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Gift Guide WINTER 2018

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Published by The Lakeville Journal Co., LLC • Publishers of The Lakeville Journal, The Millerton News, Compass A&E,
2 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE, November 2018

Oblong Books & Music
Great Holiday Gifts for Adults and Kids!

Algonquin Books

Chronicle Books

Chronicle Books
Mariner Books

Friday Black The Collector’s Apprentice: How to Be a Good Creature: A Bibliophile: Now & Again: Go-To Recipes,
by Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah A Novel by B.A. Shapiro Memoir in Thirteen Animals An Illustrated Miscellany Inspired Menus + Endless Ideas
by National Book Award finalist by Jane Mount for Reinventing Leftovers
ĐŚŽƐĞŶďLJŽůƐŽŶtŚŝƚĞŚĞĂĚ WĂƌŝƐĂŶĚWŚŝůĂĚĞůƉŚŝĂ͘ Sy Montgomery & Rebecca Green dŚĞƉĞƌĨĞĐƚŐŝŌĨŽƌŬůŽǀĞƌƐ͕ǁƌŝƚĞƌƐ by Julia Turshen & David Loftus

Arthur A. Levine Books
Abbeville Press

Women Who Write The Tales of Beedle the Bard: Mary Poppins
Everyday Dorie: The Way I Cook The Assassination of The Illustrated Edition
Are Dangerous by P.L. Travers and Júlia Sardà
by Dorie Greenspan Brangwain Spurge by by Stefan Bollman by J. K. Rowling ƐƚƵŶŶŝŶŐ͕ĨƵůůͲĐŽůŽƌŝůůƵƐƚƌĂƚĞĚŐŝŌ
Arthur A. Levine Books
Chronicle Books


Construction Site on
Christmas Night Harry Potter:
Merci Suárez Changes Gears Red and Lulu by Sherri Duskey Rinker A History of Magic
Louisiana’s Way Home by Meg Medina by Matt Tavares ŚƌŝƐƚŵĂƐĐůĂƐƐŝĐĨƌŽŵƚŚĞĂƵƚŚŽƌŽĨ by The Brtish Library
by Kate DiCamillo ^ƚƌŽŶŐͲǁŝůůĞĚƐŝdžƚŚͲŐƌĂĚĞƌDĞƌĐŝ^ƵĂƌĞnj ^ĞƉĂƌĂƟŽŶĂŶĚŵŝůĞƐĐĂŶŶŽƚŬĞĞƉĂ ƚŚĞηϭNew York Times ďĞƐƚƐĞůůĞƌƐ &ĞĂƚƵƌŝŶŐĂŶĞdžƚƌĂŽƌĚŝŶĂƌLJƚƌĞĂƐƵƌĞ

26 Main Street, Millerton, NY · (518) 789-3797 ·
HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE, November 2018 3

Holiday Gift Guide A Note From
Winter 2018 The Editor
Published by I told my daughter last week
The Lakeville Journal that this year I want to go lighter
Finding Love in the Kitchen Sweet and Sour Citrus Gifts Company, LLC
by Cynthia Hochswender ..................... p. 4 by Cynthia Hochswender .................. p. 26 on shopping for the holidays,
64 Rt. 7 N, Falls Village, CT
PO Box 1688, Lakeville, CT
that I’d rather give her one or
Novel Ideas for Readers Gifts That Fill a Need 800-339-9873 two great gifts than a multitude
by Divya Symmers ..................................p. 10 by Leila Hawken ...................................... p. 28 of small things that will clutter
up her already messy room (no
This One Goes Out Hidden Treasures Cynthia Hochswender
judgment intended, of course).
To the One I Love Editor
by Tim Abbott ............................................ p. 29 She gave me quite a look so we’ll
by Alexander Wilburn ........................... p. 12 James Clark see how this holiday season goes.
Because It’s Really Production Coordinator,
Warm Hands, Warm Most likely you will feel that
All About the Children Design
Heads, Warm Hearts impulse toward moderation in
by Lans Christensen................................ p. 14 by Cynthia Hochswender .................. p. 30 Libby H. Hall-Abeel this issue of Holiday Gift Guide.
Advertising Manager
Two themes might be summa-
Gifts Ideas for When Less Is More The Gifts That Nature Gives Us Caitlin Hanlon rized as Finding Incomparable
by Debra A. Aleksinas ........................... p. 18 by Cynthia Hochswender ...................p. 33 Composing Little Gems and Doing More
Puzzling Ideas (But Pleasing) with Less. Or perhaps the theme
Olivia Montoya
by Cynthia Hochswender .................. p. 22 Composing is “Shop less, stress less, spend
©2018 The Lakeville Journal Company, LLC
quality time with the people you
Cover photo by love.” And, of course, buy from lo-
Anne Day cal businesses whenever you can.
— Cynthia Hochswender

Whiting Mills
12th Annual Holiday
Small Businesses
Well-Being . . .
and other guest artists
December 1 & 2
11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
The Artists at Whiting Mills
100 Whiting Street • Winsted, CT • 860.738.2240 •
4 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE, November 2018

Cooking Up Some Love
In The Kitchen
By Cynthia Hochswender

f your loved one shows that happier to eat meals with me
he or she loves you by cook- now that I own a digital meat
ing wonderful things in the thermometer. After a lifetime
kitchen, perhaps a perfect holi- of serving overcooked, dried out
day gift is a very special kitchen meat I now serve tender, perfect-
tool that shows you appreciate ly cooked meat.
the effort he or she is making on I’ve been extremely happy
your behalf. with my Lavatools PT12 Javelin
Some of these ideas are ex- Digital Instant Read Meat Ther-
pensive but most of them are in mometer, which I bought on
the $25 range. You can put them Amazon for $25.
together in a gift basket for maxi- Anne Day is the editor of our
mum splash; or wrap them up Compass Arts and Entertain-
with some nice ribbon or make ment section. In addition to be-
them into stocking stuffers. ing breathtakingly stylish, she’s
There are several good cook- also a very talented cook.
ware shops in the area; there’s a “My absolute fav thing in the
Compass Arts and Entertainment Editor Anne Day loves citrus list at the end of this article. kitchen is my lime squeezer,
in all its forms. She recommends handheld citrus squeezers Let’s begin with me. My first purchased in Mexico,” she
as a stocking stuffer for anyone who likes to cook or anyone friends and family are much said. “We lost it in the fire when
who likes to mix beverages (alcoholic or otherwise).

Pizzeria & Italian Ristorante
Gourmet Pizzas
Medium: $17.75 • Large: $19.75 • X-Large: $22.75
Pizza Specials
Celebrating our 10th year! #1 Family Pack: X-Large Cheese Pizza, 6 Garlic Knots, 2 Liter Soda $25 + tax
#2 2 Large Cheese Pizzas, 12 Wings, 6 Garlic Knots, 2 Liter Soda $35 + tax
#3 2 Large Cheese Pizzas, 24 Wings, 12 Garlic Knots, 2 Liter Soda $45 + tax
#4 2 Large Cheese Pizzas, 24 Wings, 12 Mozzarella Sticks, (2) 2 Liter Sodas $55 + tax
#5 Super Pack: 2 X-Large Cheese Pizzas, 24 Wings, 24 Garlic Knots,
1 House Salad, 1 Caesar Salad, (2) 2 Liter Sodas $65 + tax

We also serve
Soups • Salads • Subs • Wraps • Seafood, Veal, Chicken Dishes
Thank you for your continued patronage on behalf of Santo Pizzeria staff!

Freshtown Plaza 5094 Route 22, Amenia, NY 12501
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HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE, November 2018 5

