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The decision to choose my career


When I was in elementary school was when I met the science that oversees the Study of space: astronomy, because of
that, I wanted to study this race because I was fascinated too much space and part because I felt like knowing other planets
as an astronaut. When I entered high school I met another career that called me too the Attention Because at this time I
went too much to the excursions that the school had and usually always were in archaeological zones. I was fascinated to
see former archaeologistsThey were As they got these remains Fossils. So, I started to investigate where that race was
given, with this Emission, Discovered That there was a university specializing only for the study of this career And is La
ENAH. Also Went to the UNAM to see About astronomy and I Account That in really career as such does not exist in the
UNAM, first I have What Study physical-mathematical and apply to be Astronomer In some space agencies or study that
career as such in Other countries.

Over time I realized About what the two races that fascinated me too much could not study them here because it was not
so demanded in our country, so Looked A career that I Give The opportunity to be able to practise the profession in one
of the two areas that I liked before. That's how I met chemical engineering in my Life. I am currently exercising in
Technological from Monterrey because that's where my career works better than other universities.

In the future I would like to, enter to work in the big companies that dominate the world that Be for Me: Bayer, P&G,
NASA, Jhonson & Jhonson, etc. Finally, once I acquire knowledge or work experience I would like to put my own business,
I still don't know that, but it's a fact that I'll put my company. I would like to join my closest friends and achieve that dream,
I hope it will not be left alone as a dream and come true.

E N D.