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B-Layde Sdn Bhd


Meeting : 08/14
Date : 14th August 2018
Time : 1130 - 1200
Venue : Conference Room II, Administration Block, B-Layde, Shah Alam

Leong Wei Jie - Chairman
Nur Fazreen Azmera Binti Mohd Azman - Finance Manager
Deanna Izzaty Binti Ahmad Shoufik - HR Manager
Kurt Cobain Lim - Operations Manager
Nur Aimi Yasmin Binti Azman - QA Manager
Akmal Khidir Bin Sulaiman - R&D Manager

Absent with apology:

Open Open/
No Item Action by
Since Close
1. Chairman’s Opening Remarks
The chairman welcomed all members to the
August 2018 Company Review Meeting.

2. Apologies for Absence

There were no absentees.

3. Adoption of Agenda
The proposed agenda was accepted without
amendments. Agenda of meeting was as follows:
1. Chairman’s opening remarks
2. Apologies for absence
3. Adoption of agenda
4. July 2018 Company Review minutes
5. Lack of Skilled Personnels
6. Inefficiency of Productions
7. Monthly Budget Allocation
8. Disciplinary Issues
9. Adjournment of meeting

4. Minutes 07/15 confirmation

The Chairman asked members to confirm the
previous minutes of meeting from July 2018
Company Review. There were no corrections to
be made and the minutes were approved and
signed by the Chairman.

5. Lack of Skilled Personnel 07.05.18 OPEN HR &

Mr. Kurt has expressed that the last accident from FINANCE
Operations Team was 3 years ago when there
were a lot skilled workers. Now, there are a lot of
injuries, causing low performance of workers.
This is due to workers are not skilled as HR hires
inexperienced workers. Ms. Deanna that among
the shortlisted candidates given, the one with the
least expected salary have been hired. However,
among these workers are the ones with lesser
experience. Due to the very minimal salary wage
decided by Finance Department, they are unable
to hire very inexperienced workers. Ms. Fazreen
said that Finance can only increase the salary
requirement with the approval from the Chairman.
The Chairman has verbally agreed on the
suggestion from Ms. Fazreen, however has
requested from both Ms. Deanna and Ms.
Fazreen to have a more thorough discussion on
who to hire and how much to offer the workers.

6. Inefficiency of Production 14.08.18 OPEN R&D,

Ms. Yasmin has mentioned that recent audit FINANCE
report has shown the inefficiency of production & OPS
from Operations Team. Mr. Kurt reverted by that
his team currently does not have enough skilled
workers as discussed in first agenda. Besides,
there is also lack of machineries in the
department despite numerous request from
Finance Department. Mr. Kurt has also suggested
R&D Deparment to produce new products with
shorter and better procedures. Ms. Fazreen
mentioned that the request for machineries will be
discussed in third agenda. Mr. Akmal has
suggested to adapt a new technology from
Germany on the production and will hand over the
research report to Quality Assurance Team for
checking and approval. The Chairman has
emphasized to Operations Team to give it’s fullest
commitment while waiting for new SOP coming
from R&D.

7. Monthly Budget Allocation 07.05.18 OPEN FINANCE

Ms. Fazreen has proposed to the following:
1. To increase salary wage from RM 3000 –
RM 5000 in order to hire better workers. The
Chairman has accepted to increase the
salary wage of the company.
2. To approve the procurement of new
machineries for Operations Team. The
Chairman will approve the purchase via
stages over a span of 4 months in order to
get all the machineries requested.
3. To approve R&D suggestion from Mr. Akmal
to adapt to new technology change from
Germany. The Chairman has put this
suggestion on hold till there is a gain in
company profit graph in the future.

8. Disciplinary Issues 14.08.18 OPEN ALL

Ms. Deanna informed that HR department has DEPTS
received many complaints regarding on the
unimpressive attendance in the company. She
claimed that attendance card are not being
punched by the staffs themselves as she found
out that there are no workers at workstation even
though the attendance card has been punched.
Hence, Ms. Deanna has proposed to start a
thumbprint attendance system where attendance
can be keyed in directly into the database. The
Chairman has put Ms. Deanna’s suggestion on
KIV list until further notice. The Chairman
stressed that he will personally investigate on this
matter and will not hesitate to take actions against
any employees should they violate any rules and
regulations set by the company.

9. Adjournment of Meeting
Meeting was adjourned at 12.00pm. The next
meeting was scheduled to be on 5th September