by Stephen Patrick & Michael Chadwell


BLACK SCREEN INT. MANSION ± NIGHT The lights are dimmed in a very large, expensive living room. Big, old books fill a vast bookshelf. A young GIRL about the age of 5 or 6 stands in the entrance way to the living room. Her face cannot be seen. Her FATHER, in his 50¶s, stands next to her, holding her hand. He wears an expensive business suit. FATHER Stay right there, Sierra. SIERRA Okay, Daddy. The father lets go of her hand, walks across the room, and stops in front of a door that opens up to the living room. The door stands open about an inch. The father looks sad, nervous, and scared to death at the same time. His face says that something is definitely wrong. Sierra stands motionless. Her brown hair is braded, creating pony tails on her right and left sides. Even though her voice is soft and innocent it has an eerie tone to it. The father pushes open the door, and he glances inside. At first he is obviously disturbed by what he sees, but a look of relief slowly comes across his face. SIERRA Is Mommy in there? FATHER I need to you to pay close attention to what I say. We just walked in the house, right? We just entered the house? SIERRA Yes, Daddy.


FATHER And you saw Mommy right before we left, correct? SIERRA Yes. The father closes the door. FATHER I need you to be a big girl now, and tell the police what happened tonight. Alright? Can I count on you to do that for me? SIERRA You can always count on me, Daddy. FATHER Okay, I¶ll be right back. Daddy has to make a phone call. The father walks out of the room. Sierra walks towards the door that her father looked inside. She walks in a slow, suspense building manner. She stops in front of the door, and stares at it for a moment. She grabs the handle and pushes the door open. On the floor, about 10 feet from the door, are the bloody bodies of Sierra¶s MOTHER and OLDER SISTER. Her sister is dead, and has multiple stab wounds all over her body. The mother has a large kitchen KNIFE in her hand, and her throat is slit. Blood is everywhere. The mother looks like she is also dead, but she spasms on the floor, and her eyes open as she gets her one last moment of life. When her eyes open, she sees Sierra standing in the doorway. The mother sees Sierra¶s face. Her face is horrifying. She looks like a little demon as she stands there staring emotionless at her dead sister and soon to be dead mother. Her mother dies with a terrified look on her face.


EXT. THE BEACH ± NIGHT SUPER: ³THREE DAYS LATER. 3:00 am´ BRANDON and BRITNEY sit on BEACH CHAIRS about 20 feet from the water. They are a couple in their early 20¶s, having a romantic night on the beach. The beach is pitch black due to a new moon and the absence of artificial light. There is however a full sky of stars. They posted a PIRATE FLAG between the chairs, and they are both drinking rum. They are now sharing one retractable beach chair. BRANDON Who¶s to say that, right now, we aren¶t pirates? BRITNEY Mmm. We are pirates. (kissing his neck) And a bottle of rum. They cheer with their bottles. BRANDON I love it here. Let¶s stay forever. BRITNEY Forever, and ever? Britney looks up at the sky. BRITNEY I love how the stars look out here. They¶re so bright. I wanna see an alien. Brandon closes his eyes as if going to sleep. BRANDON You¶re an alien. Britney playfully hits Brandon.


BRITNEY You are so mean to me. They both laugh. BRITNEY I¶m not letting you fall asleep. Britney rest her head on his chest. BRANDON Did you have a fun today? BRITNEY I had so much fun today. I loved kicking your butt at put-put. BRANDON I let you win. BRITNEY Yeah right, I¶ll take you on any day any time, baby. BRANDON I can¶t believe the party didn¶t get busted. BRITNEY (lifts her head) Oh I know. That¶s the first one to make past 11 in a long time. I bet they¶re all wondering where the hell we went. She rests her head back down on his chest. BRITNEY My head hurts. BRANDON You light-weight. Brandon gently pets her head. Britney lifts her head up, and looks around with a look of confusion on her face. She looks toward the ocean. The TIDE has stopped.


BRITNEY Brandon. Brandon look. (beat) The waves have stopped. Brandon reluctantly lifts his head up to look then stares in disbelief when he realizes that she is telling the truth. Brandon stands to get a closer look. BRANDON No way. BRITNEY Brandon, what is that? They see a SILHOUETTE of a person standing sideways about waist high in the water. Britney stands up, and Brandon backs up to her side. Britney looks towards land to see just how far away from everything they really are. When she looks back a couple of seconds later, the silhouette faces them in knee high water. It sprints at them with unnatural speed. Britney and Brandon run away from the water in opposite directions. Britney runs left, and Brandon runs right. The silhouette grabs Brandon, and drags him by his ankles across the sand towards the ocean. It submerges itself still grabbing Brandon by the ankle. Brandon fights his way out of the water with all his might as he grabs the WET SAND. Britney stops running, and looks towards the ocean. BRITNEY (screaming) BRANDON! HELP! SOMEONE HELP US! He is pulled all the way into the water. Brandon breaks free, and crawls out of the water WHEEZING heavily. Suddenly a HAND grabs his leg and quickly pulls him back under.

6 Britney lets out a BLOODCURDLING SCREAM. She turns and runs away from the beach with all of her might. Britney runs through a field as fast as she can, and she spots a house at the top of a small hill. She stops for a moment, and looks back. She sees the Silhouette appear at the other side of this field, staring at her. Suddenly it bolts toward her. At first she is so frightened that she can¶t move. She tries to run but her feet have sunken into the ground up to her ankles. She falls over, frees her feet, and runs up to the door of the house. She bangs on the door as hard as she can. The silhouette quickly runs up from behind her. It reaches Britney the instant someone opens the door. INT. BEACH HOUSE - DAY BLOOD drips from the wooden stairs that lead to the door. Britney, an OLD MAN, and an OLD LADY lay dead on the kitchen floor. EXT. THE BEACH ± DAY The sun rises. The waves crash calmly against the shore. INT. APARTMENT ± MORNING ZACK MARVEL wakes up and rolls out of bed. He grabs a bottle of water off of his dresser. He tips the bottle up into his mouth as he opens the door to his room, and steps out into the living room. He finishes his bottle of water, and grabs a new one from the refrigerator. At the far end of the living room there is a glass door that opens up to the balcony. Behind the glass door is a MAN whose face can¶t make out because of his jacket and hat. The man stands there with a huge bloody kitchen knife.

7 The man quickly opens the balcony door. Zack throws his bottle and bolts for the door to his apartment that is right behind him. He runs out the door, and swiftly runs down the three flights of stairs as if they were not there. The man with the knife is fast on his tail. Zack runs across the apartment parking lot in his t-shirt and boxers. The man with the knife runs so fast that Zack cannot stop or slow down even for a second. There is a grocery store very close to the apartments that the young man runs up to, and goes inside. INT. GROCERY STORE ± DAY Everyone in the store looks at him, as he runs like a mad man in his bare feet and boxers. He runs to the middle of a large food isle. He keeps looking back and forth, side to side to make sure that the man is not going to run up on him. Zack looks to one side, and when he looks back to the other, the man with the knife charges him at full speed. The knifeman falls to the forth; blood the racks of plunges his knife into Zack¶s stomach. Zack ground. He starts shaking his head back and spews out of his mouth. Blood gets flung onto food.

INT. BEDROOM - DAY Then the Zack wakes up for real. He wakes up out of breath. EXT. SUBURBAN NEIGHBORHOOD ± DAY The sun rises across a neighborhood filled with two story houses. INT. HOUSE ± MORNING Zack and KRISTEN MARVEL are 22 year old twins, and are best friends.

8 Zack is thin with shaggy hair, and he has facial stubble from not shaving in a few days. Kristen is blond and very cute. Zack lies in bed rubbing his stomach. ZACK (to himself) I¶m awake. I¶m awake. Zack pulls his blanket back up over his head. Kristen gives two quick knocks on the door then walks into Zack¶s room. KRISTEN WAKE UP! Kristen hits Zack repeatedly with a pillow. KRISTEN WAKE UP! Wake up you bum. ZACK Alright, just give me a couple minutes, huh? KRISTEN Come on, we¶ve got a lot a shit to do today. You need to get started. ZACK And by we, you mean I¶ve got a lot of shit to do today. KRISTEN Yes, because I¶m gonna let you do all the hard stuff, and I¶ll supervise. Zack pulls the covers back over his head. ZACK Typical. KRISTEN Zack, you are getting up? Kristen grabs one of his legs that protruding from the sheets, and begins to pull him off the bed.

9 ZACK OK, OK, I¶m up. Kris I¶m naked under here. KRISTEN (loud laughing) Why are you naked? ZACK Sometimes I sleep naked. KRISTEN Why do you sleep naked, you big freak? ZACK Cuz you keep it 100 degrees in here. And what, you never sleep naked? You know what, I don¶t wanna know. Get outta my room I¶m naked. Oh my head hurts. Kristen sits on the corner of the bed. KRISTEN I know, mine too. I haven¶t been this hungover since spring break. Remember that? And, I didn¶t even drink that much last night. ZACK You don¶t think you drank that much last night? What about those five jager-bombs we took? What about the Patron we drank? What about the beer we bonged? KRISTEN Quit talking about alcohol before I puke. Now my stomach hurts, too. Kristen stands. KRISTEN Besides, I didn¶t bong any beers last night. Zack rolls over onto his stomach. KRISTEN ZACK! Wake up, I¶m making breakfast. ZACK I¶M UP!

10 Kristen walks out of Zack¶s room. KRISTEN OK. OK. Kristen continues to go through the house waking people up. BEER CANS and blue plastic cups are all over the place. There are still a few PEOPLE sleeping on the floor throughout the house. One past-out guest has his butt crack showing. Kristen throws a blanket over his lower half. INT. KITCHEN ± DAY Kristen enters the kitchen. KRISTEN Am I the only person in this house who doesn¶t sleep bare-assed? CORY, 21, a close friend of Zack and Kristen¶s. He is a little taller than Zack. His hair looks something like an un-spiked mo-hawk, similar to that of a European Soccer player. He lives for the moment. CORY Yep, pretty much. You¶re missin¶ out, babe. Cory pulls out a box of cereal. He opens the box, smells it, shakes it, and listens to it. Kristen washed her hands in the sink. CORY We need to go shopping. And when I say we I mean you. Kristen sits at the table. KRISTEN Of course you do. CORY And we need a new shower curtain.

11 KRISTEN What!? What happened? Cory sits down at the table with cereal, a bowl, and some milk. CORY OK, so I was SO drunk last nightKRISTEN How did I know that¶s how this was going to start? CORY No, no. It wasn¶t even like that. Well, it was kind of like that, I guess. So, there¶s this really hot chick in my history class that showed up here last night at like 11. Leslie. I never really talked to her before, but she walks up, probably drunk. Like, hey I know you, you¶re so hot. KRISTEN She did not say that. CORY What? How dare you? She so said that. I told you she was drunk. KRISTEN Cory. CORY She wanted to take shots. I said only if they¶re body shots. So, I¶m taking body shots off her. Cory smiles and shakes his head. CORY No. We were bongin¶ beer. I¶m SO folded, but I¶m trying to play if off like« like I¶m not. I mean, she drank like an Irishman for shit¶s sake; I had to stay on her level. KRISTEN How¶d that work out for you?


CORY You know that super drunk guy that you see at every party. KRISTEN Where you thatCORY -Yeah, I was that guy. KRISTEN Yeah. I hate to break it to you, but you¶re always that guy. But, you pull it off better than most people. CORY (chuckles) Not last night I didn¶t. So. What happened was. FLASHBACK: INT. HOUSE ± NIGHT OF THE PARTY Leslie walks up the stairs, and looks to her left. She sees Cory and Zack putting something in their mouths, and washing it down with beer. Leslie turns right, and enters the bathroom. The bathtub is filled halfway with red hooch. Blue plastic cups are stacked on the edge of the tub. Leslie looks into the tub. CORY Don¶t worry, it¶s clean. Cory laughs like someone who is completely smashed. He stumbles toward the tub. Zack walks by the bathroom. ZACK (OS) Yeah, Cory took a shower with a lot of soap right before he filled it up. Cory turns and leans on the door.

13 CORY (slurring his speech) Shut up, you sons of bitches. Cory grabs a tube of toothpaste off the counter and throws it at Zack. ZACK (OS) Hey, shit. Cory laughs, and turns toward Leslie. CORY I hit him in his head. Cory grabs a cup. CORY Leslie. I will prove you that this hooch is pure as fine wine. LESLIE I don¶t know if you need to be drinking any more. Cory leans over the tub to dip his cup in around the back edge. CORY Well, I do know I need to be drinking any more. Cory¶s feet slip out from under him while he is leaned over. In one swift motion he throws his cup, grabs the shower curtain and pulls it down with him as the left side of his body lands in the hooch. BACK TO SCENE: Kristen stares at Cory with a concerned, yet not surprised, look on her face. Cory turns his body to reveal that the left side of his clothes are stained red.

