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Republic of the Philippines

Department of Environment and Natural Resources

New MGB Building, North Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City

Accomplishment Report

Division: Land Policy and Planning Division

Period: November 1-15, 2018

1. Assists in the drafting/formulation of policy Policy drafted/formulated
2. Coordinates with the policy proponents from
time to time and gather relevant information, Coordinated with the proponents and information,
references for further revision and finalization references gathered
of the policy proposals.
3. Prepares necessary policy-related documents
such as but not limited to Complete Staff
Policy-related documents prepared (CSW, Letters,
Work (CSW), Memorandum, Invitation
power point presentations, Minutes of Meetings)
letters, power point presentations and Minutes
of policy deliberation.
4. Assists in the conduct of policy deliberations,
meetings, consultations with other Assisted the PFG deliberations
stakeholders or agencies.
5. Responds to inquiries related to policy by
drafting/preparation action documents through
Action documents drafted/prepared
research and coordination from the concerned
6. Assists in the dissemination/circulation of
newly approved policies through identified Policies disseminated/circulated
IEC tools to the Regions and other Offices.
7. Coordinate with the LAMS Management and
Information System (LAMS MIS) for the Policies uploaded in the website
uploading of policies in the website.
8. Prepares monthly policy accomplishment
Policy accomplishment monthly narrative report
9. Performs other tasks as may be assigned by
Drafted Memos and Special Orders
the immediate supervisor.

Prepared by: Approved by:

Maurice Mikkelssen Philippe D. Camposano Engr. Henry P. Pacis

Research Analyst I Chief, LPPD