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Students at schools and universities learn far more from lessons with teachers than from

other sources (such as the Internet and television). To what extend do you agree or

This fast era of today, it has been increasingly argued that technological achievements can fully
supplant teachers in classroom. This essay definitely disagrees with that assertion because of the
important role of tutors in education training. This essay will firstly discuss about the vital
roles of schooling teacher and then (it) will analyze the hidden risks of online data.

Firstly, it is irrefutable that trainees are beneficial from real human/face-to-face (idiom)
interactions. In fact, they certainly provide opportunities to build up and develop their potentials
and skills, such as teamwork, debate and sympathy. These skills are considered the key/crucial
factors (không lặp lại từ SKILLS) leading students to future success/make conditions for learners
to easily achieve their future goals. Oxford University is a prime example, professors always
make teamwork chances for students to handle essays or other academic tasks. Thanks to such
activities, they learn to collaborate with others to come up with potential solutions in order to
complete duties.

In addition (ý này bổ sung cho ý trên để khẳng định task statement là sai, nên nó là ý ủng hộ
them vào chứ ko phải tương phản), the reliance on online reference materials causes certain
disadvantages for users in many cases, including inaccurate information and spam files. These
factors can be result in negative consequences in learning and it is, therefore, undeniable that
unapproved documents have high potential risks to everyone. For example, by simply typing
keyword in Google, it will drop down with abundant of messy data, however, most of them have
not approved officially for its validities and even that some of them contain virus files.

In conclusion, teachers in schools and universities have superior advantages to develop soft
skills/first-hand skills (idiom) and the values of children education should be never overlooked
(vế này ý mập mờ ko rõ ràng). Meanwhile, unreliability online data should be filtered and
controlled to insure the positive results in education.
Other sample: Students at schools and universities learn far more from lessons with teachers
than from other sources (such as the Internet and television). To what extend do you agree
or disagree?

Learning is an essential activity for students, without learn they can not pass the exam and get
the high score. Nowadays, many students rely on study in school with teacher. However, there
are many learning sources such as internet, television and ext. I convince that not only study
with explained lectures by teacher but also student should explore the other sources to gain
more knowledge.

To begin with, it is probably that some learners expect to get information from tutors because
they cannot understand when studying by themselves. Furthermore, they do not have
opportunity to ask the teacher when they self-taught study. For instance, the teacher should
hold and be guide disabilities students, because they need tutorial from teacher and know how to
study with their limitation. Likewise, many students believe that study in school with helped
and explained by teacher is enough to know the subject and pass the exam with flying colors.

While some students have their own comfortable learning style namely Autodidact. They
comfort to learn by themselves, even though in class room they study with other students. They
argue that study in school with teacher is just introduction to broaden horizons and to know
other things. Moreover, Teacher is a guide and helps them know the basic of subject's material.
Afterwards, there are many sources that can be used by students. For Instance, Internet is
favorable sources of students now which is the consideration is accessible and provide many
sources and useful information for them especially using Google, yahoo, Wikipedia and soon

In conclusion, there are pros and cons about this issue. In my opinion, teacher is only a guide
for students and it is better to make it balance between study with teacher and self-taught study
from other sources. However, if they do not understand the information which provided by
internet or others, they can ask teacher in classroom later.