14 KRISTEN I know who you¶re talking about though, and she is cute. She was actually talking about you last night. CORY (perks up) Really? KRISTEN No. Cory¶s face drops. CORY You are such a ridiculous hater. Kristen stands up. KRISTEN And you¶re too much for me. CORY I¶m so glad I don¶t have to work today. Cory slams his head down on the table. CORY My head hurts like a bitch. INT. ZACK¶S ROOM Zack gets up out of bed. He picks up clothes from his floor, puts them on. His room is a complete mess. He walks to his dresser, and rests his arms on top of it. He looks at himself in the mirror in front of the dresser. Zack looks deeply into his own face as if trying to understand who he is. He opens the top drawer just a little, then slams it closed. ZACK Not today. Zack looks like he is about to throw up. He opens the drawer, and pulls out a picture of an attractive girl about

15 the age of 20. He looks deep into the picture. Zack puts the picture back in the drawer, and takes out a container of pills. He takes the cap off, and puts two pills in his mouth. He swallows them dry. INT. KITCHEN - DAY ALEX and AMY walk into the kitchen. Alex pulls out a CHAIR and sits down; Amy sits on his lap. KRISTEN Good morning you two. Looks like someone hit it off last night. (to Amy) Aren¶t you glad that I dragged you to my party? AMY Yes. When are you cooking us breakfast? KRISTEN Right now. Kristen stands up, and starts pulling out pans. KRISTEN What do you feel like? AMY UMM, pancakes. ALEX So who all lives here? AMY Just Kristen and Zack. They¶re twins. ALEX Twins? KRISTEN Cory might as well live here. Cory smiles and nods.

16 CORY Is it bright in here to anyone else? KRISTEN It is; curtains are on my list. On Zack¶s list. AMY Don¶t let Zack pick out the curtains. KRISTEN Good point. Ok, back on my list. AMY Where is your brother? I didn¶t really see much of him last night. Did that one girl come over? KRISTEN No, he¶s sleeping naked, by himself. CORY Zack would be sleeping naked by himself. Kristen hands out plates and silverware to the people at the table. She places a large platter of pancakes on the table. Kristen sits down to eat. The front door slams shut. KRISTEN (sarcastically) Damn. Good-bye, thanks for coming. The door slams again. Everyone stops what they are doing, and looks towards the living room. AMY Who is slaThe door slams a third time. KRISTEN QUIT SLAMMING THE DOOR! The door slams again. Kristen gets up, and power-walks over to the living room.

17 Right when she gets there, she sees the foot of someone walking out the front door, and slamming it behind them. Every person that was sleeping on the living room floor is now gone. Kristen walks back into the kitchen. KRISTEN Wow. ABBY walks into the kitchen, and stands a few feet inside the doorway. Abby is currently Kristen¶s best friend. She is a very pretty, petite girl who is older than she looks. Right now she looks ghastly. She¶s pale, with her makeup smudged and running. She looks really pissed off, and her eyes are red and irritated. KRISTEN Abby. Baby, are you ok? You have a rough night? CORY That¶s what every girl looks like after a night with me. Everyone laughs at Cory¶s comment except for Abby. KRISTEN Ahh. Come here. Sit. (pats her lap) Tell Kristen all about it. We have some pancakes left over too. Abby turns her head, and slowly pulls a kitchen knife out of a knife rack that is on the counter. Now her limp arm holds the knife at her side as Abby stands there staring Kristen down. KRISTEN Did your ex call again? Babe? CORY Hey Blade, what are you doing with the knife?

18 ALEX Cory, is this also what happens after you sleep with someone? CORY Yes. This happens every time. Abby takes slow half-steps towards them. Kristen looks confused and a little creeped out. Amy and Alex look freaked out. Kristen starts to stand. KRISTEN Let me get you some breakfast. ABBY SIT DOWN! AMY Hey, you¶re freakin¶ us out. Put the knife down. INT. BATHROOM - DAY Zack looks at himself in his bathroom mirror. He lights up a cigarette, and takes several deep inhales. He flicks the ashes. He pulls up his long sleeve of his left arm to reveal several small round burn marks along his arm. Zack holds the cigarette up to his left arm. He breathes heavy as he looks at himself in the mirror. He doesn¶t burn his arm again, but instead takes long drag from the cig and throws it into the toilet. KITCHEN Abby walks up to Kristen, and puts the knife, blade down, on Kristen¶s knee. Abby stares at Kristen for a moment, and then starts to cut the top layer of skin on Kristen¶s leg. BATHROOM Zack is still looking in the mirror. Kristen screams from downstairs. Zack runs out of the bathroom.


INT. KITCHEN ± DAY Kristen pushes Abby away. KRISTEN WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING? Abby makes a dash for Cory who is now standing behind the table. Abby crawls on top of the table to get to him. Cory ducks underneath the table, and kicks it over. This sends the table crashing down, and puts Abby in the corner of the room. Zack and MATT run into the kitchen. Matt is Abby¶s boyfriend. He is handsome and preppy. Zack runs up to Kristen to aid in her bleeding leg. Kristen is now holding her leg over the sink. Zack grabs some paper towels and holds them up to her leg. There is an abnormally large amount of blood pouring out of Kristen¶s leg considering the size of the cut. ZACK What¶d you do? KRISTEN ABBY CUT ME! MATT Dude. Matt runs to the table to help Abby. MATT (almost laughing) What happMatt stops when Abby stands up. She looks evil as she stands there holding the knife that has blood shining on it. Abby¶s eyes look painfully red. She is making a terrible noise when she breaths.

20 MATT Abigail. Are you OK? ABBY No, I¶m not fucking ok.

ABBY You think I don¶t see you looking at her? I know you want her more than me. MATT Baby, what are you talking about? And what¶s going on with your eyes? ABBY (yelling) You want Kristen more than me. You have the nerve to try to hook up with my best friend. JAY, a random kid that no one else knows, walks into the kitchen. He is tall and awkwardly skinny. MATT I swear to you, I never tried or wanted to get with Kristen. Alex and Amy stand in the corner, trying to stay out of what is going on. Matt turns to look at Kristen, and when he does, Abby runs around the table and tries to stab Matt, but Zack grabs her from behind and Matt takes the knife out of her hand. Abby kicks and screams as if she was being assaulted, and she won¶t stop. ZACK What is wrong with her? Abby stop. ABBY, calm down. CORY Dude, she looks like she has rabies or something. I think we need to tie her up.

21 KRISTEN We need to call a doctor. She¶s never acted like this before. This isn¶t Abby. This is someone else. CORY Call an exorcist.

MATT (to Cory) Is this funny to you? ZACK Help me sit her down. I can¶t hold her much longer. CORY, get your ass over here. JAY Here¶s some duct tape. Jay grabs some duct tape out of his messenger bag, and holds it out to Alex. ALEX I¶m not tying her up. CORY Dude, here. Cory takes the tape from Jay. MATT No one¶s tying up my girlfriend. Let me just talk to her. (to Abby) Baby. I need you to calm down. I was with you all night. I swear± Matt stops talking as Abby stops thrashing around. She voluntarily sits in the chair. She looks at Matt with a cold, dark stare. She slowly reaches up and grabs a handful of her hair. Then she slowly pulls on it until it rips out. Everyone stares in apprehension, and disgust.

22 Everyone stands silently for a moment as they think about what they just witnessed. Abby sits holding her hair. Blood runs down the side of her head, drenching her shirt. Then she extends her arm to offer the clump of hair to Matt. MATT Tie her up. ZACK What the fuck is going on? Amy runs over to Kristen and they hug each other because they are scared. Cory and Matt proceed to tie Abby to the chair with Jay¶s duct tape. Abby¶s hands are tied together behind her back, with her back tied to the chair. Her feet are tied to the legs. Once tied up, she starts to struggle and scream again. Her screams slowly get louder and louder to the point that everyone in the room has to cover their ears. Jay rips off one strip of duct tape, and tapes her mouth closed. Abby never stops trying to scream. Even with her mouth closed she is able to put out a high pitched shrill that everyone can still hear. MATT (to Jay) You always keep duct tape with you? JAY Never know when you¶ll need some. AMY That¶s creepy. MATT (to Cory) I¶m sorry, but who the hell are you? JAY I¶m a friend of-

23 ZACK -Can someone please tell me what the hell going on? I wake up, hear a scream, Kristen¶s cut, people ripping hair out. ALEX None of us know. She just started freaking out, saying that Matt tried to get with Kristen. Then she stabbed her in the leg. Zack and Cory look at Matt ZACK (to Matt) You tried to get with my sister, and now she got stabbed by your girlfriend. MATT Dude, I¶m as confused as you are. I never tried to get with Kristen last night. Ask her. Zack takes a step towards Matt with his fists clinched. ZACK Like how you never tried to kiss her on New Year¶s, right? KRISTEN Zack, will you please get me a bandage from under my sink? ZACK (calmly speaks) Yeah. Zack stares at Matt for a moment as he walks away. KRISTEN There should be some peroxide under there, too. AMY (studying Abby) Hey guys, I think her eyes are bleeding. INT. KRISTEN¶S ROOM


Zack runs into Kristen¶s room, and looks under her sink for some bandages. He doesn¶t find them, so he opens her medicine cabinet behind the mirror. The cabinet has a lot of creams and random objects in it. The big band-aids are on the bottom shelf. He hears a scream, different than Abby¶s. Zack runs back to the kitchen and sees everyone standing by the front door. Abby continues to shake and try to scream, but no one pays any attention to her. ZACK What is it? KRISTEN Come here and look. EXT. FRONT YARD - MORNING Zack steps up to the door, and sees that blood covers everything as far as the eye can see, as if blood rained down from the sky. They all stare in shock and bewilderment. The morning sun shines off a drop of blood that hangs from a tree leaf. The neighbor¶s wind chime is muffled by the drying coat of blood on it. CORY What« happened? KRISTEN This can¶t be real. ZACK You¶re seeing this too? JAY It¶s all blood. Zack walks out the door. Everyone follows. As they walk out in the grass, blood pools up around their shoes.

25 By now most of the neighborhood comes outside to look at it. Everything has very bright and vibrant, nightmarish colors to it. ZACK Why is it so bright out here? (to the neighbors) HEY! What is this? The neighbors motion for Zack to be quiet. ZACK What are they doing? The duct tape over Abby¶s mouth has come off, and she starts her super loud screaming again. A POLICE CAR comes hurrying towards them, and stops in front of their house. Two COPS get out of the car. They are both in their late 20¶s. Both of their eyes are very red, like Abby¶s. COP ONE Do you reside at this house? ZACK Yeah. COP Is everything ok in there? ZACK Not really no. What¶s going on outCOP ONE -A jogger reported loud screaming coming from inside your house. Abby is still screaming. COP TWO (sarcastically) Probably that screaming. ZACK Yeah, I¶m actually glad you¶re here-

26 COP ONE -you need help killing her? ZACK (beat) What? COP ONE You«need«help«killing her? Offing her. Taking her out? ZACK What? What is all this? COP ONE My mom used to tell me when it rained, it was actually god crying. So you tell me. KRISTEN (to Cop One) What¶s wrong with your eyes? COP ONE What¶s wrong with YOUR eyes? ZACK Can you tell us what the hell is going on because we¶re all pretty damn confused right now? COP ONE Well, we wouldn¶t want that. Cop One looks Amy up and down. COP ONE Would we? The cops twitch. Cop One walks back to his car, and pops open the trunk. He grabs a gas can out of his trunk and walks into the house. INT. HOUSE - DAY He travels down the main hallway pouring liquid out onto the floor.

27 AMY (to Cop Two) What is he doing? COP TWO Questioning the suspect. MATT What suspect? Zack runs into the house.

ZACK Hey stop ass-hole. Cop One hits Zack in the face with his gun, and knocks him down. He stairs at Zack and smiles. Blood leaks out of the Cop One¶s eyes. He wipes his eyes and smears blood across his face. Cop One drops a match on the floor, and lights the whole house on fire. Zack gets up and runs for the door, but the cop grabs his legs, and pulls him onto a room with a lot of fire, and throws him in. COP ONE (wiping his eyes) Warm enough in there? Cop One walks out the front door, smiling. Cop Two starts laughing. As he laughs, the sound of his laugh goes in and out, as if his laughter is being muted, then un-muted. Cop One walks out the front door. COP ONE That ought to take care of that whiney bitch. Cory and Alex run up to Cop One. As they approach him, the cop pulls out a GLOCK and shoots Alex in his left shoulder. This stops them both in their tracks. Alex falls to the ground, screaming in pain. Zack breaks out of the front window, and escapes his room.

