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ELECTION shall be held and decided by the Supreme Court.

Coquilla VS Comelec
Section 2, Article X Petition was dismissed.
Pamatong VS Comelec The President can propose amendments by virtue of The law provides that a citizen is allowed to his right
the 1973 constitution. to suffrage If he has resided at least one year in the
The petition was denied. Thus, during this time the president sits as the Philippines and at least six months on the place he’s
Section 26, Article II of the Philippine Constitution legislature planning to vote.
guarantees equal access to opportunities in public Coquilla committed a false representation of a
service and prohibits political dynasties. Lawyers League VS Aquino material fact stating in his COC that he stayed two
The petition of Pamatong to the violation of his The petition was denied. years in the country.
opportunity running in public office was not granted The supreme court unanimously held that the people Thus, this is a ground for the cancellation of his COC
by the court because the provision is not considered already accepted the Aquino not merely as de facto because he made a false statement of his residency
self- executing, and there is no reason to provide a but in law and in fact a de jure government.
different treatment to the “equal access” provision. The petitioners have no personality to sue and have Co VS Comelec
Hence, it merely recognizes the privilege to public failed to present the cause of their action. The petitions are dismissed.
service but is subject to limitations imposed by the Moreover, the community of nations already Jose Ong was covered by Filipinization under the
law. recognized the legitimacy of the Aquino government Philippine Bill of 1902.
This provides that all inhabitants of the Philippine
Oposa VS Factoran Republic VS Sandiganbayan Islands who were Spanish subjects on April 11, 1899,
The petition was granted. The petition for certiorari is dismissed. who has born children shall be deemed as Philippine
The law states that everyone has the right a balanced The existence of a revolutionary government has no Citizens and shall be under the protection of the US
and healthful ecology, according to Section 16, Article function in the constitution
II of the Philippine Constitution. Bengson VS HRET
The petitioners brought their intergenerational AMENDMENTS Petition was denie.
responsibility and they have a locus standi which is Under the law, Repatriation is the recovery of the
the generations to come or the unborn children. Santiago VS Comelec original nationality
Hence, there is no need for and enabling a law for a The petition is granted. Cruz was not required to go through naturalization
balanced ecology The comelec should be permanently enjoined from because he was once a natural born citizen
entertaining any petition for initiative on
Tolentino VS Comelec amendments of the constitution until a sufficient law
The petition is granted. shall be validly enacted to provide for the Mercado VS Manzano
The law states that there should be only one election implementation of the system. Petition was dismissed.
for the ratification of amendments the Convention Thus, RA 6735 is inadequate to cover the system on The law provides that a person who has dual
may propose, Article XV Section 1. initiative on amendment of the constitution citizenship are not disqualified to run in public office
Organic Resolution No. 1 and other implementing because dual citizenship is different from dual
resolutions approved by the Convention have no CITIZENSHIP allegiance.
binding effect in holding a plebiscite because holding Manzano is not disqualified to run because he has
a plebiscite within the jurisdiction of the legislative Lim Kai Chong VS Comelec maintained his allegiance to the Philippines even if he
body. The petition was approved. is born in US, who adapts Jus Soli or citizenship by
Thus, this petition is only to prevent any acts of The law provides that the HRET has jurisdiction over virtue of the place of birth.
violation to the Constitution her disqualification case and not comelec Thus, he is entitled to run because the Philippines
The only problem was that solicitor general was not adopt Jus Sanguinis, meaning both his parents are
Sanidad VS Comelec given notice in the denaturalization proceeding of Lim Filipino, he therefore is a natural born citizen of the
The petition is dismissed. Kai Chong Philippines
The law provides that all cases involving the
constitutionality of treaties, executive agreement