and abandoned kids in must be taken in, and Covenant he does. He responded "I do what they are."
meone who, for a fee, would take 1977. At about this same time, Cove- House is not exactly a place with
them to California and set them up nant House opened its first twenty- room to spare, Romano stated that
with jobs. Unfortunately, they were
taken andswindled. They were left
four hour a day crisis center in the Covenant House in New York
Times Square in New York City. To- City has the capacity to sleep only
]unior Year Abroad
in California without a job, a home day, Covenant House has expand- 180 kids, but on the average night,
or money. ed its shelter to runaways and aban- Covenant House sleeps 180 to 190 Have you thought about it yet?
Where do kids like these turn, doned kids with centers located in kids, and this number increases It's never too earlylW
kids without a home or without Toronto, Houston, Fort Lauderdale, greatly during the winter months.
anyone to take care of them? The New Orleans and Guatemala. When taking a kid in, Covenant A panel of students who have returned from a semester
answer to this question was the The video that was shown gave a House asks only name and age
abroad will discuss their experiences.
topic of guest speaker Meg Romano, view of Covenant House and what because Covenant House "does not
from the New York City Covenant they do. It started by showing want to start their relationship with
House, who spoke Monday after- Fulton 412 Monday October 27,1986 5:00 p.m.
noon to a handful of interested peo-
ple in the Murray Conference FOOD DRIVE Come with Questions!
Room. The entire session lasted
about an hour, the first half of which - Proceeds
Sponsored by Pulse
to needy elderly in Boston WINTER SUMMER FALL
Romano spoke about the history -
and ideals of the Covenant House - Short organizational meeting for all interested people
and the second half of which she Scholarships Available for Superior
showed a video tape which gave Tuesday, October 28 Students for Short-Term Study at
viewers a look at the operations of 7:00 p.m. Pulse office, McElroy 117
the Covenant House.
The Covenant House was started
in 1968 in New York City by Father
Bruce Ritter. The story behind the
Campus collection of canned goods, money and baked
goods door to door on Monday November 3,1986.
We appreciate any help!!!
founding of the Covenant House is
an interesting one. In 1968 Father
Bruce Ritter was a professer of
medieval theology at
College in Riverdale, New York.
During one of his sermons when he
was preaching about the need to
help the poor and the unfortunate,
a student stood up and told Father
I TERMINAL I Several colleges of Oxford University have invited
Hampden-Sydney College to recommend a few highly
Bruce to "practice what you
preach". This statement bothered
I from
day \u25a0
qualified students to study for one or two academic
terms (or one academic year).
Father Bruce enough that he mov-
1 INCLUDING MODEM I Upper Sophomore status required.

ed to the lower east side of Manhat- B CALL THE TERMINAL EXCHANGE MM Transcripts will be issued to the home college in U.S.
tan, one of Manhattans poorest 171 AMORY STREET, BROOKLINE AWt credit terms through Hampden-Sydney College,
nieghborhoods, to work among the founded in Virginia by James Madison in 1776.
urban poor. One cold winter night,
Father Bruce heard a knock on his Graduate Study is an option.
door. It was six very cold street kids, A special summer program is offered under the
four boys and two girls, who claim-
ed that they were burned out of the direction of Hampden-Sydney College.
abandoned building that they were
living in by junkies who were using
them for child pornography. Father
I Around the corner from the Comm. Aye. Ski Market 1 I INTERNSHIPS IN LONDON
Rent with a friend and save even more
Bruce let them stay the night. The

« Write and run computer programs in the comfort of your home

next morning, one of the boys slip- ? Word processing for term papers, reports, etc Academic Internships and Courses are also offered by
. N.
? Ideal for heavy workloads
50% of rental payment applied towards purchase
? Hard driveand floppy systems m stock
the Center.


Computer terminals, modems and printers also available for rent
> I ? I ? No credit check.
? Favorable
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CbC Students "^X) |
1 We will service all
Iyour travel negds
f *SBv?


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Call days eves or weekends
Classes still available for
December 13 CRE
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Boston 266-TEST
Cambridge 661-6955
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10 October 27, 1986 The Heights

Wednesday, October 16 11:09 pm: Police responded to a fire 4:03 am: A report was tiled on 6:21 pm: Unapproved serving of Monday, October 20
12:10 am: Police responded to a alarm in Edmonds which was caus- disorderly conduct on Lower alcohol was stopped in Lyons by 2:52 am: An intoxicated person
fire alarm in Connolly House. A ed by cooking smoke. Campus. Police. operating a vehicle on St. Thomas
system malfunction was found to be 11:43pm: Alcohol was confiscated 4:35 am: Alcohol waas confiscated 8:45 pm: Alcohol was confiscated Moore Road was arrested by BC
the cause. from students in Hardy. from Edmonds. from students in Hillsides C & D. Police.
12:19 am: A person with a knee Friday, October 18 1:26 pm: Property was found on 11:37 pm: Police responded to a 9:06 am: A report was filed on
injury was transported by Police to 10:45 am: Alcohol confiscated from Lower Campus and returned to person on Lower Campus. The par- harassment of a person by a BC stu-
St. Elizabeth's Hospital. students in Hardy. police. ty, injured in a fall, was given first dent at an off-campus location.
1:26 pm: A student with a 2:16 pm: Police responded to a aid by police. Tuesday, October 21
1:00 am: A report was filed on lacerated finger was transported to report a persons' throwing objects Sunday, October 19 2:48 am: Police responded to a
University property missing from St. Elizabeth's by Police. in Alumin Stadium. The suspects 12:03 am: Police responded to report of a person with an appen-
the Newton Campus. 1:57 am: An intoxicted student were gone on arrival. Kostka. A student with a lacerated dix attack and transported student
5:30 am: A report was filed on the was transported from Middle Cam- 4:35 pm: Alcohol confiscated face was taken to St. Elizabeth's to St. Elizabeth's Hospital.
condition of the emergency call pus to the Infirmary by Police. from students in Edmonds. Hospital. 5:42 am: A report was filed on a
boxes on the Newton Campus. 3:06 am: An intoxicated student 4:50 pm: A report was filed on a 12:05 am: A person in Gonzaga breaking and entering to Stuart Hall.
was transported from Duschene to disturbance between persons on With an ankle injury was transported 1:35 pm: A report was filed on a
Thursday, October 17 St. Elizabeth's Hospital. Shea Field. The situation was resolv- to St. Elizabeth's Hospital by Police. motor vehicle accident on Lower
10:45 am: Police responded to a 3:36 am: An intoxicated student ed by Police. 2:38 am: Police responded to a Campus.
small fire reported on St. Thomas was from Duschene' with facial 5:47 pm: A report was filed on on report of small calibre gunfire at an 6:15 pm: A report was filed on a
Moore Hall..The fire was extinguish- lacerations was transported to St. damage to University property on off-campus location. The subject motor vehicle accident on College
ed by Police. Elizabeth's Hospital. Middle Campus. was gone on arrival. Road.

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Dedham: Rt. 1, 329-9500 Framingham: Rt. 9, 872-4838 Hingham: Rt. 3A, 749-7292 Newton: 792 Beacon St., 964-5658 Peabody: 215 Andover Rd.,
531-4770 Quincy: 1541 Hancock St., 773-0956 Saugus: Rt. 1, 233-8500 Hyannis: 354 Main St., 771-9788 Manchester, N.H.: 223 S. Willow St.,
(603) 623-7114 Portsmouth, N.H.: 990 Lafayette Rd., (603) 431-2117
October 27, 1986 The Heights 11
Different Sides of Abortion Issue Presented
with this type of governmental in- take the first step down the slippery a pregnant women be forced to against the amendment with words
?continued from page 7
woman's life is at stake? Does this terference into areas that are "deep- no" she urged. have her child and then be rendered about Christian opposition to abor-
violate the constitutional right to ly personal" will take the decision Hudner pleaded the case for the useless to care and provide for that tion. Being Christian and condon-
freedom of expresssion? Should the out women's hands and put it in- poverty-stricken. She areued that child in addition to the twelve she ing abortion, Kissling claims to be
private, pro-life citizen have to pay to the hands of the state legislature. amendment will eliminate public may already have?" she asked. the victim of excessive criticism
for something he or she is morally Anderson then picked up the abortion for poor women, and will Hudner said that the referendum from believers who feel she should
opposed to? argument and contributed her legal even prohibit private insurance places the burden on the shoulders be punished for what they see as
To address these issues was the knowledge. "Appearances are coverage. She warned that this will of poor individuals. "A well off per- heresy.
purpose of Wednesday's panel deceiving" she said referring to the jeopardizeaccess to a safe and legal son is able to have one [abortion] Her claim is that the Church's
discussion. The debate began with unclear wording of the referendum. abortion in Massachusetts for all because she can afford it, but a low- hierarchy and its laws have chang-
Professor Elaine Pinderhughs, facul- The passing of a seemingly inno- women. "The poor run the largest income woman who cannot get ed with time and will continue
ty member of BC's graduate school cent referendum will result in "an health risk. Being poorly nourished, help from medicaid is forced to bear changing as our culture advances.
of sociology. There were four eventual depravation of state rights" they are the victims of much il- a child she cannot raise decently."
memDers un caen side?tour pro- she said. She added that what lness," she said. Kissling closed the argument Two, page 19
amendment and four anti- seems like what is just a question While the amendment protects
amendment?and each was given a of taxes is really much more those for whom giving birth would 227 Needham St., Newton
timed five minutes to present their complex. be fatal, it does nothing to protect TTT* *&
opening statement. After each par- She brought the argument back to those who may become seriously ill
ticipant spoke, two minutes for the wording of the amendment itself or crippled, maintained Hudner.
244-2710 IJgIJL
rebuttal were given. The discussion rather than taking issue with "Poor women never have the lux- urn
was then opened to question from the moral aspect of abortion. "Don't ury of bed rest," she said. "Should
\-> \?" \? \w l*~

members of the audience.

Speaking against the amendment Tuesday, October 28 Pufferbellies & WZOU
were the following: Junior Helen Professional Wordprocessing have a victory party for the Red Sox-celebrity WZOU dj
Morey, an organizer for Wednesday, October 29 Halloween Costume Party
Massachusetts Choice and Boston Ist prize: $150 2nd prize: $100 3rd prize: $50
National Organization for Women; All student papers, resumes, theses, etc. typed and edited on Thursday-Saturday Billy and the Kids
Professor Alexis Anderson, Esq. IBM/PC. Overnight turnaround for most projects. Reasonable Sunday jq Billy and Ken
Boston College School of Law facul- rates. 10 student discount. Acessible by MBTA.
ty member; Karen Hudner, a lob-
byist for Massachusetts Civil Liber-
ties Union and Steering Committee
Assured Documents
333 Washington St.
member for Massachusetts Choice;
and National Dircetor for Catholics Brighton, MA 02135
for Free Choice Frances Kissling. 782-9603
Morey opened the discussion for
her group with insight from a
students point of view. She began
with a brief history of the legislature
that has influenced abortion and \u25a0 m College for its academic
V m excellence. Now, choose
birth control since the 19605. "Un-
til 1966 a single woman could not
use birth control" she said.
Attention business majors! m y Esposito's Nautilus Training
Her major complaint was that m. excellence. Train with the

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troller's division. D.B.L. is a leading investment

bank with more than 9300 employees
Jj TEST worldwide, and will be on campus again this
1030 Comm. Aw spring for further recruitment.
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V>SS? Tanning
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12 October 27, 1986 The Heights

