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Ministry of Health and Population, ,‫وزارة الصحة والسكان‬

Smanood Central Hospital, ,‫مستشفي مسنود املركزي‬

Department of Physical Therapy. .‫قسم العالج الطبيعي‬

Presentation Schedule for The Department Internship

Topic Name Presentation date
Frozen shoulder Dr Zhraa 22/10 Monday
Winging of scapulae Dr Yasmin 22/10 Monday
Impingement syndrome Dr Nada 24/10 Wednesday
RCT syndrome Dr Eiman Elshamy 24/10 Wednesday
Rhomboids strain Dr Mai 27/10 Saturday
Trapezius Tr.points Dr Eiman Magdy 27/10 Saturday
Shoulder dislocation Dr Azza 29/10 Monday
Cubital tunnel syndrome Dr Rasha 29/10 Monday
Cervical spondylosis Dr Asmaa 31/10 Wednesday
Carpal tunnel syndrome Dr Faten 31/10 Wednesday
Hip pain DR Alaa 3/11 Saturday
Knee OA Dr Noha 3/11 Saturday
Ankle sprain Dr Gehad 5/11 Monday
Patello-Femoral syndrome ????
Scoliosis ????
Kyphosis ????
Tarsal tunnel syndrome ????

Head of Department of Physical Therapy,

Dr Ahmed Naroz

Best wishes,.