our house burned. A friend got sous vide cooking. She doesn’t
me three more, in different use it for everything, but she es-
sizes: key lime, regular lime and pecially likes it for steak, chicken,
lemon. It’s the best invention fish and eggs (which sounds like
ever. Until recently you couldn’t almost everything). Sous vide
get them in the U.S. Now they cooking involves inserting a
have them but they are painted, wand into your cooking pot full
and the paint peels. The best of water; the food is in a sealed
ones are the grayish ones that are plastic bag. She recommends the
anodized aluminum.” brand called Joule and suggests
One you might try is the Bel- you go to to
lemain Premium Quality Stain- see a sous vide video.
less Steel Lemon Squeezer with Bruce Weinstein of Colebrook,
Silicone Handles, priced from Conn., is the chef in a famous
$29 to $34. That’s a bit expensive and prolific cookbook-creating
for such a simple item but that’s duo with his partner, Mark Scar-
what makes this a good gift. If it brough.
weren’t a luxury, you’d just buy it “I will say that there is one
for yourself. thing (can we call it a gadget?)
Karen Reich of North Ca- that I will never be caught with-
naan, Conn., Wendy Weinberg out: butcher’s twine, because
of Cornwall, Conn., and Sherri it’s so perfect for tying more than
Gorelick of Southfield, Mass., are just roasts — and let’s say that ev-
all friends and are all stunningly eryone should tie their roasts to
good cooks. keep them compact; so they hold
Karen’s favorite kitchen their shape and don’t fall apart;
product: “My immersion hand and so they cook evenly.
blender, hands down [no pun “It’s also good for tying up
intended there]. I’ve only used bundles of herbs — and even
one brand but they should all be presents, if you’re out of ribbon.”
similar. Amazing for soups and He recommends Tenn Well
sauces, and they eliminate a lot Bakers Twine, three-ply; 109
of mess! yards of food-safe cotton cooking
“I also like the square plastic string costs a little over $7.
cutting boards, which I use to “I also love my giant ice cube
protect my limestone counter. I trays,” Weinstein said. “We all
put them in the dishwasher daily. have ice makers in our freez- Celebrates their 1st Holiday Season in their
Don’t dishwash your hand blend- ers and they all make the same
er, though; wash it by hand.” half-moon small ice cubes that NEW LOCATION
Wendy is a famously good bak- melt in seconds. I love to keep
er and former co-owner of the at least two of these extra-large
Barrington Bites cupcake com- cube molds filled in the freezer,
for drinks where I want the ice to
The Sharon Shopping Center
pany. She said, “I love my fish
spatula, not only for fish but for melt slowly.” 10 Gay Street
baking, too. It gets everything off He recommends the extremely Sharon, CT 06069
a baking sheet in one piece. handsome silicone block trays
“Mine is French, made by No- from Samuelworld. These are the
gent, but I’m not sure the brand ice cube trays that James Bond
matters; just make sure it’s metal would use. They cost about $13 OPEN 7 DAYS!
and slotted.” for a set of two trays, which each
Her former baking partner, make eight cubes. Designer Fashion – New and Vintage
Sherri Gorelick, said a digital “Also,” he said, “I think every-
Design Services & Home Accents
scale for baking is her favorite one should have a set of kitchen
item; she likes the one by Escali scissors that are used only for Vintage Max Mara • Chanel • Prada
(sold at the Chef’s Shop in Great cooking. They can be used to trim Jil Sander • Sportmax • Gucci
Barrington, Mass.). And more!
She’s also a recent convert to Continued on page 6
6 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE, November 2018

…cooking up some love
Continued from page 5

chicken skin and fat, slice up breakfast — but my real work-
scallions, open all sorts of pack- horse is an Epicurean nonslip
aging — so much easier than a antimicrobial cutting board.”
knife in so many circumstances.” Depending on what size and
So much less dangerous than where you get them from, the
a knife in so many circumstances Epicurean boards run about $25
too, IMO. to $30.
Careful readers of The Lake- Like several of the cooks
ville Journal’s Health page will polled for this article, Tina said,
recognize my friend Tina Scoc- “The thing I use most in the
colo Steiner, who lives in Seattle, kitchen is my 7-inch chef’s knife
Wash., and is a great cook in her from Henckel with the divots,
own right but is also the daugh- the one that’s called a santoku.
ter of a world-class purveyor of No one else is allowed to touch
Mama-style Italian cuisine. my santoku knife — I mean NO
Tina recommends “a pastry ONE!”
scraper for sure.” Look for the I don’t have one of these yet,
one from OXO, sold at most Big in part because I have so many
Box stores and some grocery knives I can’t really justify buy-
PHOTOS BY CAITLIN HANLON stores for about $10. ing more; and in part because
Cookbook author Bruce Weinstein says one thing he won’t be caught “Cutting boards for every- I’m not sure which one to get.
without in the kitchen is butcher’s twine. It’s not a conventional day use, plastic and square for Prices vary widely, even within
holiday gift ... but it can be used to tie packages in a pinch! quick cutting, like an apple for the Henckel’s line.

Carolyn Cannon, DVM | Katie Vagliano, DVM | Jacy Cyr, DVM
• Integrative Medicine & Surgery
• Diagnostic / Laboratory
• Dental
• Acupuncture / Traditional Chinese Medicine
• Chiropractic
• Therapeutic Laser
Gift Certificates Available
199 Route 44, Millerton, NY | 518-789-3440
Visit us on the web:,
visit us on Facebook at
HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE, November 2018 7

If you’re unsure and want recently had a 7-inch Wüsthof
expert advice, you can of course santoku knife in the Urban
ask at a good chef’s shop. Another Farmer line selling for $100,
idea is to talk to an expert knife down from the suggested price
sharpener. I asked Bruce Ber- of $125.
tram from Sakura Sharpening And by the way, getting all
why the santoku is so special. He your loved one’s knives sharp-
explained that the dimples aren’t ened is a very good gift; it can be
serrations, “they are reliefs. They expensive but boy is it worth it.
help to keep food from sticking The only trouble is that once you
to the blade.” start doing it, you will feel the
“For a holiday gift idea,” he need to do it several times a year.
said, “Wüsthof has come out with You can find Sakura at www.
a new line of knives called Urban Bruce
Farmer. Beautiful knives, great and his wife, Ruth, are in Kent,
steel. They’re meant to be attrac- Conn., several times a year; check
tive to people who grow their their website for dates when you
own food in their home gardens. can drop off your cutlery (and
I own three and plan to buy more. tools).
They are very reasonably priced, The sculptor Henry Klimowicz
from Millerton, N.Y., loves his Pastry scrapers are an invaluable kitchen tool and can be used for
for Wüsthof.”
scraping pastry off cutting boards and countertops, for slicing pastry
They seem to be sold mainly or cookie dough, for chopping herbs and nuts and myriad other tasks.
through Williams Sonoma, which Continued on page 8 They’re inexpensive and an excellent gift for a serious baker.

Holiday entertaining?

20% off mixed cases of all our delicious wines and proseccos,
when you pay by cash or check. (Credit cards - 15% off - still great!)

Veuve Clicquot $49.99 | Nue Vodka (1.75L) $19.99 | Vesica Vodka (1.75L) $19.99

Shop with confidence in a wine shop known for terrific selection, service and value.

518.393.7633 |
There are two main roads in Pine Plains. We’ve moved to the other one.
Route 199, two blocks west of the stoplight, going toward Rhinebeck. The drive is beautiful.
8 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE, November 2018

…cooking up some love
Continued from page 7

santoku knife — “and also the unflipping the crust back into a
mandoline, which is a cool tool full circle.”
but is dangerous.” Mandolines He loves his gravy and fat
are used to make very thin, very separator. Try the one from Von-
even slices from vegetables. You dior, which is expensive enough
can get pretty good and pretty at $19 to make it a good gift.
inexpensive ones these days, es- Painter Tom Goldenberg of
pecially the ones from Japanese Sharon, Conn., who is possibly
manufacturers. the most talented home cook I
If you get a mandoline, think know and that’s saying some-
about also getting a pair of no- thing, says the most-loved tool
cut chef’s safety gloves, such in his kitchen is a hand grater
as the ones from NoCry. They for cheese and nutmeg. You
cost between $10 and $13 and you can get a fairly unfussy inexpen-
can get them on Amazon or at sive one at most grocery stores
Walmart. and cook shops, or you can get
Henry also likes spatulas, a fancier microplane grater (I
“the metal flat ones for apply- use my microplane grater from
ing frosting on cakes and the Guido’s in Great Barrington at
largest one for pie crust, first for least three times a week, for
What better way to tell someone you think he or she is worth their salt flipping the full circle in half cheese and for making lemon
than with a gift of the expensive (but so worth it) fleur de sel from Brittany, and then for moving the flipped- zest).
France? Read more about gifts involving salt in the sidebar on Page 9. over crust into the pan and then Carrie Stetson, owner chef of

Unique & Custom Gifts
Rock & Roll Apparel and Accessories
Plush Robes w/ Free Monogramming
Custom Screen Printing and Embroidery

22 Main Street Millerton, NY 12546
518-592-1777 •
HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE, November 2018 9