28 Cop Two takes out a knife, and slashes the tires of every car that is in front of the house. KRISTEN (yelling to the neighbors) HELP US! PLEASE HELP! All of the neighbors SHH Kristen. Cop One, still pointing his gun at everyone, grabs Kristen, pulling her towards the burning house. Zack runs up to Cop One and Kristen. The cop walks in front of Alex and shoots him in the face. Zack stops and takes two steps back. Fire is blazing out of the front door. The cop walks right into the wall of fire, and Kristen is slowly getting pulled in. ZACK (to Cop Two) DO SOMETHING! (looks at Kristen, then at Cop Two) Give me your gun. NOW! NOW! Cop Two stands motionless, looking at Zack. Zack goes to grab Cop Two¶s gun. Matt runs up to help him. As they both fight to get the Cop Two¶s gun, Zack is able to grab hold of the gun¶s handle, and he falls over as he yanks the gun out of the cop¶s hands. The gun goes off as it is yanked away, shooting Cop Two in the stomach. Matt catches the Cop Two as he falls, and he softly lays the him on the ground. Zack quickly gets back on his feet, and runs up to Kristen who is just about to be pulled into the fire. The Cop One is already completely engulfed in the fire, and Kristen is about to get her arm pulled in. Zack shoots three shots into the fire where Cop One would be. This makes Cop One go limp, and Cory is able to pull Kristen away from the inferno.

29 Kristen falls to the ground crying and trying to pry the dead, burnt cop¶s hand off of her wrist. KRISTEN Get it off me. Get him off me. Amy sits on the ground crying, and Zack holds Kristen. Matt stares down at dead Cop Two. Cory is the only one who doesn¶t seem to be in shock. Jay stands by the cop car, observing all that has taken place. The neighborhood grows absolutely silent. More people start to come out of their houses to look at them. They look demon possessed, and they are all smiling creepy evil smiles. Kristen and Zack stand next to each other. ZACK Maybe you were right about this neighborhood. Kristen looks at Zack, and Zack looks at Kristen. AGAINST BLACK, TITLE CARD: ³RECIPROCITY´ OPENING CREDITS MONTAGE A)Running through the neighborhood. B)Flashes of Jay grabbing the police weapons and putting them into his messenger bag. C)Flashes of the neighborhood as they run through it. D)Kids making ³snow angels´ in the blood. E)Flashes of men in business suits. F)They continue to run as the people in the neighborhood go about their normal activities in the midst of the blood and chaos. INT. CORPORATE OFFICE BUILDING ± DAY

30 Well dressed people in business attire scurry about in a professional manner inside the large corporate building of a fortune 500 company. Everything about the building screams ³money;´ even the secretary looks like a million bucks. The business has five main EXECUTIVES. ADAM YORK is one of these men. York is the handsome one of the group. He is in his early 40¶s. He is currently going through the motions of his day-to-day work.

YORK (on the phone) Tell Abrams that I don¶t give two craps about what he thinks. Who does he think he is, Donald Trump? Hell, he only owns one condo. I didn¶t. No I literally did not. What is the first rule of negotiation? To ask. So I did the right thing. That is how normal people do business. What? Did you just say Irregardless? Irregardless is not a word. No it¶s regardless. You know what? I am hanging up on you. Why? Because managers have three resources: time, money, and people. And, as a manager my time is inelastic and irreplaceable. York hangs up the phone. YORK Damn it, he¶s a dumb ass hole. WESLEY JONES steps into the room. He drinks coffee out of a large paper cup, and holds papers in his other hand. JONES Hey York, guess who was the highest moneymaking dead person of last year. YORK 2Pac.

31 JONES I said dead person. YORK Elvis. JONES A WELLL. Nope, Kirk Cobain. 50 mil. YORK That lucky, dead bastard. JONES Please. Chump change. Jones looks at the paper in his hand. JONES Guess how many billionaires there are in China? YORK What is that, the world¶s most random facts? JONES 15 billionaires in China. Ohh, what job has a workplace with the most germs? YORK Porn star? JONES A WELLL. Good guess. Teacher. Number two, accountant. RANDAL KINNERSLY walks by them. He is the company accountant, and he looks the part. YORK I could have told you that. You hear that Kinnersly? Why don¶t you keep your germs out of my office? Randal is holding papers and cup of coffee.

32 RANDAL Why don¶t you keep all your paperwork out of my office? Oh wait, because you can¶t even do basic math. YORK Because you¶re an accountant. It¶s your job to crunch the numbers, man. JONES Yeah, we make the money; you add it up. The gorgeous SECRETARY walks up to York. SECRETARY Allan. Mr. Marvel is here to see you. YORK Thank you, send him in. MR. MARVEL, Zack and Kristen¶s Father, rounds the corner, and enters the main room. He is a wearing a business suit. MARVEL Allan, Wesley, Randal. This place has really changed since I was here last. You guys are looking sharp. YORK As are you. JONES You want some coffee? MARVEL No, I¶m trying to quit. It gives me bad headaches. I tried drinking Decaf, but it doesn¶t taste as good. JONES No. Plus what¶s the point? I don¶t drink anything but water unless it gets me drunk or hyper. Jones and York laugh for about 10 seconds.

33 YORK So, what can we do for you? MARVEL What happened Wednesday? JONES I know. It¶s awful. MARVEL No. I mean what happened? YORK What do you mean? MARVEL You know what I mean. YORK What happened was unrelated. MARVEL Bullshit. JONES There is no reason to believe that it had anything to do with it. Sometimes people kill people. You know the big man¶s family had deep issues. MARVEL So you¶re telling me that you all are going to sit here like it was a random event thatYORK -We said that we would never talk about it again. We agreed. MARVEL Yes we did. But our agreement is going to become null and void if this comes back to bite us all in the ass. This is going to bring up all sorts of questions and attention that we can¶t have. Where¶s the big man?

34 JONES He¶s getting ready for the funeral. Randal looks sick to his stomach. His shaking hands make his coffee spill out. He does not notice. YORK Will you relax? Everything is fine. Nothing is wrong. If it goes wrong, you will be the first to know. MARVEL (to Randal) You¶re spilling coffee on your pants. Randal walks to the bathroom. Marvel turns and walks away. SEAN HARMON turns the corner and enters the main office. He sips on a huge CUP OF COFFEE. York furiously waves his hands to get Harmon¶s attention. HARMON What is up? YORK Marvel was just here. HARMON Marvel? What did he want? JONES He was concerned. HARMON Well woopdee frickin da. JONES I¶ll get everyone. INT. CONFERENCE ROOM - LATER Now all five of the business executives are in an office, and they are sitting around a large table. MARKUS ALLAN, a born leader, is standing in front of everyone.

35 MARKUS We have no way of knowing if we have a problem. So, I say that we go on like normal, don¶t bother the big guy with it, and just chill out. RANDAL You guys said that this was going to work itself out. YORK Listen. Nothing is wrong. This doesn¶t mean anything. So, relax. MARKUS (walking out of the room) We are in control of what happens; never forget that. EXT. NEIGHBORHOOD ± DAY Zack, Kristen, Cory, Matt, Jay, and Amy approach Cory¶s apartment. It¶s only about a mile from Zack and Kristen¶s neighborhood. All of them are on the verge of a mental breakdown. Kristen and Amy cry and hold each other as they walk. INT. CORY¶S APARTMENT ± DAY They all sit down in the living room. They are all completely silent for a moment. CORY (to Zack) So«what do we do now? ZACK I don¶t know. KRISTEN We need to call the cops, first of all. MATT Hey stupid, we just killed two cops. Zack jumps up, and punches Matt in the face.


ZACK Don¶t you call her stupid. Matt stands up, and shoves Zack away. MATT What is your problem you dumb bastard. My girlfriend just got burnt alive. I¶m fucking sorry if I¶m a little short with people. ZACK Don¶t call her stupid. MATT OK! I think we have bigger fucking fish to fry, ZACK! Matt Holds his jaw. MATT Fuck. JAY What about everyone¶s eyes? It¶s like they¶ve all turned crazy« and evil. What is that? This brings the room¶s attention to Jay. CORY I¶ll tell you what¶s crazy; standing around and staring like a pedophile at a playground while all your friends are about to killed by demon possessed cops. That¶s pretty fucking crazy to me. MATT (to Jay) Yeah, what is wrong with you? (to Zack) He just stood there as Cory and I were fighting the cop. Stood there with a stupid, blank look on his face. Everyone looks at Jay. Tears are running down Amy¶s face.

37 KRISTEN We need to stop blaming each other and just work together to figure out what is going on. Zack walks out of the living room. Cory follows him. INT. CORY¶S ROOM ± DAY Zack looks under Cory¶s bed. ZACK Where is it? CORY What?

ZACK Where the fuck is it? CORY It¶s over here, damn. Cory opens a drawer in his computer desk. He pulls out a sack of week. ZACK You don¶t have any pills? CORY No pills. It¶s either this or cheep vodka. LIVING ROOM KRISTEN They did look evil, Jay. Like little demon people. AMY And their eyes. What was wrong with all of their eyes? KRISTEN What do you think, Amy? That the world has gone crazy?

38 CORY¶S ROOM Zack takes a long hit out of a pipe. He passes the pipe to Cory. Zack grabs his left arm, where all the cigarette burn marks are. He pulls the long sleeve down to cover all the burns. Cory looks at Zack, but says nothing. LIVING ROOM KRISTEN That was a nightmare come true. I kept waiting and waiting for myself to wake up. But I still haven¶t. Zack¶s been having a lot of bad dreams lately. CORY¶S ROOM CORY You¶re still doing that, huh? Zack grabs the pipe out of Cory¶s hands. ZACK It¶s the only thing that lets me know when I¶m awake. Zack takes a toke. ZACK I haven¶t done it in a while actually. LIVING ROOM KRISTEN Why do you think we aren¶t like everyone else? JAY Maybe we are. They sit in silence. CORY¶S ROOM

39 CORY So an anteater walks into a bar. Cory takes the pipe out of Zack¶s hands. CORY The bartender looks at him, and says, ³Hey my Uncle¶s been looking for you.´ Zack looks at Cory with a blank look on his face, as he tries to get the joke. Cory looks back with a half smile. Zack finally gets it, and cracks a smile that slowly turns into a laugh. CORY I¶ve always been able to make you laugh. Zack puts his arm around Cory. The mood is lightened. CORY I know what¶s going on. I saw it in a movie once. ZACK A movie, huh? CORY It was called Return of the Volcano Corpses. Zack manages to let out another laugh. CORY No, I¶m serious. I¶ll tell you all about it. INT. LIVING ROOM ± DAY Matt, Amy, Kristen, and Jay are sitting in front of the TV. Zack and Cory walk into the room. Every channel is nothing but bright vibrant, almost beautiful colors. JAY (thinking out loud) What if we¶re all dead?

40 MATT What? JAY Seriously. What if we all died last night, and this is some sort of hell? ZACK We¶re not in hell. Zack turns the TV off. ZACK We¶re leaving. MATT Where?

ZACK To find Brandon. KRISTEN Yeah, he was at our house last night. Did you try calling him? ZACK Yeah, but my phone¶s not working. AMY Neither is mine. Kristen takes out her phone and pushes talk. She puts the phone on speaker. It rings twice. A loud scream is heard on the other end of the phone. It sounds like people are being killed. Kristen hangs up. ZACK We need to find Brandon and see what he knows because I¶m sure this is happening to him too. CORY Let¶s go; I know where he lives. INT. OFFICE BUILDING ± DAY

41 A young, male INTERN steps out of his cubical, and nervously walks across the office floor. He approaches Markus who is talking with Jones. He holds some paper. JONES They don¶t want a refund. MARKUS Good because they¶re not getting one. The Intern stands four feet away from Marcus. JONES Her company didn¶t get a January or February invoice, and she wants to know exactly what they owe. INTERN Mr. Allen Marcus and Jones turn their heads toward the intern. MARCUS Yes sir. INTERN would show me how to I was wondering if you register this.

MARCUS Ask a sales associate about things like that. Keith or Jerry can show you how. A loud POP noise echoes through the office. It came from behind a shut door. Everyone jumps. A WOMAN close to the door drops all her papers, and trips. Marcus looks at the closed door, then to Jones, then at York who is on the other side of the large room, sitting at his desk. York looks up at Marcus. The woman who dropped the papers, knocks on the door. She grabs the door handle. MARCUS DON¶T OPEN THAT! Her hand lets go of the door handle.


Marcus, Jones, and York walk over to the door. A little gold sign next to the door reads ³Randal Kinnersly ± Accounting.´ Marcus cracks open the door. He opens the door just enough to fit inside, then shuts the door behind him. INT. RANDAL¶S OFFICE ± DAY Randal sits behind his desk facing Marcus. Randal shot himself in the head through his mouth. His head is sloped down looking at his lap. He still holds the gun. The deep red blood sprayed across the white wall behind him. It looks like a painting. Almost beautiful. Marcus walks up to Randal¶s body. In the palm of Randal¶s right hand is a little envelope. Marcus takes it out of his hand. INSERT: SMALL ENVELOPE The front: ³To: Randal Kinnersly´ Inside: ³I know about Kyler´ INT. OFFICE BUILDING ± DAY Marcus walks out Randal¶s office. He shuts the door behind him. MARCUS A shelf broke. Everything¶s fine. Please, get back to what you were doing. York and Jones look at Marcus. MARCUS We¶re in deep shit. INT. VAN ± DAY They all squeeze into Cory¶s 1984 Toyota Hiace Van. Cory drives. As they leave the neighborhood they notice that the blood that was coving everything is almost completely gone. Everything seems almost normal as they drive from Cory¶s house to Brandon¶s house.


