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Historical Figure Research Project 2013

Historical Figure Research Project

1. Please choose a historical figures’ name from the list provided.

a. Name:____________________________

b. Presentation Date:

2. Once you have chosen a name, you will research some of the
contributions that individual made in history

3. Using the information that you have discovered, you will create the

a. Poster
i. Person’s Name
ii. Birth and Death Dates
iii. Biography/Contributions
iv. Pictures or Drawings which show inventions, ideas or
other contributions

b. Presentation
i. All items from the poster must be presented in detail
ii. Student must present with mastery of the material, please
practice your presentation
iii. Presentations can be no longer than 5 minutes each

c. Extra Credit: Students are to received preapproval in order to

ensure that credit is received.
i. Culture Element
1. Students may bring in a traditional treat from the
their figure’s country of origin to share with the
ii. Art Integration
1. Students may add an element to their presentations
using their art. Example: Chorus, students can sing
a famous song from that individual’s historical
time period.
Historical Figure Research Project 2013

Making a Poster: Historical Figure Poster

Teacher Name: Ms. Escalona

Student Name: ________________________________________

CATEGORY 4 3 2 1
Title Title can be read Title can be read Title can be read The title is too
from 6 ft. away from 6 ft. away from 4 ft. away small and/or does
and is quite and describes and describes the not describe the
creative. content well. content well. content of the
poster well.

Content - At least 7 5-6 accurate 3-4 accurate Less than 3

Accuracy accurate facts are facts are facts are accurate facts are
displayed on the displayed on the displayed on the displayed on the
poster. poster. poster. poster.

Required The poster All required All but 1 of the Several required
Elements includes all elements are required elements were
required elements included on the elements are missing.
as well as poster. included on the
additional poster.
Graphics -Clarity Graphics are all Most graphics Most graphics Many graphics
in focus and the are in focus and are in focus and are not clear or
content easily the content the content is are too small.
viewed and easily viewed easily viewed
identified from 6 and identified and identified
ft. away. from 6 ft. away. from 4 ft. away.
Attractiveness The poster is The poster is The poster is The poster is
exceptionally attractive in acceptably distractingly
attractive in terms terms of design, attractive though messy or very
of design, layout, layout and it may be a bit poorly designed.
and neatness. neatness. messy. It is not
Historical Figure Research Project 2013

1. Aristotle 8. Julius Caesar

9. Muhammad
2. Alexander the Great
10. Nebuchadnezzar
3. King David, King of
Israel 11. Rames II,

4. Darius I, King of 12. Siddhartha

Persia Gautama

5. Wu Wang, leader of 13. Socrates

the Zhou Dynasty
14. Tutankhamen,
6. Hippocrates pharaoh of Egypt

7. Jesus of Nazareth 15. Yü the Great

Historical Figure Research Project 2013

Additional Project Information

Biography: Must be written in a five paragraph format and must address the
contributions of the historic figure.
 All group members must contribute to the writing of the essay.
 Research may be used from the text book and students are expected to do
additional research using the internet and/or library.
 Students are to also provide a bibliography where they reference their resources.
 The essay is to be typed in 12-point font and double spaced. The essay is to be
placed on the poster.
Plagiarism will not be tolerated and students will receive a zero if any plagiarism is found
in the essay.

Poster: The poster must be 22X28 inches and must have the following:
 a title with the person’s name and date of birth and death,
 the essay, pasted and whole (do not cut the essay into pieces),
 pictures of the person and any relevant images regarding their life and historical

Presentation: Students were allowed to select their group members and were randomly
assigned a figure and presentation date. Presentations are to be no longer than five
minutes in length.
 Students are expected to present their historic figure with mastery. That is, they are
not to simply read from their essay, but share and discuss all that they have learned
about this person.

Please print a copy of the rubrics and turn in on your presentation date.
Historical Figure Research Project 2013
Biography Essay Rubric

Score Traits Comments

(ACCEPTABLE)  Main idea (thesis) is clear.
___2  Topic sentences in body paragraphs clearly
(BELOW AVERAGE) relate to main idea (thesis).
 Descriptive supporting details clearly relate
to topic sentences.
 Transitions are used.
 Introduction, body, conclusion provide
logical sequencing of ideas, leading to
understandable description.
 Lead sentence captures the reader's attention.
(ACCEPTABLE)  Intro. participial phrase (Running with great
___2 speed, she won . . .)
(BELOW AVERAGE)  2 independent clauses separated by
semicolon (Sam won the race; he is an
excellent runner.)
 Compound sentence (Marti won the race,
and Sam came in third.)
 Appositive phrase (Marti, the best sprinter
on the team, won . . .)
 Intro. prepositional phrase (With a burst of
speed, Sam . . .)
 Intro. adverb clause (When Marti won the
race, she . . .)
 Vivid, lively verbs are used.
(ACCEPTABLE)  Precise, accurate nouns are used.
___2  Imaginative, unusual adjectives are used.
(BELOW AVERAGE)  No vague, overused, repetitive language is
 Striking words/phrases linger in the reader's
 Word choice gives the writer a personality,
or "voice."
 The writer is individualistic and writes to be
 No run-on sentences
(ACCEPTABLE)  No sentence fragments
___2  Subject/verb agreement
(BELOW AVERAGE)  Correct verb tense usage
 Punctuation is correct.
 Capitalization is correct.
 Spelling is correct.
Historical Figure Research Project 2013
Presentation rubric