the Railway Cafe at Geer Village Preston Kitchen Goods at 11 SERVING THE TRI-STATE AREA FOR OVER 40 YEARS
in North Canaan, Conn., said East Shore Road in New Preston,
that the one item that migrated Conn.
home from her professional Guido’s in Great Barrington
kitchen are the plastic squeeze has a small but very good cook-
bottles. They cost about a dollar ware section; however, there isn’t
but are a little hard to find (try always someone there to help
looking at Walmart). guide you through the choices.
24 HR Lt. Duty & Heavy Duty Towing & Recovery Services
As a gift, you can fill them with Target in Torrington, Conn., CERTIFIED AUTOMOTIVE & HEAVY DUTY TRUCK REPAIRS
some beautiful olive oils and vin- actually has a very good selec- CT EMISSIONS TESTING CENTER
egars. They’re not only fast and tion of everything from hand- Gift Certificates Available
easy to use while you’re cooking, some small tools to storage jars 2 North Elm Street Day (860) 824-5802
Canaan, CT 06018 Fax (860) 824-1346 Night (413) 229-3308
they also let you decorate foods and bottles to cookware. They
like a pro. also have a lot of small applianc-
If any of these items seems es, such as coffee pod machines
intimidating, go to a chef’s shop and panini makers and Instant
and get expert guidance. Two in Pots.
the area are the Chef’s Shop at 31 For cookware and fun unex-
Railroad St. in Great Barrington, pected items, including dishtow-, 800-237- els and spices, try Marshalls in
5284 or 413-528-0135. 31 Railroad Great Barrington and its cousin,
St., Great Barrington; and New T.J. Maxx in Torrington.
Accepting custom framing
orders for the holidays
through December 21st! FRAMING & GALLERY
You can find many kinds of they won’t be, frankly, as much
sea salt at any chef’s shop and fun to cook with as the coarse
even in most grocery stores. version. I also love the “mouth
Most are very good, but there is feel” (pardon my pretension) of Lia’s Mountain View Restaurant
nothing that compares (in my the coarser salt.
Casual Family Dining since 1983
opinion) to the moist, gray, peb- While it’s always better, of
bly salt collected from the Atlan- course, to shop local you can go Italian American Cuisine
tic coast of France, in Brittany. online if you want and buy fleur
If your loved one likes to de sel in bulk. It’s less expensive
Accepting Reservations for Holiday Parties
cook, a big sack of fleur de sel is a that way and, heck, you can even
7685 Route 82, Pine Plains, NY 12567
wonderful present. I personally repackage it into individual gifts
prefer really coarse fleur de sel. It for all your chef friends, not just
visit us on Facebook
is, to me, more distinctive than one.
other types of sea salt (even than Try this one: Le Guerandais
other types of fleur de sel). Coarse Sea Salt Gros Sel De Guer-
You can buy small packs of ande, 2.2 pounds for $10.44 at
fleur de sel in good-looking pack- Amazon. Note: It’s less expensive
ages, usually for about $10 to $15 than some other salts because
a pop; try Bizalion’s Fine Food in it’s coarse; but, as noted, I think Celebrating 25 years in business
Great Barrington, Mass., which the coarse version is better.
sells classic French packaged Another good one: The Spice
foods in addition to exceptional Lab French Gray Coarse Sea Salt,
salads and sandwiches (the 2 pounds for $11.95 at Amazon.
perfect place to stop for a snack Whatever brand you choose, be Since 1993
while on a shopping trip). Most sure you can see a picture of the
of those more delicate packs salt crystals to ensure they’re
Robain L Dionne
contain fine salt, not coarse. coarse (or fine, if that’s what you
The crystals will still have a nice want). 336 Main Street, Lakeville, CT
briny, “from the sea” flavor but — Cynthia Hochswender 860-435-2600
10 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE, November 2018

A Truly Novel Idea For A Holiday Gift
By Divya Symmers

nyone who watched “The cal fiction, romantic stories and, was 21. three. Outlander came in sec-
Great American Read” on according to PBS, “books that Books as a competitive sport! ond, no doubt nudged by the
PBS, an eight-part series represent the human experi- Online viewers confessed to popular Starz series based on
that revealed the country’s 100 ence told from a diverse range becoming misty-eyed. Diana Gabaldon’s steamy time-
best-loved novels (from a sur- of perspectives.” “Anne of Green Gables,” 11; travel adventures.
vey of more than 7,000 people) With the kind of fanfare “Jane Eyre,” 10; The Chronicles So, there you have it. Harper
and wrapped up with the usually reserved for winners of of Narnia series, nine; “Little Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird” is
most-loved of all announced to reality game shows, moderator Women,” eight; “Charlotte’s officially America’s best-loved
an enthusiastic live audience, Meredith Vieira hosted the final Web,” seven; “Gone with the novel, having started out as
could be forgiven for feeling results of public voting on Oct. Wind,” six. number one on the first show,
suddenly optimistic about our 23, as the audience cheered for As each top five finalist was and never wavering.
uneasy land. “Moby-Dick” and “Frankenstein” announced, there were cas- Each of the hundred books
As literary and other luminar- and “The Sun Also Rises.” None cades of applause: “Pride and mentioned was one that, if
ies joined in discussing their fa- of these were in the top 10 or Prejudice,” the Lord of the Rings you’d read it, you wanted to
vorites, this stimulating weekly even 20. series, “To Kill a Mockingbird,” read it again. And if you hadn’t,
show brought fiction from “The Catcher in the Rye” by the Harry Potter series, and the you wanted to. And that, of
as far back as the 1600s (“Don J.D. Salinger and “Great Expecta- Outlander novels (my mom, a course, was the whole point of
Quixote”) into your living room tions” by Charles Dickens were huge though secret fan, would this ingenious multi-platform
in a whole new way. There were 30 and 29. “The Color Purple” by have been thrilled), with the production (which includes an
20th-century American classics, Alice Walker was 27. “The Stand” Lord of the Rings series coming eponymous book of its own): to
thrillers, young adult novels, by Stephen King was 24. Emily in at five, “Pride and Prejudice” get people reading and discuss-
sci-fi/fantasy, adventure, histori- Brontë’s “Wuthering Heights” number four, Harry Potter, ing books.

  The Pe rf e ct P lac e  
THE t o St art t he H oli day Se as on
C h ri stmas Fa ir
UCC Cornwall Parish House
The fires are lit!
Dinner in the Tap Room every night Saturday, December 1 st 9:30 am — 3:00 pm
8 Bolton Hill Road, Cornwall, CT
(off of Route 4)
 Photo with a llama; for children, family, pets
 Children’s Shopping room; child’s budget & free gift wrapping
WHITE HART  Wreaths — locally made  Apple Pie contest
 Lunch — homemade soups & sandwiches
PROVISIONS  Local artisans & attic treasures for gifts, stocking stuffers,
hostess gifts, one of a kind holiday decorations
 Baskets Raffle  Creche Display
Breakfast, lunch, coffee and To-Go every day
 Baked Goods, including Suzie’s Sweets
With a complete catering menu for the holidays
  Pre-order wreaths: (860) 672-6840  
860 435 0030 • WHITEHARTINN.COM Facebook @uccincornwall
HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE, November 2018 11

It worked! existing neural pathways in the
An estimated 2.2 million brain to life … creates new syn-
books are published around opses and improves short-term
the world each year, including memory.”
fiction, nonfiction and poetry. Other studies suggest that
Yet, in an era of diminished reading fiction helps with
attention spans, literary fic- depression and insomnia, en-
tion — the category “To Kill a hances empathy — even reduces
Mockingbird”falls under — is by stress and the possibility of
many accounts struggling, mak- developing Alzheimer’s. Accord-
ing “The Great American Read” ing to a 2016 report in The New
a potential godsend for contem- York Times, “Book readers lived
porary novelists. an average of almost two years
And while e-books hold a longer than those who did not
place in peripatetic readers’ read at all.” (Worth noting: a
digital hearts, actual printed similar, though weaker, correla-
books are not only still popular tion exists among readers of
but also better for your health, newspapers.)
say experts. Novels are the most For those of us who prefer
beneficial, and a great novel — spending humid summer after-
think Kate Atkinson’s “Life After noons curled up by a fan with a PHOTO BY CYNTHIA HOCHSWENDER
Life” — is even better. novel, this is fantastic news. We Sometimes the best part of shopping for book gifts is that you get to sit in a com-
When you’re reading a detec- might not be out playing tennis, fy chair at a lovely bookstore (the one in the photo, above, is Book Loft in Great
tive story or historical novel or but we’re exercising our brains. Barrington) and take just a wee break from the rigors of the holiday season.
contemporary bildungsroman, What could be a better holiday
it turns out that keeping track gift this year than one of Ameri-
of characters and plots “brings ca’s 100 best-loved books?

In the Tri-state region, • “The Latecomers” by
when you talk about “shop- Helen Klein Ross
ping local” for books for
holiday gifts, you don’t only
• “Twentieth-Century Boy”
mean that you’re buying by Duncan Hannah
from a bookstore in the area. • Any of the many cook-
It also often means that
books by Bruce Wein-
you’re buying a new title by
stein and Mark Scar-
a local author. Our excellent
brough including “The
local book vendors include Let this shirt become
Oblong Books and Music in Instant Pot Bible” and a favorite for years
Millerton and Rhinebeck, “Shortcut Cooking.” to come. The soft "hand"
and resilient vitality of 100%
N.Y.; the Book Loft in Great • “The Vintage Baker” by pure virgin wool and
Barrington, Mass.; Merritt carefully aligned plaids,
Jessie Sheehan says quality all the way.
Bookstore in Millbrook, N.Y.; Available in a wide
and House of Books in Kent, • “The Perfectionists: The assortment of unique
Conn. Look there for books Story of Precision” by patterns and colors.
Made in and for America.
by area authors including Simon Winchester
these new titles: Blankets • Sweaters
• “The Library Book,” by Pipes • Knives • Outdoor Gear
(518) 789-3474
Susan Orlean
12 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE, November 2018