Born Again Christian Defends Presentation

Mcontinued from pane 8 to Dinneen which was "not word munication, a misunderstanding." the sign. People just felt used and show" which showed contem-
for word, but the same format." Dinneen, who had not seen the abused." porary Christian music, but which
BC student Joe Poirier, a member Finally, Poirier explained the au- advertisement prior to the event, In an interview with Clayton he could not show because he was
of the Maranatha Christian Church dience's disturbance as their reac- also agreed that he had not been Reed, he defined the purpose of the "cut off" by the audience.
who coordinated the event, said he tion to "conviction of sin" and "deliberately" deceived. Dinneen presentation: "To open people's Dinneen said that he would assist
believed that the advertisement was "refusal" to confront it. did comment that the end of the eyes to spiritual realities, to provide in a future arrangement of the
a "fair generalization" of the presen- Dinneen and Poirier met again on video "suggested" proselytizing, an opportunity for those who see a presentation, but not as a "spon-
tation. He explained that a video Wednesday. Poirier said they but that "seeing it on video is a lot need for change in their lives." Reed sor" on the flyer in the sense that
version of the show was presented "established that it was a miscom- different than having someone said he "felt some of the audience he is "not endorsing it,...but we are
come in and request a show was rude," but during the prayer he for free religious expression." The
of hands of those who had been "sensed that there were several peo- nature and intention of the presen-
saved." In regard to the advertise- ple in the room that had been sav- tation should be made "clear in
How will your job affect you as a person? ment, Dineen said "It certainly ed." He also said that there was a advertisement so that people would
should have been more up front in segment at the "tail-end of the know what they're getting into."
Come and see Paul Tellenson, an executive
from the Nabisco corporation speak on

Student Art Comes to O'Neill
by Gina Rafidi purchased the necessary equipment said, "The exhibits would be
IN YOUR CAREER The walls of the O'Neill Library
to display the variety of two and
three dimensional pieces.
located on the second and fourth
floors for now and additional areas
will soon be the scene of much According to Professor Mark would be considered in the future.

speculation with the exhibition of Cooper, who teaches functional and She also pointed out that the exhibit
some interesting and original art- sculptural ceramics, "The [student] might be expanded to Bapst Library.
TUESDAY, OCTOBER 28th work by BC art students. The art- art exhibit will be done on a per- Professor Cooper has put a lot of
7:00 SOM HONORS LIBRARY work, varying in media from pain- manent and rotating basis and will time and energy into the project. He
ting, watercolor, sculpture and change every six to eight weeks and the fine arts faculty have work-
FULTON 2nd FLOOR ceramics, will be selected from all when a new selection will be put ed closely with Jeremy Slinn, direc-
levels of art classes. In order to up." tor of O'Neill Library, Kathy Boyd
facilitate this project, the library has Kathy Boyd of O'Neill Library and library staff in putting this pro-
ject into operation. Staff in both the
fine arts department and the library
say they are enthusiastic about the
exhibit. Fine Arts Chairman Dr. Ken
If you justask for a light Craig expressed the department's
gratitude to the library for their

you neverknow what you'll get. cooperation.

The fine arts faculty and library
agree on the campus-wide benefits
of the student exhibit. "The exhibit
serves as a communications link
between the two campuses since
the majority of the fine arts' exhibits
happen at Newton," said Professor
Cooper. He also praised the benefits
art students gain from seeing their
own work exhibited. "Seeing your
own work in a space that is not your
own helps you evaluate your work."
Cooper speaks from experience,
having exhibited his work around
the country. He is scheduled for a
one-man show at the Allan Stone
Gallery in New York.

Ucontinued from page 1
Asked whether he thought the ap-
peal process was effective, Sullivan
said, "We've been able to resolve,
in all the time that I've been here,
most circumstances without having
to go to a formal process and
because situations like these can be
so complicated, I don't think there
is any one procedure that we could
outline that would necessarily make
us do things differently. So, I really
feel that the procedure was a fair
and appropriate one, and, at times
when I read in the newspapers that
a certain case is taking such a long
time to finally be resolved, I have
a better understanding of that now."
The Boston College Personnel
Handbook states that the decision
by the executive vice president of
the University is final. On the ques-
tion of whether there was some
legal action outside of the Univer-
sity that Greaney could take,
Sullivan said, "I don't know. That's
would be up to him and his counsel
to determine."
Although both the University and
Greaney had lawyers, both Flaher-
ty and Sullivan agreed that the
lawyers were there for purposes of
advisement and did not play a ma-
jor role in the hearings.
When asked how the appeal pro-
cess might be improved in the
future, Nolan suggested the removal
of lawyers. "I think in terms of mak-
ing it more expeditious, we ought
to eliminate the involvement of at-
torneys. Attorneys can be present,
but it became much more of a
judicial process than it did an infor-
mal hearing from my perspective. It
was almost as if we were judge and
jury, and, as a result, every detail
was scrutinized very carefully."

Volume LXVII Issue 16 ? 1986, The Heights, Inc Boston College, Chestnut Hill MA 02167 The Heights, 13

Lowe, Eagles Finally Beat West Virginia 19-10

by Steven Condon Reed's pass was tipped at the line,
MORGANTOWN WEST and BC defensive back intercepted
VIRGINIA-lt was the biggest victory the ball at the one.
for BC football since the Cotton The third and most important un-
Bowl. It was the only victory that finished West Virginia drive occur-
Heisman Trophy winner Doug red in the fourth quarter with nine
Flutie never got. It marked the first minutes remaining in the contest.
time since the Cotton Bowl that BC The big play of the drive was a 38
has been above the .500 mark. It yard pass play from Reed to wide
was the first BC win over West receiver Grantis Bell that took the
Virginia in the last six tries. Mountaineers to the BC 10.
\u25a1 However, two plays later, defensive
The Boston College Eagles foot- end Eric Lindstrom intercepted
ball team travelled to the unfriend- Reed's pass at the five and return-
ly confines of Mountaineer Field ed it to the BC 34.
Saturday and they escaped with a Lindstrom's interception was the
19-10 victory over the Mountaineers. biggest defensive play of the game
The story of the game was the in-
ability of the West Virginia offense
to finish off their drives. There were
three significant occasions where
for BC as West Virginia had a
chance to get back into the game,
and the interception silenced the
crowd of 47,760.
the Mountaineers drove the ball
deep into BC territory only to get no
The first quarter saw the Eagles
take a 3-0 lead on a 37 yard field
score. These three drives could have goal by kicker Brian Lowe. After An-
put West Virginia back in the game,
but the BC defense successfully
dy Hemmer recovered a West
Virginia fumble at midfield, quarter-
defended the BC goal. back Shawn Halloran completed Troy Stradford broke the school record Saturday for career rushing yards by a BC player.
The first unfinished drive by the passes to Darren Flutie and Peter The next score would play a big fidence it needed to be successful. I hope this takes the pressure off BC
Mountaineers came in the first Casparriello to get the Eagles to the role in who would have the The first half was well played by kicking for a while," Lowe said.
quarter. The Mountaineers started Mountaineer 21, setting the stage for momentum at halftime. With 2:29 BC. Halloran completed 10 for 17 Bicknell added, "You have to give
theirdrive at their own 27, and mov- the first of four Lowe field goals. left in the quarter, Halloran mixed for 95 yards. The halftime statistics a lot of credit to Lowe. He drilled
ed the ball down to the BC four yard The second quarter saw West passes and runs to lead the team were fairly equal; the inability of the through a bunch of kicks for us."
line. Faced with a fourth and one on Virginia tic the score on their first down field to the Mountaineer 24. West Virginia offense was the Following Lowe's last field goal,
the four, West Virginia coach Don drive of the quarter. With 10:20 left Lowe kicked another field goal to difference. the Mountaineers scored the first
Nehlen opted to go for the first in the quarter, kicker Charlie extend the lead to 9-3. BC coach Jack Bicknell com- touchdown of the game halfway
down instead of the field goal. The Baumann booted a 24 yarder to tic This final drive was key for two mented, "We played well, and the through the third quarter. Reed
gamble failed as quarterback Ben the score. reasons. First, it gave the Eagles defense did the job when it was directed the offense for an 80 yard
Reed overthrew his receiver in the The Eagles came right back on momentum going into the locker needed." drive which ended with a 26 yard
endzone. the ensuing drive. Using primarily room, and second, it showed poise In the third quarter, the Eagles touchdown pass to Harvey Smith.
In the third quarter, the Moun- Jim Bell and Troy Stradford, and character on the part of the of- took advantage of a Mountaineer This cut the Eagle lead to 12-10, and
taineers began a drive at their own Halloran led the team to the West fense as they manufactured three fumble. After defensive back Carl the West Virginia crowd smelled a
20, and Reed moved the team to the Virginia 22, where Lowe kicked a 38 extra points in the two minute of- Pellegata recovered a fumble at the comeback. The third quarter end-
BC 12. On second down and 10, yarder to put BC up 6-3. fense. This gavethe offense the con- West Virginia 31, Stradford (21 car- ed 12-10, and the stage was set for
Field Hockey ries, 97 yards) rushed three times to
the 23, when Lowe kicked his
a dramatic fourth quarter.
In the fourth quarter, Halloran or-

BC Splits Versus UConn, VU fourth field goal of the game to put

BC up 12-3.
The four field goals by Lowe set
chestrated a 68 yard drive that end-
ed with fullback Jon Bronner scor-
ing on a one yard run. The Eagles
by Rob Shaw Morett, "But we have the potential outcome, "Every game is a big one a school record for most field goals held a nine point lead with nine
to play much better than we did." for us and we needed UConn. It was in a game by a BC kicker. The minutes remaining in the game.
The Boston College field hockey The Eagles played well and the a very tough loss. " previous record was three by various Unfortunately for the Moun-
team suffered a 3-0 defeat at the shots on goal were even, but UConn Senior Theresa DeGirolimo, the kickers. taineers, they were unable to crack
hands of the University of Connec- was sharper inside the 25. The other Eagle captain agreed, "It was "I felt really good about the
record. I felt pretty consistent, and Stradford, page 15
ticut Wednesday at Alumni Eagles have been very successful a tough game and UConn played
Stadium. The Eagles, ranked fif- scoring off the corner so far this really well in their circle. We had
teenth in the nation, were coming
off a convincing win over Villanova
season, but they were not able to
draw any penalty comers for the first
last Monday, and were hoping to time this year against the Huskies.
trouble scoring because we couldn't
draw offensive corners."
The game with Villanova was
Freshmen Lead BC
keep alive a six game winning UConn got on the board first with
streak. The loss dropped BC's a goal by Tracey Fuchs at 4:30 and
much more representative of how
BC has played this year, as they tam- To Split Vs. Maine
record to 7-6-1. added another by Lisa Lynch at ed the Wildcats by a score of 4-0.
BC felt confident going into the 22:32 and it was 2-0 at the half. They controlled the play by Ken Carty received their final indignity of the
match with UConn even though the Fuchs notched her second goal late throughout and outshot Villanova game as Todd Studnicka tallied a
Huskies were ranked third and are in the second half to round out the 16-10. Another key was the play of ORONO, Maine- "We played shorthanded goal putting the game
the defending national champions. scoring. goalie Wendy Carter, who held five good periods of hockey this out of reach, 6-3.
"We felt quite confident and we Villanova at bay with several fine weekend," said Boston College After being outplayed Friday
knew we deserved our ranking, " BC Senior co-captain Cathy stops. hockey coach Len Ceglarski. evening, Maine head coach Shawn
said Eagle head coach Charlene O'Brien was disappointed with the BC led 1-0 after the first half as But five was not enough for the Walsh realized exactly what his
junior forward Pam Topping scored Eagles to sweep the University of team needed to do. " We have to
at 30:56 with the assist going to Maine, as the Eagles stumbled 6-3 play much better away from the
junior midfielder Shannon Murphy. Saturday night. Friday evening, BC puck. BC is a great team and we
Freshman Hope Sanborn got the rolled to an impressive 8-4 can't afford to give them as many
Eagles started in the second half decision. good scoring opportunities."
with an unassisted goal at 17:12 and BC entered the third period of the Game 2 appeared to be a carbon
she added another eleven minutes second contest tied at 3-3, looking copy of game 1, as Maine raced out
later with the assist going to Mur- for a sweep. to an early two goal advantage in
phy. Murphy finished the scoring After a brief Eagle spurt minutes the second period.
with a tally at 20:25 assisted by Top- into the final period, the Black Bears The teams traded goals in the first
ping and junior midfielder Missy went up for good. Taking a Jack Ca- period. First, UMO's Major tipped
Pan. puano pass up through center ice, in Capuano's shot at 15:50. BC
So now the Eagles know they have Maine forward Jay Mazur passed evened the score at 17:30, as right
a tough road in front of them. They cross ice to a wide open Dave winger Ken Hodge scored on a re-
have five games left and four of their Wensley. Wensley moved around bouned of a Kevin Steven's shot.
opponents are in the top twenty. BC BC goalie Dave Littman and fired While Maine freshman Scott King
is hoping for an NCAA berth but on- into a wide open net at 4:55. was stopping BC on the offense (39
ly the top twelve teams in the na- Maine doubled their lead a little saves), Maine's two big offensive
tion will receive one.
Morett knows they have their
over three minutes later as right
winger Bob Corkum skated un-
threats (Mazur and Capuano) each
Kristnwork cut out for them. "We've
played consistently in all our games,
by but now is the time we have to raise
molested through center ice. Draw-
ing Littman out, Corkum fired home
sending the crowd of 2,500 at Al-
Mazur notched his third goal of
the young season (and series) at
8:57 as he picked up a loose puck

