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Geoscience Workshop

2 8 - 3 0 JA N UA R Y 2 019 • A LG I E R S , A LG E R I A

Final Announcement & Technical Programme

W W W. E AG E .O R G
Mahmoud Djidjeli (Co-Chair) ALNAFT Oral Presentations I Monday 28 January
 Youcef Khanfar (Co-Chair) SONATRACH BALLROOM
 Lounes Adour ALNAFT
07:30 Registration & Welcome Coffee
 Eric Schmid IHS Markit
Charn Karnchanya PTTEP 08:30 HSSE
 Christophe Borghi Total 08:40 Opening Remarks & Welcome Address - ALNAFT &
 Farid Khelili  Schlumberger SONATRACH
 Mario Bello ENI 08:55 Opening Address - EAGE President Jean Jacques Biteau (Total) &
 Jonathan Allard Beicip-Franlab IFP Ministère de l’Energie et des Mines
 Djamel Bekkouche Target Oilfield Services 09:30 Technical Keynote - Bilan des activités pour le domaine
 Farid Ayadi ALNAFT minier Algérien et résultats des évaluations du potentiel
Shale Oil et Shale Gas - ALNAFT
 Fouzi Bouillouta Baker Hughes - a GE company
 Adnane Mohamed Iguer Baker Hughes - a GE company 10:00 Coffee Break
 Mourad Bellik Repsol Basin Petroleum Play Assesment
10:20 AA1 - Emerging Unconventional Plays in Western Algerian
WORKSHOP OVERVIEW Saharan Platform: Tectono-Stratigraphic Approach of
Cambrian to Devonian Units - J. Allard* (BEICIP-FRANLAB),
As global demand for energy rises and as hydrocarbon S. Roussé (BEICIP-FRANLAB), D. Savva (BEICIP-FRANLAB), B. Murat
basins mature to a point of few or no remaining untested (ALNAFT), C. Basuyau (BEICIP-FRANLAB), A. Lounes (ALNAFT)
big structures, one of the main challenges facing
explorationists and producer is how to continue being 10:45 AA2 - Melrhir Trough-Challenges and Plays
creative and innovative in order to successfully push back the 11:10 AA3 - Understanding exploration risk using critical time
limits of the hydrocarbon exploration and production.  There and maturation modelling in Hodna, NEC and SEC area,
Algeria - D. Bora* (Schlumberger), T. Joppen (Schlumebrger),
is an increasing need to look at new thematic in exploration
S. Alem (Schlumberger), N. Maache (Schlumberger), A. Duboia
of the tight formation and in field development challenges (Schlumberger)
to explore in new ways and leveraging new technologies.  
11:35 AA4 - Defining Complex Hydrocarbon reservoirs in
  the Aptian Play using Seismic Attributes and Acoustic
This workshop aims to highlight new inroads on how we can Impedance Inversion, Central Tunisia - M.  Harzali* (National
‘Move Forward by Exploring Differently’ particularly through School Engineering)
sharing relevant learning on best practices in exploration 12:25 Lunch
and production (e.g. workflows, techniques, back to basic
geology), lessons learned from failure cases (exploration, Basin Petroleum Play Assesment
production, technologies), innovative technology 13:30 AA4 - 3D-sedimentary model of a Late Ordovician glacial
applications (e.g. geophysics, remote sensing) and examples cycles: fully-integrated subsurface approach (Illizi Basin,
Algeria) - S. Roussé* (BEICIP-FRANLAB), J. Allard (BEICIP-
of where making use of old data with new processes made a
difference (e.g. a new play entry). L. Kuhfuss-Monval (BEICIP-FRANLAB), M. Benseradj (SONATRACH),
K. Hachour (SONATRACH), A. Zemmouk (SONATRACH)
WORKSHOP OBJECTIVE 13:55 AA5 - Selection of Representative Geological Models
through theEevaluation of Connectivity using Flow Lines,
Our key objective is to meet worldwide experts from Illizi Basin Algeria - A. Orive Vega* (Repsol), R. Palomino
different disciplines, (geology, geophysics, petrophysics, Díaz (Repsol), M. Aida (Repsol), M. Del Prado Caamaño (Repsol),
reservoir engineering), in the oil and gas industry in order to J. Fernandes Arruebarrena (Repsol), J.L Huedo Cuesta (Repsol)
share their knowledge and experience to identify potential 14:20 AA6 - Determination of CO2 Equation in a Porous Media and
challenges, solutions and the best practices applicable to the Application on Tight Gas Reservoir to Predict CO2 Production
exploration of the tight formation ant to field development 14:45 Coffee Break
challenges of the new or mature fields; this will be
Seismic Reservoir Characterization
supported by presentations of successful case studies and
the sharing of lessons learned through technical discussions, 15:15 AA7 - Contribution of the Seismic Anisotropy in Shale Gas
Reservoirs Exploration, a Case Study from the Barnett Shale
communication and networking. (USA) - S.A. Ouadfeul* (University of Khemis Miliana), L. Aliouane
Exploration Geologists, Specialist Geologists, Reservoir
15:40 AA8 - Optimizing Well Location in Tight Sand Reservoir using
engineers, Geomaticians, Geophysicists, Seismic Interpreters Deterministic Seismic inversion for the Irharen Structure,
and the likes are invited to attend this workshop where SW Algeria - G.R. Rodrigo Ferrer* (CEPSA)
there will be dedicated time for discussions, debates and
16:05 AA9 - 3D Advanced Seismic and its Impact on Reservoir
to brainstorm issues presented during each session. The Characterisation in Mature Fields: Case Studies - L. Michel*
objective is to give everyone the opportunity to interact, (CGG), P Bertrand (CGG)
exchange ideas and to engage in finding practical solutions 16:30 Close of Day
to issues in the field of exploration of tight sand formation
and field development challenges. 18:00 Icebreaker Reception