There’s Only One
‘I’ In Christmas
By Alexander Wilburn

ith social progress, the Lose it at the bottom of your
definition of family is bag. Leave it behind in a coffee
changing. That means shop. It’s your investment piece,
you are free to define “family” and no one will ever suspect, or
in any way you like, with defini- know, or care what you do with
tions like: a burden, expensive, it.
or just ungrateful a bit de trop. • Rinse and Repeat Candle by
This Christmas, it’s important to Snowe, natural soy candle, $30.
ask yourself, “Am I buying this Tastemaker Candle by Snowe,
gift as a show of appreciation natural soy candle, $30.
for the affection and care the Scented candles are your
recipient has shown me in the way of playing God. You can’t
last year? Or is this a monetary control other people, but you
chore that I have to perform can control the flavor in the air
simply because I bought them a of any given room. Why just
gift last year?” have a bathroom, why just have
Break the cycle of feeling a shower, when you can burn
badly that comes with spend- a Rinse and Repeat Candle by
ing money you don’t have on Snowe that claims to make your ILLUSTRATION BY ALEXANDER WILBURN

people whom you might feel, in bathroom smell like a spa — that
your heart, don’t deserve your is, like steam and water and
largesse. soap. Or Snowe’s Tastemaker
Instead, remember this: Candle, made for your kitchen,
Sometimes, the person who which smells like lemons, as It’s the holiday season. You’ve worked hard all year,
loves you best and whom you if you had just cleaned your you’ve knocked yourself out finding gifts for family
love the best is yourself. And kitchen with lemon soap, even and friends. You deserve a little something special,
while you can’t totally get away if you didn’t. But imagine if you too. Go ahead. Indulge. Enjoy.
with not buying gifts for friends did.
and family, you should show •Labradoodle puppy, roughly
yourself a little love, too. Do it $2,000 not including vaccina-
with a splurge. Need ideas? Try tions and care. But who’s count-
these. ing? agree with you, not because day season.
• Hair Cloud Scrunchie by Even the most like-minded Labradoodles can’t think or If that’s happening, warm
Comfort Object, made from re- friends will eventually disap- speak — they can — but because your frigid body with a blanket
purposed vintage Hermès silk, point you with their political they’ll only be able to absorb — a white faux-fur throw ap-
$150. opinions. You know who doesn’t the media you show them. With propriately named after Jadis,
What could be more deli- have any political opinions? iPad screens not yet tailored for the White Witch from C.S. Lewis’
ciously selfish, more in the Puppies. Which means you can canine paws, your new puppy British children’s classic Narnia
spirit of “just for me and no one project any kind of divisive will have to trust that the care- series. When she wasn’t turning
else” than a scrunchie that only ideology you want onto your fully curated daily news you foe and loyal follower alike into
you know costs $150? new, sprightly, four-legged consume must be the whole stone, the White Witch ruled
Comfort Object is a Danish companion, whether you’re a truth. over her frosty kingdom, mak-
company that has rebranded feminist Marxist, a moderate-in- • Jadis Snow Throw by East- ing sure it was always winter in
the 1980s scrunchie as the 2010s name looking to avoid the civic ern Accents, handcrafted faux Narnia and (more to the point)
Hair Cloud, which gives them responsibility of paying taxes, fur blanket, $295. never Christmas. Sounds like a
the right to charge big sums or just a radical progressive who You are probably feeling a solid plan for avoiding buying
for silk in Hermès or Liberty wants to see the whole system chill as you read this article unnecessary gifts for fauns, or
of London prints. Tie it in your topple down. about turning a cold shoulder dwarfs or school children evacu-
hair. Wear it around your wrist. Your new puppy will always on loved ones during the holi- ated from the London Blitz.
HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE, November 2018 13

Sale prices valid: November 15 - December 31, 2018 - While supplies last.



Support local this season and visit us for all your CLP3SET 3
Piece 5-Inch,
stocking stuffers, wrapping needs, holiday cards, Crescent CHK3PC 7-Inch, and
Cresent 3 Pc. Folding 10-Inch
quirky gifts and art supplies from amature to artist SAE/Metric/Torx Dual Curved Jaw Locking
Material Key Set, Plier Set CLPSETN
Black CHK3PC

$9 99


General Tools
383NX Telescoping
Magnetic Pickup, Lutz 15-IN-1 15-In-1
2-Pound Pull
0473651/7011448 Ratcheting Screwdriver
Set L151 General Tools 10 Pc

99 Mini Screwdriver Set
38 Railroad St. Great Barrington, MA 01230 (413)644-9838

Check out our instagram or facebook at JWS Art Supplies for info and events Stanley Tools 99

Magnetic 99
High Impact
Torpedo Level
5055946/6597801 GREAT
Duracell® 20/
STUFFER Imperial Variety Pack
Pk “AA” Alkaline 4 Blades Includes

99 Batteries -T340, T336, T330,
4210077/0111328 TCARBINE %$&793,&

Nebo Poppy 6555 99
Combination 99
LED 300 Lumen
Lantern / 120
Lumen Spot SnapBack
Light w/ 3 X
EdisonBright AA Chalk
batteries NE-6555 Line with
Stanley Tools 30’
Fat Max Tape Rule
Tip CET103
TRAEGER 5046688/7758733


100 OFF Mechanix Wear - CG
Leather Impact Pro
Still not sure?
your pass

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Happy Holidays from everyone at
Offer valid through 12/31/18
We share your passion.®
+LOOVGDOH1<ă/DNHYLOOH&7ƛ0LOOerton, NY: 518.789.3611
14 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE, November 2018

Feeling The Pull Of

Outdoor Field Sports


O By Lans Christensen


heasant, quail or clay length zipper for in-out ease,
pigeon — no matter and they are fully leather
Holiday Shopping! which games you prefer, lined.
Your backyard birding store Books • Journals here are some gift ideas for This shop also carries an
lovers of those sports and for extensive clothing selection
filled with great gifts Puzzles • Games all fans of the well-dressed highlighted by the Schoffel
for garden, outdoor and so much more
Toys • Music outdoor life. line. In particular, check out
Here in our corner of the the Ptarmigan field coat;
Art Supplies world, we are very fortunate it’s the definitive, high-tech,
Greeting Cards to have the British Sporting Gore-Tex shooting coat — but
Arms shop in Millbrook, N.Y. don’t just wear it for shoot-
Expertly owned and oper- ing; wear it anytime, any-
ated by Charles and Margaret where.
ATING 4 Y Schneible, this is literally a Just in case you’re buying
L one-stop shop for every sport- yourself a gift, check out a


1976 201 ing gift idea. magnificent James Purdey
783 South Main Street To pick just a highlight or side-by-side gun.
Great Barrington, MA 01230 two: Look at the incompa- The shop’s website is www.
phone: 413.644.9007 | fax: 413.644.9005 10 North Main Street
rable Le Chameau Chasseur; they’re located at 860-927-4101 rubber boots. For anyone 3684 Route 44 in Millbrook.
spending time in the wet For women who may be
outdoors, these are a must. eager to try the sporting clay
Handmade in France, these experience or are already en-
exquisite boots feature a full- thusiasts, a gift membership

Wolf Appliance, Inc., a leader in high-end cooking equipment, is introducing a new Wolf Gourmet line of
luxury countertop kitchen appliances and kitchen tools. These new countertop appliances are the perfect
complement to the Wolf kitchen appliance designs we have grown to love… especially those red knobs! As
an authorized Sub-Zero and Wolf dealer you can purchase them here at Gordon R. Keller Appliance Inc. ON


For over 30 years
518-789-4961 PHOTOS BY LANS CHRISTENSEN Paul Chinelli creates portraits of sporting
PO Box 613 • 3 Century Blvd. • Millerton, NY 12546 companions that capture their souls.
HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE, November 2018 15

to GRITS is a great idea. GRITS no farther than the acclaimed a
stands for “girls really into shoot- portrait artist Paul Chinelli, now c
ing” and aptly describes this specializing in dogs and horses.
growing organization that is, its Chinelli produces 16-by-20 life-
members say, “tightly bound by sized pencil portraits and spends
friendship, support and camara- more than 100 hours in their
derie.” Rule no. 1 at their events is creation.
“no scorekeeping.” He has an uncanny ability
With the pressure of competi- to capture the very heart, soul
tion removed, the focus is on fun, and personality of each subject.
socializing and sharing a mutual He schedules a photo portrait
love of the game. Information session with the animal — if you
about the club and membership have a good photo of your de-
can be found at www.grits- parted pet he can work from that as well. A brilliant gift to any pet
Many say that the best part of owner/lover; learn more at www.
wing shooting is working with
your four-legged partner, and And speaking of your dog,
watching them fulfill their roles particularly your retriever: give
perfectly. These are much-loved them the gift of a great training
pets and companions and the experience. Well-established
perfect way to honor them is Schoffel clothing and other excellent outdoor
with a beautiful portrait. Look Continued on page 16 gear can be found at British Sporting Arms.

During the holiday season, our
thoughts turn gratefully to those who
have made our success possible. It is
in this spirit that we say thank you
and best wishes for the holidays and
New Year!
-Jack, Linda, Kaitlin, Jim,
Brian, & Brian

4228 Route 22c Wassaic, New
York 12592
16 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE, November 2018

…outdoor field sports
Continued from page 15

Mossy Pond Retrievers has into the outdoor companion
been doing this for years, and you always wanted.
recently opened a new facility “PULL!” That’s the word
in Marlboro, N.Y. They are an that starts all the fun! Happy
Orvis-approved training com- holidays, and happy gift giv-
pany, and will turn your pet ing.