Phot our intensity level and hopefully we

can land a spot in the NCAA's."
BC's final home game is Tuesday
fond Arena into a frenzy.
With BC on a power play
(Maine's Mike McHugh called for
in front of Littman, faked and slip-
ped a shot into the lower righthand
The Eagles split games last week versus Villanova and Connecticut. night against Harvard University." high sticking at 9:21), the Eagles Brown, page 16
14 October 27, 1986 The Heights
Men's Soccer
Sportsbriefs Eagles Stumble To URI, 1-0
Temple by Jim Feroli score remained 1-0 in favor of
Rhode Island.
touch popped the ball over the
goalies head for the score.
The Temple Owls hosted the Syracuse Orangemen Saturday and the The Boston College men's soccer On Saturday the eighteenth BC
Orangemen topped the Owls 27-24. Syracuse kicker Tim Vesting Kicked team continued their pursuit of a had better luck against Providence The score remained tied at 1-1
a 32 yard field goal as time expired to lift the the Orangemen to victory. spot in the Big East Tournament College; the Eagles defeated PC 2-1 and the game went into overtime.
The Orangemen moved from their own 76 yard line to the Temple 15 with a win over Big East opponent in overtime. In overtime Eric Wise threw in to
in the last 4:14 to set up Vesling's kick. The key to the drive was a 22 Providence College, and then a the near post to Erik Brown who
yardpass play between Don McPherson and Tom Kane thatkept the drive subsequent loss to the University of Providence took an early lead headed the ball across the front of
alive. Rhode Island to hurt their cause. when they scored 15 minutes into the goal, Ken Keyes then headed it
Paul Palmer had another outstanding performance for the Owls as he In the words of coach Ben the first half. Providence got a free into the net for his second game
rushed for 187 yards and scored on runs of one and seven yards. the
Palmer Brewster,"BC came out flat as a kick just outside the BC box, the winning score of the year.
has rushed for 775 yards in his last three games, which breaks NCAA pancake in the first half" of the shot deflected through the BC wall The win over Providence Col-
three-game record of 774 set by Michigan State's Eric Allen in 1971. Palmer game against Rhode Island. They
has had a dream season, and his play will definitely gain him some did play a more inspired second
Heisman votes. halfbut it was too little too late as
The Eagles will travel to Philadelphia in two weeks to play Temple, and they ultimately lost 1-0.
they will host Syracuse the following weekend at Alumni Stadium. Rhode Island scored 15
minutes into the first half off of a
corner kick. The kick hit off of
Holy Cross Rhode Island forward John Lopes
out to Adam Holmer who hit a low
The Holy Cross Crusaders continued their winning ways Saturday when line drive kick that Eric Hasbun
they defeated host Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. The didn't have a play on.
Crusaders defeated Brown 22-7 to make their record 7-0. The Eagles didn't seem to have it
Once again the star for the Crusaders waas Gordie Lockbaum, who together in the first half as they were
played in 105 plays-67 at tailback, 25 as cornerback, and 13 on special unable to put a lot of pressure on
teams. Lockbaum had 22 carries for 77 yards and two touchdowns; he the goal. At halftime the score was
had nine receptions for 114 yards, two kickoff returns for 52 yards, and 1-0 Rhode Island.
two tackles.
Brown started the game out witha 78 yard drive off the openingkickoff
The Eagles came out charged up
in the second half and put a lot of
thatresulted in a two yard touchdown run by Lane Wood to give Brown
an early 7-0 lead. During the drive, Brown quarterback Mark Donovan pressure on the Rhode Island goal
passed four times to lead his team down the field. Holy Cross added a but weren't able to score. At one
touchdown and a safety to take a 9-7 lead. In the second half, Lockbaum point about 23 minutes into the se-
scored his two touchdowns andkicker Billy Young booted a pair of field cond half BC had the ball on the
goals to account for the rest of the scoring. URI side for what seemed like a ten
As stated earlier, Holy Cross raised it's record to 7-0, and they will host minute time period. BC had a string
by |ohn Cuil,emin
the Eagles in the season finale November 25. of about 3 to 4 corner kicks, not to The soccer team lost a heartbreaker to URI.
mention the throw-ins into the box, and was picked up by a Providence lege, a Big East opponent, keeps the
yet were unable to capitalize. Pat forward who made the alert score. Eagles in position for a place in the
Heights Sports Meeting Zimmerman displayed good ball
handling skills to keep the game
Big East tournament. The Eagles are
BC charged back soon after when 2-1 in conference play, but accor-
alive, and Ara Barsimian had a line David Suvak gained control of the ding to Coach Brewster need to im-
The Heights Sports Department will hold a meeting Monday afternoon drive shot hit the crossbar, but ball in BC's backfield and forward- prove their overall record to insure
at 2:30 in McElroy 113. All writers are asked to attend to get new neither were able to score. At the
assignments. If you cannot make the meeting, please stop by the office
ed it to Erik Brown who pased to themselves a spot in the tournament
conclusion of the second half the David Sullivan. Sullivan with a nice in early November.
sometime on Monday.

World Series Takes Priority

by Arthur Anastos Annoyance is compounded by the game to tell who was winning.
the fact that Boston College students And you didn't need to be listening
The World Series. Midterms? Fen- are in a quagmire of sorts. The last to the radio to know whether it was
way Park. O'Neil Library? Jubilation. time that either Red Sox or Mets Lenny Dykstra or Dwight Evans who
Examinations? fans experienced a World Series in had homered. All you needed was
The sounds around campus are Boston or Queens was 1975. to hear. To listen, just listen.
taking on the sounds more likely to And the last time that BC students The sounds told all. When Red
be heard emanating from Fenway really had to study was four months Sox fans vocalized their feelings
Park. ago. So where are the priorities after Game 1 and Game 2 victories,
Last week there was both World here? An event, the World Series, decibel levels from Hillsides,
Series and exam committments. On that affects many of BC's nor- Ressies, Mods and Walsh Hall rose
the one hand there is Boston versus theastern natives, appears to be to proportions reminicsent of the
New York. On the other, there is dominating the midterms that return BC-Alabama game as Flutie led the
communism versus capitalism. faithfully like October chest colds. Eagles to an amazing fourth quarter
Hurst versus Gooden. Kennedy ver- The sorrowful conversations comeback.
sus Kruschev. around campus throughoutthe past When New York captured games
week have revolved around the 3 and 4 at Fenway Park, the en-
Greg Brown, (left) is a member of the men's hockey team. Brown Once again network television is bombardment of exams. But the thusiasm was noticeable, but the
hails from Southboro, Massachusetts, and is expected to see con- dictating the lifestyles of millions of sounds emanating from both cam- profanity outweighed the noise.
siderable action this year at the Heights. Brown played his high Americans caught up in World pus and off-campus dwellings have After the Mets Game 3 victory, Bil-
school hockey at St. Marks in Southboro, and he was a three time Series fever. This year, however, it ap- taken on different tones. ly Joel's New York State of Mind
All-Star in his league. In addition, he was drafted by the Buffalo pears to have been taken a bit too could be heard blaring from lower
Sabres in the second round of the 1986 NHL draft. Brown is a stu- far. It is not only annoying that each The true baseball fan has been liv- campus.
dent in the School of Arts and Sciences.Cathy O'Brien, (right) is
a member of women's field hockey team. O'Brien is a goalie, and
WDrld Series game between the Red ing a double life study by day and
Sox and Mets is played under the baseball by night. And there appears
This series will definitely be
remembered as one of the greatest
she will be counted on heavily this year. O'Brien is from West lights within the 210 mile distance to be thousands of these to baseball fans, while BC fans will
Hartland, Connecticut, and she studies finance in the School of that separates the Fenway and moonlighters on the BC campus. remember it as the week of
Management. You didn't need to be watching
Queens. midterms versus World Series.

Rocha Finishes Second At Big East Finals

The Boston College cross-country As for the rest ot the standings,
team participated in the Big East Providence was second, Villanova
Championships Saturday at Franklin was third, BC fourth, followed by
Park. Eagle Joe Rocha finished se- Pittsburgh, UConn, Syracuse, St.
cond to Villanova's Gerard O'Reil- John's, and Seton Hall.
ly as O'Reilly captured the Big East On the women's side, Eagles
Championship. Alison Quelch (4th), Gina Braz
This was Rocha's first loss of the (7th), and Jennifer Weekes (Bth) all
season. Rocha had beat O'Reilly finished in the top ten. Villanova
two weeks ago in the National had the top two finishers, and this
Catholic Champiopnships at Notre allowed the Wildcats to capture the
Dame. O'Reilly outkicked Rocha in women's team championship. BC
the final 200 yards, and he won the came in second in the team scor-
race by 10 yards with a time of ing, 19 points behind Villanova.
24:35. As for the rest of the league,
Rocha was the only Eagle runner Georgetown placed third, followed
in the top ten, and the Eagles finish- by Providence, UConn, Syracuse,
ed fourth in the team scoring. Pittsburgh, St. John's, and Seton
Georgetown had three runners in Hall.
the top ten, and they won the team The Eagles will now prepare for
title. This was the first ever Big East the New England Championships
title for the Hoyas, and the this weekend, and the NCAA
Georgetown win snapped a two District Meets the following
year winning streak by Providence. weekend at Lehigh University.
The Eagle harriers participated in the Big East Championships at Franklin Park.
October 27, 1986 The Heights 15