2    E AG E/A L N A F T G E O S C I E N C E W O R K S H O P
Oral Presentations I Tuesday 29 January Poster Presentations I Tuesday 29 January
08:00 Morning Coffee Poster Session
Production & Stimulation Technology 14:45 P01 - Impact of Geomechanical Processes on Relative
Permeability Curves and Recovery Performance of Reservoir
08:30 Technical Keynote - Technical Keynote - Shale Brittleness - M. T. Hamoud* (ALNAFT)
Evaluation: Case Studt in Frasnien Hot Shale Basin of Ahmet,
Algeria P02 - Role of Pore Pressure Profile in Hydrocarbons
Exploration - A. Riadh (University of Sfax, National Engineering
09:00 AA10 - Engineered Completion and Well Spacing School, Laboratory Water, Energy, and Environment: LR99ES35),
Optimization Using a 3D Planar Frac Simulator and Fast S. Ali* (Groupement BERKINE (SONATRACH-Anadarko)), A. Dhaou
Marching Method: Application to Eagle Ford - A. Bachir* (Go (University of Gabes, Higher institute of the Sciences and
GeoEngineering), M. Paryani (FRACGEO), R Khandelwal (FRACGEO), Techniques of Waters, Laboratory Geosystems, Georesources, and
S. OZA (FRACGEO), D. BOUKHELF (Go GeoEngineering) Geoenvironments: UR13ES80, Tunisia.), A. Samah (University of
09:25 AA11 - Oil Production Optimization using Data Analytics Gabes, Higher institute of the Sciences and Techniques of Waters,
Approach, Algeria - B.H. Hammadi* (Schlumberger Oilfield Laboratory Geosystems, Georesources, and Geoenvironments:
Services) UR13ES80, Tunisia.)
09:50 AA12 - Increasing Chance of Success for Hydraulic P03 - Acid Wash using Pulsonix® TFA tool and Different
Fracturing in Low Permeability and Multi-Layer Oil Zones Evaluation on the Horizontal Section before and after
Reservoirs using Quantitative Subsurface Criteria - Treatment using SPECTRUMSM/DTS Services - K. Hilba*
M. Wantawin* (PTTEP PLC.), M. Rongdechprateep (PTTEP PLC.) (Halliburton Algeria), J.F. Joya (Halliburton Kuwait), M. Abderraouf
(Sonatrach Hassi Messaoud)
10:15 Coffee Break
P04 - 3D Geomechanical Modeling And Reservoir
10:45 AA13 - 70 years of Oil Production: Emlichheim Long Living Characterization Using Simultaneous Seismic Inversion
Example of Full Field EOR, Germany - M. Ibrahim* (Wintershall Output In Carbonate Reservoir. Case Study (South-East
Holding GmbH), U. Strecker (Wintershall Holding GmbH) Costantinois Basin, Algeria)
11:10 AA14 - The Best Practice to Combine IOR / EOR Project and P05 - Development of a Mechanical Earth Model in an