There are several out- • Tamarack Preserve,
door sport organiza- Amenia, N.Y., 845-373-
tions in the Tri-state 7084, www.tamarack-
region. Consider a
membership, a meal or
a workshop at: • Orvis Sandanona,
Millbrook, N.Y., 845-
• Mashomack Preserve 677-9701, www.orvis.
Club, Pine Plains, N.Y., com (click “trips and
518-398-5151, www. schools”), email to san-
PHOTOS BY LANS CHRISTENSEN, Outdoor clothing at British Sporting Arms warm the body
email to contactus@ and are beautiful to behold.

captivating holiday solutions

hand crafted wreaths : garlands : interior and exterior arrangements : trees
custom decorations installed in your home & office KENT
tel 860 787 5068
HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE, November 2018 17

Rustling Wind
November 17 - December 30
Open 9:00 - 5:00 daily

Custom Gift Baskets
Raw Milk Cheeses
Jams • Chutneys • Relishes
Pickles • Maple Products
Pancake Mixes • Honey
Hand Knits • Goat Soaps


148 Canaan Mountain Road
Falls Village, CT 06031
You don’t have to be an outdoor sportsman to love 860-824-7084
Le Chameau Chasseur boots, at British Sporting Arms.

antique hand hewn beams • primitive antiques • fireplace mantles • pottery • metal work

visit our
showroom at
Kent Barns!

Thank you for your years of patronage!
–Tom, Brian & the gang at Riley’s

122 Route 44, Millerton, New York 12546

518.789.4641 •

custom countertops • doTerra essential oils • local artisans • eco goods • antique barn siding
18 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE, November 2018

Giving The Gift That Goes Away
By Debra A. Aleksinas

ometimes, the best gifts Consider giving the gift of These easy-to-grow cuties re- installation, King said.
are not those that last life: houseplants or floral ar- quire no soil, only a good soak- Custom gift baskets are
forever — especially if you, rangements. Even minimalists ing once a week and periodic also popular, and appreciated,
or a loved one, are downsiz- enjoy being surrounded by misting, said King. when it comes to giving. For
ing, minimalizing or just don’t the beauty and elegance of live “They get their nutrients instance, at Nodine’s Smoke-
want an avalanche of useless plants and flowers. They bring through the air.” house in Goshen, Conn., Heath-
or duplicate “stuff” piling up life to their surroundings, Other popular plants for er Desmond said she has seen
around you. freshen the air, and help keep gifting include African violets, customers come in and spend
There are still many options the winter blues at bay. colorful croton, the Chinese hundreds of dollars to make
for gift giving that may require Houseplants during the holi- money plant (or pilea), suc- a gift basket containing the
a little more creativity, but will days needn’t be limited to the culents, cacti and miniature family-owned smokehouse’s
likely be appreciated and put to traditional poinsettias, paper bonsai trees. Kent Greenhouse most popular items. “Jams,
good use. whites or amaryllis. At Kent has gift certificates perfect for smoked meat, cheese, bacon,
For instance, organic soaps Greenhouse & Gardens in Kent, allowing the receiver to choose jerky, barbecue sauce, they all
and lotions, elegant candles, Conn., for instance, orchids are his or her own selection, such make great gift basket items,”
fine wine, special food gift hands down one of the most as handcrafted wreaths and she said.
baskets, dinner at a fine restau- popular plants for gift giving, garlands. You can also order a The gift of knowledge is an-
rant, or tickets for the movies said employee Audrey King. custom arrangement or home other option. There are count-
or a stage production all make “They are very elegant look-
great gifts. ing,” and come in a variety of
Or, restore a valuable pos- colors, shapes and species.
session, such as an old pocket A trend right now are little
watch or Grandfather clock spidery-looking plants called
that long ago stopped ticking, a tillandsia, or “air plants.” They
beloved family photograph, or are perfect for those who may
a treasured piece of heirloom have a brown thumb when
jewelry. it comes to caring for plants.

PHOTOS BY DEBRA A. ALEKSINAS Rachael Swift tended to a bonsai at Kent Greenhouse
Orchids are the most popular indoor plant for gift giving, & Gardens. Small plants make great gifts for homeowners
said Audrey King at Kent Greenhouse & Gardens. who are downsizing and trying to declutter.
HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE, November 2018 19

less courses and classes being loved one during the holidays.
offered at schools, colleges and
other institutions of learning
Deliver a basket of fresh-baked
goodies and spend time sip- Distillery of the Year.”
in the area, from art to foreign ping tea from one of several
language to cooking, dancing nearby purveyors of specialty
- 2018 New York International Spirits Competition
or even auto racing or auto beverages.
mechanics. Offer to take the recipient’s
Subscription renewals, too, dog for a walk, or to get it
are often appreciated: for groomed.
example, a year’s subscription Create a gift certificate
to AAA, a favorite magazine, a designed to make life easier
membership warehouse store, for the recipient by offering to
or even a community news- shovel their sidewalk during
paper (such as The Lakeville the winter; clean out an attic;
Journal!). haul some discarded items
And who doesn’t love pam- away to the local landfill, or
pering: the Litchfield Hills are offer to do shopping or driving
a haven for luxurious spas, for someone who is no longer
retreats and salons. able to easily get around. A
Of course, the gift of your- gift from the heart can create
self may be the most valuable. a memory that lasts forever —
Spend time with a friend or with no clutter.

Looking for the perfect holiday gift with a local
connection? Give Litchfield Distillery and share the
best Connecticut has to offer! We take the finest
local grains we can find and craft award-winning
spirits one batch at a time. Taste for yourself why
our good old-fashioned grit and determination
have earned us recognition and awards from New
York to San Francisco.
Our Distillery store has a huge selection of gift ideas,
from hats and shirts to glassware and flasks.


Try our signature cocktail,
The Litchfielder.
Scan code or visit for
more holiday cocktail ideas!

Nodine’s Smokehouse’s specialty smoked meats, bottled sauces ©2018 Litchfield Distillery, 569 Bantam Rd., Litchfield, CT Please sip responsibly.
and cheeses are popular for gift baskets during the holiday season.
20 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE, November 2018

Give the gift of … News!
A gift subscription to your community newspapers, whether in print, digital or web, is the
perfect gift for anyone on your gift list ... a friend or relative who is away from the Tri-State
area but would like to keep up with the local news ... a student away at school or college... or
anyone who wants to know what’s going on in the Tri-State area!

Give a gift subscription!
25% In Print (includes website) Online
Applicable one year rate You pay only One year
$53 (in county) $39.75 Website Only $28
$60 (outside county) $45 iPaper $38

Contact Sandra Lang or send in the form below.
Phone: 860-435-9873 ext. 301
Or go to and click on “Subscribe”

Send a Gift subscription for:
TThe Lakeville Journal T The Millerton News
TPrint T Website T iPaper
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Your Name ___________________________________ Name _______________________________________
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Town _____________ State ________ Zip __________ Town _____________ State ________ Zip __________
Phone Number ________________________________ Phone Number ________________________________
Email _______________________________________ Email _______________________________________
Your recipient will receive access to the best regional news site with their print subscription gift.
Be sure to include their email address.
Mail this form to: The Lakeville Journal, PO Box 1688, Lakeville, CT 06039

Your Independent, Locally Owned, Community Newspapers & Regional News Website
HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE, November 2018 21

Take a closer look at
where we live.
22 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE, November 2018

Why We Love To Do Puzzles

’Tis A Puzzlement
By Cynthia Hochswender

utside it’s snowing television. I do them in win-
and you don’t want ter and summer. I do them
to leave the coziness when I should be outside
of your fireside. You’ve just hiking or inside going to the
finished the book you were gym.
reading and you don’t knit, I’m a little bit embar-
so how will you pass the rassed by my puzzle hobby,
time? Why not do a jigsaw to be honest, but I don’t
puzzle? know why. After all, most of
I don’t wait for bad weath- my friends are also puzzle
er to do jigsaws. I do them addicts.
all the time, especially when Here’s the thing: Puzzles
I’m watching something on are a wonderful way to re-

Let us help you deck all of
your halls this holiday season!
(860) 364-5380 • 349A Main Street, Lakeville, CT



located in downtown Great Barrington
HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE, November 2018 23

Do you have a family member or friend in the military
who would be interested in the news from home

The Lakeville Journal Company offers free online subscriptions to our website,
lieve stress. They’re an excellent puzzles are very calming, which, for active duty military personnel from the Tri-state region.
way to exercise all the different is part of what makes them a For more information or to set up a subscription, contact Circulation Manager
sides of your brain. They’re satis- good activity for a small group Helen Testa at or 860-435-9873, ext. 161.
fying because they always have a of potentially disparate people.
solution; they are a tactile varia- No one ever gets overexcited
tion on reading mystery novels while doing a puzzle and throws With thanks to those who serve.
or doing crossword puzzles. the board over (as might hap-
You can select an attractive pen with a competitive game;

