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Alex B.


I. Objectives
Content Standards: A. Discover the area formula for triangles.
Performance Standards: B. Apply what they have learned in real life.

II. Content
Area of Triangles

III. Learning Resources
Teacher’s guide, math worksheets, 21st century Mathletes

IV. Procedure


Well I have a puzzle here. I want someone to assemble the pieces together and create a right triangle
from it.


So our topic today is about area of triangles. I want you to group yourselves into 3 groups
So the instructions are written on the activity sheets. After that, record the data and answer the
following questions. Group 1 will answer question no. 1; group 2, question 2; group 3, question 3.


1. What are the area of the rectangles A, B and C? How about the triangles they formed?
2. What is the sum of the areas of the two triangles formed by rectangle A? Is it equal to the area of the
same rectangle? How about B and C?
3. What is the area of the largest triangle formed by rectangle D? What can you say about its area
compare to its original shape?

What can you say about the area of the area of the rectangles and the triangles they formed?
if the area of rectangle or any parallelogram is equal to base times height, what is the formula for the
area of a triangle?
The formula for finding the area of a triangle is A= ½bh since the area of a triangle is one half of the
area of parallelogram.

Solve for the following:
1. A triangular garden has a base of 12m and a height of 7m. Find the area of the garden.
2. A pyramid has a triangular base. It covers 4,350 ft2 of the land and has equal sides of 87 ft. What is
the height of the base of the pyramid?
3. If a triangular field has an area of 150m2 and a height of 20m. What is its base?

V. Evaluation

Answer the following.
1. A triangle has an area of 25m2 . It has a base of (2x + 1)m and a height of (3x + 4)m. Find the measure
of the base and the height.
2. Find the area of an equilateral triangle whose sides are 10m in length.
3. The perimeter of an isosceles triangle is 16 meter and has an area of 12m2. Its height is 4m. Find the
measure of its sides.