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Start date Level of study Length Location

Various dates CPD courses 4x Birley Campus,

throughout the year one-day workshops Manchester
Who are
Communication is how we create social Twinkleboost is a multi award-
winning Social Enterprise that
connections with others – be it friends, works to equip new parents
families, teachers, or anyone else we with the skills they need to
boost their child’s language
encounter in life. development. Our mission is
for every child to start school
A child’s vocabulary at age 5 is one of with the communication skills
they need to succeed.
the best predictors of the qualifications
they will achieve at age 16. By running parent and child
classes, we are able to support
families through SEN programmes,
This is why it’s critical that all children classes, and training for nurseries
have the opportunity to develop strong and schools.

communication skills that will help see

them through life.

Quick facts:

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a number
Our Our We We’ve We are supported by
classes have programme collaborate shared our
provided has won with innovative
support approach of organisations, including
to more at the The Tudor Trust,

than Unltd,
BBC Children in Need,
The National Lottery,
The Santander Foundation,
different different annual The Clothworkers Foundation,
individuals awards universities conference The Greggs Foundation

“Our mission is for every child to start school

with the communication skills they need to succeed.”

Twinkleboost Academy 2
About the
Twinkleboost Academy
Features and benefits:
The Twinkleboost Academy has
been launched to revolutionise
speech, language and
• Practical course that utilises virtual reality,
communication training. simulations, videos, interviews, animations
and much more

We use innovative virtual training and immersive

• Access to a wealth of materials and tools
learning techniques to enhance the practice of Early
you can use immediately upon completion
Years Professionals.
of the course – including resource packs,
visuals, templates and more
Working in collaboration with the Speech and
Language Department at Manchester Metropolitan
• The programme is delivered in
University, our specialised team is led by award-
collaboration with Manchester
winning Speech and Language Therapist,
Metropolitan University Speech and
Caspian Jamie, and strives to effect real and
Language Therapy department and has
immediate change for our course attendees.
been created by an Award Winning Therapist

• This innovative course is the first instance

of immersive learning being utilised for
Speech and Language training for Early
Years Professionals in the UK.

Our teaching methods:

‘Research has found that nursery
teachers given training through
immersive learning techniques were
measured to have significantly more
understanding of children’s needs
than those trained through a typical
workshop method.’
(Katz, 2002)

The Twinkleboost Academy is the first

organisation to offer immersive learning courses
in Speech, Language and Communication skills
to Early Years Professionals.

You can find out more about Twinkleboost and the work we do at

CPD courses 3 Prospectus

Course details
All our courses were created following
extensive consultations with Early Years
settings to help identify real difficulties
faced by nursery staff every day.

We use innovative teaching techniques to empower Early Years

professionals with the a toolbox of techniques and resources they
can immediately apply to their setting. We understand that your
time is precious and have created a bank of resources you can
easily use and adapt to your setting.

Examples of course activities:

• Exploring animations and case profiles of children
learning English as an additional language to select
appropriate targets, games and strategies

• Evaluating approaches to supporting children with SLCN

through real time simulations enacted by Speech and
Language Therapy Students at MMU

• Using videos of parents telling their story to design

a plan to incorporate their views

• Access 360 virtual reality videos that allow you to see

the world from the child’s point of view

Twinkleboost Academy 4
Workshop 1: Workshop 2:
Supporting children learning Working with parents to develop
English as an additional Language children’s speech, language and
(EAL) communication skills

This workshop is designed to help you provide This workshop focuses on the important role
additional support for children who speak English parents can play in supporting their child’s speech
as a second language. and language development.

This support is fundamental to these children’s You will delve into the challenges facing parents in
overall development and their ability to feel included supporting their child, and you will learn techniques
amongst their peers, as social isolation is often that help you engage with parents and empower
a result of children with EAL being unable to them to help develop their child’s speech and
communicate effectively with other children. language skills at home.