Dave’s TV
or interesting image, one that I’ve seen it happen even with
you’ll enjoy staring at as it takes chess).
shape on your table. If you have a lot of people
Puzzles are also a very sooth- at your house and if you have • TV Sales
ing and almost therapeutic way enough space, you can break up • Service Installation
for couples and families to inter- into groups of four, and work • Outside HD Antenna Installation
act with each other. on separate puzzles simultane-
• Sonos Products
They are, therefore, an excel- ously.
lent holiday gift. They don’t cost Puzzles don’t encourage con- Stop in to see our selection Repairs on all
TV, Stereos,
a lot; they’re easy to find; they versation. This is nice because it of new Sony 4K TV sets. All on sale! Vintage
are, as noted above, a nice way to can help you avoid getting inad- 166 Route 44, Millerton, NY 518-789-3881

while away an afternoon next to vertently into a fight with your Hours: Mon-Fri 8 to 5pm, Sat 8 to 3
Sales and
the fire; and they give everyone politically woke (or unwoke) Email: Installation
something to do (productively) relatives and in-laws.
together when and if the holi- And really, the holidays are
day season produces enforced such a social time, it’s nice to
indoor together time.
I know I keep saying this, but Continued on page 24


Mention this add
and receive 10% off
diamond jewelry

Open 7 days a week December 1st - December 24th
(518) 789-4649 • 110 Rt. 44, Millerton, NY next to CVS
24 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE, November 2018

…’tis a puzzlement
Continued from page 23
All Lines
have a way to be with your loved than, say, retirement planning.
Of ones in near silence. If you’re This is good practice for harder
quiet and you listen, puzzles couple conversations.
Insurance have a music of their own; the I won’t weigh in on the choic-
pieces make a satisfying snap es you make about how to do
Contractor Liability as they click together with their puzzles together; you can work
Commercial Auto mates. that out yourselves. But I will
Personal Auto Originally for this article, I offer some tips on what kinds of
Home - Renters did deep, nosy, psychotherapy- puzzles to buy and where to find
Farm level interviews with two sets of good ones in a range of prices.
friends of mine who do puzzles And read on to the end of the
together, as couples. The in- article for details on a puzzle
William J. Cole Agency, Inc. formation we shared was very swap and party we’re having
deep and personal and there at our office in Falls Village on
VICKI BENJAMIN isn’t really room for it here but Sunday, Dec. 2. the upshot is this: Doing jigsaw What kinds of puzzles are
puzzles is a good couple activity. good gifts for someone else to
518-789-4657 It’s cheaper than, for example, do or for you to do with your
going to the theater or the mate or your house guests or
1 John Street opera. It’s a nice way to be to- your relatives?
Millerton, NY 12546 gether without having to make The 500-piece puzzle seems
conversation or watch “Game of to be the most popular size;
Thrones.” two people can complete one of
And it requires some co-oper- these in a relatively short time
ation and compromise on topics (the actual time will depend
wizard of oz elf that are less anxiety-provoking on whether you like to work in
(1939) (2003)
sat nov 24 at 4pm thu dec 27 at 4pm

In partnership with

Sponsored by

john pizzarelli
& jessica molaskey
Radio Deluxe Live
sat dec 22 at 8pm
with special guests Maucha Adnet and Duduka Da Fonseca
Great Barrington, MA • 413.528.0100 •
HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE, November 2018 25

short spurts over several days less overlap of effort.
or whether you don’t stop until Beautiful but very challenging JIGSAW PUZZLE SWAP DEC. 2
you’re finished). puzzles are sold at Provisions
Everyone agrees that Oblong at The White Hart in Salisbury, The next challenge after you out on tables that everyone
Books and Music in Millerton, Conn. find puzzles that you like is can work on. Oblong will be
N.Y., has an excellent selection of People seem drawn to the New finding ways to get rid of them here with new puzzles for sale
puzzles. Yorker magazine cover puzzles after you’ve finished them. at discount prices.
I get my puzzles often at weird from the New York Puzzle Com- To help you with that pro- If you have an excess of
off-brand kind of places, such as pany. They’re wonderful to look cess, we are holding a jigsaw puzzles, bring any that you’d
Target and Ocean State Job Lot at but diabolically difficult. puzzle swap at 1 p.m. on like to give away. If you don’t
in Torrington; it’s hit or miss but Everyone seems to have favorite Sunday, Dec. 2, at The Lakev- have any puzzles to get rid of,
sometimes you score. brands but at the end of the day, ille Journal’s new office at 64 come to the swap and help us
I always find something I like we all seem to just buy based on Route 7 North in Falls Village, get rid of ours.
at Barnes and Noble (there’s one the puzzle image, the price and Conn. (the office is about two In a perfect world, you’ll
in Kingston, N.Y., and another in the number of pieces. blocks north of the Falls Vil- email and let me know that
Danbury, Conn.), which has beau- And speaking of prices: lage Torrington Savings Bank you plan to come so we can
tiful puzzles that often feature Depending on various factors, Branch and north of the Moun- have enough refreshments
a series of book covers or movie prices for puzzles can range from tainside Cafe). available for everyone: cynthi-
posters. These are excellent to do about $6 to an average of about We will have several puzzles
with other people because each $15 — or $60 or more for one of
person can claim a few of the ele- the beautiful wood puzzles made
ments in the puzzle and there is by Liberty.

(518) 592-1129

Walk-Ins Welcome
Open Hours:
Nail Salon Mon - Fri 9:30 am to 7 pm
Tuesday CLOSED
56B South Center St. Saturday 9:30 am to 6 pm
Millerton, NY 12546 Sunday 9:30 am to 5 pm

)KHV%GTVKƂECVGU#XCKNCDNG Equine • Pet • Livestock
Blue Buffalo Original Feeds Muck Boot
Wellness Taste of the Wild Garden Supplies
1083 East Main Street
FIRE HOUSE Torrington, CT
Melissa & Doug
Heating Pellets Cavalor +ROLGD\*LIWV
Hay, Straw, Shavings and more!
Regency - F5100 Strong Spas
5 of many features G-2 Legend • Lounger
Eco-Boost • 80,000 BTU Dual LED columns • Two-Tone Adjustable 2978 Church St • Pine Plains
Log size: 22” • Up to 30hrs of burn time Underwater LED & 8 LED points 518-771-3226 |
Load Opening: 20.125” W x 10” H Built in step & towel holder

26 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE, November 2018

SINCE still printing When Life Gives You
1992 still copying
Lemons (And Oranges),
Stacey L. Moore

Mon.-Fri. 9-5
Make Them Into Gifts
17 Dutchess Avenue By Cynthia Hochswender
P.O. Box 880 Full Color Copies Phone: (518) 789-4508
Millerton, NY 12546 up to 13x19 Fax: (518) 789-4509

I t should come as no store in the Tri-state region).
surprise to you that the Put little stickers on your
holiday season will come jars that indicate what
around again next year month and year you pre-
(despite our concerns about served the fruit. And then
politics and climate change). stick them away in a cool,
Therefore, it’s not too early dark spot until next year.
to begin thinking about gifts When you take them
we can make and give in out, you should have a re-
December 2019. ally thick, syrupy delicious
The British are famous for orange-flavored vinegar. You
the puddings that they bake can either gift it in a large jar,
a year in advance and then al- with the oranges intact, or
low to sit, wrapped in cheese- you can strain out the or-
cloth and doused with strong anges and any debris and just
liquor, until the next year’s give small jars of orange vin-
Christmas. Well, I don’t know egar, preferably with a pretty
if this is still a thing but you label that you can make on
see it all the time on BBC your computer and print out.
period dramas and murder How, you might ask, can
mysteries. you leave fruit in a cupboard
NORTH EAST The point is, though, that
you can start now to make
for 12 months? You can do it
because vinegar is a natural
some gifts that you can put preservative, that’s how.
MUFFLER INC. away in a dark cupboard and
distribute in 12 months.
Please, however, do use
common sense. If the orang-
I apologize in advance to es in your vinegar start to get
Seasons Greetings all of you who loathe receiv-
ing homemade gifts. But I
moldy, throw them out. If the
vinegar smells bad (it should
swear to you that this one is smell like orange nectar)
Custom Bending Up to 3 Inches really good and anyone who throw it out.
cooks or who even just eats Sometimes, if you have
7LUHV‡%UDNHV‡0XIÁHUV salad will like it. a lot of pectin in your fruit,
As you’ve no doubt no- you’ll get a kind of orange
New York State Inspections ticed, clementines and jelly. If that happens, you
oranges are super abundant probably won’t want to give
Open Monday - Friday 8 to 5; during the holiday season. it as a gift but you can almost
What I like to do is take my certainly use it as the base
Saturday 8 to 1 excess orange-family fruits, for some homemade marma-
cut them into quarters, put lade.
(518) 789-3669 them in jars and then fill the Preserved lemons can
jars to the top with Japanese also be a pretty holiday gift.
rice vinegar (sweetened or They only take a few weeks to
Route 22, Millerton, NY natural, your choice; Nakano make, but the gift recipient
is a good brand that’s sold at should probably be someone
John Heck Cindy Heck pretty much every grocery who likes to cook and will be
HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE, November 2018 27