Eagles Look To Crack Wishbone at West Point

by John Valente The Cadets travelled to Giants
Stadium Saturday to play Rutgers,
This Saturday the Boston College and they were defeated convincing-
Eagles football squad will try to ly 35-3. Dick Anderson and his
even its series record against Army Scarlet Knights did a greatdefensive
at Michie Stadium at West Point. Ar- job in shutting down a tough
my now leads the series 11-10. wishbone offense. The Rutgers per-
The wishbone has been a large formance is not a surprise as they
part of Army's recent success. Their have been playing well as of late.
1984 campaign produced an In order for Army to defeat the
unbelievable 8-3-1 record as com- Eagles the Cadets will have to con-
pared to their previous 2-9 season. trol the ball and the wishbone of-
1984 brought the Cadets their first fense can be a control offense. It
ever post-season bowl berth and consists of a three-back alignment,
they were the top Division l-A team a fullback and two tailbacks. The
in rushing. fullback is two yards behind the
Last season the Eagles were quarterback. The tailbacks are a
assaulted by the Army wishbone yard deep and a yard wide on either
45-14. Army finished 1985 at 9-3 ty- side of the fullback.
ing a school record for most wins The quarterback has three
in a single season. Their second primary options in this offense and
bowl berth, at the Peach Bowl, saw must be a fast thinker able to read
them beat favored Illinois 31-29. the defense and make quick
Going into this weekend the decisions.
Cadets are 3-4. After defeating The first option is giving or fak- BC will need an outstanding game defensively if they are to stop the wishbone.
Syracuse 33-28 on opening day they ing the handoff to the fullback up doff the tailbacks move parallel to versus Tennessee, the Cadets had a placekicking duties, Rambusch is
fell to Northwestern 25-18 and were the middle. That decision may be the line of scrimmage in the same new defense, and there were perfect with 14 extra points, and he
crushed by Wake Forest 49-14. They determined in the huddle in order direction. The quarterback now favorable results. Army was expec- is 3 for 5 on field goal attempts. He
came back to defeat Vale and Ten- to prevent a turnover caused by sur- keys on the defensive end who dic- ting a tough game playing a team kicked a 51 yarder against
nessee but couldn't get by the tough prise or it may be left to the split- tates the play. If the end moves at like Tennessee. The Cadets switch- Northwestern.
Holy Cross Crusaders. Mark Duff- second decision of the quarterback the quaterback the quarterback pit- ed some of their line up, and they This will be a key game for the
ner's talented ballclub won that who decides if there is room for the ches to the trailing back. If the end controlled the Vols for the most part. Eagles as they have won three in a
contest 17-14 on Homecoming Day fullback to run. moves toward the tailback the QB row, and are looking to keep their
in Michie Stadium at West Point. As the quarterback fakes the han- cuts upfield. The kicking chores for Army are win streak intact for a possible bowl
In order for the wishbone effec- handled by sophomore Bit Ram- bid. Nevertheless, the Eagles will
tiveness Army will have to have time busch. He is averaging 39.8 yards have to forget last year's game, and
BC?Army on the clock and will not be able on 19 punts, including a 65 yarder try to shutdown the potent
to allow Boston College to take the versus Tennessee. As for his wishbone.
lead. Because of its ground game
(Army Leads Series 11-10) nature, it is difficult to come back 1986 Army Football Schedule
from the wishbone. Passing, though
not impossible, is difficult. If Army
1917?L 14-7 Away 1919?1 13-0 Away falls behind on Saturday the Cadets September 13 Syracuse W 33-28
1959?L 44-8 Away 1960 20-7 Away could have a problem.
The Cadets have shown that they September 20 Northwestern L 25-18
1964?I 19-13 Away 1965 L 10-0 Away can run a successful wishbone. As
1967 L 21-10 Home 1968?L 58-25 Away a team, Army currently ranks sixth September 27 Wake Forest L 49-14
1969?L 38-7 Away among Division l-A schools in
1970 W 21-13 Home rushing (280.7). Individually, four October 4 at Yale W 41-24
1975?W 31-0 Away 1976 W 27-10 Away players on Army have high rankings.
1977?W 49-28 Home 1978 L 29-26 Away Quarterback Tory Crawford is the
top ranked rushing quarterback in
October 11 at Tennessee W 25-21
1979?W 29-16 Away 1980 W 30-14 Home the nation's Division l-A schools,
1981?W 41-6 Home 1982?W 32-17 Away and he ranks 26th overall in the
October 18 Holy Cross L 17-14
NCAA with 85.2 yards per game.
1983?W 34-14 Away 1984?W 45-31 Home The offensive line for Army October 25 at Rutgers L 35-7
1985?L 45-14 Away weighs in at an average 243 pounds.
These heavyweights are always a November 1 Boston College
key if the wishbone is to succeed.
The Eagles defensive line will have November 8 Air Force
to play one of their best games if

Stradford, Lowe Break they are to stop the wishbone.

As for the Eagles offense, Shawn
Halloran will have to have another
November 15 Lafayette
December 6 at Navy
BC Records Vs. WVU steady performance. In their game

\u25a0continued from page 13 ly, the Eagles stand a 4-3 with four

the BC defense, and the Eagles end-

games remaining. Should BC win
these games, and they are capable
This Week At The Heights
ed the six game losing streak ver- of doingso, they may be considered
sus West Virginia 19-10. for a bowl.
"This was our biggest win, and
winning it here will make it easier \u25a0 \u25a1
for the guys who play here next," Besides the record set by Lowe, Women's Field Hockey

Tuesday October 28
vs. Harvard University 7:00 PM

Fitzparick Women's Soccer


Phot Thursday October 30

Eric Lindstrom deflects a pass from VWU quarterback Ben Reed.
Stradford noted. Stradford,broke a school record for
Bicknell added/"Winning down career rushing yards with 2812
vs. Providence College 7:00 PM
here was even better. We have yards, eclipsing the old record of
played in places like Death Valley 2759 yards set by Mike Esposito in
and Perm State, and we were ready 1972-74:
to face both the fans and the team."
This victory was needed for many \u25a1
different reasons. The Eagies hadn't Saturday was extra special for BC
beat West Virginia in six tries and defensive end Rick Nickeson, as his
BC finally has ridded themselves of wife gave birth to a baby girl Satur- The Blue Chips of Boston College
the "West Virginia curse". Second- day afternoon.
16 October 27, 1986 The Heights

Brown,Leetch Shine In Maine Weekend Series 12:11 of the first.

Mcontinued from page 13 The other freshman sensation for
After numerous other scoring BC scored their only goal of the BC, Leetch notched his first goal of
drives, the Black Bears finally con- period, cutting the Maine lead to his career on a breakaway. Leetch
verted when Capuano's deflected one, 38 seconds later when raced from the red line in on Lor-
shot found its way into the BC goal Steven's flipped a shot over starting ing. Calmly, Leetch waited and
at 11:36. Maine moved in on a Black Bear goalie Al Loring. waited until Loring committed scor-
3-on-1. Littman made the initial Maine increased their lead to two ing the fifth and final goal of the
save. The rebound, however, pop- again on a Eric Weinrich shot early period for the Eagles at 15:08.
ped into the air, over the prone in the second. Although it was BC who skated
Eagle netminder. That would be the last of the away with the commanding 7-3
BC rebounded with two scores of Maine offense for the evening. lead, Real was called upon to make
their own. Freshman Steve In the next period and a half, BC 14 saves in the period, many of the
Scheifele redirected fellow was able to light the red lamp seven tough variety. "Real was a very
freshman Brian Leetch's shot past a consecutive times. Freshman underrated player for the period,"
defenseman Greg Brown (younger said Walsh.
stunned King at 14:51. brother of Doug, BC '86) scored his
A beautiful passing combination In the third, Shea scored his se-
first collegiate goal for BC on a cond of the night at 3:16 on one of
by Mike Gervasi to Tim Sweeney wicked slap shot from the blueline.
knotted the score at 3-3 with 4:20
remaining in the second frame. BC
appeared poised for the third
"I don't have that good of a shot,
but it's a good way to start," com-
numerous BC breakaways in the
third. Salting away the victory was
the first career goal for senior Dave
period, however it was the Black
mented Brown afterwards.
BC tied the game at 3-3 two
Whyteat 15:19.
BC is off until Wednesday when
Bears who converted to get the minutes later, when Shea skated
The Eagles looked as though their
season opener Friday evening
aroundthe UMO defense and flip-
ped a wrister into the upper right
they "host" Northeastern at Boston
University's Walter Brown Arena.
Saturday, BC travels to NU. Faceoffs
hand corner. Suddenly, the game at 7:30. BC opened their 1986-87 season this past weekend versus Maine.
would end on a down note as they was tied.
trailed early on. Mazur got Maine Ken Hodge picked a Steven's re- Commentary
off an rolling with a spectacular

WZBC Is There For BC Sports

bound and rifled it past Loring at
score at 9:21 of the first period. 13:01, continuing the onslaught for
Mazur recovered a loose puck at BC.
center ice, split the Eagle defense
The Eagles increased their lead to
and raced in beating BC goalie two on another Brown goal, only by John Valente Supervised by Sports Director O'Malley said earlierthis semester,
Shaun Real. 23 seconds after the Hodge tally. Rob Digisi, who is in charge of the "It was kind of a mish-mash of
BC fell behind by two when Stud-
nicka beat Real with a tremendous
Loring was fooled on a dipping shot Trivia Time. .. entire department, every night at 5 things."
from the point, giving BC a healthy Which Boston media outlet knew o'clock a member of the sports staff
wrist shot just underthe crossbar at two goal advantage.. that after BC suffered a safety in the recounts the events of the day on Game coverage on 90.3 has an
Perm State/BC football game, John Sports Roundup. The five minute interesting angle in that the broad-
Crowley, walk-on punter from sportscast capsules every sporting casters actually know something
Rutland, Vermont, would punt the event of interest. about the athletes. Unlike the televi-
ball off? Sports Tonight, WZBC's weekly sion and commercial radio broad-
A. ESPN [Television] sports talkshow, is every Monday casters, WZBC announcers have an
B. WEEI [Commercial Radio] night from 5 until 6. Produced by interseting perspective on BC sports
C. WZBC [BC's Student Station] Eben, Sports Tonight covers all as they live on the same campus,
The hustle award for doing their angles of a diverse group of sports. know the same people and are in
homework goes to WZBC SPORTS Beginning with the latest news, the the same classes. This allows them
90.3 FM. Announcer Bill Eben had show has either a live guest or tap- opportunity to have interesting in-
painted the entire scenario, in- ped interviews. This is one of the sights into different topics.
cluding Crowley's seeing action few chances that listeners can talk With this year's exodus of BIG
before the fourth down play took with and hear from BC's coaches EAST basketball games into the ci-
place. Just another case of a BC stu- and players. ty instead of Robert's Center and the
dent doing his homework. The show doesn't stop there. imposed nomadic life for the
WZBC is the premeire source for From the latest tennis news to hockey team BC students may not
Boston College sports news handl- wrestling previews, from commen- get out in force to the contests.
ing all of the Eagles' football games, taries to inside information, Sports WZBC will. They will be at the
the home basketball and hockey Tonight attempts to cover it all. Boston Garden and at Walter
contests and produces a BC Boston Globe sports columnist Brown Arena throughout the winter
oriented sports talkshow. Bob Ryan started his career at the so that if students cannot get to the
The students who comprise the BC studio. Three nights a week, game, the game will get to the
Eagle Rich Braccia handles the puck in action versus Maine.
WZBC sports team work with all while he was a student at the students.
aspects of the broadcast field. Heights, Ryan temaed up with a WZBC follows the game, the
Behind the scenes they write the classmate who was also not un- coaches and the players and
stories for the sportscasts, do familiar with sports, sports consul- sometimes, like the situation in the
research and handle the technical tant Kevin O'Malley. The show was Perm State game, they come out on
duties of the games. called Sports Kaleidoscope. As top.
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October 27, 1986 The Heights 17

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Attention all students!