It¶s like the other drivers do not even notice that they are on the road. ZACK Well, I don¶t know; it seems pretty normal out here, huh? CORY (trying to sound funny) Yeah, a little too normal. They pull up at a stop light. The car next to them has their windows down; all the passengers are looking forward, and they are not moving. Amy looks at the car next to them, and taps on her window with her knuckle to try and get their attention. ZACK Everything is fine now. Look. Zack rolls down his window to try and talk to the drivers sitting next to them at the stop light. ZACK (to the other car) Excuse me. Are you all ok? Hello? Zack reaches over, and honks the horn. ZACK Hey, are youZack stops talking when everyone in the car turns their heads and looks at them. Their heads turn towards them at the same time. Their eyes are red and evil looking. MATT Holy shit. AMY Don¶t look at them. Don¶t look at them. The light turns green, and both cars start driving.

44 ZACK Why did they look at us like that? JAY Because we¶re ghosts. MATT Jay, shut up with the ghost thing. The van pulls up to Brandon¶s house. EXT. BRANDON¶S HOUSE - NOON Brandon Bianchi lives with his parents. It is a fairly large ranch style house. They all get out of car and walk to the front door. CORY (knocking on the door) Mrs. Bianchi always makes me feel better. MRS. BIANCHI opens the door. She is Brandon¶s very attractive mother. She is Italian, and has a large Italian family. Her eyes are unusual like the other people from the neighborhood. Her eyes take them all by surprise. MRS. BIANCHI (overly happy) Hey Zack, Kristen. ZACK Hey Mrs. Bianchi, is Brandon here? We really need to talk to him. MRS. BIANCHI Oh no, he¶s not, but I¶m expecting him any minute now so please come in and make yourselves at home. Zack looks at Kristen. ZACK Um, we don¶t want to intrude. We¶ll just wait out here for him.

45 MRS. BIANCHI Oh no you don¶t. Get out of the cold now. NOW! Mrs. Bianchi smiles. MRS. BIANCHI (gently) Come in out of the cold. He¶ll be here soon. They all walk into the house. MRS. BIANCHI Sorry for the mess. We¶re having our annual family reunion at our house today. Everyone is going to be arriving in a little less MRS. BIANCHI (Cont¶d) than an hour, and Brandon knows not to be late. ZACK Do you know what¶s been going on out here? MRS. BIANCHI What do you darlings mean? ZACK With the blood everywhere and everyone has been acting really strange. KRISTEN Yeah we were attacked. Two of our friends are dead. Mrs. Bianchi laughed as if she just heard a joke. MRS. BIANCHI You all can sit right down. I¶ve got the best tea in the world brewing, and it will solve all of your problems. Sit, sit, sit. They all sit down in the living room that is full of comfortable, over sized chairs. Mrs. Bianchi brings out a large silver tray with six cups of steaming tea, and a sugar bowl.


MRS. BIANCHI There you go. Drink till your heart¶s content. Mrs. Bianchi exits the room. JAY Man, that smells good. MATT What are we doing here? KRISTEN We¶re waiting for Brandon, plus we should be safe here. MATT Safe? Her eyes look just like the others. AMY Yeah, we need to get the hell out of here. ZACK Her eyes were not like the others. The Bianchi¶s have been like a second family to Kristen and I. KRISTEN Especially after mom died. Zack looks painfully at the ground, and scratches his ear. MATT Yeah well, I¶m not drinking that. CORY I¶d drink anything Mrs. Bianchi touches. AMY It does smell really good. Kristen starts to pour tea into the small tea cups. They all fix their drinks with sugar. Cory takes the first sip. CORY Mmm mm. This is love right here.


Kristen and Amy drink theirs, and they close their eyes, and look at peace for first time since this morning. Matt watches everyone drink the tea, and he finally gives in. MATT Screw it. If we go down, we go down together. As they drink, calm comes over them all. The living room is warm and cozy, and they all drink their tea, and start to get really tired. Zack looks around and sees that most of his friends have already fallen asleep. He looks at the fire in the fireplace. The flames have an almost hypnotizing rhythm to them. KRISTEN (to Zack, her eyes closed) We¶re gonna wake up and this will all seem like a bad dream. ZACK Yeah. Zack¶s eyes slowly start to shut. FADE TO BLACK: FLASHBACK DREAM: (MOS) Zack¶s Mom and girlfriend are killed INT. AIRPORT ± DAY Zack and his girlfriend PAGE walk out of a boarding ramp into an airport terminal. Kristen, Mr. Marvel, and Mrs. Marvel are waiting for them at the gate. Kristen runs up, and gives Zack a hug. Mrs. Marvel breaks her very serious look in order to smile at Zack. Mr. Marvel walks away. INT. SUV ± DAY Mr. Marvel is driving. Mrs. Marvel is in the passenger seat. Zack is in the backseat sitting between Page on his left, and Kristen on his right.


Mr. and Mrs. Marvel fight in the front seat. Yelling at each other. The three in the back look very uncomfortable. Zack yells something to break up the fight. Page looks out the window. She grabs Zack hand. Mrs. Marvel looks in the back seat to say something comforting, but before she does she starts yelling at Mr. Marvel, who starts slamming his hand against the steering wheel. Kristen covers her ears. Their SUV is in the left lane. Mrs. Marvel slaps Mr. Marvel in the face. The car is still. Mr. Marvel screams at her. His face is blood red. All of his attention is on Mrs. Marvel. He doesn¶t notice the road curve to the left. Their SUV hits the car on their right. The SUV spins out. Marvel slams on the breaks until it comes to a complete stop in the middle of the road. Zack slowly lifts his head, and looks to his left, into the oncoming traffic. A pick-up truck heads straight for them. Zack pulls his hand away from Page, and uses both arms to cover Kristen. The truck collides with the SUV. Glass flies everywhere. EXT. HIGHWAY ± DAY A YOUNG MAN runs out of his car, and hurries to the SUV. He opens the passenger door first. Mrs. Marvel is a bloody mess. Her head broke through her window. She is dead. The young man opens Kristen¶s door. He pulls Zack¶s bloody arms off her, and carries her out of the car. Zack looks at Page. She is also a bloody mess. She is dead with a broken neck. Zack screams. BACK TO SCENE INT. BRANDON¶S LIVING ROOM - NOON


Zack¶s eyes start to flutter open. Very upbeat, ITALIAN DINNER MUSIC plays in the background. From where Zack is sitting, he can look right into the kitchen. The music is still playing as all of the women in the house are busy at work in the kitchen. What Zack sees, looks like a scene right out of a movie. The music is playing; a happy family is in the kitchen cooking, and hugging, and laughing. Zack turns his head to look out the window. There are about ten cars parked in front of the house. He looks back in the kitchen. The women in the kitchen are not only preparing normal food. They are also preparing human bodies to be eaten. As the women mingle and share stories and laughs with each other they are slicing, and dicing, and skinning, and boiling, and baking human meat. Arms and legs are tossed around, and handed to each other. Those are the most recognizable parts, other than the severed heads on the counter. Zack is now wide awake, and breathing short, rapid, panic breaths, because of what he is seeing. He was taken off the couch, and is tied to a chair. The other five are lined up to both sides of him, also tied to chairs. ZACK (quietly) Cory. Cory. Wake up. Cory slowly opens his eyes. CORY Hey man. How about that tea, huh? (serious) Hey, why are we tied up? ZACK Look in the kitchen.


It takes about five seconds for Cory to realize what is going in the kitchen. CORY HOLY SHIT! Cory struggles to free his hands. The rest of them start to wake up. Amy screams at the top of her lungs. FAMILY MEMBER Hey Regina, it looks like they are starting to wake up. And, they¶re noisy too.

MRS. BIANCHI Good. I¶m ready for one of them. Billy. (turns and yells) Hey Billy! Bring one of them in here. BILLY talks like a country good µol boy. He looks like he hasn¶t showered in weeks. He also happens to be wearing an old pink dress; a dress that you would find at some old thrift shop. He has a baby pacifier in his mouth; he takes it out of his mouth to speak, then he puts it right back in. He walks up to the six of them, and talks to them like they were animals. BILLY Look at these pretty little things. (looks at Matt) You¶re a nice big one. Billy kisses Matt¶s neck. Then he grabs the back of Matt¶s chair, tilts him back, and drags him into the kitchen. Billie looks around the kitchen. MRS. BIANCHI Here, use this. She hands him a grapefruit sized rock. MRS. BIANCHI I found it by the creek yesterday morning.

51 Billy takes the rock, and smashes Matt in the head over and over again. The other five are screaming bloody murder. Matt sways his head back and forth. Blood covers his face. FAMILY MEMBER Kill it already. BILLY Hold your horses. Matt finally goes limp, and he gets untied and lifted onto the counter where they chop him up into pieces. AMY (screaming) OH MY GOD! WE¶RE ALL GONNA DIE! PLEASE GOD HELP US! MRS. BIANCHI (to Billy) Go kill them all out there. BILLY How come? MRS. BIANCHI Because we are going to use them all, and we¶re running out of room in the kitchen. BILLY Aight. You¶re gonna be making that sauce extra meaty, huh? Billy walks out of the kitchen with the large rock that he killed Matt with. He walks up to Zack and cracks him in the forehead. This knocks Zack¶s chair backwards, making him land on his back. Billy leans over him, and lifts the rock in the air. Billy¶s friend, MASON, yells to Billy. MASON (O.S.) Billy get your ass in here, you have to see this.

52 Mason pokes his head out from around the corner. MASON Hurry, dammit. Billy waits a moment, and puts the rock down next to Zack. Then he runs out of the room. Zack spots a beer bottle on a shelf directly above his head. Zach is able to use his head to rock the shelf and knock the bottle onto the floor. KRISTEN Zack get us out of here. He¶ll come back soon. ZACK I¶m trying. Blood from Zack¶s forehead is running into his eyes. ZACK I can¶t see. JAY Matt is looking at me. Matt¶s severed head faces them. Zack grabs the bottle and smashes it on the ground. This breaks the bottle in half with a long and jagged spike to it. He grabs a piece of the bottle that broke off and use it to cut through the ropes that tie him to the chair. KRISTEN Hurry up, he¶s coming back. (to Billy) LEAVE US ALONE! Billy comes back into the room. He picks the big rock up again and lifts it up over Zack¶s head. At the last second Zack cuts through the rope. This frees up his hands. He grabs the half beer bottle and rams it into Billy¶s stomach. Then he pulls it out and slices his neck. Billy drops the

53 rock onto Zack¶s chest, falls over dead. Zack cuts himself free, and quietly starts to free the others. INT. KITCHEN ± DAY Mrs. Bianchi takes a human finger off of a platter. She dips the finger in the dip, and chews the meat off the bone. She leans over to look into the living room. Zack and Cory untie the rest of the group. Billy¶s dead body lays on the floor. MRS. BIANCHI (yelling) EVERYONE GET UP HERE NOW! The other women in the kitchen turn around. They scream and grab knives. All of the men in the family run upstairs from the basement. Right when Amy gets untied she runs for the front door. Mason runs out of his room with a hot clothes iron. He runs behind Amy, and presses the iron on her face. She screams and falls to the ground. Zack and Jay try their best to hold off the rest of the family by waving the wooden chairs at them. Cory runs over to Mason. Mason swings the iron at him. Cory dodges it, and punches Mason in the throat. Mason throws grabs Cory, pulling him to the ground. Kristen grabs a chair, and breaks a window to create an exit. ZACK STAY BACK! MAN Take it easy young man. We don¶t want to hurt you. ZACK FUCK YOU! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?!


Mason is lying on top of Cory. The iron is slowly coming closer to Cory¶s face despite Cory¶s resistance. Amy kicks the iron out of Mason¶s hand. Cory head-butts Mason in the mouth. Mason falls back onto the ground. Cory picks up the iron, leans over Mason, and smashes it repeatedly into his face. Every time Cory brings the iron back up it has more blood on it. Zack rams one of the legs of his chair into the face of one of the men. He falls to the ground. Kristen grabs Amy and Cory, and helps them out of the window. Jay jumps out of the window. Mrs. Bianchi runs at Zack with a knife. Zack grabs the wrist her knife is in, and takes the knife away. He holds the knife up to her neck, and holds her from behind. ZACK (to Kristen) Start the car, and drive away. I¶ll catch up. Kristen jumps out the window. ZACK Stay back or I¶ll cut her throat. Why are you doing this? WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS? The van drives by the front of the house. Zack throws Mrs. Bianchi to the ground, and runs out the window. Everyone in the house chases after Zack. Zack catches up with the van, and jumps inside while it is moving. He sits in the passenger seat. ZACK (hammer fisting the dashboard) FUCK, FUCK, FUCK! SON OF A FUCKING BITCH!!! KRISTEN (crying and holding Amy) STOP IT ZACK! ZACK WHY? WHAT IS HAPPENING?


