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Born in a country devoid of natural resources, groomed in wild hinterlands sprawling far flung in
desert, brought up in moorlands rambling with blizzards of heat and dust, having grown amidst
highlands blazing with staggering rivers of blistering sand and broiling wind-storms Prophet
Mohammad had first revelation of light of knowledge in 610 AD when entire Saudi Arabia of 6th
century was hanging disheveled in poverty, scarcity and destitution. Countryside of Mekka and
Medina was tangled in belligerent conviction of paganism worshipping multitudes of Gods. Tribal
society of Saudi Arabia was reeling under variety of social ills, ignorance and superstitions when the
messiah of truth, non-violence and passive resistance emerged as a harbinger of peace organizing an
ecosystem of natural regime which was termed as Islam…AK Singh

Amidst furious earth furrowed with viciously Bedouins, Quryash, and Tamuds dig sands in
sizzling sand dunes, riddled with caves of Hira search of water all around toiling day and day out.
mountain, a volley of light Jurhum tribes were known to
scintillating with waves of have hidden golden gazelle and
conscience descended upon black stone a sacred Kaba under
Mohammad seeking to solicit sand of Mecca browsing their
answer, “why don’t you read ? Why camels and grazing their sheep
don’t you learn ? With pen in the and goats. This divine black
name of God who created man from stone of Kaba is a reflection of
clot ? For he knew not”. Gabriel an moon among array of twinkling
angel of God reassured Mohammad stars on the sizzling turf of
in 610 CE “ You are the messenger of burning desert. Kaba had been
God”. Mohammad turned around worshipped for centuries as a
and started gazing night sky with dazzling light, star family of Goddesses of Ellat, Al Uza
insistent upon him, asking for delivery of relief to and Mannat a symbol of Venus and other
the conservative society roasting in rapacious planets. These false Gods of multiple
gluttony, lust and redundant indulgence. Phantom beliefs are stumbling upon by
of ghost howled in prophecy, “Al Amin, the interceding into the divine inspiration of
trustworthy ! Your people revere multiple Gods, revelation of truth. People of Saudi Arabia are
propitiating hundreds of spirits and deities, garrulous, chatty and loquacious. They are much
appeasing multitudes of idols and divinities. outspoken at times, their conscience immersed in
Obsession of idolatry have made them redundant worshipping many idols of holy and righteous
in fallacy, have disdained them in superfluous gods and goddesses. People of Mekka make
beliefs and misconception. O man of humble offerings so as to please variety of gods. This
dispensation and devout intelligence ! Shoulder practice of holding multiple gods in high esteem
the burden of emancipation of your poor people and keeping many deities under constant
devastated in wickedness, sin and immortality”. adulation is quite primitive, irrational and in the
Mekka and Medina were devoid of drench of long run has become unscientific. People of Mekka
moisture in the desert. People kept lurking for search their ways and passages amid miles and
spring of water here and there. Tribes of miles of sand dunes in the desert without
assistance of any landmark. They have developed animosity and abhorrence were the order of the
fair knowledge of planetary motions and day. Dead bodies and carcasses were mutilated
movement of starts. Brave old tribes of Mekka and quartered into pieces. Cutting of nose,
have of late developed considerable evils, mutilation of ears and scraping of eyes was a
immoralities and decadence. Though these sons of common practice as a system of judicial
the soils of Arabian deserts are commuted in most administration. Weaker tribes were made slave.
sacred bonds of love, affection, Drudgeries of
grief and joy. Quite often Arabs selfhood, subjugation
are given to many of labor, captivity of
contradictions. Bouts of bondage and
intoxication and habit of subjection of them to
inebriation have sealed their constraints of
fate and fortunes more often then not to kneel to chaining and hardships of menial labor was
their knees. Gambling has become their national commonly ubiquitous. Masters had the right to
sport and collection of prize bonds to fund their murder his slaves. Women slaves were used for
battles and wars. These people soaked in flesh gratification of carnal desire, lust and debauchery.
