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Mock Exam 6

This is 14 MCQs. Please answer them in 15 minutes

From the files of (Studying for SLE Together) a face book group
‫ الطبعة الثانية المعدلة‬2012 ‫ مذكرة جامعة أم القرى‬،‫أطباء االمتياز بالعاصمة المقدسة‬
(Miscellaneous Part)

Q1. Besides IV fluids, what is the most important drug to be given in

a) Epinephrine
b) Steroids

Q2. The best to give for DVT patients initially which is cost effective:
a) Low Molecular Weight Heparin “Enoxaparin”
b) Unfractioned Heparin
c) Heparin
d) Warfarin

Q3. Management of anaphylactic shock all of the following, EXCEPT :

a) IVF
b) 100% O2
c) Corticosteroid

Q4. Patient developed lightheadedness and SOB after bee sting. You should treat
him with the following:
a) Epinephrine injection, antihistamine and IV fluid
b) Antihistamine alone

Q5. A child had bee bite presented after 18 hour with left arm erythema and
itching, what to do?
a) Antihistaminic
b) Oral steroid
c) Subcutaneous epinephrine

Q6. In a patient with anaphylactic shock, all are correct treatments EXCEPT:
a) Epinephrine.
b) Hydralazine
c) Adrenaline.
d) Aminophillin.

Q7. Most common symptoms of soft tissue sarcoma :

a) Paralysis
b) On growing mass
c) Pain

Q8. A 62. All following are criteria of chronic fatigue syndrome EXCEPT
a) More than 6 month, muscle pain and joint pain
b) Persistent, idiopathic, headache
c) Not relieved by rest + poor cognition
Q9. Regarding chronic fatigue syndrome, which is true?
a) Antibiotics may reduce the symptoms
b) Antidepressants may reduce the symptoms
c) Rest may reduce the symptoms

Q10. Burn patient is treated with Silver Sulfadiazine, the toxicity of this drug can
a) Leucosytosis
b) Neutropenia
c) Electrolyte disbalance
d) Hypokalemia

Q11. Patient complaining of hypotension & bradycardia. Electrolytes show: Na,

K, Cl, Urea. So the cause is:
a) Hyponatremia
b) hyperkalemia
c) hyperchloremia
d) uremia

Q12. The most common complication of mumps in Adults :

a) Labyrinthitis (0.005% of cases)
b) Orchitis (30% of cases)
c) Meningitis (10% of cases)
d) Encephalitis (less than 1% of cases)

Q13. Adolescent female counseling on fast food. What you should give her?
a) Calcium and folic acid
b) Vitamin C and folic acid
c) Zinc and folic acid
d) Zinc and vitamin C

Q14. 17 years old boy admit to involve in recurrent illegal drug injection, what
the screening test to do?
a) HIV
b) Hepatitis B
c) Hepatitis C