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Cory Fields

University of Pikeville, Pikeville, KY
Bachelor of Science in Communication and Film & Media Arts, May 2019
• GPA 3.7/4.0
• Script writer for BearTV news, Feburary 2017-April 2019
In charge of writing scripts for BearTV news and Bear update.
• Lab Tech for FMA (Work study), Feburary-April 2017 & Janurary-December 2018
Editor, camera man, and instructional aid for the computer lab. Filming and editing. Checking
equipment in and out of the lab. Helped new film students edit and film their class projects.
• Independent Contractor for PikeTV, May-October 2017
Director, producer, switcher, and camera man for the Summer Racing Series. Additionally, a fill-in
for camera man for Health Talk and Where the 99 Lead.
• School outreach coordinator for FMA Fest, Feburary-April 2017
Contacted schools throughout the tri-state area to generate interest in the film program and to
encourage students to submit to the festival. About two weeks before the festival, recontacted all the
schools to encourage them to bring their students to the festival.
• Layout designer for school’s paper, The Bear Facts, August-December 2017
Lay out the stories and images onto a page for twelve weekly issues
• Reporter for BearTV news, Feburary-April 2017
Conducting interviews for stories and edited stories according to AP Style.
Skills and abilities
Traits & Skills:
• Graphic Design • Time Management
• Mechanical Understanding • Self-motivation
• Computing Background • Identify and Diagnosis Problems
• Quick Learner • Mac, PC, Linux Proficiency
• Adobe After effects, Premiere Pro, PhotoShop, InDesign, DreamWeaver
• Final Cut Pro 7
• Familiar with Audacity
• Proficient with Microsoft Office
• Web design, Proficient in HTML and CSS, Familiar with PHP, JAVA, C++
• Text Wrangler & Notepad++
• Proficent with Dropbox, Onedrive, Google Drive
Community Service
• Mapsync software trainer, 2008- During a flood, volunteered as a software trainer to train new volun-
teeres how to use the software and take phone calls.
• Resealed the parking lot at Christ Central, 2015- Part of a small group of students that re-tared the
asphalt parking lot for the school.
References for Cory Fields
Chandra K. Massner

Program Director of Communication

Associate Professor of Communication
University of Pikeville
147 Sycamore Street,
Pikeville, Kentucky 41501

Andrew D. Reed
Program Director of Film & Media Arts
Assistant Professor of Film & Media Arts
University of Pikeville
147 Sycamore Street,
Pikeville, Kentucky 41501

Brandon K. Blackburn
Co-District Technology Coordinator
Pikeville Independent Schools
120 Championship Drive
Pikeville, KY 41501

Andy Linton
Executive Tourism Events Director
243 Main Street
Pikeville, KY 41501