Don't forget to reserve your copy of the 1987 Sub

Turri (Boston College Yearbook). We sold out last
year and we don't want students to be neglected
of a yearbook. So, play it safejeave a $15.00
deposit and assure yourself a 1987 book.
October 27, 1986 The Heights 19

Two Sides Clash on Proposed Amendment

?continued from page T 1 as a solution to pregnancy in this million's not the money women themselves," she said. description of the different methods
that is the issue, it's the principle. Sotirky then discussed the two
Kissling brought to the attention day and age" and that the attitude of abortion with the intention of
of the audience the variety of towards abortion is far too casual. I don't want to pay to kill," hefirm- abortions she has had and gave the proving that "abortion can be very
religions in the world and uses this "One of every three pregnancies ly stated. audience insight into the agonizing, painful to the fetus." She left the au-
to support her viewpoint. "Every end in abortion and these are not Patty Strimple's main objection traumatic effect an abortion has on dience in silence with her vivid
religion has a different opinion on usually done for clinical reasons was toward the widely-held belief women. "Abortion kills babies and descriptions.
the subject of abortion...who has the but, rather, simply because it is not that abortions are "cost-efficient." hurts their mothers physically and Following this segment was a half
right to say that one is correct or one convenient for a women to be preg- She claimed that abortion vic- mentally. If abortion is such a an hour period in which the au-
is incorrect, and who has the right nant at that time." timizes the poor by giving them the harmless thing then why do you dience was permitted to question
to then force their opinion on She said she was disturbed about misconception that abortion is the think there are so many clinics and the speakers. The majority of the
others?" counseling given to young better choice. She claims that peo- programs set up to help destroyed questions were aimed at the pro-
She stressed the necessity of not teenagers saying that a girl under ple think they are helping the poor people to get over them?" she asks. choice speakers in the form of
voting for legislation that will limit the age of eighteen cannot "get her by giving them money for abortions She then offered a graphic accusations.
the freedom of members of these ears pierced, get a tetanus shot, or because "they are of the opinion
faith groups to practice their get stitches in an emergency room that it is cheaper to abort than to
In closing, Kissling reminded the
without her parent's consent. Yet, it
is possible for her to get an abortion
raise a child."
She concluded her statement Garter Sends Boston College
audience that the amendment does
not make exceptions for women
who are victims of rape or incest.
without her parents even knowing
and this is usually what counselors
with a plea to the audience: "If you
care about the poor don't pay to All Over The World
advise these minors to do." help them to get some Garber Travel is ready to take care of all your travel needs! We'll get you the
Philosophy Professor Peter Kreeft food in their clothe lowest possible airfares, arrange for Amtrak tickets, Eurailpasses, low cost
"You can trust women to make their does not support the public funding them. Go for something dignified!" charters and much more! Plan your next trip with Garber.
of abortion. "You have a right-to Debbie Sotirky closed the discus-
own decisions about childbearine.
If you vote yes, you are showing freedom of religious belief but the sion for her side with a very ada- Open Da ly
that you do not trust women. Show taxpayers are not forced to build you ment speech. "The pro-abortion
them you do not trust," she said.
Student Ann Kelleher opened the
a synagogue," he said.
He accused the pro-choice
groups of using "absurd scare tac-
moralists are so busy shoving their
ideas down our throats that they
don't even bother to think of the
Sat. 9-5
767 Beacon St., Newton, MA Tel: 965-2100 **"
discussion for her group which sup- tics" about abortion to attempt to
ported the amendment. "Why gain votes, and for being misinform-
should you force us to pay for ed when warning the public about
something we are morally against?"
She listed several facts about
the drastic infringements on con-
stitutional rights that will ensue TAN-SATIONAL
aborion that she felt supported her
theory that "Abortion is looked at
once the amendment passes. "I
don't care if it is one dollar or one ; "A Tanning Salon"
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Brookline (on the C line) 734-7738
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At The
1280 Centre St., Picadilly Square Bank of Boston
Newton Centre, MA 02159
Join our harvest gathering and explore
the career opportunities we offer.

Wednesday, November 5, 1986

$11.00 For Him and $14.50 For Her McGuinn Hall
3rd Floor Lounge
1229 Centre street I 5:30 - 7:30 PM
I I f V_y Newton Center
YSjJJ 244-8900
20 October 27, 1986 The Heights
Summary: The proposed law up places where oil and hazardous Under this proposed law, the
would require the state Department materials have been disposed of. State Secretary would

Referendum Questions
the Office of the
Provided by of State Secretary
of Environmental Quality Engineer-
ing (DEQE) to search for sites in the
Commonwealth where oil or hazar- Referendum petition on an ex-
of registration.
be required
Question 5: Requiring Use of to prepare blank forms for affidavits
Saftey Belts in Motor Vehicles
A Yes vote would provide a
dous materials have been disposed isting law
Continued From Page Two of and to take all necessary steps to Summary: The law requires all
system of voter registration by mail.

A No vote would continue the
clean up those sites within specified drivers and passengers to wear pro- present requirement
time limits. Provisions are made for perly adjusted and fastened safety voters that most
informing the public about sites in registrer in person.
belts while traveling in motor Question 7: National Advisory
their communities. Massachusetts vehicles on public ways. Drivers or Question
j(t££d&B/ocf <x*< , Inc. has openings for residents could bring lawsuits to en- passengers sixteen years or older
Summary: The Legislature has
force the provisions of the propos- who do not wear safety belts are
Holiday Sales, Cashiers, and Stock Associates in our ed law or to lessen a hazardrelated subject to a $15 fine. The driver of
placed this question on the ballot
in order to determine whether the
Chestnut Hill Mall Location. Full and Part Time Hours to oil or hazardous materials. a vehicle is also subject to a $15 fine people favor or oppose urging the
A Yes vote would require that for each passenger under sixteen
available. Competitive Salaries and 30 percent specific timetables and standards be who does not wear a safety belt.
U.S. Congress to enact a national
discount. Please apply in person, at: met in cleaning up places where oil
health program. The vote on this
This law, however, can be enforced question does not bind either the
Eddie Bauer, Inc. or hazardous materials have been only if the driver is stopped for a
state legislature or the US Congress.
disposed of. violation of another motor vehicle
The Mall at Chestnut Hill A No vote would not establish law. A Yes vote would urge the U.S.
suchnew requirements for cleaning A Yes vote would keep in place Congress to enact a national health
the state law that requires use of program that meets certain goals.

The University of Louvain
IN 1425),
EUROPELeuven, Belguim offers (est.
safety belts in motor vehicles.
A No vote would repeal the state
law that requires use of safety belts
A No vote would not urge the
U.S. Congress to enact the propos-
ed national health program.
in motor vehicles. Question 8: National Acid Rain
Complete programmes in Philosophy for the Question 6: Voter Registration by Control Program
degrees of 8.A., M.A., and Ph.D plus Mail
Law proposed by Initiative Legislative Advisory Question
a junior year abroad programme .*% Petition Summary: The Legislature has
All courses are in English f\_,\ Summary: The proposed law placed this question on the ballot
Tuition is 14,500 Belgium Franks (±s2so) I JHL I would provide a system of voter in order to determine whether the
Write to: Secretary English Programmes | |uj I registration by mail applicable to all people favor or oppose urging
Kardinaal Mercierplein 2, B-3000 Leuven, Belgium %JB/
v qualified voters and would U.S. Congress to enact a
K.U. Leuven eliminate statutory provisions per- health program. The vote on this
v ) mitting certain persons to vote on-
ly for presidential electors.
question does not bind either the
- state legislature or the U.S.

iw ...,?. ~,,, ?? ,?,?

The Ultimate A Yes vote would urge the Presi-

dent and Congress to enact a na-
tional acid rain control program that

Double Creature!
meets certain goals.
A No vote would not urge the
President and Congress to enact the
proposed national acid rain pro-

| |

See Two Of The Year's Monster

I Hits For The Price Of One. | Mock
Ucontinued from page 2
the issues and College Republicans,
the candidates. Both are politically
oriented, MassPIRG is typically
liberal while College Republicans
are usually conservative.
They have already co-sponsored
an event which was last week's
voting registration on campus.
"Registering voters is in our interest
and in their interest," said Amaral.
She said that the information
presented to the BC community will
be objective, and that "there will be
no slant to it."
W I fS)sllßSijiilnVjMMlfii 9m. tIH HilifW V\W
' \u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0 iiT3 M IB t 1 The mock election is for both
Massachusetts and out of state
voters. For the in-state student,
Amaral said she hopes that the
mock election will familiarize peo-
ple with the actual wording of the
questions, that they will be able to
say to themselves, "I saw these
already, I know what these are
For the out of state students,
Amaral said she wants them to vote
so that an understanding of where
Boston College stands on issues can
come about.

Cornelius agrees with this benefit,

adding that the eight Massachusetts
ballot questions are a microcosm for
the rest of the United States. He also
added that the the mock election
will shed some light on"the
political process which is very in-
tricate and needs to be understood."
There is no real free society, said
Cornelius, "It is only a picture frame,

» 8 and the people within it fills the pic-

ture with the way they vote."

X) in McElroy and Lyons Hallsbeduring held

fl S,
*« ANNE HURD JAMES CAMERON N N tthe day. During dinner, their booths
will be set up in McElroy, Walsh and
Vi Original Soundtrack Available on Varese SarabandeRecordsAnd Cassettes KM THE MHEi m A)
Stuart dining halls. The groups plan
Observer, The Heights, and maybe

nsfiiii *%_i_m'
IfjDtWM 8 to accurately represent the Boston
Community, there needs to be a lot
V\ of votes. Faculty are encouraged to
vote by mail.
October 27, 1986 The Heights 21


The spider's touch, how

exquisitely fine!
Feels at each thread, and lives
along the line.
Alexander Pope.

Drama Review

'Tempest' A Mix Of Humor And Grandeur

THE TEMPEST?A Play by William such as green lighting playing upon the
Shakespeare. Performed by the Dramatic garments of the "waves" gave the appearance
Society. Directed by Howard Enoch on Oc- of a foamy sea. The use of simulated lightn-
tober 23, 24, and 25. ing during the shipwreck was particularly ef-
fective, as it seemed to illuminate the entire
theater, rather than simply the stage. The
MaShWeynlirsod rotta heavenly music that accompanied many
scenes was appropriate and served to com-
As an ethereal melody infused the theater, plement the dialogue extremely well. The
figures in translucent ghost-likeapparel drifted music was so authentic that it seemed as if
gracefully onto the stage. They were the waves a flute player were hidden mysteriously in the
which would cause a violent shipwreck and theater. During the second act, popping
send the audience on a exciting journey smokebombs startled the audience and func-
through The Tempest. tioned as visual and auditory representations
The play opens on an enchanted island in- of Prospero's wizardry. The stage was filled
habited only by a magical mortal named Pro-
spero, his beautiful daughter Miranda, and a
Phot with wispy smoke which lingered in the air
by and added to the hazy dreaminess of the play.
coarse but endearing native called Caliban. interesting to note that the scenery
Prospero, the rightful Duke of Milan, had |ohn andIt was
backdrop never changed. However, the

been banished to this island years earlier by scenery was effective enough to be the set-
his brother Antonio, who usurped his throne. ting for all of the action, and the performances
Antonio was one of the shipwreck survivors were so captivating that they compensated for
who was washed ashore during the tempest, Tempest, performed at the Robsham Theatre on October 23, 24, and 25.
the lack of setting variation.
as was Ferdinand, a young man who fell in The In contrast to the simple stage setting, the
love with Miranda at first sight. A curious of Ariel, three persons who portrayed Pro- The actors, who flawlessly carried off an ex- costumes were exquisitely designed and
subplot involved Stephano and Trinculo, two spero's mystical spirit, were unsurpassed in tremely difficult script, captured the true vividly colored. The sumptuous scarlet and
drunken crew members who eventually join- their flowing and mysterious motions. Kevin essence of their respective characters. One glittering gold of Prospero's robe immediate-
ed forces with Caliban in an attempt at over- Kappock, who played a disgruntled Trinculo, such example was Wayne Wilderson's expert ly captured the attention of the audience, as
throwing Prospero's power in this fantasyland. demonstrated outstanding vocal control as he portrayal of Prospero. He executed a great did a clinging emerald-green sequined outfit
Because of superb acting ability and accurate conveyed a hilariously feminine image to the many complex lines in the authoritative and worn by the three members who played Ariel.
casting, the play was a success in telling this audience. Finally, the characters of Miranda powerful style that one would expect from an Unlike the rich beauty of the above-
classic Shakespearean tale. and Ferdinand, who eventually became old magician. Brad Reed, too, was highly mentioned characters' attire, Caliban wore
Aspects beyond the acting itself made this engaged, incorporated moving facial expre- authentic in his representation of Caliban; his savage, naturalistic garb which, though not
version truly remarkable and memorable. sion into their repertoire and thereby allow- speech and movement accurately conveyed extravagant, was nevertheless highly ap-
One such aspect was the dramatic use of ed the audience to experience the tenderness the native's naive, yet humorous, ignorance. propriate. The creative use of makeup,
gestures, voice, and expression. The members between them. Combined with the superior efforts of the re- especially in the cases of Ariel and Prospero,
mainder of the cast, the actors frequently complemented the elaborate costumes and
Insight caused the audience to feel that they were enhanced the overall visual aspect of the
witnessing a Broadway extravaganza,rather performance.

