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Parth Lathiya M.Tech.

Sr. Software Engineer, Visa Inc

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay +91 7405500480
Specialization: Computer Science DOB: 05th July, 1995

Examination University Institute Year CPI

Postgraduate Specialization: Computer Science and Engineering
Post Graduation IIT Bombay IIT Bombay 2018 7.79
Undergraduate Specialization: Computer Engineering
Graduation Dharmsinh Desai University DDIT, Nadiad 2016 7.62

Fields of Interest

• Algorithms • Data Structures • Reinforcement Learning • Mobile App Development • Machine Learning

Work Experience

• Senior Software Engineer - Visa Inc, Bangalore (July’18 - till date)

◦ Trained in ASP.NET MVC Framework, OOPs fundamentals, Android and iOS app building
◦ Presently part of Authorize.Net mPOS team. Responsible for development of android app for Authorize.Net
payment gateway.
◦ SilverSurfer - TV Channel Subscription Portal (Aug’18)
∗ Its a web application that provides TV cable service. It allows users a portal to create and log in to their
accounts. Perform recharge, buy new or update existing subscription plans. Also, provide admin portal
where admins can log in and perform their task.
∗ It is primarily developed in ASP.NET MVC architecture and SQL server is serving as a database.
∗ Used payment APIs by Authorize.Net to create payment profiles, recurring bills and other payment

Major Projects and Seminar

• Stock Price Prediction (CS725: Machine Learning, Spring 2016)

(Guide: Prof. Ganesh Ramakrishnan)
◦ Build ARIMA, ANN and SVC for predicting future stock trend.
◦ Used Nikkei 225 - official stock of Japan as dataset for training and testing the models.
◦ Achieved 82%, 89% and 90% accuracy with ARIMA, ANN and SVC respectively.
• Property Tax Assessment System (CS671: ICT for Socio-Economic Development, Autumn 2017)
(Guide: Adimulam VinayBabu, Sr. Manager | Hexagon Geospatial)
◦ A web portal to display statistics related to tax information in particular area.
◦ Used JavaScript libraries D3 and leaflet along with jQuery to process data and beautify the portal.
◦ JSON to store Geospatial information.
• Reduction of Energy Consumption in Large Meeting Spaces (M.Tech. Project, July’17 - June’18)
(Guide: Prof. Krithi Ramamritham)
◦ Objective : To reduce energy consumption by HVAC systems in large spaces.
◦ Surveyed the literature to understand the key challenges and factors influencing the thermal comfort.
◦ Conducted experiments in auditoriums to analyze the thermal gradients with varying occupancy and seating
◦ Designed occupant based Pre-Cool Framework for large meeting spaces like auditoriums.
• AI Learning System for Traffic Signal Control (M.Tech. Seminar, Autumn 2017)
(Guide: Prof. Krithi Ramamritham)
◦ Performed literature survey for building an intelligent AI agent to manage traffic signals.
◦ Studied Reinforcement Learning and Deep Reinforcement Learning techniques like Q-learning tailored for
controlling Traffic Signal to reduce the congestion by creating smoother flow.

Achievements and Extra Curricular Activities

• Secured All India Rank 70 among 108495 aspirants in GATE-2016.

• Ranked 35th out of 255 teams in the Asia Amritapuri Onsite Regional 2017-18 and 38th out of 118 teams in the
Asia Chennai Onsite Regional 2017-18. [ACM-ICPC 2017-18]
• Codechef - Highest Rating: 1938 and Codeforces - Highest Rating: 1669. Handle: parthlathiya
• Won 7 Silver and 6 Bronze medals in different short/long rated contests on HackerRank. Highest Rating: 2157.
Handle: parthlathiya
• Secured 7th place among 681 participants in Samsung CodeTheNext 2017 organized on HackerRank.
• Secured 2nd Rank out of 135 participants in ANN implementation task of Machine Learning course.
• Secured 89th position among 2815 participating teams in TCS CodeVita 2015 and 107th position in TCS CodeVita
• ACM ICPC Asia-Kharagpur onsite Contest Replay 2014 - Ranked 51 out of total 344 registered teams across India.
Team Handle: teamfoo
• Grabbed First prize in technical event - Googler organized at Felicific 2014 TechFest.