KRISTEN You aren¶t making anything better, you¶re making it worse. Amy holds her face in pain. The right side of her face is red from the hot iron. Kristen tries to comfort her. ZACK It can¶t get any worse, Kris. Did you see what happened in there? I killer her. I KILLED her. CORY Yo, where are we going? ZACK Just drive. Drive. Zack grabs his bleeding arm. ZACK Keep driving until you can¶t see that house anymore. Then drive some more. KRISTEN Zack, you¶re bleeding really bad. ZACK Yeah, it hurts like hell. And, it didn¶t help my head ache. Zack pulls his phone out of his pocket. The screen is severely cracked, and it won¶t turn on at all. ZACK Great. Stop the car. CORY (sarcastically) Oh okay. ZACK (yells at Cory) STOP THE CAR! Cory hit¶s the break peddle, and stops the car in the

56 middle of the road. CORY There, you happy? Zack gets out of the car and stands in the middle of the road. ZACK (yelling to the world) WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH ALL OF YOU? HUH? SOMEONE ANSWER ME! WHAT HAPPENED TO ALL OF YOU? WHAT DID WE DO TO YOU?

KRISTEN Zack, get in the car. ZACK NO!

Cars start to swerve towards Zack to the point that he has to jump out of the way to avoid getting hit. CORY GET IN HERE! Zack gets back into the car. ZACK Kristen, let me see your phone. KRISTEN Who you gonna call? Kristen hands Zack her phone. ZACK Dad. KRISTEN Dad, Dad? ZACK Yeah, Dad Dad. KRISTEN Why would you call him?


ZACK He can at least give us some straight answers. Unless he¶s one of them too. (to himself) Wouldn¶t be too different from how he normally is. KRISTEN You haven¶t talked to him in two years. ZACK I know. AMY Why haven¶t you talked to him in two years? ZACK BECAUSE HE KILLED MY MOM, OK! ANY MORE QUESTIONS? KRISTEN Stop yelling, she didn¶t know. (to Amy) There was an accident, and our Mom was killed. ZACK It wasn¶t an accident, it was carelessness on his part. AMY I¶m sorry, you guys. ZACK (beat) No, I¶m sorry. You all don¶t need this right now. It¶s just that I thought we were all going to die back there. Look at me. I¶m freakin¶ out. KRISTEN We all are. Let¶s get through this together, huh?

58 ZACK But, don¶t you think it would be a good idea to call Dad? KRISTEN Yeah. I just never thought I¶d ever hear those words come out of your mouth. AMY It¶s not going to work anyway. None of our phones work. It¶s like none of them have service. Or no one will answer. ZACK Yeah, you¶re probably right, but I¶mZack is interrupted by Kristen¶s phone ringing in his hand. This is the first time that any of their phones have rang. The caller I.D. says ³Dad.´ ZACK No way. CORY What? ZACK (looks at Kristen) Dad. Zack shows Kristen the screen. ZACK Did you call him earlier? KRISTEN No. Zack pushes the ³Talk´ button. ZACK Hello? MARVEL ZACK!? ZACK

59 Yeah it¶s me. MARVEL Wow. I haven¶t heard your voice in« a long time. ZACK We need to talk, Dad. I don¶t know who else to turn to. I literally was about to call you. People are trying to kill us. Everyone is trying to. MARVEL I¶ll help. I¶m here to help. How¶s Kristen? Is she doing okay? ZACK (looks at Kristen) Yeah, she¶s fine. MARVEL Zack, what did you do last night? ZACK I don¶t know. We had a get together at our house last night, why? MARVEL Where there any strange people there? ZACK Damn it Dad, people are trying to kill us. I have killed people. This whole town has gone to hell, and everyone looks fucking evil. MARVEL Yeah, I know. ZACK You do? So you know what I¶m talking about? MARVEL Yes. I know what you¶re talking about?

60 ZACK Thank you. I needed to hear someone else say that people are crazy. So do people around you look evil too? Are people trying to kill you? MARVEL Zack, listen to me. Don¶t talk to anyone. Don¶t, don¶t look at anyone. I¶m at a funeral right now. ZACK A funeral? MARVEL Yeah, It¶s for my old bosses wife and daughter.

ZACK So there¶s a normal funeral procession going on? MARVEL Yeah. It¶s actually really terrible. My old boss and his youngest daughter found the wife and his oldest daughter. Um, after the wife stabbed the daughter to death, then slit her own throat. ZACK Talk about a macabre day. MARVEL Listen, meet up with me. Come straight here; it¶s the large white mansion off of Cave Mill Road in Lake Forest. There are a million cars in the parking lot; you can¶t miss it. I¶ll be waiting for you in the parking lot. But listen; make sure no one sees you. ZACK We¶re on our way. Hangs up phone.

61 ZACK Turn left up here. KRISTEN What¶d he say? ZACK He wants us to meet him at this funeral? KRISTEN Funeral? How did he sound? ZACK He sounded distracted, But normal other than that. He didn¶t really answer any of my questions.

EXT. MANSION - DAY The van pulls into a long tree lined driveway that leads up to a huge mansion. The driveway is also lined with hundreds of black cars. CORY Look at this place. KRISTEN I don¶t like being at a funeral. I¶ve been around enough death for one day. ZACK He said to meet him in the parking lot. (to Cory) Here, leave the car running. How bout you and me go in there and check it out. (to Kristen and Amy) Why don¶t you two wait here? If anything bad happens to us, or anything gets weird, I want you to drive away as fast as you can, and don¶t look back. Got it? KRISTEN and AMY Got it.

62 Zack and Cory get out of the car. KRISTEN Zack wait! Don¶t let anything crazy happen to you in there. (MORE) KRISTEN (CONT¶D) And try to remember that dad still loves you no matter what you think of him. EXT./INT. MANSION ± DAY Zack and Cory walk up to the CEO¶s mansion. The front doors to the house have gigantic, solid, wooden doors with large metal knockers. They knock, and an OLD MAN opens the door. The living room is massive with extra high ceilings. The entire house is packed full of people. To the left you see a large room with two caskets, where there is some sort of bizarre funeral ceremony taking place. All the attendees look crazed, and are dressed in absurd black attire. Some of the people don¶t even look like people. They look like actual demons. The inside of the mansion resembles some sort of gothic circus. The room emits a strange sense of sexuality and sadomasochism as women walk around in revealing black leather clothes. Zack and Cory look around and try to comprehend what they are seeing. SEAN HARMON, a sharp looking man in a sharp black suit and sunglasses walks up to them. He is one of the business executives. He says that his name is Brad Lindsay. HARMON (looks back and forth at them) Zack Marvel?


ZACK I¶m Zack. HARMON Hi. Brad Lindsay. Zack, your father is waiting for you in the other room. If you want to follow me, I can take you to him. Zack and Cory look hesitant to go anywhere with him, because the surroundings are so bizarre. ZACK Hey, what is with these people? HARMON Oh. They¶re always like this. Satan plays a large part in their lives. Satanists. Well, they¶re an odd bunch. Right this way. Brad starts to walk away, but stops when he notices that Cory and Zack aren¶t moving. Zack and Cory look at each other. ZACK (whispering to Cory) I don¶t know about this. CORY Do you think your Dad is really in there? This is definitely not a normal funeral. HARMON I know you¶re confused. But, we¶re the good guys. Your Dad will clear everything up for you. CORY Take off your sunglasses. HARMON I can¶t. They¶re prescription lenses, and my eyes can¶t handle light very well. It¶s been that way since I was a kid. With that, Cory and Zack turn to follow Harmon.

64 EXT. PARKING LOT - CONTINUOUS KRISTEN I think something is wrong. AMY I¶m sure Zack knows what he is doing. KRISTEN (to Jay) We¶re fine out here. Can you go and follow behind them, and make sure they are alright. JAY I promised your brother that I¶d say here. KRISTEN Please Jay, we¶re fine. We¶ll duck down so no one sees us. Just hurry back with them. JAY No, I don¶t think so. Plus I¶m not supposed to go in there. AMY What do you mean, not supposed to go in there? Jay sits there with a scared look on his face. JAY I mean, from your brother. KRISTEN We will be fine. He told you to stay here to look out for us but, I want you to go in there and look out for him. So go. JAY No, ok? I¶m not going, I¶m staying, alright? Fuck that. AMY Okay, fine you can stay, jeez. Weird ass.

65 JAY (to himself) Not going in. Not going in there. Mr. Marvel runs out of the mansion, and franticly looks around the parking lot for their car. Kristen spots him looking around. KRISTEN There¶s my Dad. (yelling to her Dad out the window) Dad, over here. Mr. Marvel starts to run towards them. KRISTEN (yelling to Dad) Where¶s Zack? This stops Marvel in his tracks. He looks back towards the mansion, and runs back inside.

INT. MANSION - DAY HARMON Right this way, gentlemen. As they turn and walk away, Marvel pokes his head out from around a corner as not to be seen. He slowly starts to follow them throughout the mansion. He spots a masquerade mask sitting on a chair, and he picks it up and puts it on. Harmon leads Zack and Cory through more rooms. He seems unusually collected considering the strange surroundings. They eventually get to a room with no windows where Harmon invites them to enter before him. HARMON After you. Immediately they are both hit over the head, and knocked out. Marvel follows their path to find out where they are. Cory is now lying flat on his back on the floor with a noose around his neck.


Two men are tying his feet together with a rope that is attached to a pulley system on the ceiling. Cory has a gag in his mouth, and his hands are tied behind his back. Zack is tied to a chair. His forehead is badly busted open again, causing blood to pour down his face into his eyes. HARMON (wiping the blood out of Zack¶s eyes) I¶m going to ask you some questions, and depending on how you answer them will determine the condition of your friend here. A man pulls on a rope that starts to raise Cory¶s feet off the ground. Harmon takes off his sunglasses to reveal eyes that are almost cat-like. HARMON I want a detailed account of everything that you did yesterday, starting when you woke up and ending when you went to bed. ZACK WHY IS EVERYONE HITTING ME IN TODAY? Alight. I woke up. Hit couple times. Got out of bed. bathroom, took a piss. Looked Washed my face.

THE HEAD snooze a Walked to the in the mirror.

Zack is interrupted by Harmon punching him in the face. Cory¶s feet get pulled higher. HARMON Main events, smart-ass. Marvel makes it to the door that Zack and Cory are in, and can hear loud yelling. He also hears Harmon talking on his cell phone about disposing of Zack and Cory. Marvel pulls a small gun out of his pants. He kicks the door in and sees Cory totally vertical being hung upsidedown with the noose around his neck being pulled tight. MARVEL (to the men holding Cory¶s rope) Get him down NOW! NOW!


Cory drops to the ground. MARVEL (looks at Harmon) Give me the phone. (talking into the phone) What the hell do you think you¶re doing? Marvel smashes the phone on the ground. INT. OFFICE BUILDING ± CONTINUOUS Markus is on the other line of the phone. Markus slowly turns and looks at the executives. INT. MANSION - DAY Harmon looks at Marvel, and laughs to himself when he figures out who he is. HARMON Matt Marvel. Wow, you¶ve sure done it now, haven¶t you? Marvel lifts up his mask, revealing himself. ZACK Dad? MARVEL Cut them free now. HARMON Whatever you say. Harmon laughs the type of laugh that says ³You just screwed up big time.´ MARVEL Go ahead, and get out of here. ZACK Why did you want me to come here. MARVEL -Zack, will you run out that door now?


Zack thinks for a moment. Then Zack and Cory quickly walk out of the room. CORY (to Mr. Marvel) (with a raspy voice) Thank you. You came at a good time. The two of them run out of the room to find the hallway has completely changed. The way that they came in isn¶t there anymore. They stop and look at each other. The door behind them slams shut. CORY This isn¶t the same is it? ZACK No, no it isn¶t. Of course it¶s not. (takes a large breath) Why would it be? They follow this strange winding hallway with strange colors which leads them to two giant doors that they can hear classical music coming from behind them. ZACK Dude, what the hell could be behind there? CORY I don¶t know, man. We can¶t go back that way, or your Dad will probably shoot us. Zack grabs the door handle. ZACK Alright you ready? CORY Ready. They open the doors to reveal the most extravagant ballroom they have ever imagined. The room is full of people dancing. They all seem normal enough except for their 18 century style, flamboyant clothing.

69 CORY What the crap? ZACK What is this place? This is insane. As they walk through, many beautiful, big breasted women yell at them to come and dance with them. They look at the boys and giggle in a flirtatious manner. It takes them a long time to work their way out, but they eventually leave the ballroom. ZACK Finally back to normal. CORY Normal? ZACK I meant modern day. Definitely not normal. Zack looks behind him. ZACK Shit, I hope my dad is okay. This is« How¶s your neck? Is it alright? CORY Yeah, it¶s alright. You got hit pretty good. Are you going to be alright? ZACK Yeah. No problem. They find their way back to the main room of the mansion where the funeral service is going on. They notice that everyone in the room is staring at them. There is a dead silence in the room, and both of them are the center of attention. As they are running for the front door they hear someone call to them in a loud and eerie voice. WOMAN¶S VOICE ZACK.

