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Professional Development Activity.

Manuel de Jesús Laureano Alvarenga

Supervisor of the English Access Program.

El Salvador, San Salvador.

Project´s name: Exploring Web 2.0 Exploring Web 2.0: Tools for Classroom Teaching and
Professional Development.

Course description: This course is aim to 10 English Access Microscholarship Program

teachers; 5 of them work in San Salvador and 5 in San Miguel. (20 students in each

These teachers are teaching ESL to 200 unprivileged children that life in the poorest areas
in San Salvador as well as San Miguel in El Salvador, Central American. This program is
sponsor by the Cultural Affair Office of the US Embassy, this course began on December
2009 and it is going to last two years.

Moreover, with the knowledge that I have learnt from Michael Krauss Course, I will train
the English Access teachers on Web 2.0 tools and help them to apply at least 2 of these
tools in their classroom.

The course will be taught in 2 months (September and October) in these two months I will
introduce the basic components of the course and provide some practical activities for
them to get use and familiar with the tools.

Section One:

Web 2.0 tools to be used:

 Google sites
 Blogger
 Podcast
 Delicious Bookmarks
 Google Reader
 Igoogle
 SurveyMonkey
 Voicethread
Web 2.0 tools objectives: At the end of the course, teachers will be able to:

 To provide basic instructions on how the Web 2.0 tools work.

 To train English Access Teachers with the basic usage of Web 2.0 tools in ESL
 To increase teachers understanding about Web 2.0 Tools in the Teaching-Learning
 Apply at least 2 of the Web 2.0 tools in the classroom.

This is the Course Home Page that we are going to use:

Week Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5

Week 1and Introduction Teaching Setting up a Customize a Get information

2 to the course basic google google from Blogs
Computer account Reader

Week 3 and Introduction Create a Add Introduction How to use

4 to the blog using information, to podcast podcast in the
blogger the Blogger pictures to classroom
your blog

Week 5 and Introduction Bookmark To receive Set up an Surveymoney´s

6 to Delicious some information Igoogle as evaluation of
Bookmarks different from RSS to your the course
websites your google browser
Reader home page

Week 7 and Voicethread Description Final Project Final Project Due date of the
8 of the final Final Project

Section Two:

In this section is a complementary part of the above one because we are going to use a
page that was created by George Chinnery, I have received an intensive Teaching with
Technology Course with him. That´s why I would like to add this up to the Exploring Web
2.0 because it has a lot of tools in common. Basically, with the tools that we are going to
cover in this section, teachers are going to be more confident on planning online classes.

This section of the course will last about 2 months because of the amount of skills that
teachers have to learn and use.

Objectives for the complementary Web 2.0 course:

At the end of the course teacher will successfully be able to:

To increase their knowledge of the Web 2.0 tools studied in the previous two
To enhance listening, speaking, reading and writing skills on students through
online activities
To justify how useful are the online resources that teacher can use in the classroom
in order to enhance the learning process in a non-english speaking country.

Course Home Page:

This course will be assessed:

A surveymonkey evaluation of the course

Presentation that teachers will make
Through project that teacher will created for their classes
On students English production