By the end of this workshop you will By the end of this workshop you will
be able to... be able to...
• Understand the stages of learning English • Understand the challenges parents
as an Additional language face in supporting their child’s language
• Use a toolkit of strategies to support children
learning EAL • Overcome common barriers to engaging
parents in discussions about Speech,
• Understand how to support children at Language and Communication
tricky times such as circle time, storytime,
lunch time and toileting using a range of tools, • Confidently raise any concerns with parents
games and resources and navigating difficult conversations

• Support children learning EAL to develop • Guide parents to relevant national

friendships with peers and local resources

• Create personalised plans to support

children learning EAL in your setting.

This training session uses ground-breaking virtual

reality teaching techniques to explore strategies
to engage parents, as well as specialist coaching,
guide sheets, and phrase books that you can use in
professional settings after completing the course.

CPD courses 5 Prospectus

Workshop 3: Workshop 4:
Best practice in supporting Person-centred support
typical language development for children with SLCN

This course will take you on a journey through In this course you will learn different strategies
the different ages and stages of communication to create a personalised support plan for children
development that children experience. with SLCN in your setting.

You will gain a deeper understanding of This course uses animations and simulations
communication development through childhood, to deepen your understanding of SLCN support
as well as expected milestones, and be able strategies. You will be equipped with tools, visuals,
to apply your new, enhanced skills to facilitate and practical resources, that you can then use in
typical language development. settings once you’ve completed this course.

By the end of this workshop you will By the end of this workshop you will
be able to... be able to...
• Understand key theoretical models of • Create SLCN profiles that put the child
language learning and impact on practice at the centre of planning and identify
suitable targets and strategies
• Understand different stages of
communication development and the • Use strategies to support young people
influence of environment at each stage with SLCN to develop friendships and gain
• Use a range of strategies to support
Speech and Language development • Apply strategies to support behaviour
at each stage of children with SLCN

• Coach colleagues to help them adapt • Utilise strategies and specialist

their communication style to suit the resources to gain children’s views
needs of different children and help inform planning

• Critically evaluate the latest research • Use specialist resources to support children
and use the knowledge you’ve gained with SLCN at key times such as during
to bring new ideas to professional settings. transitions, lunch, toilet breaks and circle time.

This training session uses innovative virtual

reality techniques to provide you with a strong
understanding of communication development
as well as including helpful resources for you
to take back to your setting.

Twinkleboost Academy 6
Course directors
Entry requirements

and assistants:
The Twinkleboost Academy courses are designed
for Early Years practitioners.

The courses could be well suited to you if you

The Twinkleboost Academy accreditation is
have a qualification in an early years educational
delivered by a specialist Speech and Language
field, work with or foster young children under 5.
team who use their varied backgrounds and
You can enrol on a course via our Twinkleboost experience to impart invaluable knowledge
Academy website, to you throughout the programme.

Course Director
Certification Caspian Jamie
Paediatric Speech and Language Therapist
Each workshop is a full course in its own right and
you will receive an attendance certificate at the Caspian is one of the UK’s leading Speech
end of each training evening. and Language Therapists, and has received
Shine a Light’s Outstanding Achievement
If you complete all four workshops you will receive Award for his work with children’s
certification as a Twinkleboost Language Support communication. Caspian is a qualified BSc
Assistant, subject to an annual licence fee. As Speech and Language Therapist, and has
a Twinkleboost Language Support Assistant you been instrumental in developing The
will have access to an online workspace where Twinkleboost Academy course programme.
you can benefit from monthly resource packs,
online clinical support and expertise, peer support, The team
and online training videos.
Caspian is supported by a team of speech
and language therapists, therapy assistants,
Twinkleboost accredited Language assistants
and student volunteers from Manchester
are able to access further training so they can
Metropolitan University Speech and Language
deliver Twinkleboost sessions in their own setting.
Therapy course, who are all on-hand to help
provide additional guidance throughout the
course. The speech and language therapy
students provide specialist coaching
throughout the sessions, which give
you access to one-on-one support.

CPD courses 7 Prospectus

Enrol in this course
If you are interested in our course you can enrol on
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To find out more about this course, please contact us at:

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in this course and look forward
to welcoming you to The
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