70 Zack and Cory stop and look behind them. The wife¶s and daughter¶s coffins open up. Their bodies rise up at the same time. The mother and daughter stare at them grinning like clowns; they look dead and evil. Zack and Cory are about to run out of the mansion when they hear some chanting. A group of people dressed in glossy black robes walks into the room, and they are carrying a person. Zack and Cory stand there only to see what is going to happen. A SEXY WOMAN in skimpy black clothes walks over to a piano, and she starts to pound out one creepy note, over and over. The person who they were carrying is Jay. A rope is put around his neck, and he is lifted off the ground by it. The people in black robes form a fence around Jay, and Zack and Cory desperately try to break through, but they cannot. ZACK JAY! JAY! STOP IT YOU BASTARDS! CORY We gotta go man. It¶s over. ZACK NO, IT¶S NOT. CORY HE¶S GONE! ZACK I PROMISED I WOULDN¶T LET THIS HAPPEN! CORY Zack, the girls. Zack looks at Cory with as he remembers the girls. They run out the front door, into the parking lot. They get to the van. It is empty. ZACK They took them; I knew it.

71 CORY Maybe they went in after us. ZACK No. They wouldn¶t do that. Zack kicks the van door, and screams. CORY Hey watch it. They must be inside right. What do you wanna do? ZACK WE GO GET THEM BACK! CORY Damn it, I don¶t wanna go BACK IN THERE! ZACK Well, we have to. CORY We just about got murdered. I don¶t exactly like getting strung up by my neck like a piece of meat, Zack. ZACK Something is going on. We were being interrogated for a reason. Someone wants to get to us, and we need to find out why. And I need to FIND MY SISTER! CORY I KNOW WHAT HAPPENED. WE ALL OVERDOSED LAST NIGHT, AND NOW WE ARE ALL DEAD, AND THIS IS HELL ON EARTH! ZACK Are you coming with me or what? CORY OF COURSE I¶M COMING WITH YOU! ZACK We always dream about adventure right? Let¶s go have ours. This is our day. We can¶t let them win.


CORY We might have to kill a lot of people. ZACK Well then, we need to find some weapons. We have that knife in the car. CORY Maybe a little bigger than that. ZACK Wait we have the shotgun in the back. CORY Get that; I¶ll find something else. ZACK I¶ll be right there. Cory runs to a work shed that is by the side of the house. Zack grabs the shotgun. Zack grabs an axe, and Cory grabs a machete. CORY This ought to do it. ZACK Let¶s do this. Both of them run across the front yard and up to the front porch. They run up some stairs, and burst through the front door. INT. MANSION - NIGHT From the second Zack and Cory run in the mansion, people run at them in a hostile manner. Zack and Cory slaughter everyone that they see. They roam from room to room looking for the girls, and killing people. None of them seem to be themselves. They have become merciless killing machines. Limbs are flying everywhere; blood is being flung all over the walls. INT. BAR ± NIGHT

73 The TV is on as the local news plays. The news reports on the murders of the two cops outside of Zack and Kristen¶s house. The TV plays in a bar, and is being watched by the business executives. The five business executives still in their business suits sit at a dark bar. Randal and Allen York have their heads down on the bar in a hopeless manner. Allen York raises his head.

YORK (to Jones) Maybe everything is OK. Maybe no one has died. Everything is fine.

JONES Yeah maybe. INT. MANSION - NIGHT The aftermath of the mansion massacre. Zack and Cory are all covered in blood, and there are dead bodies all around them. They are in a very long and wide hallway. Zack is on his hands and knees. They are in shock at what they have just done. The situation has finally started to sink in. All of the sudden people break down a door in the room and start running past them on both sides. Hundreds of people. They are screaming as if they were running from something. They start to speed up and become flashes of color that flow past them on both sides. Then an enormous exotic TIGER turns the corner and looks at them. Zack and Cory freeze, hoping that it will keep it from attacking them. But, the tiger growls and runs at them at full speed. They take off running with all their might. As they run Mr. Marvel appears and opens a door for them to run in.


MARVEL (to Zack and Cory) Get in, quick. Zack and Cory run into the open door that Mr. Marvel holds. He slams the door closed, but the tiger gets its head in the door first. Marvel tries to keep the tiger from getting through. MARVEL RUN! Marvel kicks the tiger in the face, and shuts the door. He slowly walks backwards away from the door. The tiger breaks through it. He takes off running.

Marvel runs for a while until the tiger catches up with him and smashes him through a door where Harmon and TWO MEN like him are in. They are interrogating Kristen and Amy who are tied to chairs. The tiger immediately attacks everyone in the room. It bites and mauls everyone that it sees. The three men are the first to be killed. Marvel tries to untie Kristen and Amy, but he doesn¶t have enough time. KRISTEN Dad? MARVEL Hey hunny. The tiger bites into Marvel¶s leg and drags him off. Harmon tries to make a dash for the door, but the tiger jumps on him and bites into him over and over, and throws him around like a chew toy. Now the tiger turns to finish Marvel off. He pulls a BUCK KNIFE out of his pocket, and fights with the giant tiger. Marvel hopelessly slashes with all of his might as he gets eaten alive.

75 He cuts the tiger¶s throat and it slowly bleeds to death. The blood coming from the tiger seems like it will never stop. Kristen and Amy look down in horror at what they just witnessed. Harmon and Marvel look like they have bled more than their body weight. They are both lying motionless on the floor. In the midst of complete silence, Harmon starts to laugh. Harmon is able to get up on his knees. He is coughing blood, and staring at the girls with an evil smile and look in his eyes. Suddenly Marvel starts to push himself up off the ground. Until now everyone thought that he was dead. Marvel completely stands up; blood runs down his entire body. He starts to walk over to Harmon taking small and awkward steps. Then something happens to Marvel that makes him seem somewhat superhuman. He takes powerful and stable steps towards Harmon. Harmon, still on his knees, looks up at Marvel as he approaches him. Harmon knows that his is going to die, but he smiles as if happy to see the killer that he turned Marvel into. Marvel grabs Harmon by the throat and looks into his eyes as he rips his throat out of his neck. Harmon falls over, and Marvel throws the throat onto the floor. Marvel closes his eyes, lifts his head towards the ceiling, and falls over on top of Harmon. Zack and Cory run into the room. Zack, seeing that Kristen is okay, runs over to his Dad. Cory starts untying Kristen and Amy. Zack lifts his Dad¶s head up, and holds it in his palm. KRISTEN Come on.


They make their way to the front door, and run out of the mansion. There are sirens in the background. ZACK We gotta go. We gotta go. AMY No, the police, we have to talk to the police. CORY Are you crazy? We just killed like 100 people. ZACK Get in the car. EXT. MANSION - NIGHT They speed away on a back road that is behind the mansion. It starts to get dark outside. INT. VAN - NIGHT CORY (slamming his hands on the wheel) SHIT, SHIT, SHIT, SHIT! ZACK Focus on the road, Cory. CORY I KILLED SO MANY PEOPLE TODAY! CRAZED PEOPLE. Then Jay got lynched. Your Dad got eaten by a damn tiger. I¶m losing my mind. Life as we know it is over. What are we going to do? Where are we going to go? ZACK (traumatized) Just get us far away from here. Ok? Just drive. Kristen, everything is going to be fine, I promise.

77 ZACK (to the girls) What were they asking you all? KRISTEN They asked about our night. What we did, and where we were. ZACK That¶s what they asked us. What is so important about what we did? What is so special about us? CORY What if they¶re from the government. Like, some government thing. And, we, I don¶t know, were at the wrong place at the wrong time.

ZACK Someone must know what¶s going on. AMY I was thinking a lot about what Jay said. He said what if we were all dead, and this is hell on earth. ZACK Amy, come on. AMY Why does that sound so unreasonable? Compared to what we¶ve all seen today. Why can¶t we keep that as a very plausible solution. They van is silent as they all think. ZACK I hope I wake up soon. Cory pushes on the gas, and the car starts going pretty fast. EXT. VAN ± NIGHT

78 The sun sets, and it starts to get really dark.

KRISTEN Where are we Zack? ZACK I don¶t know. I¶ve never been out this way. CORY With our luck, this road probably dead ends into an old Indian burial ground somewhere. AMY (looking out the back) Someone is behind us. Cory lifts his eyes to look into There is a pair of headlights in They all watch to see if the car Cory looks into the mirror every AMY They¶re turning. KRISTEN Looks like there¶s a town up ahead. AMY Let¶s get some food. ZACK I¶m not hungry at all. Thinking about food makes me want to throw up. Plus somehow I don¶t think that we would get very good service. Cory makes one last look into the rear-view mirror, and when he does a figure comes into view of their headlights. The figure stands in the middle of the road, and is wearing a hoodie and sunglasses. Cory looks back at the road and quickly swerves to the left. Their car flies off the road, hits a tree, and rolls upside-down. The car is totaled. the rear-view mirror. the far distance. will get closer to them. two seconds.

79 ZACK AHHH, DAMN IT! I HIT MY HEAD AGAIN! CORY Who was that? I¶m gonna kick his ass. I think I broke my kneecap. KRISTEN Zack. ZACK Kris, are you ok? Amy? KRISTEN Yeah, I¶m ok. Get me out of here. CORY Yeah, me too you ass-hole. ZACK Me? Way to watch the road. Zack manages to get out of the car first. He has to kick the door open. There are pieces of broken glass all over the place. He immediately starts to get the girls out. The kid in the hoodie is nowhere to be seen. ZACK What do ya¶ll wanna do? I say we go into the woods, and find somewhere to sleep. KRISTEN I knew I should have brought my pillow. CORY Women. ZACK Yeah. They all get out and walk into the woods. They get pretty far into the woods, and they all sit down, learning against some trees. They start to hear people whispering, and slow footsteps

80 all around them. Very strange sounds start to surround them. AMY What was that? KRISTEN What? CORY Nope. (stands up) It¶s a little too Blair Witch out here. ZACK (stands) Yeah, let¶s get out of here. We need to get back to the road. They all get up and start quickly walking out of the woods. On their way out, they come up onto a playground that is in the middle of the woods. There are tombstones covering the playground. ZACK Of course. Great. Just great. Where did this come from? If this isn¶t some eerie« KRISTEN Maybe we walked back at an angle. AMY No we didn¶t. ZACK Who would build a playground on top of a graveyard? CORY Maybe the playground came first. ZACK That would be even weirder. They all stand there, and they become more and more scared. The playground seems to be haunted by something as the swings start to move and the voices of little kids start to echo around them.


ZACK (breathing panic breaths) Let¶s go. RUN! They start to run around the outside of the playground, and as they do they see the silhouettes of little kids who are holding hands. By holding hands the kids form a fence around them, forcing the four of them to run through the playground. KRISTEN Come on! They go sprinting through the playground. As they run something grabs Amy¶s arm. Amy screams and looks behind her. There is nothing there. When she looks back, she sees that she is by herself. As she looks around the playground for Zack, Kristen, or Cory she sees a man dressed as a freaky CLOWN standing by the swing set with a knife in his hand. Amy proceeds to run franticly out of the playground. Right before she runs out of the woods. Cory grabs her and covers her mouth. CORY SHH SHH SHHHH! The cops are here. They found my car. ZACK Let¶s go. Stay quite. Everyone keep your eyes open. If anyone spots us, just run into the woods. KRISTEN Who knows what they¶d do to us if they catch us. ZACK I¶m not ready to find out. Actually we know what they¶d do to us.

82 They run along the outside of the woods. After they get out of the woods they see a neighborhood that is still under construction. Some of the houses are barely built, some look pink from all of the insulation that is showing, and some look like they are almost finished. ZACK Let¶s sleep in one of these houses. AMY No, we can¶t do that. There will probably be construction guys all around these houses in the morning. I don¶t want them to walk in on us while we¶re sleeping.

CORY They¶re aren¶t going to be any construction guys. You really think that people are going to be working during the apocalypse? I mean if there¶s a reason to call into work, that¶s it. ZACK Look at that house. It has a for sale sign in the front yard. And it looks like a brand new house. So, no one is living there yet, right? AMY I hope the showers work. They sneak up to the house, and look around. CORY No cars. The front door is unlocked, and they walk in. INT. HOUSE - NIGHT The inside of the house is pitch black. They stay quite as they start to look around.