and blood have addicted to dishonor their glory in Sixth century Arabia was rife with turbulence of
squandering their wealth in gaming and routine social evil, anarchy of confusion, beset with chaos
scandals. They know nothing of civilized life. They of hostility and rebellion, a beleaguered society
send their caravans on camels and horses to far fraught with turmoil and reign of terror by local
off places in mercantile affairs of selling Indian band of brothers. Ill will, bitterness and
swords, spices and condiments. Miles and miles malevolence struck the society of Arabia deep
along the craggy, rugged and harsh land of Mekka unto knuckle. Spite, malice and resentment were
in Saudi Arabia, with no permanent settlements, inimical to routine social order of those times. Into
no human habitations, where gold & silver are such an environment of bellicosity and detestation
rare as possessions, where ornaments of cowries, of Mecca, a boy of innocence, a youth of simple
conches and sea shells adorn the costumes of nature and truthfulness born in 570 AD in close
tribes, local communities and embellish their proximity of Holy Kaba who grew up to enliven
outfits in an ordinary routine. the whole world in the grasp of his philosophy of
Saudi Arabia is a deserted land where melons Islam of “Oneness of God”.
seeds produce the necklaces, where desolate and A lad who later to become the Lawrence of
uninhabited lands keep bursting with deceits and Arabia, a leader who devoted his life for
trickeries of robbery, pilferage and bloodsheds. organizing a community of natural ecosystem, a
Streets of Mecca studded with ranks of goats, forerunner who spearheaded his own Qurayash
sheep and camels bejeweled with pearls, gems tribe for marching them onto the path of social
and sea ornaments were quite often raided by reformation which began to overpower the
burglars, thieves and intruders. The primitive whole world with voluntary Islamization. A
society of Arabs was distressed with misery, young energetic enthusiast who kindled the light
despair and gloom in practicing female infanticide. of knowledge during the dark age of sixth century
Social status and condition of woman was middle east, a man who prompted disbeliever
pathetically devastated from savagery, cruelty and Arabs to a path of natural ecosystem, a pioneer
violence against baby girls burying them alive who motivated his society to persuade the people
after strangulation. Stepmothers were maltreated, of all the countries to walk upon the path of piety,
sons were marrying their step mothers, righteousness and good conscience emerged with
polygamous marriages were prevalent in society. a spark of light. Muhammad had an encounter
A man can have as many women as wives as with Satan on his revelation to the truth. When
required. Mohammad himself had nine wives he was reciting Sura-a-Nazm he was tempted to
including one Ayasha of nine years of age. Hatred, utter that those paganist three goddesses Alat,
Al-Uza and Minat had an intercession over the burden. God has sent you to this earth to restore
divine revelation of “One Religion One God”, had the life of virtue, fortitude and temperance. He
an intervention over pious disclosure of Islam has considered you creditworthy to merit the
being a novel idea of hankering over truth, excellence and to exercise the life of ethics and
yearning for non violence in life, longing for life prudence”.
of fasting, penance and self sacrament. Forfeiture Then Prophet Muhammad gave Ten
of the body, soul and mind to the devotion of Commandments as well known instructions,
single God. Though the satanic suggestion which were essence of Torah, which Allah
appeared to have influenced Prophet for a revealed to Moses on Mount Sinai. These
moment, but such a song of raven, such satanic commandments prohibit the sins of idolatry,
verses of crane were later censured and forbidding the disrespect for parents, proscribing
condemned by Mohammad. Therefore celestial murder, theft, adultery, false witness and envy.
admission of Islamic sense of disclosure of truth Thus the message of Islam spread far and wide.
prevailed. Thus Mohammad screamed, “ Oh the First Khadija accepted it then Ali his son in law,
people of Mecca, O my companion of Quryash thereafter Abu Bakr his father in law. Then the
family, I am marshaled to message to live in harmony with
navigate the convoy of like nature blew out to far distant places.
minded leaders to vanguard the Prophet emigrated with some of his
cutting edge path towards followers to Abyssinia and Egypt.
beaconing the conduct of Umar his army commander accepted
shepherds and workers of Mecca, the Islam and its tenets. Thereafter
I am commanded by God to Uthman received protection, love and
escort you to contrive a leading affection, he accepted the new order
edge towards the new limelight of Prophet Mohammad.
