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Foundation Course: 6 Unit: 4 Day: 3 FFI

Lesson Learning Objective:

Students will be able to:
 use “vague” expressions;
 use “vague” responses.

Important considerations:
Activate previous knowledge.
Allow time for organizing their ideas.

Things to keep in mind

Don’t forget to let students know how long they can take for every activity.
Delay feedback in fluency activities.
Take notes of students’ mistakes and make an error analysis correction at the end of the
lesson of the most important mistakes.

Previous preparation and materials needed

Markers & eraser
The Link
CD 2
CD Player
SHUS Vol.2:festival, parade, cultural event, candle, wear a costume
CCS. Vol2. Unit 4 Lesson C.
Prepare: Fill in the blanks (Activity 4)
Celebration cards (Activity 14)

Activity Procedure Grouping Material Time

1 Homework Review homework Total The Link 5’
review The Link, Unit 4, Lesson B, Ex. 2 & 3. class Ss’ books
Extra practice p. 143 (page 143)
2 Function The Link: Unit 4, Lesson B, Ex. 1 Ss to Ss The Link 5’
3 Warmer SHUS: festival, parade, candle, wear Ss SHUS 4’
a costume cultural event,
Show some pictures of events. Ask
Ss to stand up, walk around and tell:
if they like going to places like this
and why.
4 Pre-listening Books closed Pairs Fill in the 6’
Prepare fill in the blanks (See blanks
Appendix Activity 4)

D.R. ® 2014 Organización Harmon Hall, A.C. 1

Ss with a partner try to complete the
conversation with their own ideas.
Ss share with other groups.
5 Listening Books closed Individual Fill in the 4’
(For detail) Play CD 2 – Track 08 Conversation blanks
strategy. “Vague” expressions. CD Player
Tell Ss to listen to the conversation Audio CD
between Ray and Tina They need to
write down the missing phrase next
to the options they had previously
Tell Ss not to erase their ideas.
6 Post-listening Books open Total Students’ 7’
Ss report the options they wrote and class books
the options they listened. (page 38)
Tell a S to read the 1C (Notice). Fill in the
Then, Ss tell the phrases they found blanks
in the conversation.
Make Ss notice they are expressions
used when you do not want to be
exact or specific.
Ss practice the conversation using Pairs
the copy and changing all the ideas
in bold. (Exercise in Activities 4 & 5)
Learn on We will consistently refer our students to Whole Board and 1’
the corresponding online practice section of Class marker
the ADD ON. Present it like this:
“Learning requires practice.”
To LEARN ON go to:
7 Practice Ss get with a partner and they will Pairs Students’ 5’
read the situations to write a topic books
to substitute the vague expressions. (page 38)
Then, Ss take turns asking and
answering the questions in the book
with their own ideas using the vague
8 Preparation Books closed Individual Notebook 7’
time Tell Ss to select 1 holiday or event
and explain 2 or 3 activities there
are in that holiday or event. Use
vague expressions.

D.R. ® 2014 Organización Harmon Hall, A.C. 2

9 Task 1 Ss get with 2 partners and share Pairs Notebook 10’
(Free) their holidays/events and explain
using vague expressions. If Ss listen
to an idea they like they may take
notes of it.
10 Strategy Plus Books open Total CCs 3’
Tell a S to read the information in class Students’
the conversation strategy box. (Ex. book
2) (page 39)
CCs: Unit 4 lesson C
11 Practice (Ex. 2A) Individual Students’ 4’
(Controlled) Tell Ss to read and match the books
questions with the responses. Then, (page 39)
Ss compare answers and write their
answers on the board to reach a
common agreement.
Ss get with a partner and practice Pairs 5’
asking and answering using the
information of the book to get
familiarized. Then, switch partners
and ask the questions but provide
your personal answer after using the
vague responses.
12 Preparation Books closed Pairs SS notes 5’
time Ss will write 2 or 3 questions to ask
their partners about the
holiday/event they selected.
13 Task 2 Ss stand up and perform the Pairs Students’ 10’
(Free) conversations. Ss need to use vague notes
expressions and vague responses for
the questions they are asked.
14 Pre-listening Prepare celebration cards (See Ss Celebration 3’
(Predicting) Appendix Activity 14) cards
Give SS a card with a celebration
name in it. Ss mingle around asking
their peers what they know or
imagine that celebration is about
and where it is from.
15 Listening Books closed Individual Notebooks 5’
(For detail) Play CD 2- Track 9 Listening and CD player
strategies. Celebrations around the Audio CD
(EX. 3A)
Ss need to make drawings of what
D.R. ® 2014 Organización Harmon Hall, A.C. 3
they listen about the celebrations in
their notebooks.
SS stand up show and tell what they Drawings 6’
understood of each celebration by SS
showing their drawings.
16 Listening Books open Individual CD player 6’
(Checking Play CD 2- Track 9 Listening and Audio CD
answers) strategies. Celebrations around the Notebook
world) (EX. 3B) Students’
Ask Ss to read the questions. Ss Total book
listen to the information and write class (page 39)
the answers for the questions.
Check the answers.
17 Free talk 4 Books open pairs Students’ 10’
(Free) Ss invent a new celebration (or book
select a celebration). Ss in pairs (page 130)
complete the statements to describe
the new celebration.
Ss get with a different pair. Ss
explain their celebration using vague
expressions. Ask questions to the
other partners and they must use
vague responses. Switch and repeat.
19 The Link Unit 4 Lesson C Ex. 1 SsThe Link 5’
20 Portfolio log Listening log update SsThe Link 3’
Homework Assign: The Link: Unit 4 Lesson C Ex. 2 & 3
**Each activity has a suggested time. You may adjust the time as needed.

D.R. ® 2014 Organización Harmon Hall, A.C. 4