Halloween And Druids than a

of the
play was the
and unusual element
in which the members
It was truly commendable how the play in-
both highly humorous and in-
serious moments and blended them
Propagating Bizarre and Fantastic Religious Ideas of the cast descended from the stage into the into a smooth, compatible
combination. This
indication of The
audience. This technique brought the actors spectacular is an
by JoN
nath apack it now because people keep on writing graf- and the viewers into a closer association than Dramatics Society's future performances. It
fitti on the stones. It also lies a hundred yards would have otherwise been achieved. exceeded any and all expectations and was
! So, once again, the thirty-first of October is away from a highway. Things like these never Technical aspects of The Tempest greatly an incredible display of the talent here at
coming around, and five-and-dimes across show up in photographs. enhanced its dramatic impact. Special effects Boston College.
America are proudly unveiling their displays So the story goes that the druids held a
of flammable costumes for children. Adults religious festival on Halloween, or Marionette Review
will pretend to be children and children to thereabouts, when the people dressed up as
be monsters, all of course in reversal of the spirits and lived it up a bit, sort of like an Irish
usual order of things. Children will get gifts. mardi-gras. After the Celts were baptized, it
Adults will get mugged. Monsters will get became christianized and continued as folk
Oedipus With Strings Attached
their royalties. So what custom. In case you don't
does it all mean, this, the know what mardi-gras is, OEDIPUS THE KING?A marionette oerfor- establishing a "vital connection," a "commu-
oddest of all known it is a festival held before mance (for adults only) presented by Pro- nion" with the ancient greeks. The size of the
holidays? Lent in parts of the fessor Peter Arnott, sponsored by the actors reconstructs the feeling of being seated
According to people Americas where Latin and Humanities Series on Wednesday, October at a normal size greek amphitheatre of
who know, Halloween is African infuence mixed. It 22, in Gasson 100. 150,000 people. He could focus on the grand,
short for All Hallow's Eve, is supposed to be a by charlie schick meaningful gestures of the actors without rely-
referring to its being the wonderful time when ing on the finer movements so vital to modern
night before All Saints day. people parade around in A stage set about six inches above the plat- drama. But, the idea was scoffed at for being
According to people who gaily colorful costumes form. A black curtain as a backdrop, about juvenile, since marionettes were for kids.
know more, this is all the and fill the streets with four feet high. Three ramps, one on each side The performance was Marlow's Tragical
just a legitimization for music. In reality, they get of the stage. In the centre, an altar to Apollo. History of Doctor Faustus, and the effect was
some ancient festival held roaring drunk on cheap Enter man, dressed in black, hair white and immediate. As with most of his marionette
by the Celts. The Celts us- rum and murder their balding, heavy set. A dramatic point to the performances, he uses plays that are tragic and
ed to live in France and wives. entrance and the lights go out. In the darkness have an aspect of one person, alone, within
call themselves the Gauls until the Romans Halloween continued as a minor British folk of the overheated Gasson 100, a voice booms, a dilemma. He has six plays, other than
killed them. Then they lived in Britain and custom until it underwent a wonderous calling out to the audience. A bluish light Oedipus Rex (which he plays every other year
called themselves Britons. Then the English transformation when it came to this continent, goes on and from stage left a marionette, here at BC). He does another Sophocles play
killed them. Then they moved to Ireland I guess like most things seem to do. dressed in traditional greek costume, and Antigone (the other play here at BC),
where if they didn't exactly find freedom and Technology played a major role in this, as it tragic mask, climbs the ramp: Oedipus Rex. Eurypides' Bacchae, Cyclops, and Medea, as
happiness, they continued to exist. Now they enabled industry to produce costumes and The man commanding the show is Peter Ar- well as Hypolity. His only comedy is
go to Boston College. masks for kids without actually having to nott, professor of theatrical arts at Tufts. He Aristophanes Clouds.
Anyhow, the Celts had a class of priests, make them any good. Modern urban society is responsible for all that goes into the per- He has been perfoming Oedipus since his
called the druids, whose responsibility it was has added many new quirks to the celebra- formance: lights, stage construction, arrival here in the US in 1958. And his skill
to propagate bizarre and fantastic religious tion of Halloween, most of them springing marionette construction, acting. Being at it is incredible. He does not change his
ideas among the people, perhaps hoping to from the tradition of "trick or treat" (During puppet-master is not his only form of drama, voice for any of the seven characters. Our will-
get some press. They did things like use their the old tradition of Hallow's Eve, households he also directs plays at Tufts. The two more ing suspension of disbelief transforms the
well-treated slaves to drag enormous pieces would make an alcohlol-ladenned fruit cake, recent ones were at the begining of this sum- characters such that we can hear the different
of stone from quarries up in the Welsh hills similar to a Christmas cake, and the urban mer season. He directed Shaw's Arms and the voices. Their movement is so real that we are
down a couple of hundred miles to a place poor would beg tor Asit. a result, obnoxious, Man, and Ibsen's Doll House. He also does drawn into the performance, as is the
in the Salisbury plain called Stonehenge little children in flammable costumes harass some acting on real stage but did not say puppeteer himself. These wood and cloth be-
(where, contrary to some popular song, little us for poison-ladenned goodies.) If you don't where. ings are brought to life by the master's skill.
people did not dance in fear that daybreak believe me, just walk into a drugstore Friday His first marionette performance was in his We are admonished by the chorus, echoing
might come). I've actually been to morning and ask tor some razor blades along homeland, England, at the age of 17. He in the darkness. We come to feel Oedipus'
Stonehenge, and let me tell you it was a real with your Betty Crocker's brownie mix and thought marionettes would be an excellent continued to page 23
let-down. They've even put a fence around see how people react. means of conveying greek drama, a means of
22 October 27, 1986 The Heights

I/1/ /1 \ I _Att*tic ek 11/ r

\l l|
I |fl Fun Kit I I Spooky Things
IV/I | J

\ \ I

l\\ r I
to Make and Do


i \\\ i jk> Sfl i
i \\ !jh i /
/ \ 1I Cut out. Curl tabs around pen I // \
\ 1I
/ M W\ jx / 1
anc asten w tn ta Pe Terrify -

! // I\l i il -* I } GOULISH BOOKPLATES

\\\ j \\ \\ \I
111 111'\i rr \\ Photocopy dozens. Cut out \I I I
\\ll 4 11 and paste in books. Frighten \I I I m \ \ /
11/ \_ m
ut out individually. Place
off would be thieves.
S*"T" "X
\lJ It - \ M\ \
m I \
f / li II I
I \u25a0 I I'
totem under roomate's pillow. (/£&§£&_ \\ ' I «MI m\ I
I // m§ By morning roomate will j _\_m m Im\ I
/ / til II have become your ZOMBIE I I I IM\ I
/ R_mM I / Warning: Potent?Use with s( M \g__f& / I I\ \

\ 111 / IjI \11 I I
I 11
11 I
ut out anc asten ta bs
around finger. Give demon
name and make him speak!
jvjfli I
I« \l I wArn
\\\ lE4 I
m_% I I
J* JL ! \ U^^^P^^^H

J I W a| I Cut it out along the outside &&J c& jI HI \_%\
\u25a0111 I
I f J
edge. Flip the thing over and
fold it in on itself putting a
I 111
jI I I
I I crease at every line. Put glue 111 I
I 111 on the triangular tabs and /\ ill II
111 \ \I fasten them to the inside of / rfy\ 111
! I| the abutting square. Simple / K? \. ill I I I
I ll
j, and fun!


**4 \
A <d|
k I 7
AW" Ib
/ /I
/ //
I i/f
11 \ nif x #ii \ aP/
\ / x

ill I ! \ ' f 111

October 27, 1986 The Heights 23

Dear L.
that yes, there is a sensitive male out there
Kinda symbolic, eh? Well, ya know, those somewhere in the BC crowd looking for you.
things happen. The stars lend to persuasion If you look for this type of sincere, romantic
and controversy. male, you will find him quite soon.

Dear John, Dear John,

Does the tip of a ball point pen work the Why is it that when I see tour groups walk
same way that a roll-on deodorant operates? by, I am overcome with the desire to scream
BC unscented things like, "The antichrist goes to school
here," or "Higgins stairs are the gates of
Dear John is a column dedicated to the BC Dear 8., Hell"? Does the devil make me do this? much dissappointed in you, and saddened
public which is available for all of you who Maybe they do, but gosh darn, Mom's gon- Needs to Exorcise by what I consider to be a discriminatory
want to submit letters. Because of limited na be kinda angry when ya' white shirts come and prejudiced remark, by you, in the latest
computer time, please make your questions out blue, ya' know? (I guess the "ya' know" Dear E., Heights. Especially after saying a few letters
somewhat brief. I appreciate your strong and is bit a worn out by now, wouldn't you say?) You're certainly a person to be wary about. before, that you sympathize with those who
potent questions. This week, there is a Hallo- Why don't you read the short story at the end endure ridicule, you used the phrase, "white
ween story to entertain you. Refer to the end Dear John, of this column and decipher my answer. Catholic morals and beliefs," and this is in
of Rob's section. We appreciate the comment by 'I.M. itself racism... I believe you owe an apology
Koole,' in your last column, and we can Dear John, to all the Catholic people who try so hard,
Dear John: vouch for ourselves; we are not 'beastly,' but What can I do about the peer pressure by word and example, to overcome racism
I really didn't like your letters about the rather a structured team with Great social being put on me to have sex? My and prejudice; whether it be our own, or, yes
BC football team regarding Shawn Halloran's habits. We're all anxious to meet you. We virginity has two main supporters: the lack even yours. I thank God that the cornerstone
performance in the last few games. Why hope you would join us at our weekly of interested partners, and my own feeling of Christ's message is forgiveness, because
don't BC students like him except for the last "social" on Thursday at six p.m. at St. John's that I just may not be ready. Sometimes I I, for one, never find racism or prejudice
bunch o' games. Seminary field. We can find out how koole really want to do it, and, then, other times uglier than when I see it in myself.
Buddy in Roncalli you really are. See you Thursday! there is just no desire. Also, I want it to hap- Imperfect Catholic

B.C. Womens' Rugby Club pen with the right person, not just any
Dear 8., available body. I think the first time should Dear 1.,
When jupsie and I were sitting watchingthe Dear John, be special, but I'm having trouble finding Nothing irks me more than someone who
game, we were warm and happy. Why can't that certain someone. Please give me a is self-righteous. I agree that some people may
five thousand students share our lovely in- Where does velcro come from? Is it an serious answer. have considered my comment racist.
terlude? animal, vegetable, or mineral? A boy who wants to be a MAN. Sometimes my answers are intended to create
T.S. Synchronicity a stir, to raise a few eyebrows, but in this case
Dear John, Dear A., it was meant to unveil an unfortunate reality
Do any of the soda machines actually Dear T, Simply making love does not make you a in the BC campus environment. You and I,
work, or are they merely examples of It is a sticky life form sent down to us from man, and I think too many people believe that good warm-blooded white Catholics, never
modern Americana? liaus, the beautiful nymph-fawn, who dwells the beautiful act of physical unity can gain face cold stares or need to tolerate quiet
Short Changed in the secret burrows of the glade Stylus. In- them maturity, or happiness. Yes, it can be mumbling about the color of our skin,
cidentally, the next Stylus deadline is terrific, but everyone knows that sex is a part whether waiting in line or entering a class.
Dear S., December third, McElroy 127. of a relationship with a loved one, and not We also pronounce English perfectly, and we
I lost eighty cents in the McElroy "luxury something to base a relationship on. Please are never immitated, nor do we have jokes
area" to the Coke machine. I'm so livid I can't Dear John, do not worry about when you make love, but made about our national heritage, because
comment. I'm too shy to ask out any girls that I like. rather with whom you make love, so that you we're justAmerican. In no way did I want to
I'm an average junior guy, but I'm deathly do not experience a frightening or demanding direct prejucice remarks at the white
Dear John, afraid of being shot down. Maybe you can encounter, but something that both of you Catholics at BC, nor any other group, and I
And the heavens shone brightly as the peo- tell your female readers to take a little want to do together. Sex is a commitment, feel that if you are so hung up on conserving
ple of the earth mysteriously began to float pressure off of me (I hope). I need all the however transient for some of us, yet a state- religious ethics and maintaining your own
skyward, eventually being sucked into the help I can get. Sincerely, ment of trust and closeness that each of us moral purity, you should turn your walkman
endless void of space. And they all thought Scared to Ask should take very seriously. on 'high,' because this pretty little campus is
it would end in a nuclear holocaust. Makes simply not a culturally heterogeneous Utopia.
you wonder, huh? Dear S., Dear John, Please step down from your horse and meet
L.P. '88 I will, of course, let the female readers know I normally like your column, but I was very the BC students.