valorization of rich gas - R.L. Lamali* (Schlumberger), O.S. Salmi Algerian Tight Gas Field
P06 - Tight Reservoir Integrated Evaluation Workflow
11:35 AA15 - Case study of EOR Modelling in Brown Field in the approach
Algeria Onshore - M. Moumene* (Eni Algeria), M. Rametta (Eni
Algeria), M. Botteon (Eni spA) P07 - Extraction of Structural Lineaments from Satellite
Imagery and Aeromagnetic Maps and Estimation of the Depth
12:00 AA16 - Effect of Gas Cycling on Condensate Baheviour in Gas of the Basement in the In Téria Region, Illizi Basin, Algeria
Condensate Reservoirs -S. Mohamed* (ENAGEO)
12:25 Lunch P08 - Multidisciplinary Approach for Unconventional
Reservoirs Characterization by Integrating Wireline
Petrophysical Evaluation
Openhole Logging Techniques - M. Kelkouli* (Schlumberger),
13:30 AA17 - Core Analysis Requirements for Low Salinity N. Mokhtari (Sonatrach), H. Hadjarab (Schlumberger), N. Amor
Waterflooding - J. P. Reed* (Lloyd's Register) (Schlumberger), K. Kecili (Schlumberger)
13:55 AA18 - Design of New Model (ANNSVM) Compensator P09 - Sequence Stratigraphy and Leads Identification using
for Saturation calculation Based on Logging Curves for Seismic DATA: A case study "ALGERIAN OFFSHORE"
Low Resistivity Phenomenon - M.Z. Doghmane* (Sonatrach),
P10 - Petrophysical Evaluation of unconventional tight reser-
B. Belahcene (Sonatrach)
voirs of Cambro-Ordovician in Ahmet Basin
14:20 AA19 - A New Ten-Step Integrated Petrophysical Rock
P11 - Application of Quantitative Sseismic Techniques
Type Verification Process - G.W.G. Gunter* (Schlumberger),
to the Characterization of the Strunian reservoir in the
M.Y.S. Sahar (Schlumberger)
Bechar basin /Algeria - I. Ammar* (SONATRACH), M.A. Samir
15:45 AA20 - Deciphering Reservoir Wettability from Deep P12 - Emulsifying property of a new-type ASP system for ASP
Resistivity Log - M. Ahmed Elfeel (Schlumberger), A. Alansari* flooding and its effect on enhanced oil recovery - D. Shang*
(University Technology PETRONAS), A. Salem (University Technology (China University of Petroleum-Beijing), P. Hou (China University of
PETRONAS), N. Fello (National Oil Corporation, Libya) Petroleum -Beijing)
16:05 AA21 - Dielectric Scanner Technology Added-Value in Tight
Reservoirs Characterization - R. Lamali (Schlumberger Oilfield
Services Company), RL LAMALI (Schlumberger), NA Bendali Amor*
16:30 Close of Day
19:00 Workshop Dinner