Technical Exposure

• Programming Languages: C, C++, Java, Python, C#, PHP, Shell, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, [ R, Assembly, Prolog,
Swift ]
• Tools & Technologies: MySQL, SQL Server, Git, LATEX, Eclipse, .NET MVC, Visual Studio, Android Studio, [
Xcode, OpenCV ]

Course Projects

• Poker Hand Prediction (CS725: Machine Learning, Spring 2016)

◦ Implemented a Neural Network from scratch to predict poker hand for the given cards trained using Back
Propagation Algorithm.
◦ Achieved accuracy 99.998% after tuning hyperparameters and secured 2nd position among 135 participants
in the competition held on Kaggle.
• Napster Emulation (CS641: Computer Networks, Spring 2016)
◦ Implemented a peer-to-peer distributed file sharing system with socket programming in C.
◦ Implementation involves file handling, managing metadata about files like peers on which a file may be
present, requesting and transmitting a file to a peer.
• Vehicle Counting System (M.Tech. R & D Project, Autumn 2017)
(Guide: Prof. Krithi Ramamritham)
◦ A system to estimate the number of vehicles present in traffic video sequence.
◦ Image processing technique - Background subtraction was implemented using OpenCV C++ library.
• Carrom playing agent (CS747: Reinforcement Learning, Spring 2016)
◦ A Neural Network trained using Q-Learning algorithm to find the most promising value of force, position
and angle from an infinite continuous action space using the board’s current position which have infinite
state space.
◦ Python without any libraries was used to build the agent.
• Payroll Management System (CE621: System Design Practice, Autumn 2015)
◦ A web application to manage salary accounts of all the employees working in an organization.
◦ Used JSP for dynamic content web pages, Java Servlets to extend the capabilities of the server and MySQL
as backend support.
• Fast Fourier Transform (Self Project, Spring 2014)
◦ An implementation of Cooley-Tukey FFT algorithm in C using MPI(Message Passing Interface).
◦ Program can execute on multiple systems to compute Fourier Transform parallely.
• Concept Lattice Generator (CS699: Software Lab, Spring 2016)
◦ Built python script that generates concept lattice from access matrix.
◦ Used PHP and Graphviz to display and create downloadable generated concept lattice.
• Internet Banking (CE509: Web Development, Autumn 2014)
◦ Developed a web application which implements all the major functionalities of real world internet banking.
◦ Front-end was designed using PHP, back-end support was provided by MySQL and hosted web application
on the WAMP web server.

Positions of Responsibility

• Interview Coordinator, Placement Team, IIT Bombay (December 2016)

◦ Assisted 5 companies in conducting interviews seamlessly during 2016-17 placements. Handled individual
grievances of candidates and provided them an equal opportunity to showcase their skills.
• Teaching Assistant for following courses:
◦ CS 101: Computer Programming and Utilization (Spring 2017)
Led a team of Junior TAs helping UG students while working as Senior TA. Solved queries, coordinated
weekly labs, prepared and evaluated quizzes and exams.
◦ CS 725: Foundations of Machine Learning (Autumn 2017)
Assisted Professor in course by helping students get over their difficulties. Prepared and evaluated program-
ming assignments and quizzes to help professor run the course seamlessly.
◦ CS 101: Computer Programming and Utilization (Spring 2016)
Mentored students, evaluated exams and assisted Professor in seamlessly running the course.
• Technical Coordinator in the event BugDetector at techfest Felicific-2015.

Courses completed in IIT Bombay

• Algorithms and Complexity • Foundations of Machine Learning

• Graph Theory
• Information Retrieval & Mining for Hypertext & Web
• Combinatorics
• Advanced Machine Learning [Audit]
• Computer Networks
• Foundations of Intelligent and Learning Agents • Automatic Speech Recognition [Audit]


• Competitive Programming
• Playing Squash & Table tennis


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