Movie Review

Dumb Tricks And No Treat

TRICK OR TREAT-A film directed by Charles movie reviewing is not to give away the plot,
Martin Smith. Starring Marc Price, Tony but the plot is so predictable that it doesn't
Fields, Lisa Orgolini, Doug Savant, Elaine matter.
Joyce, and Gene Simmons as "Nuke." Special The writer did not miss a trick. Trick or Treat
appearance by Ozzy Osborne. "Trick or Treat" contains every element that a bad teen movie
is a Dc Laurentiis Entertainment Group requires. First, lots of T&A. The resurrected
Production. Curr, as a green mist, undresses a girl in a
parked car; blouse, bra, and jeans magically
Dphiau rul pop open, at which the audience began to
shout "Bush! We want to see some bush!"
While reviewing a film, it is a cardinal rule The special effects which were described
to find something good about the film, no as "spine-tingling" in the production manual,
matter how minute it is. Well, I'm afraid that were obviously fake (at one point, a green
I must break this rule. monster flies through the set, and the strings
Marc Price (we know him best as Skippy are plainly visible), but Curr did eat a snake
Handleman on Family Ties) plays Eddie Wein- on stage (yuck). Also, because Curr came out
bauer, "an average American teenager" and of a stereo, he exists on electrical current. So,
metal head. But frankly, the character of Skip- to stop this heavy metal apparition, the good
py allows for more emotional development guys flush his hand down the toilet, of course.
than the character of Eddie. Eddie idolizes Other essential ingredients to complete this
Sammi Curr (Tony Fields), an Ozzy/Kiss type teen recipe are f-k and s-t strewn th rough 1
rock musician (if he can be called that). Ed- the dialogue; bad rock music, fist fights, food Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Fields and, Gene Simmons star in the rock horror film Trick Or Treat.
die attends an ail-American high school, Lake fights, mild, contrived sexual acts, drunken
ridge High School (the same school that Sam- pool parties, strict teachers, clueless divorc- Marionette Review

The King Puppeteer Is Back

mi attended in his degenerate youth). Eddie ed mother and her boyfriend, a fire and
is an all-American geek with geeky friends, brimstone minister who preaches against the
and they are picked on by all-American evils of rock and roll, a school dance, and two
bullies with built, blond, all-American car chases.
girlfriends. I think we get the picture. But Ed- Actually, there is one good thing about this continued from page 21 come out upon our avid applausing along
die has something to live for, Sammi the rock movie (so I lied). Ozzy Osbourne gave a good grief in the discovery of his curse. We are sur- with the master-puppeteer to take a bow. But
star is going to play at the high school Hallo- and amusing performance as the minister. I prised at his dramatic entry after self mutila- only he recieved the applause.
ween dance, but a week before the event, couldn't even recognize him (another good tion, so unexpected, even though we know When all was over, the master-puppateer
Sammi dies in a hotel fire. Oh horrors. sign). I had to ask the heavy metal head next the whole play. We are not present at a put away the set and the actors, as if by magic,
To console Eddie, Nuke, the local DJ, gives to me: children's marionette performance, but a into a normal size suit case and carried it off.
Eddie a demo press of Sammi's last recording "Excuse, but I thought Ozzy Osborne was greek tragedy as real as it was when first per- A one man show of jovian proportions, bring-
session, the only copy in the world. The in this. I didn't see him." formed in classical times. ing the greatclassic plays to life. He will soon
record is ladenned with backward incanta- "Hey babe, he was the priest." add another play and another cast to his com-
tions which Eddie plays over and over again. "Oh, I didn't recognize him." The crowd was held in a trance. Many had pany, in a different play by Euripides. This will
Behold, Sammi, through lavender electrical "You didn't recognize Ozzy. You ain't into seen his other shows, and, no doubt, were as be in April, in Pennsylvania. For those in-
currents, bursts out of Eddie's stereo and this shit, are you babe?" addicted to his performaance, as I had
? terested in seeing his other shows without
comes back to life. Eddie gets his revenge on No, I'm not, and I was not into the movie become at this performance. The perfor- waiting until next year (the show will be An-
the bullies, saves the town from destruction either (could you tell), but if you are fourteen, mance was impeccable and all too real. The tigone) can look him up in the Winchester
by Sammi, and gets the girl (Leslie, the head illiterate, and into heavy metal and cheap staging was traditional as were the costumes. phonebook, and ask his wife to send a
bully's girlfriend). Another cardinal rule of thrills, then this is the movie for you. We sort o( hoped the marionettes would schedule of performances.
24 October 27, 1986 The Heights
Music Review

Too little Blood & Guts For Gore Mongers

DEADLY FRIEND?A film directed by Wes demonic culprit his character seemingly viewer, starved for the slightest sight of blood, story should be accompanied by mystery, one
Craven. Based on the novel Friend by Diana foreshadows. is mildly satisfied. Nevertheless, Deadly keen detective who is always two steps
Henstell. Starring Matthew Labortow and Kris- Across the street is old Elvira, a human Friend still gives these easily satisfied gore behind the culprit. Deadly Friend lacks such
ty Swanson. Tasmanian Devil, complete with knee-hi mongers too little, too late. a character to the point of allowing Sam to
nylons, shotgun and six-foot chain link fence Once Sam is revived by Paul's brain chip, gallivant and slay without arousing anyone's
surrounding her home. she wreaks havoc in her sleepy generic town. suspicion or even mild curiosity. For exam-
Upon befriending paperboy Tom, a Leave Moving in a comical robotic style, she looks ple, in what neighborhood would no one
Wes Craven's Deadly Friend could be a It to Beaver throwback, Paul's life is chock full like a Shields and Yarnell reject with bad grow alarmed at the black smoke of burning
deadly enemy to his career. This alleged hor- of those adolescent joys: basketball, girls and eyeliner?couldn't the production company flesh billowing from Sam's chimney?
ror flick is smattered with an occasional the micro-physics of brainwaves. 88, ET spring for a make-up artist? Swanson was ob-
heartbeat-skip and lots of blood but very lit- beneath a football helmet, mows the lawn for viously over-burdened learning lines such as Three cheers to Craven for the cranial ex-
tle horror. Paul, plays hoop, and even recharges his own "I'd like to roll a truck over [my father's] face." plosion of old Elvira, something like a melon
The plot finds boy-genius Paul Conway battery in a blatantly phallic encounter with If the adjective "horror" can be applied to dropped from a five-story building. Creativi-
(Matthew Labortow), his mechanical brain- an electric receptacle. this film, it is only found in a few sparse scenes ty frowns upon Craven, though, as several
child, a robot affectionately named BB (after But Paul's paradise is quickly lost when, on in which Sam reaps vengeance upon her scenes are strangely reminiscent of his "gor-
its only comprehensible utterance), and Paul's Halloween, BB has a run-in with Elvira and father and old Elvira. ror" classics, Nightmare on Elm Street parts
mom moving into a generic home on a her shotgun on the wrong side of the chain- While realism is not of top priority in most one and two.
generic street in generic small-town USA. The link fence. The result of the confrontation (what I have dubbed) "gorror" flicks, Deadly If Deadly Friend was as horrific in its first
Conways' neighbors, however, are everything leaves BB looking like a charred toaster-oven. Friend abandons it altogether, insulting the 60 minutes as in its final 20, it may have been
but generic. This is a neighborhood in which After a good sob Paul does manage to salvage blood and guts connoisseur. A good "gorror" worth of the cost of a matinee ticket.
a 17 year-old medical school student and his the computer chip/brain which enabled BB
near-human robot with a will of its own fit to possess frighteningly human qualities.
perfectly. As Paul is replacing BB's memory, Sam is
To the left is Sam (Kristy Swanson), a rather brutalized by her drunken father, during a
buxom blond teenager whose predestined slapstick battle, and is left brain-dead in the
romantic interlude with Paul is painfully ob- intensive care ward.
vious. Sam lives with her alcoholic, over- Given the mono-syllabic script, the re-
protective, paranoid, unemployed father, a mainder of the movie is as preposterous as
jack Nicholson look-alike with a Norman the fake blood that spews in a vain attempt
Bates personality. This is one of many flaws to create gory horror.
in the movie, as Sam's father is not the In the final half hour, the gore-seeking

Fan Letter

Billy, You're My 'Piano Man'

BILLY JOEL?in concert at the Worcester Cen- classic "Piano Man." The lighting for that one
trum last Wednesday night. was really effective?blue spots for you at the
baby grand, and a red glow for the band. You
Dear Billy, really played that thirteen year old song with
heart. The newly programmed Samantha attacks her abusive, alcoholic father in the film Deadly Friends.
I was there last Wednesday night when you You have not lost your sense of humour yet
played the Worcester Centrum. Remember, either?the rendition of the National Anthem Most of the people around me seemed to Ed, and we all cheered for more with our
the night the Mets won Game 4 six to two? (and the chat about the Mets and Red Sox); be looking the forties in the face, and you lighters in the air as you left the stage.
I do not know if you saw me, stuck way out the medley of "Tutti-Frutti," "Blueberry played lot of songs from their years. Those just "Goodnight Saigon" was the best of the
back behind the 50 track sound board, but Hill," and "Great Balls of Fire;" and the joke happen to be the songs I love the most, and evening. From the chopper blades that open-
I watched you brew up a storm for over 2Vi about the 'shitty' seats in back were all great were the highlights of the evening. "Scenes ed and closed the song, to the chorus made
hours. lead ins. And the way you ran all over the from an Italian Restaurant," "Vienna," "Angry up of your road-crew, I could not stop my
It was exciting when the lights went down, stage, playing four different keyboards, a har- Young Man" (an unreal piano solo with that emotions from overcoming me and singing
and you took the stage. Looking so preppy in monica, and a guitar. Everyone got a great one), and "An Innocent Man" all moved "We would all Go Down Together" at the top
your dress shirt, light purple jacket, jeans, and view at one point or another, you sure do me?you showed off both your playing abili- of my lungs. And the ending of the show was
those "cheap pair of sneakers," you came out know how to play for a crowd. ty and the power and range of your voice. And so good. "This Night" is such a pretty song,
dancing with the new hit I keep hearing, "A the surprise of the evening, "The Ballad of Bil- such a good way to end the show. "Tomor-
Matter of Trust." Doubts entered my mind, The music made the show though. Twenty- ly the Kid," what musty closet did you pull row," you said, "Is such a long time away. This
however?two years ago at Madison Square six songs in all, one hit right after another? that one out of? It sure was greatto hear that night can last forever." It is a shame that it had
Garden, you opened with "Angry Young I thought that it might never end. The new one live, and you made a bunch of parents to end.
Man," and I thought that with a new wife and songs were really good. You could hear the happy they took their kids. Your adoring fan
baby girl you might have sold out to the tenny- love behind "This is the Time," your latest And then, wow, when you got the crowd Rocko
bopper record buyers. These doubts were tribute to Christie. "Big Man on Mulberry on its feet with "Only the Good Die Young,"
quickly dispelled as you tore through Street" was a fun, jazzysong, almost reminis- "It's Still Rock and Roll to Me," "Sometimes PS.?Could you send me an autographed
"Pressure," "You're Only Human" (that cent of the big band era. And "Baby Grand" a Fantasy," and "You May be Right." That was 8x10" color glossy of you, Christie, and Alexa
revolving keyboard was really neat), and the had some fine moments. great?l danced, everyone around me dane- Ray?
l owe n