which shall be an advancement Most of the tribal men of Prophets
of your soul to the forefront of principle of own community of Kurayash and majority of
legitimacy, to the new gospel of authenticity and Arabs did not accept the Islam. They opposed the
genuineness, to the infallibility and rectitude of new movement vehemently considering it to be
honesty and morality. I shall lead you to the path influenced by satanic verses recited in the tale of
of fidelity, self-respect and confidence. Merge cranes. Community of Prophets of his own
your soul into the probity of virtue, sincerity and started vindicating principles and virtues of
trustworthiness. From today you shall not speak Islam. They resisted, and started combating the
lie, you shall not steal and pilfer the property, you followers of Prophet counter attacking and
shall honor the life of scruple, care and concern boycotting the Muslims of Islamic belief. Whole
which Abraham taught you. Leave the evil path of society of Saudi Arabia stood in conflict with
deceit, fraud and treachery. Be as candid and Islam, in defiance and repulsion and started
chivalrous as were Jesus Christ. Be as thinking of taking vengeance against Prophet
commendable, deserving and just as Moses told who was spreading the false rumors against their
you to be. Those who were oppressed will paganist pursuit of mind. Family and relations of
restore their right. And if they do not do so, they Prophet Mohammad suffered hardships rivalry,
will compensate the victims out of their own skirmishes and civil disobedience against basic
belongings”. fundamentals of school of Islam. Prophet being
Prophet recited his revelations to his first wife illiterate required assistance of Ali to scribe
Khadija, who all of sudden imbibed the Prophets compilation of Quran. With this relations
revelations, saying, “ Oh Prophet, God is witness, between Arabs and Muslims soared, antagonism
He has sent you the message of truth and against Prophet inflated. Whole conservative
worthiness, you are kind and considerate to your society of Arabian Peninsula made a boycott of
relations, help the poor, forlorn and bear their Prophet and gulf between Muslims and Arabs
enlarged. Prophet Muhammad made first pledge the One True God. Prophet reformed the society
of Aqaba teaching Islam to his followers Muslims of Medina promoting literacy and education
with firm determination. As Moses walked upon among workers, women and children. Art, history
earth towards Pharaoh at Egypt, as Jesus turned and literature were given emphasis along with
to Galilee across the Jordan building scientific temper. Rights of labors
and towards Jerusalem, so protected, excesses against slaves were
the Holy Prophet instead of abrogated, census of population conducted, lanes
confined in darkness of and highways broadened, civil infrastructure
Mecca started his strengthened in Medina. Battel of Badr and Battle
promenading march of Ouhd were fought under the leadership of
towards Taif for the Prophet Mohammad. No battle was initiated by
emancipation of humanity which had been Muslim under Prophet. Muslims were persecuted
suffering from deceit, degradation and by disbelievers of Islam. They had to bear the
humiliation for centuries under darker ages after brunt of hostility and aggression of disbelievers.
decline of Roman empire after fall of Greek Muslims in the name of Islam under the
civilization. Then the Prophet Muhammad stewardship of Prophet Muhammad merely made
preached that the Kingdom of God is within you preparations of war, and thereafter reparations,
and he started migrating from Mecca along with compensation of damages. They never retaliated
Ali and Abu Bakr, his translocation was termed as with a fist of fury, terror and bloodshed and nor
Hijra which started in 622 AD as the Prophet led launched even a single war of aggression over
his journey from Mecca to Medina for spreading disbelievers. Prophet along with his army of
his message Islam. His people in Medina waited Muslims had always searched either for peace or
for him anxiously and welcomed him with the for surrender but never to yield before them.
determination of their faith in Islam. Inhabitants Military of Islamic principles had suffered injury,
of Medina instituted a covenant which united wounds and lesions but they never raised any
Arabs, Jews and local tribes into a common attack. They submitted their body, mind and soul
citizenship of Muslims adhering to the basic and persuaded truth and non violence. They were
convention of Islam and its commandments. murdered, brutally killed, their body hanged,
Many attempts were made by Meccan Arabs to quartered into pieces but they conceded what
provoke local tribes of Medina against the was the truth. A truth which according to them
majority of Muslims. Camel caravans, cavalry of was living with nature in harmony. A
horses were pressed to rout the Muslims of natural ecosystem of living.
Medina to declare wars against the solidarity of A K Singh is the member of Indian Forest
Islam, to interfere with right of pilgrimage. As Service working in the Ministry of Forest and
Ecology and Environment Government of
the Prophet entered town of Taif Arabs deployed Karnataka looking after restoration of
vagabonds in the street who pelted stones at Zaid environment in mining affected areas. Views portrayed here
who heavily got injured and thereafter they are personal and opinionated with references cited hereupon.
assailed Prophet owing to this Muhammad fell on Contact 9481180956,
the ground in a pool of blood. Angel of God References:
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