Mane Street Salon
7 Century Boulevard
Millerton, NY 12546


No one really knows what to do with all those left-over
clementines and oranges collected during the holiday
season. One idea: Make orange vinegar with them.

able to understand how to use salt (cooks seem to prefer the
Millerton Service Center
them. brand known as Diamond).
In my experience, preserved Pour some lemon juice on top, REMEMBER: SEE US FIRST
lemons get nice and soft and then squish in the rest of the For your Subaru service or repair
have a deep flavor. They’re excel- lemons. Top it with the rest of
lent as a garnish on a salad or in the juice and then cover the top
Not your average repair shop!
jeweled rice. You can also roast of the lemons with more salt.
them with chicken. Close up the jars and leave
Look online, there are lots of them out on your kitchen coun- Save 10% On All Winter Products
ways to use them and there are ter for about a week. Turn them STOP IN FOR DETAILS
also lots of ways to make them. upside down after a few days;
If you find a recipe you like, turn them right-side up again
you can add it to the gift label after a few more days. If you
Remote car starters • Snow Tires • Auto Detailing
that you’re going to make with want, as the lemons begin to We Buy and Sell Quality Used Cars
your computer and then print shrink, you can top up the jars We employ technicians certified by the National Institute for
There are lots of good recipes You’ll know the lemons are
online for preserved lemons, ready when their color turns Service Hours:
but the essence is this: Scrub the golden and their skin softens. 7 am - 5 pm Mon-Fri • 7 am - Noon Sat
outside of a bunch of lemons, You can break them up into
cut them into quarters and smaller jars (you can even slice
Gift Certificates Available
squeeze the juice out of them them or dice them) and gift
(reserve the juice; you’re going them with a label and a pretty
to use it). ribbon. Or you can give them Master Technicians
Squish half the quarters into in the larger jars in which you Michael Lyman 52 S. Center St., Millerton, NY
jars; add on a layer of kosher preserved them. Adam Lyman (518) 789-3462
28 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE, November 2018

Add Some Wind To Deserving Sails
By Leila Hawken

he avalanche of fundrais- where a smile has greeted you. said recently that the upcoming where you can see the impact in
ing appeals is never-end- You’ve seen those volunteers changes to the tax laws remain your community; and you raise
ing, at least at this time of helping you or helping others. an unknown, and that charities spirits immeasurably when the
year. The requests would have And they do it on a tight shoe- do not yet know the impact. local organization receives your
you give to a long list of highly string budget. You know who Her experience supports donation. They will probably
worthy causes, across the na- they are. They are your neigh- the notion that the majority of know you already, and doubly
tion and abroad. bors. small donors are not giving so appreciate your gesture of gen-
But, how about a different If you tend to itemize your they can earn a tax deduction erosity. You could even include
approach, one that takes your federal taxes, then your dona- anyway. Rather, they are mo- a note of thanks.
charitable donation and gives it tion to a tax-exempt organiza- tivated by a personal sense of Consider your community
to a local organization. tion may be deductible. If you kindness, caring and personal and what has improved your
Throughout the year you don’t itemize, and your dona- responsibility, and because it life here within the past year.
might have been aware of tions tend to be on the small feels so good to support a small This article is not to tell you
the community-based service side (that’s true of most of us), organization directly. which local organization to sup-
organizations whose volunteer then you can simply donate and Don’t think of squeezing port; it is a reminder that every
members have either helped use the standard deduction. your purse or wallet. Just give local organization can use some
you or perhaps one of your Sheila O’Connor, New York until the amount you are donat- wind in its sails.
neighbors. You have used the City’s regional director for the ing feels good to you. The smaller the organiza-
library, or the visiting nurses, or Combined Federal Campaign, Small donors make a mighty tion, the more good you will do.
emergency medical services, or which solicits small-donor difference. Every little bit helps So, create a bit of a breeze with
the fire department, or any of federal employees under a in two ways: You contribute to your checkbook or your online
the many nonprofit endeavors contract with Tribal Tech, LLC, the work of an organization donation.

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By Tim Abbott Thanksgiving to Christmas

ur region has a num- net) has been voted Best of 860-567-9221
ber of locally pro- Connecticut for three years 1101 Bantam Rd. Bantam, CT Est. 1923
duced, one-of-a-kind in a row and is located right
items that make excellent on the farm at 280 Town
gifts. Here are a few of my Hill Road in Goshen, Conn.
favorites. Their artisanal chocolates $.#%-537+44'.#06+37'5
Take mixology to a whole and truffles are made with /#+0564''6.#-'8+..'%6
new level. The Hartford Fla- milk from their own dairy
vor Company’s line of Wild — sometimes from a single
Moon Liqueurs includes a cow — and they deliver. $5.25
Cucumber that is perfect and up. *1745
with gin and an incompara- Warm up with local wool. '8'4;&#;':%'2667'59'&
ble 40 proof Birch that is the The Connecticut Sheep 14$;#221+06/'06
ideal winter cocktail when Breeders Inc. has been pool-
paired with the rye or bour- ing wool from its members ,10+$'8'4+&)'61/'/'4+%-
bon of your choice. Find it at to make extraordinary wool 860-993-3975 PHOTO BY CYNTHIA HOTCHSWENDER

Lakeville Wine and Spirits, blankets since 2003, with Cutline...
Mountain Spirit Liquors in a new pattern of light and
Norfolk, Conn.,, Litchfield dark wools created each year.
Hills Wine Market in Litch- For a list of farms with avail-
field, Conn., or at numerous able patterns and sizes from
locations in the Greater Hart- 2017 or earlier, go to www.
ford area. $22-24. A queen-size
Put a frog on your mug! blanket is $207.38 with tax.

+ Toystore
Joey Sage Jablonsky of Many of our local restau-
Funkware Pottery in North rants offer gift certificates.
Canaan, Conn., makes a Send a friend to Toymaker’s
signature line of wonderful Café in Falls Village, Conn., A lovingly curated selection of books for all ages,
15 ounce mugs with frogs as for outstanding waffles (call
handles. 860-824-8168 or stop in at 85
toys, small gifts, games, and more, including
She is a regular at the Main St., Thursday to Sun- Persephone Books – straight from London.
Norfolk Farmers Market, but day).
also reachable at www.funk- Or enjoy a Popeye’s Break- fast — scrambled egg and
Celebrate this holiday season by shopping local!
Joey also does wedding spinach on English muffin
registries and loves to create with grapefruit half brûlée — Book subscriptions available.
unique items with animal from North Canaan’s Black-
or natural elements and berry River Baking Company Gift certificates available.
themes. $25-$32. (,
Local milk makes superior 860-824-8275 or audrey@
chocolate. Thorncrest Farm; or stop
and Milk House Chocolates in at 18 East Main, across
(www.milkhousechocolates. from Stop & Shop).

845.677.5857 | OPEN 7 DAYS | MON-SAT 9-6 SUN 10-5
30 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE, November 2018

Having Fun During The
Holidays With Children
By Cynthia Hochswender

uying holiday gifts for like ponies and princesses. This
children is a snap if you is not always true but it often is
live with those children. true.
That’s one great thing about All children, as far as I can tell,
kids; they rarely leave you in the like plush toys — the bigger the
dark about what they want. better.
It’s a little harder if you don’t Gems and shiny rocks also
live with that child. You can of seem to appeal to a large sector
course ask the parents; but that of youngsters. In my experience,
feels like cheating and, honestly, young ladies are drawn to well-
we often shop at the last minute shined rocks that have mystical
for that gift for a youthful rela- qualities; young gents seem
tive or the children of a friend. to prefer big, gnarly, colorful
All children, of course, are crystals. You can find both types
different. But almost all kids like at Crystal Essence on Railroad
certain things. For young boys, Street in Great Barrington, Mass.
you can’t really go too wrong Across the road from Crystal
All children love to decorate objects, using stickers or, better still, with a toy that has four wheels Essence is another intrigu-
rubber stamps, such as these handsome sets from JWS Art Supplies in on it; most young girls really ing source of holiday gifts for
Great Barrington. Be sure to also buy some different-colored ink pads.

Find something for everyone on your list:

Men, Women, Children, Pets, Hostess Gifts

Holiday Centerpieces Wreaths

Pastries Cookies Pies

We proudly serve #6 Depot Coffee!