E AG E/A L N A F T G E O S C I E N C E W O R K S H O P   3
Oral Presentations I Wednesday 30 January New Technology
BALLROOM 11:05 AA27 - Application of Machine Learning Models in Thin
Sections Image of drill cuttings: lithology classification and
08:00 Morning Coffee quantification (Algeria tight reservoirs) - A. Peña* (Repsol
Technology Centre), M.A.C. Rodriguez (Repsol Technology Center),
Multidisciplinary Approach For Reservoir J. R. Campos (Repsol Technology Centre), C. Santos (Repsol Technology
Geology Characterization Centre), J. L. Pérez (Repsol Technology Centre), P. R. Fernández (Repsol
08:30 AA22 - Appraisal of Paleozoic Tight Reservoirs in Algeria; Technology Centre), J. Tritlla (Repsol exploration)
Fault and Fracture Network Analyses and Modeling in a 11:30 AA28 - Use of Artificial Intelligence Algorithm in Well-
Challenging Complex Geological Environment - J.P. Van Dijk* Placement Optimization - Ruthairung* (PTT Exploration and
(Dragon Oil), A.J. Ayayi (Dragon Oil), L. De Vincenzi (Dragon Oil), Production Public Company Limited), Peerapong Ekkawong (PTT
A.T.H. Ellen (Dragon Oil), H. Guney (Dragon Oil), P. Holloway (Dragon Exploration and Production Public Company Limited)
Oil), M. Khdhaouria (Dragon Oil)
11:55 AA29 - Numerical Optimizers Based on Smart Algorithms -
08:55 AA23 - Integrated Approach of Sedimentology, Diagenesis J.L. Mogollón* (Halliburton), L.W. Lake (University of Texas)
and Log Response for the Characterization and the Prediction
of Devono-Carboniferous Reservoirs in the Berkine Basin, 12:25 Lunch
Algeria - G. Musial* (BEICIP-FRANLAB), F. Fournier (BEICIP-
FRANLAB), L. Cuilhé (BEICIP-FRANLAB), M. Médaouri (Sonatrach), Development Drilling & Completion
A. Bellahcene (Sonatrach), N. Filali (Sonatrach), J. Pitz (BEICIP- Technology
FRANLAB), A. Prélat (BEICIP-FRANLAB), A. Le Saos (BEICIP- 13:30 AA30 - The Ordovician Hydrocarbon Resources in North Africa
FRANLAB), V. Machault (BEICIP-FRANLAB) – A Review - G. Fischer* (IHS Markit), G. Maximov (IHS Markit)
09:20 AA24 - Characterizing Algeria Tight Reservoir Cutting 13:55 AA31 - Methodology to Review and Optimize the
Samples with Virtual Microscopy, Petrography, Mineralogy Waterflooding Segments in Mature Fields - K. Slimani*
and Digital Petrophysics - M. A.C. Rodriguez* (Repsol), C. Santos (Schlumberger), J. Orjuela (Schlumberger), R. Balcazar
(Repsol), L. García (Repsol), P. R. Fernández (Repsol), J. L. Pérez (Schlumberger), M. Jamal (Kuwait Oil Company)
(Repsol), A. Peña (Repsol), J. Canal (Repsol), V. Blázquez (Repsol),
H. González (Repsol), V. Sánchez (Repsol), A. J. García (Repsol 14:20 AA32 - Use of Reservoir Elastic Properties to Improve
Exploration) the Design of Wireline Formation Testing Jobs – Study
Focus: Berkine Basin (Algeria) - A. Tedjani* (Sonatrach /
09:45 AA25 - Facies analysis and Depositional Environment Div. Exploration / DOE (Hassi Messaoud)), A. Boulassel (Sonatrach),
Prediction using Advanced Borehole Image Analysis - Y. Balamane (Sonatrach)
D. Rezig* (Schlumberger), H. Hadjarab (Schlumberger)
14:45 AA33 - Hassi Messaoud: Review of Production Potential of
10:10 Coffee Break Reservoir Layers by Determination of Flow Unit Speeds Using
10:40 AA26 - Fracture study using Walaround VSP data Case study Petrophysical Properties - R. J. Soto Maldonado* (Halliburton
ALGERIA Field - A. Djeddou* (ENAGEO) Consulting and Project Management), B.A ElHadj (Halliburton)
16:00 Close of Workshop

“Algeria to host discussions on some

of the best practices in exploration
and production”

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Icebreaker Reception
Monday 28 January, 18:00 – 20:00hrs
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Workshop Dinner
Tuesday 29 January, 19:30 – 22:00
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