M artyS
FINE WINES & GOURMET FOODS I arrived at eight o'clock, and there were bright orange lights
illuminating the north side of Pixie's house. When I parked the
car, Steve instantly popped out of the passenger's side, bolted
1 93 Harvard Avenue ? Allston, MA to the front door and pressed the doorbell. Tonight was our first
675 Washington Street ? Newton, MA double date, and we were a bit apprehensive, yet faintly optimistic
about the evening. Pixie poked out of her second floor bedroom
Allston: 617-782-3250 window and called, "Just a minute, Guys!" The heavy wooden
Newton: 61 7-332-1 23D framed window slammed down and chopped off her head, which
fell into the bushes with a crunch. "Well, Jack, it looks like it's
Bar mirrors also available?s9.99 just you, me, and Karen tonight, eh?", I interjected in order to
break the silence.
We drove forty minutes in the direction of the seashore, to Sher-

wood Park, and caught the drive-in movie during the previews.
My early model Nova was cramped, but we managed to extend

V2KEGS our legs and acheive comfortable positions amongst the beer cans
and loosely strewn trash in the front seats. Karen, in the back

Bud, Bud Light
seat, leaned forward and clung to Jack's headrest.
As the drama continued, we noticed a damp, acrid smell, as
if an animal were decaying within the vehicle. Jack lifted his head
carefully and glanced back over the seat, to witness Karen's
transformation into a monster mold growth. Her entire head was
consumed by a lustorous green fuzzy fungus, her throbbing tor-
so wrapped in a moss-like vegatation. As we gazed, her limbs
grew into fanned wings of meshed roots. She expectorated frothy
lime colored plant-goo and coughed out some foul odorous gas.
Bucket & Rental 5.00 My face was paralyzed. I watched the horrific mutation point
HS f] 30 lb. bag of ice 4.49
16 oz. beer cups so/sieeve 2A9
one long spongy tentacle at Jack who was as equally frozen in
place as I was. A gush of foamy aqua liquid bubbled from the
monster's mouth, burning through the Nova's vinyl seats. The
steamy pool of putrid floral spume melted through the car and
Chips-Liquor-Tonic-Juices onto the asphalt.
All your party needs Karen woke up suddenly, and it was just another bad dream.
Much to the relief of everyone concerned.
October 27, 1986 The Heights 25

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champion in the nation: a Porsche and one year of unlimited
coach air travel,
versity you can join our Collegiate Flightßank? You'll receive
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addition, you'll get a one-time certificate good for $25 off any V0 ? your referrals must sign up before 12/31/86
domestic roundtrip flight. Plus, you'll be able to earn trips to ? segments on Continental or New "
places like Florida, Denver, Los Angeles, even London and York Air before 6/15/87. Andyou 11 not only get credit for the
the South Pacific. Because every time you fly you'll earn mile- enrollment, you 11 also get 500bonus miles.
age towards a free trip. And if you sign up now you'll also »> cut the coupon, and send it in now. Be sure to include
receive 3 free issues of BusinessWeek Careers magazine.
c Your current ? time student ID number. That way it 11 only
s, :i cost you $10 for one year ($l5 after 12/31/86) and $40 for four
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:$ l_£ :
£S&|y& x.
iH __- 7i__

This Porsche 924 can be yours if you are the national Account Number Expiration Date

j|l>N lIP V/lim

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26 October 27, 1986 The Heights

HELP WANTED Student needed to help with Housecleaning, approximately 4 Prof. Donnah Canavan is doing a B.C. Parking Sticker available now!
housekeeping for Newton family. 4 hours per week, $6/hour. Located 1 study on ADULT CHILDREN OF Great discount. Call 558-9264 and
hours on Monday or Tuesday. Call mile from Newton Campus. Need ALCOHOLICS. If you are a female ask for Mary.
Students wanted to work in an of- Tara, 527-3187. responsible person with transporta- and your father has/had a drinking
fice F/T or P/T, base salary and com- tion. Call Debbie, 965-6323. problem, please cali Anne at
mission. Can expect more than 558-9168. APARTMENTS/ROOMMATES
$150 for 20 hours work. For an in- Travel field opportunity. Gain
terview call 254-0230. valuable marketing experience Matthew (age 22 mo.) is looking for Part-time childcare needed.
while earning money. Campus an energetic, sensitive babysitter on Responsible person to care for 5
representative needed immediately Thursday nights (7-10:30) plus occa- Need a great place to live second
year old boy and 3 year old girl in semester? Two female roommates
Security Guard: Part-time (2 nights for spring break to Florida. Call sional other times. Pay negotiable. our Newton home across from B.C.
per week) 8:00 p.m.-6:00 a.m. to Campus Marketing at Please call Meg Holland at needed for room in large, well
Newton Campus. Monday thru equipped house on Crosby Road.
patrol condominium complex in 1-800-282-6221. 527-4723. Transportation provided if
Thursday 11:30-3:30, Friday Only five minutes walking distance
Brighton off Lake Street.Company necessary.
9:00-2:00. Excellent salary. to campus. Please contact Kathy or
Vehicle. $7.00/hour. Start im- Wanted: computer programmer for 969-4132. Beth at 964-9460.
mediately. 787-4800. Ideal for special needs project. Good
student. knowledge of graphics and game Babysitter wanted. Responsible ex-
programming. Will consider stu- perienced babysitter needed for Light housekeeping, supervise
dent. Fee negotiable. Ask for Tim or baby girl occasional weekend even- children. 3:30-6:30, Mon. thru Fri., SERVICES
Female vocals looking to form or leave message on machine. ings, Cleveland Circle. Transporta- $5/hr. 965-5426.
join a band. Call Nancy, 558-9249. 444-5558. tion provided, references required.
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party help, babysitting or working Sports Illustrated, and Money dy Moore 734-3532.
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Playoffs. Visit Help Unlimited, a Olympics, the Big Brothers and
Thursday Night Madness division of Student Agencies,
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The Processsed Word:Professional
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cellent phone skills, some typing.
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Quit Smoking! Hypnosis is a tool
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IMineiy Chestnut Hill
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V -V ININt? Route 9 citing positions as miliew counselor.
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Does Food Control Your Life? Gain
Restaurant-Pubs 332-0955 applicants call the nursing office at
control with caring and directive
counseling. Stop dieting and make
254-3800, Ext. 156. peace with yourself and food. Judith
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// \ A
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// |' A \\
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"'' '

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r,ivin X private care tor less
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IJj/ Jiy V/ 7 HcwTve the best'

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j associates JL T" 3 ? \J \3 THE CIRCLE

399 Chestnut Hill Avenue
AT Brookline Moss. 02146
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* -i
October 27, 1986 The Heights 27

Donna Leigh Typing Service: A pro-
MONDAY Masquerade Cruise from THURSDAY See the movie "The Killing Fields"
fessional service with prices Longwharf Pier, 7-10 p.m. Live band,
students can afford! Half-mile from November 3&4, 7:00 p.m. Free, at
canpus. Save and,
enclosed boat, cash bar, food. Call McGuinn Auditorium! Meet the
742-SAVE for tickets, $15 with stu- man who lived in the Killing Fields,
Happy Halloween!! 738-9607.
A spaghetti dinner at Murray House dent ID. Social for all interested in the Inter- Dith Pran, Nov. 5, at 8:00 p.m. Rob-
to bring women together & learn national Studies minor. Meet the sham Theater, $2 w/I.D.
what is available to you as a woman professors! Get information!
Start planning now for Thanksgiv- With Open Arms: Final evening in McGuinn sth floor lounge, 4:30
at B.C. a six-week introduction to the faith
ing! Eastern Airlines is offering new p.m. For info call X4585. The B.C. Film Board presents a
low rates for holiday and everday of Catholics. Barat House (Ist floor), Halloween Double Feature: Repul-
travel. Call Maureen, Eastern's Cam- Newton Campus. New participants sion and An American Werewolf in
TUESDAY Please share your meal with the
pus representative, at 739-0770 bet- still welcome! Starts
at 7:30 p.m. hungry in boston. The Pulse ad- London, Friday and Saturday begin-
ween 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. for info. visory Board will be collecting food ning at 7:30 p.m. in McGuinn
in the dorms Monday, Nov. 3 from Auditorium; Sunday at 7 p.m. in
Lesbian, bisexual and questioning 4:00-7:30 p.m. Barry Pavilion.
Council Travel/CIEE: For Infl stu- Food drive: short organizational women are encouraged to attend an
dent 1.D., low cost flights USA and meeting 7:00 at Pulse Office, informal meeting at Hovey House
worldwide, work and study abroad McElroy 117 for all persons in- at 6:30 p.m. Before L/GCBC
and more! FREE Student Travel terested in helping out with campus meeting.
Catalog! Call 266-1926 or drop by collections or baking.
at 729 Boylston St., 2nd fl., Boston,
*? 36 Lan 9 le Y Road Newton Centre
MA 02116.
The B.C. Philosophy Association
presents: The World According to
Boston Harbor "Horror Show"
Cruise, 5 piece Jazz band, food,
drinks. 7-10 p.m., $15.00. Call
* ?o* N 244-0607
Part-time childcare needed. Whitehead. A lecture/discussion 742-SAVE for tickets.
Responsible person to care for 5 with Prof. Tom Regan, S.J. McGuinn STUDENT SPECIALS:
year old boy and 3 year old girl'in
o.ur Newton home across from B.C.
sth floor lounge. 7:30 p.m. All
"TechNICA: at Work in Nicaragua"
Newton Campus. Monday thru A video about U.S. citizens assisting GIRLS: $13.00 GUYS: $9.00
Thursday 11:30-3:30, Friday in Nicaragua's technical develop- PERMS: $28.00 REG: $40.00
9:00-2:00. Excellent salary. The Intoduction to Medicine lec- ment, with an introduction by Carol
969-4132. ture series presents "Women in Chomsky and comments by two re-
Medicine". 7:30 p.m. in Gasson 305. cent Boston area techNICA SUNBURST HIGHUGHTING-15% off
Light housekeeping, supervise
volunteers. 7:30 p.m. at MIT
Building 9, Room 150. (105 Mass
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28 October 27, 1986 The Heights

Boston College Welcomes

Michael P. Esposito
Executive Vice President
of the
Chase Manhattan Bank
who will be hosting a presentation and reception
on October 29,1986 in Devlin Hall, Room 103
from 6:00 pm. to 7:30 pm. Mike warmly
extends an invitation to all who are interested
in a discussion of career opportunities
? Global Banking
? Metropolitan Community
? Corporate Controllers
? Individual Banking
? Corporate Operations &
? General Auditing