Open Tuesday–Saturday: 8am–5pm

176 Ashley Falls Road, Canaan, CT
HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE, November 2018 31

Think about buying a child a gift of a hobby or
activity that you love — and then take the time
to introduce him or her to that hobby. In the end,
with rare exceptions, what children really want
is for you to take the time to talk with them and
listen (really listen) to their answers.

youngsters: JWS Art Supplies.
In my experience, nearly
all young children and many
pre-teens really enjoy drawing
pictures and decorating things.
They particularly like to get
sheets of stickers that they can
patiently wait for their lips to
stop moving. They want to con-
nect to you; they are, after all,
human beings even if it some-
times doesn’t seem that way.
And like adult human beings,
they don’t always know the
WINE The Ideal
put all over construction paper best way to ask you to connect
or on the pages of those little
notebooks you can buy that
allow them to peel the stick-
to them. If you try to get them
to tell you what special activity
they’d like to do with you, you’ll
ers back off and move them probably get a blank stare.
They like rubber stamps,
for the same reason. JWS has a
So, be a little selfish for a mo-
ment, and think about some-
thing you really enjoy — and
With our splendid selection of high-
particularly handsome supply then see if you can figure out a
quality, independent and artisinal wine
of rubber stamp kits, and lots of way to truly include a child in and spirits producers, Little Gates is
pretty colored inks. The stamp
kits run about $14, the inks are
your hobby.
Most people know that Lake-
the perfect place for all your gift-giving
$6. ville Journal reporter Patrick L. needs. Gifts for friends, family and all
You can also find less sophis-
ticated stamp sets at places
Sullivan loves to fly-fish. What
many people don’t know is that
the special people in your life.
such as Marshalls in Great Bar- he’s very generous about tak- Including yourself !
rington (which had a Disney ing his young cousins out and

princess set on a recent week- introducing them to the sport.
day). There are millions of fun
As for sticker sets, you can
buy them almost anywhere, in-
kitchen gifts you can get a child.
If you love to cook, you might
Phone orders. Wrapping. Local delivery
cluding at CVS and other chain not want to initiate a youngster Guaranteed stress free.
stores. into the mysteries of coq au vin
Sticker sets tend to be kind of
small, so wrap them in a froth
of colored tissue paper and pop
or beef stew — but pretty much
any child will enjoy making a
pizza with you, especially if he
them into a colorful gift bag, for or she can choose the toppings
maximum fun and excitement. (he or she can even make pic-
Those are all fairly easy and tures with the toppings on the
obvious ideas. Here’s one that’s dough).
harder but potentially more fun Or perhaps you and the
and more memorable for ev- young giftee can find photos
eryone: For the most part, what online of elaborate Japanese
children really want is for you bento boxes and then try to
to pay attention to them and lis- make some yourselves. You can
ten to them and do things with find lots of models online that 34 MAIN STREET MILLERTON, NY
them. And by that, I mean really, 518-789-3899
really listen to them, not just Continued on page 32
32 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE, November 2018

…holidays with children
Continued from page 31

don’t require any ingredients about what got you excited
more exotic than a hot dog, about stamps — and you can
some rice, some grapes and listen to them tell you what they
maybe a cherry tomato or two. see that they like. Maybe they
And of course: cupcakes. like the colors. Maybe they like
Again, the child will especially the orderliness of the sheets of
enjoy decorating the tops. stamps and coins. Maybe they
With all these decorate-it- like the pictures of flowers or
yourself projects, by the way, cats or planes. Maybe they want
be sure (very very sure) that to know who the people are in
you do not correct or direct the the pictures and why they got
decorating. It doesn’t matter if put on a stamp.
the decoration is gloppy and it Some kids will be too bouncy
doesn’t matter if the child stays to sit and look at a collection
inside the lines while coloring of something. The same is true
in a coloring book. These things for many adults. How about a
will come with time; you’re not walk in the woods instead of a
teaching artistic perfection, you quiet afternoon, or a sledding
are allowing a child to express trip where you actually get on
PHOTOS BY CYNTHIA HOCHSWENDER himself or herself while doing the sled and go flying down the
Children seem inexorably attracted to rocks, crystals and gems. Boys tend an activity with you. hill yourself? When was the last
to like crustier, gnarlier versions; girls seem to like shiny small ones that If you’re a stamp collector or time you had that kind of fun
promise mystical powers. Crystal Essence in Great Barrington, Mass., sells
a coin collector, don’t just buy outdoors, really?
both types.
a kit and walk away. Obviously, And then when you’re done:
this isn’t going to work with Go to the kitchen and make
all children but certainly there cocoa together. Decorate your
are some who will be able to sit mugs with stickers. Eat cup-
quietly with you for a half hour cakes you’ve embellished your-
and look through your collec- self. Be a kid. With a kid. Have
tion. You can tell them stories fun.

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Black Friday: 11/23 Ladies Night
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Beginning 11/23 Free gift for attending,
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Spend $150 in Carhartt
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And Receive A FREE Gift! especially if it’s a really big one such as this big lion
Refreshments, Wine
(While Supplies Last) in the bin at Marshalls in Great Barrington, Mass.
HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE, November 2018 33

Beware The Beautiful
By Cynthia Hochswender

his falls under the cat- Park your car well off the road
egory of “don’t try this at and on the grassy shoulder. And
home.” At various places in be extremely careful that you
this issue you will see seasonal don’t step or stumble onto the
plants that are lovely and deco- road.
rative that were collected from 2) Most people don’t have bit-
roadsides in the area. tersweet because they planted
They look great but you need it themselves; nonetheless, you
to be very careful about forag- should be sensitive about cut-
ing for holiday greens (and ting vines that are close to or
reds). And yes, after I scold you visible from somebody’s house
pre-emptively, I will share some (unless of course it’s your own
background on what plants we house).
used in these photos and where 3) As noted, bittersweet is a
you can find some of your own. super invasive so you want to be
First, some plants are very very careful about letting those
abundant and one reason why lovely but evil red berries get
is that they are highly invasive loose and embed themselves in
and, if allowed to, will take the ground. PHOTO BY CAITLIN HANLON

There’s no reason why you can’t forage for holiday-season
over your yard and your neigh- Bittersweet spreads by its
greens and berries (such as the invasive bittersweet, above)
bor’s yard and then some. The vines, above and below ground; as long as you follow a few commonsense guidelines.
yellow-husked red berries of the but it also spreads through the
bittersweet vine fall into this berries. You need to be very
category. careful that you don’t disperse
It’s not hard to find bitter- the fruit while you’re collecting
sweet along the roads of the your vines or when you dispose
Tri-state region. If you decide of them at the end of the holi- 404 Ashley Falls Road (Route 7) Canaan, CT
you want to cut some and bring day season. Make sure you wrap
it home, there are three impor- the vines and berries up nice (860) 824-5467
tant things to remember. and tight in a garbage bag and
1) If you are cutting plants take them to the transfer sta- Featuring:
from the side of the road you tion; don’t toss them out in your Sub-Zero • Wolf • Viking • Miele • Bosch
need to be very, very careful of Vent-a-Hood • Fisher & Paykel • GE
the cars that are passing you. Continued on page 34 Hotpoint • Miele Vacuums

HOLIDAY Everything you need to make
your pet’s holiday a happy one!
WALLETS & MITTENS Catering to the needs of the
Merrell, Keen, Dansko, Naot, Birkenstock,
Ecco, Clarks, Born, Sofft, Vionic, French Sole, well-loved pet since 1993
Taos, Arcopedico, Wolky and Many More

Monday – Friday: 9 to 5:30; Saturday: 9 to 4
25 North Main St, Kent, CT
Mon-Sat 10-5; Sun 12-5 333 Main Street, Lakeville CT (860) 435-8833
860-927-0009 |
34 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE, November 2018

…beautiful bittersweet
Continued from page 33

yard or your compost. overgrown and unruly; that usu-
The other plants featured ally indicates that no one feels a
in these photos are relatively sense of ownership over them.
benign but you still need to be And be very careful, not only
conscious of the cardinal rules of cars passing by but also of the
of foraging (for decorative items possibility that you’re going to
in autumn and winter or for step into a hole in the ground
edible items in spring and sum- and hurt yourself.
mer). Be aware that someone If I’ve managed to take all the
owns all the land around you; fun out of foraging for holiday
sometimes it’s a private land- plants, here’s an alternative
owner, sometimes it’s a land idea: Every year the students
trust, sometimes it’s the town in the agricultural education PHOTO BY CAITLIN HANLON

or the state or a school. Use program at Housatonic Valley These holiday-spirited decorations were made with plants foraged
common sense when you pull Regional High School run a holi- in the wild. They are, from left, winterberry, moss and a fern
out your clippers; don’t collect day store on the south side of sharing basket space with moss and a fir twig.
greens when there is a house the campus on Warren Turnpike
right there. Don’t block any- Road, off Route 7 in Falls Village. non-green items such as Cabot grams (which is an educational
one’s driveway. Don’t be indig- The store is open from Sat- cheese made with milk from program for students interested
nant if someone asks you what urday, Dec. 1, to Friday, Dec. 21, area dairies, local maple syrup, in farming and the environ-
you’re doing, be apologetic. The from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., seven handmade tree stands and ment) and the store helps teach
safest thing is to keep an eye out days a week. You can buy trees, more). them useful skills such as ac-
for patches of plants that are wreaths and poinsettias (and Proceeds support FFA pro- counting and sales.
HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE, November 2018 35


Winter Months Are Perfect For:
Land Clearing • Brush Clearing
Vista Clearing • Tree Takedowns

Commercial Snowplowing,
Sanding & Salting of Parking Lots


Commercial/Residential LICENSED / INSURED Credit Cards Accepted
(800) 791-2916 (860) 364-0261
36 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE, November 2018

Harlem Valley Chamber of Commerce


The chamber’s HOLIDAY GATHERING will take place at OLD DROVER’S INN on Tuesday, December 5th.
Please see our website for all of the details. All members and non-members welcome!

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