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Entry test

Choose the best option

a. Where are you come from?
b. Where do you from?
c. Where are you from?
d. Where do you be from?

a. I comes from Italy
b. I’m from Italy
c. I do from Italy
e. I was from Italy


a. I don’t have any money

b. I don’t have some money
c. I have any money
d. I don’t have some moneys

a. She is working hard
b. She doesn’t working hard
c. She working hard
d. She is works hard


a. I gone in London last year

b. I didn’t gone in London last year
c. I went in London today
d. I went in London last year

a. flowers/breads/milk/onions
b. flowers/bread/milks/onions
c. flowers/bread/milks/onions
d. flowers/bread/milk/onions

a. How do you are?
b. How are you?
c. How are you being?
d. How is you?
a. I’m fine thank you
b. I was fine thank you
c. I have fine thank you
d. I’ve fine thank you

a. Who old are you?
b. What old are you?
c. How old are you?
d. Why are you old?

a. I do 20 years old
b. I have 20 years old
c. I’ve 20 years old
d. I’m 20 years old
a. How old is she?
b. How old is her?
c. How old are she?
d. How old are her?

a. Her is 20 years old

b. His is 20 years old
c. She are 20 years old
d. She is 20 years old

a. What is he doing at the moment?
b. What does he do at the moment?
c. What he doing at the moment?
d. What does he doing at the moment?
a. I wash him hands
b. I wash my hands
c. I wash mine hands
d. I wash myself hands
Use the words in the table below to complete the text.



Paul is French, but he ___________________ (1) live in France. He __________________ (2) in

London. He is __________________ (3) waiter. He lives with his English wife, Sarah. They
___________________ (4) have ___________________ (5) children, but they
____________________ (6) a dog, called Woof. Next year, Paul ___________________ (7) going
on holiday to Brazil. He ____________________ (8) never been there before, so he’s very excited.
Paul ____________________ (9) in a big restaurant, which is always full of tourists. He doesn’t
like ____________________ (10) there

Each of the sentences below contains a mistake. Underline the mistake and write the correct
form of the sentence

1. I read a lot books.

2. He is having two brothers and a sister.
3. He has never gone to Rome.
4. She has drunk four cups of coffee yesterday.
5. She drinks much vodka.
6. I have some informations for you.
7. She want not to go to India.
8. He likes some coca cola.
9. I have ate too much cake.
10. That car going to have an accident!

Choose the right question

1. who a. are you looking at me?

2. what b. did you come?
3. how c. languages do you speak?
4. where d. is the matter?
5. when e. is that girl?
6. why f. is your father?
7. how many g. do you live?

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