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oe 2Q19154 Y ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS 02973759 D.A. LOG NUMBER: 2490818 vs. aaa CIIS TRACKING NO.: ADRIAN DRESHUAN MIDDLETON SPN: BY: RH DA NO: 2198452 DOB: BM 10/19/1992 AGENCY:HPD FI L DATE PREPARED: 11/16/2018 VR NO: 063836018 cm E D ARREST DATE: TOBE Diggit Pani ‘NCIC CODE: 3202 54 RELATED CASES: Nov 16 ae FELONY CHARGE: ABANDONING CHILD rl Ta CAUSE Ne BAIL: TO BE SI ISTR: rs HARRIS COUNTY DISTRICT COURT NO: 1612096 PRIOR CAUSE NO: aay FIRST SETTING DATE: 232 CHARGE SEQ NUM: 1 IN THE NAME AND BY AUTHORITY OF THE STATE OF TEXAS: Before me, the undersigned Assistant District Attomey of Harris County, Texas, this day appeared the undersigned affiant, who under oath says ‘that he has good reason to believe and does believe that in Harris County, Texas, ADRIAN DRESHUAN MIDDLETON, hereatter styled the Defendant, heretofore on or about May 20, 2018, did then and there unlawfully, having custody, care and control of A.M, a child younger than fifteen years of age and hereafter called the Complainant, intentionally abandon the Complainant 12001 East Freeway, Houston, Harris County, Texas, under circumstances that exposed the Complainant to an unreasonable risk of harm, namely, and a reasonable person would have believed that such circumstances would place the Complainant in imminent danger of death, bodily injury, physical impairment and ‘mental impairment, and the Defendant did not voluntarily deliver the Complainant to a designated emergency infant care provider under Section 262.302, Texas Family Code. Probable Cause: Affiant R.C. Johnson is a peace officer assigned to the Special Victims Division, Child Abuse Unit of the Houston Police Department. ‘Affiant believes and has reason to believe that Adrian Dreshuan Middleton Sr, hereafter known as Defendant, committed the offense of ‘Abandoning a Child (2nd degree) on or about Sunday, May 20, 2018 in Harris County, Texas. Affiant’s belie i based on th following: ASfiant was contact by supervisor, Sgt. M. Gallagher in reference to the Complainant, Adrian Middleton, Jr, a 1 year old male child passing away inside of a vehicle. A ffiant was advised the Complainant was transported to Texas Children’s Hospital from the 12001 East Freeway 1B. in Harris County, Texas Affiant was advised the Defendant and Witness were at the hospital with the Complainant. Affiant arrived at the hospital and spoke with the Defendant Adrian Dreshuan Middleton Sr., and hospital staf. Affiant was advised by the Defendant that he had been thrift shopping and left the Complainant and Witness in his vehicle while he went into the store. The Defendant stated when he retumed to his vehicle the Complainant had a seat belt wrapped around his neck and was unconscious. The Defendant stated Witness A.M. told him she wrapped the seatbelt around Complainant's neck. The Defendant stated the incident happened in the parking lot at 12001 East Freeway IB, Houston, Harris County, Texas. Affiant viewed the Forensic Interview of the Witness; A.M., a 6 year old female, who affiant found to be credible and reliable and who was able to distinguish the difference between the truth and lie. The interview was conducted at the Harris County Children’s Assessment Center. The Witness stated the Defendant is her father and the Complainant is her youngest brother. The Witness stated she was left in the car with the Complainant while the Defendant was in the store. The Witness stated the Defendant was buying clothes in the store. The ‘Witness stated the Complainant was erying so she was playing with him and when she stopped he started crying again. The Witness stated she got angry and wrapped the seat belt around the Complainant. The Witness stated the Complainant stopped crying and she though he ‘was asleep but he was dead. The Witness stated the Defendant went to the first store and she and the Complainant stayed in the car playing ‘The Witness stated the second store is where the Complainant was erying and she wrapped the seat belt around him. ‘Affiant interviewed Defendant and identified him by his Texas driver's license. The Defendant stated the Complainant is his son and the ‘Wimness is his daughter. The Defendant stated he left his residence around 10:15 a.m. on May 20, 2018 with Complainant and Witness. Defendant stated he arrived at The Family Thrift Store around 10:45 a.m. The Defendant stated he parked his vehicle and claimed the children were strapped in their car seats. However, Defendant admitted in a second, later statement, that there were no car seats in the car for either child. The Defendant stated the Complainant was siting in the second row behind the driver's seat and the Witness was sitting in the second row behind the front passenger seat. The Defendant stated he tumed on a movie and gave the Complainant and Witness some water and Cheetos before leaving them in the car. The Defendant stated he left the car and air conditioner on when he went into the store. The Defendant claimed he was in te store for about 30-45 minutes. The Defendant claimed he waited 15 minutes inline to checkout. The Defendant claimed while shopping he peeked out ofthe store window to make sure the Complainant and Witnéss were fine. The Defendant stated he came out of the store and opened up the trunk of his vehicle to put the bags in the back. He stated that he saw the Witness in the Case (6120%le Court 23a back crying. The Defendant stated the Witness told him she had to use the restroom and that she did something bad. The Defendant stated he asked the Witness where was the Complainant while looking over the third row seat from the trunk. The Defendant stated he saw the ‘Complainant's feet from the third row and ran over to the driver side of the vehicle to get to the Complainant. The Defendant stated he saw the rear seatbelt wrapped around the Complainant's neck. The Defendant stated he unwrapped the seatbelt from the Complainant's neck asking the Witness what happened. The Defendant stated the Witness was not responding, The Defendant stated the Witness said she ‘wrapped the seatbelt around the Complainant's neck. The Defendant stated the Complainant was unresponsive so he called 9-1-1. The Defendant stated he attempted CPR until the ambulance arrived. Once the ambulance arrived, the Complainant was transported to Texas Children’s Hospital where he was pronounced deceased. Affiant obtained surveillance video from The Family Thrift Center located at 12001 East Freeway IB. Affiant observed the surveillance video and saw the Defendant enter the store at approximately 10:35 am. and leave the store at approximately 12:15 pum. atime of approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes in the store without checking on his children ‘who had been left inthe ear. ‘Affiant reviewed the Harris County Medical Examiner's Report! ML18-1813. The autopsy was performed by Dr. Ana Lopez on May 21, 2018. Complainant's death was ruled a homicide by strangulation, ‘Affiant reviewed Texas Penal Code §22.041 and observed that “abandon” means to leave a child in any place without providing reasonable and necessary care for the child, under circumstances under which no reasonable, similarly situated adult would leave a child of that age and ability. AGAINST THE PEACE AND DIGNITY OF THE STATE. ‘Sworn to and subscribed before me on November 16, 2018 = igh ASSISTANT DISTRICT ATTORNEY OF HARRIS COUNTY, TEXAS me /G0 $/ SOD COMPLAINT