83 None of the light switches work, but every now and again the lights will all flicker on for a brief moment, and then turn back off. CORY Why are the lights doing that? ZACK I don¶t know. Zack flips every light switch he can find. None of them work. They all go their own way inside the house. Kristen finds a bedroom upstairs that has a bathroom in it. Cory goes into the basement, and lies down on a couch. Amy goes into another room upstairs. Zack hangs out in the kitchen for a while. The lights still flicker on and then off about at about 20 second intervals. Then, the lights start to flicker on and off more rapidly and more frequently. As they flicker on, they begin to realize that they are not alone. There are other people in the house. They are very ghostlike, and they only move when the lights are off. The ghost-like people are in different places and positions every time that the lights flicker on. Every time the lights flicker on, they are closer and closer to them. INT. BATHROOM Amy stands in front of the mirror. Every time the lights flicker on she sees the burn on her face. A human object runs past the bathroom when the lights are off. Amy slams the door shut, and locks it. Kristen screams from the bedroom she¶s in. Amy hangs her head, and cries in fear. She picks up a pair of scissors from the sink. She looks back in the mirror. INT. LIVING ROOM

84 Zack stands in front of the sink. He takes a pack of cigarettes out of his pocket. Lights one up, and takes a drag. He rolls up the long sleeve on his left arm, and holds the cig up to his arm. ZACK Wake up. He holds the lit cigarette onto his forearm, burning his skin. He pulls it away. ZACK Wake up. INT. BATHROOM The lights flicker on, and Amy can hear someone dragging their hand across the closed shower curtain. The lights flicker off. Pitch black. When the lights come back on 5 seconds later, the shower curtain is open, revealing the dead white corpse of an old man standing up in the shower. Amy turns around, and screams. She quickly brings the scissors up to her neck, and slits her throat. The lights turn off. The flicker back on to an empty bathtub covered in Amy¶s blood. Amy lays dead on the floor. INT. KITCHEN ZACK WAKE UP! Zack holds the burning cigarette down on his neck, then takes it off. ZACK WAKE UP! He holds presses it on his face, and holds it there. He yells in pain. Cory yells from upstairs.


Zack turns around, and sees a LARGE MAN with a baseball bat. He cracks Zack over the head. This knocks Zack¶s lights out. FADE TO BLACK Zack fades in and out of consciousness, and when he does he sees flashes of the kid in the hoodie dragging him through the house, then driving, and then him carrying him through large halls in some building. INT. LARGE ABANDONED COLLEGE BUILDING ± NIGHT Zack opens his eyes. He is tied up alongside of Kristen and Cory. They are all wrapped up in plastic wrap that goes from their shoulders all the way down to their feet, making them look like mummies. Nothing too difficult to escape from. As Zack starts to break out of this wrapping, he starts to get very pissed off. He starts yelling, and shaking. It takes him awhile to get out of because the wrapping stretches into little strands that are hard to break. ZACK Come on. I¶M SICK OF THIS SHIT! Zack finally gets all of it off of him. He doesn¶t offer to help Kristen or Cory get unwrapped. Zack immediately starts goes to the door and tries to open it, but the door is locked. Zack starts sizing up the room; he thinks about how he can break out. He isn¶t acting like himself as he franticly scopes out his options. KRISTEN Where¶s Amy? Zack, stop. Look for Amy.

86 They have been locked in a classroom that has no windows. It is full of tables, and student desks. It has cement walls, and two solid metal doors. The doors both have a very small window in the top-center of them. Zack starts off by kicking the door with all of his might. It doesn¶t even budge. It gets to the point where Zack uses everything in the room to try to break and bash his way out of the room. Kristen and Cory get untied. KRISTEN Zack, you¶re scaring me. Zack swings a desk, and bashes it repeatedly into the door as hard as he can. ZACK (still bashing) IF THERE¶S A WILL, THERE¶S A WAY. HOW IRONIC THAT I LEARNED THAT IN A CLASS ROOM. I CERTAINLY HAVE A WILL. SHOW ME THE WAY BABY. SHOW ME THE WAY. Zack throws the mangled desk on the floor, and then continues to find some other way of escaping the room. Despite all of his efforts, he doesn¶t seem to be getting anywhere. Cory starts to help Zack in busting out of their room of captivity. KRISTEN Does anyone know what happened to Amy? CORY She¶s Dead. Zack throws the metal stool that was in his hands on the floor. Then he stands there looking at Kristen who has her hands over his face. CORY I walked in on her in the bathroom. She killed herself.


Zack looks at Kristen for a moment, and then he starts picking up objects, and smashing them into the door. Eventually Zack breaks through the wall. Zack¶s cagedanimal mentality starts to where off. KRISTEN Are you happy now? Zack leans up against the wall, and slides down until he is seated. ZACK Yeah, I think so. Kristen sits down next to him, giving him a hug. Cory steps out of the room, into the hallway. CORY Well, we¶re out; we¶re free. You are a beast Zack. Look at this place. Zack and Kristen step into the hallway. CORY What a fucking day. (laughs) Where the hell are we? (continues loud laughing) What will tomorrow bring? I¶m not scared anymore. I¶m not. ZACK I¶m not either. I really don¶t care what¶s going on anymore. I¶m glad that you¶re here with me. I¶d hate to go through this alone. Zack hugs Kristen. ZACK And I¶m glad that we¶re all OK. I love you, Kris. KRISTEN (crying) I love you too Zack. No matter what happens, we can get through it together. Cory, come

88 here really quick. (looks at Zack) I want to say a prayer. We should have done this a long time ago. ZACK When is the last time you prayed? KRISTEN Probably the last time you did. Zack grabs Kristen¶s hand. Cory sits down with them. The three of them are holding hands in a circle.

KRISTEN Psalm 3. Lord, how they have increased who trouble me! Many are they who rise up against me. Many are they who say of me, There is no help for him in God. But You, O Lord, are a shield for me, My glory and the One lifts up my head. I cried to the Lord with my voice, and He heard me from His holy hill. I lay down and slept; I awoke, for the Lord sustained me. I will not be afraid of ten thousands of people who have set themselves against me all around. Arise, O lord; save me, O my God! For you have struck all my enemies on the cheekbone; You have broken the teeth of the ungodly. Salvation belongs to the Lord. Your blessing is upon Your people. Zack sorrowfully looks at Kristen. CORY Let¶s get out of here, eh? Cory stands up and walks to the elevator at the end of the hall. Cory pushes the elevator button, and the door opens.

89 CORY Elevator works. Cory smiles at Zack and Kristen, and takes a large confident step into the elevator. Right when he does, the elevator plummets downwards, and powerfully crashes on the bottom floor. Zack and Kristen run up the still-open elevator doors, and look over the edge. Nothing is visible except blackness, as if they were looking into the abyss. ZACK CORY! CORY! CAN YOU HEAR ME? Kristen stands up and walks away from the ledge. KRISTEN We are going to die, Zack. Let¶s face it. ZACK (walks towards her) No. We aren¶t. We¶re getting out of here. KRISTEN What is the point? What is the point? It¶s not like we¶re going to live thoughZACK -Stop it. Stop it. We¶re gonna get out of here, and get Cory some help. We have to keep moving on. Let¶s make it through the day. We¶re not going to let them win. We can¶t let them win. INT. MARCUS ALLAN¶S HOUSE ± DAY Marcus¶ alarm clock turns from 6:14am to 6:15am, and the alarm goes off. He immediately turns it off with one quick motion. Marcus was wide awake, and waiting for it to go off. He looks disgusted with himself as he gets up out of bed. He looks at his wife, who is still sleeping.

90 He gets up out of bed, and puts on his business suit. Then he looks at himself in the mirror, and throws up in the sink. EXT. COLLEGE BUILDING - DAY The sun comes up on a large fenced off building in a college campus. Zack bursts out of the front doors holding Kristen, who is unconscious, in his arms. He looks very triumphant that he got out of the situation that he was in. His clothes are all torn and mangled and covered in his own blood, along with debris from the building. He stands about 15 feet outside the building for a few seconds to look up at the sky. Then he starts running. He comes up on a busy city street that is cluttered with people walking on the sidewalks. As he runs, he starts to get filled with more and more hatred for all the things that all these people who look evil have done to him. In the distance you see a MOTHER and her 4 or 5 year old SON walking down the street. Zack runs towards them faster and faster. Zack gets knocked over by a passer-by, and lands on the ground trying to cradle Kristen. As they are on the ground, the mother and her son are walking up to them. The son is a very cute little kid with very big, bright, and beautiful eyes. Zack pulls the knife out of his pants, and prepares for an attack. Right as he is about to stab the kid, he notices that the kids eyes are not evil looking like everybody else¶s. They are normal looking. Zack hides the knife behind his back. This is the first set of normal looking eyes that he has seen, besides his friends, since he woke up the morning before.

91 Flashes of the evil looking eyes come over the boy¶s normal eyes. The kid looks up at Zack as if he knows him. He looks at him as if he cares for Zack, and understands all he has been through. The boy touches Zack¶s face. THE BOY (whispers) Your eyes. Zack¶s eyes are the ones that are messed up. His eyes look like they are dilated to the point where the area of color in his eyes is completely black. He also has a little bit of redness on the whites of his eyes. Zack lowers his knife, and starts crying. He can¶t see what his eyes look like, but he can feel that something is wrong. Something about this boy gave him a moment of clarity. He grabs the kid by the shoulders. ZACK Thank you. INT. CONFERENCE ROOM - DAY The business executives are in a huge office room, where there is a gigantic spherical table in the middle. The table goes from one end of the room to the other, and it has many chairs all around it. A presentation for a drug called Zymitor is being watched. Then they watch some kind of promotional video for the drug. The video is being played on an overhead projector inside of the room. EXT. CITY - DAY Zack runs behind some buildings and into a wooded area. He runs up onto a hill that overlooks his neighborhood, and he can make out his house.

92 He sees that his house is not burnt down. He takes off running, still carrying Kristen. He gets to the neighborhood that his house is in. He gets to his house. There is yellow police tape all around it. INT. HOUSE ± DAY Zack walks in the front door, and looks around for a while trying to collect his thoughts. The person in the hoodie is inside the house, hiding behind a bookcase. Zack sets Kristen down on the living room couch. Zack stands in the living room, and sees flashes of the house being on fire. He turns and sees a vision of the dead cop lying on the floor. In the distance he hears Abby screaming. Then it all stops. Zack turns a corner and looks into his bathroom. Zack just stands there staring; he sees a half empty prescription drug bottle sitting on his bathroom counter. He looks at the pills in remembrance. FLASHBACK ± NIGHT OF THE PARTY INT. ZACK¶S HOUSE - NIGHT Cory makes his way through a crowded hallway. He walks up to Zack. Zack holds a cup of beer in each hand. CORY Here, put this down. Cory takes one cup out of Zack¶s hand, puts in on the counter. Cory pulls a pill bottle out of his pocket. CORY These pills are brand spanking new. I took one and I¶m fuckin¶« I¶m fucked up.

93 ZACK Who¶s are they? CORY A friend of Nick¶s. I think. Jay stands against the wall in the living room. Zack holds a pill in his hands. The pill is white with a little ³z´ on it. Zack pops the pill in his mouth. BACK TO SCENE INT. HOUSE - DAY

ZACK These pills. (beat) No. Zack hears the screen door at the back of the house slam shut. Zack runs to the back of the house, and busts the screen door open. The person in the hoodie runs away from the house holding Kristen in his arms. Zack runs after him at full speed. You can see the look of anguish in his face. ZACK STOP! Zack is about 15 yards away when his house explodes, knocking Zack to the ground. The person in the hoodie runs until he can no longer be seen. Zack gets up and does his best to continue after him. ZACK KRISTEN! After Zack turns the corner, he sees Kristen propped up against a tree, and the person in the hoodie stands next to her; he is still wearing sunglasses. Zack runs towards him. PERSON IN HOODIE Zack, stop.

94 Zack tackles him, and throws him onto the ground. ZACK What? You don¶t think I remember you. Zack punches him in the face while on the ground. PERSON IN HOODIE Listen to me; I know what you¶re going through. ZACK You don¶t know dick about what I¶ve been through. But, I do know that you made us wreck our car, then you locked us in a fucking death house, where my best friend was killed, you miserable fuck. Now you blow up my house. (kicks him) What more do you want to do to me? PERSON IN HOODIE I just saved your life. Zack is on top of him, grabbing his shirt collar, and smashing his head onto the ground. Then Zack punches him in the face, knocking his sunglasses off. The person¶s eyeballs are very badly scarred. All of the color is weird. There are spots with no color. This startles Zack to where he stops hitting him. The person in the hoodie squints his eyes in pain, and jumps up off the ground. He puts his hands over his eyes to block the sunlight, and then he reaches towards the ground to pick his glasses up. They are both standing there looking at each other. PERSON IN HOODIE My name is Kyler Addison. I¶m 26. Look I didn¶t mean to make you crash; I just wanted to stop you, because I needed to talk to you before you killed any more people. I saw you go into the woods, and I went to talk to you then but you all ran out, and went into that

95 house. I rescued you from that house. The owner was going to kill you. ZACK The house was empty. KYLER No, it wasn¶t. There was a whole family there, sleeping. The dad hit you in the head with a baseball bat. I dragged you out when he started to call the cops. You and your friends. Your sister and, Cory? I had to tie you all up and blindfold you to get you out. ZACK How do you know our names?

KYLER Because you¶re all over the news. For crying out loud. Do you know how many people you have killed, including two cops? ZACK The news? KYLER Yeah, the news. ZACK Your eyes don¶t look like the others. KYLER I know. This is what your eyes are going to look like, when the drug wears off. ZACK What drug? KYLER Zymitor. Zymitor is the fucking drug that you and your friends are on.

96 ZACK What the hell is that, and why would we be on it? KYLER I don¶t know why you¶re on it. ZACK Why did you blow up my house? KYLER I didn¶t. The company did. ZACK What company? KYLER Damn it Zack. Open your eyes. Xylem Pharmaceuticals. The company that your Dad worked for. Zack, things haven¶t been how you have seen them. Nothing has happened the (MORE) KYLER (Cont¶d) way that you and your friends have seen it happen. I can make it all make sense, but you have to trust me. I know that people have done shitty things to you, but I¶m on your side. ZACK What is this, and what¶s happening to me? KYLER (pulls out a blindfold) First put this on. ZACK What? KYLER Put this on, please. ZACK Why the-

97 KYLER -Any minute now, you are going think that I¶m doing some crazy shit that I¶m not really doing, and I need that to not happen. Please sit down and put this on. ZACK (beat) Fine. KYLER Also we need to go sit in my car. We can put your sister in the back where she can lay down and be safe. The police will be here soon. Zack goes to pick up Kristen. KYLER Hold on, put this on first. I¶ll carry her. Zack takes the blind fold, and ties it around his eyes. Kyler picks up Kristen, and they walk around the block to Kyler¶s car. Zack and Kyler are sitting in the front, and Kristen is lying down in the back. The car is not moving. KYLER Okay, stay low, since you are wanted for murder and everything. There is a major pharmaceutical company called Xylem Inc. This is where your father has worked for« a while now. ZACK My father is a sales rep for a marketing company. KYLER Well he was. But he did some job for Xylem and they offered him a permanent job. ZACK How do you know all this? KYLER Because I¶ve been following Xylem for a while now. And, it¶s all over the news.


ZACK My father is on the news? KYLER Yes. KYLER Now this part isn¶t on the news. I¶ve figured this much out on my own. About three years ago an engineer there, by accident, created what was considered to be the perfect replacement drug to all depression and anxiety pills. A pill that would make you feel alive like you¶ve never felt before, with none of the side effects that pills carry with it. They named the drug Zymitor after its founder, Brandon Zimmer. It was labeled as the new drug that would put Xylem on the top. Kind of a wonder drug. The business executives at Xylem were so (MORE) KYLER (Cont¶D) exited about the idea of Zymitor that it blocked their judgment of whether or not it was ready to go to the testing stage. Xylem did a kind of unofficial testing. They wanted to test the drug on people diagnosed with chronic depression. There were only four that showed up. I was one of them. It was three guys and a girl; the other three were real pieces of work. We got the drug, and everything was fine. Man, we felt great. They held us with them for 5 hours before they sent us home. We went our separate ways, and by the next morning the other three had killed a combined total of 37 people. Also by that time the other two had killed themselves. We went through the same thing that you and your friends have gone through, except we were alone. Zack lifts his blindfold off his eyes. KYLER Please keep that on.

99 ZACK So whatKYLER -Zack, what we saw was an illusion. What you saw was an illusion. None of it was real. All the evil people and evil acts that you saw was just normal people being normal. They all looked evil to me too. Zymitor is a fucked up drug that makes everyone who¶s on hallucinate and think that everyone who isn¶t on it is evil. Xylem wanted to cover up the whole thing. Make it go away. For some reason, the cops never figured out that the three of us were given Zymitor. I was in a movie theater when the drug kicked in. FLASHBACK INT. MOVIE THEATRE Kyler is sitting by himself. The movie that is being shown is a dark horror movie with very eerie, high pitched music. Kyler holds his hands up to his face as the music builds up. It is obvious that there is going to be a startling scene in the movie his is watching. Sure enough something jumps out at the screen. Kyler kind of jumps in his seat, then covers his face, and quietly laughs about it. He looks around the theater, and notices that he is alone in it. He looks behind him and to the sides. The music builds up again. There is a loud bang which causes Kyler to look up at the screen. On the screen there is a vampire like figure staring right at him. Every single light in the theater turns off; even the lights that line the stairs. Suddenly the back sides of decomposing bodies rise up from the seats in front of him. Then they are sitting next to him at his left and right.

100 The bodies in front of him all turn their heads 180 degrees, and look at him. Kyler screams and runs out. KYLER (O.S.) When I left the theater everything was chaos. I saw horrible things. I don¶t know how, but I knew that all of this had something to do with the drug. Kyler gets to his house, puts a blindfold on, grabs a blanket, and crawls under his bed. KYLER (O.S.) I must have stayed under there for two whole days. Then all of the sudden I felt like I was floating. I took my blindfold off and I never felt so good in all of my life. I felt free; I felt alive. Invincible. That only lasted about one minute before I started spasming and puking my guts out. I thought I was going to die. Then it was over. BACK TO SCENE

ZACK How many people did you kill? KYLER None, but I can see why the other two did. Anyway, the drug never showed up in our system because it was too new. I tried to tell the cops, but they only thought that I was crazy. They threatened to put me in a mental hospital. Xylem wasn¶t going to confess shit because they know that all that bad rep would put them under for good. Ever since this happened to me I¶ve been watching the company very closely. Trying to find a way to get back at them. And they¶ve been trying to kill me as well. ZACK Why did the drug go to me?

101 KYLER I don¶t know. I can only imagine that it was supposed to go to your Father. Or maybe they thought you all knew something, I don¶t know. But, I think you¶ll find this interesting. Kyler pulls a picture out of his pants¶ pocket. The picture is of Jay walking into a building. Zack lifts his blindfold for a moment. KYLER You know him? ZACK This is Jay. He was with us, and got killed at that funeral. KYLER He was an intern at Xylem. His real name is Bryce Owens.

ZACK You think he had to do with us getting the drug? KYLER I don¶t know. ZACK That son of a bitch. I knew something was up with him. KYLER Oh and that funeral you were at. That was the funeral of the CEO of Xylem. Well, not his funeral but the funeral of his wife and daughter that he killed by giving them the drug. Once again the cops never found a trace. But I know what happened. ZACK But how could this be? All of us would have had to hallucinate the same thing. That¶s impossible.

102 KYLER You would think so, huh? (lights up a cigarette) In reality, you probably all saw things a little bit differently, but the main picture was the same. FLASHBACK: How things really were INT. MANSION - DAY Sierra stands in the doorway looking down at her Mother who is about to die. The Mother looks up at Sierra with a horrified look on her face. Sierra¶s looks normal. She is a cute, sweet little girl. EXT. BEACH ± NIGHT Britney looks toward the beach holding the bottle of rum. The waves crash against the sand. She runs up to Brandon, and breaks the bottle over his head. She drags him to the water, and pulls him under. Brandon crawls out of the water. Britney stands in the water, just like the Silhouette she saw. INT. HOUSE ± DAY Cory, Kristen, Zack, Jay, Amy, Alex, and Matt stand around Abby who they have tied to a chair. Everyone¶s eyes are red but Abby¶s. Abby looks terrified as everyone stands around her in a drugged out state. INT. BIANCHI HOUSE ± DAY Zack sits on a couch, and looks into the kitchen. He sees the women chopping up human bodies. Kristen sits next to him on the couch. She looks into the kitchen, and sees the women chopping up, and cooking dogs. Cory sits in a chair next to Zack. He looks into the kitchen, and sees all the women cooking normal food, but they are all naked and covered in blood. BACK TO SCENE

103 ZACK You said you were looking for a way to get back at them, huh? KYLER We can put these guys under. Bust this thing wide open. ZACK How? KYLER I can take you to Xylem. Then we can both get our revenge. We can stop this from happening to anyone else. ZACK What if you and I were to go the cops? Both of us, and explain what is going on.

KYLER Zack, You¶ve killed over 80 people. They won¶t listen to what you have to say. Xylem will deny everything. They¶ll get off free. But, if we go down there, and kill whoever we have to in order to blow this thing open, and avenge all of your friends, and I get my vengeance. We can do this. Zack sits there thinking for a moments. ZACK What do you have in mind? KYLER How good are you with a hatchet? ZACK I¶m pretty good with one of those. Zack takes off his blindfold, and looks at Kristen. ZACK Is she gonna be ok?


KYLER I¶ll park in the structure, she¶ll be fine. Zack looks back at Kyler, and freezes. He starts breathing deep, quick breaths as if seeing something terrible. KYLER (looking at Zack) Zack, I need you to look at me and focus. Stay with me Zack. (waves his arms in front of his face) Whatever you¶re seeing; whatever you think I¶m doing, I need to see through it. Ok? See the truth. It¶s me. Kyler tries to reach for the blindfold to pull it down over his eyes, but Zack backs away. Kyler locks the doors right before Zack tries to open the door. ZACK LET ME OUT! KYLER I need you to put this on. Soon before the police get here. Zack shakes his head. ZACK What happened to you? KYLER You know this is all in your head. Please, please focus, and put it back on over your eyes. Kyler quickly puts the blindfold over his head. ZACK This is some drug. KYLER Yeah, some drug. They drive to the Xylem office, and sneak inside.

105 INT. XYLEM BOARD ROOM ± DAY This is the large room with oversized table. There are 6 men. All of the men in the room are seated and engaged in a deep conversation. Zack and Kyler are standing outside of the door. KYLER These are the men who are responsible for everything that has happened to you, you father, and your friends. Now with you I can bargain with them to give us all of the information that they have about the drug, and get them to turn themselves in. I can clear your name, and your sister¶s. ZACK Kristen! Zack starts freaking out all of the sudden. ZACK Take me back to her now. Zack takes off his blindfold, and runs down the hallway. KYLER It¶s the other way. ZACK Where do I go? Zack grabs Kyler by the collar. ZACK Where? KYLER Follow me. They both run out of the building back to the car. Zack opens the door. INT. CAR ± DAY

106 Zack holds Kristen. Kristen shakes and rocks back and forth. She foams at the mouth, and violently twitches. ZACK What is happening to her? KYLER The drug is wearing off. I told you about this part. ZACK Is she going toKristen stops shaking. She seems to be dead at first. But, then she opens up her eyes. Her eyes are very badly scarred just like Kyler¶s. ZACK No. NO! What did they do to you? KYLER She¶s done, Zack. The drug wore off. ZACK But, look at herZack stops when blood leeks out of her eyes. ZACK (crying in anger) NO! Not you too. Not you, Kris. KRISTEN Zack. ZACK No, those bastards. I¶M GOING TO KILL THEM ALL! KYLER ZACK! You¶re seeing her just like everyone else because she is not on the drug anymore. ZACK Don¶t worry Kris, I¶m gonna kill them all.

107 Zack gets out of the car with the hatchet in his hand and the blindfold on his head. KYLER WE NEED THEM ALIVE, ZACK! INT. LARGE OFFICE ROOM ± CONTINUOUS Markus Allan stands up at the head the conference table. Everyone else is seated. MARKUS This third quarter« Markus stops, and hangs his head. MARKUS I can¶t do this. I can¶t do this any longer. Everyone around the table knows what he is talking about, and none of them move or say anything. They know what he is about to say, and they all agree with him.

MARKUS I was told to get you all here on this lovely Saturday morning to talk about new products, and company morale, go over some financial statements and earnings. But, I can¶t. My conscience has literally eaten away my insides. I would rather spend the rest of my life in prison than spend one more day knowing what we did this to those kids six months ago. I can remember their faces when they walked in the door. I remember hearing them laugh as they volunteered to get a pill that they thought would make them better. Unfortunately that isn¶t all that I can remember. No one is looking at Markus anymore. They are listening to him with their heads lowered, and their eyes focused on the area of the table that is immediately in front of them. MARKUS I remember what their faces became. I remember when they killed. I remember when

108 they killed themselves. Then I remember Kyler. The one kid that we were able to save from himself. So what did we do? We tied him up, waited for the drug to run its course. We found out that he had no recollection of anything that happened while he was under the influence. We drew blood, found no trace of Zymitor, put a bag over his head, and dumped him off on the side of the road. Then like cowards we dispose of the other bodies. Then our CEO convinces us that it would be a good idea to keep this a secret. To take it to the grave. I never thought I would see myself as an evil man. But I do. I can¶t keep this a secret any longer. I don¶t know how, but somehow the drug has gotten out, and more people are dying. Suddenly the door handle to the room turns, and the door opens with a loud popping sound that gets everyone in the room¶s attention. The room becomes silent. Zack slowly walks in with his blindfold covering his eyes, and the hatchet in his hand. Markus looks at Zack, and then looks at his hatchet. He slowly takes the blindfold off, and drops it. When Zack takes off the blindfold, the office is being viewed through his eyes to show that the drug is still affecting him. The second that it hits the ground, he runs to the table and starts hacking away. Kyler runs up to the office, and looks through the window. He turns and sits with his back against the door to the office, trapping everyone in the room. There are windows on both sides of the door. Kyler laughs at the top of his lungs as blood splatters on both windows. Zack is covered in blood once again, and he has killed all but Markus Allan. Markus sits in his chair at the head of the table; he grips both hand rests. Zack stands on the table, and walks over to him. Zack stops in his tracks.

109 A sense of euphoria runs through Zack. He stands there and stares at Markus, and then he starts to smile. Markus has a look of terror in his face which slowly starts to turn into a look of confusion. Zack starts to laugh and closes his eyes. He drops the hatchet, and sways back and forth with a huge smile on his face. ZACK¶S VISION He is standing on green grass with statues all around him. There is the bluest sky ever. Zack stands in the field, and he sees his friends that have died. They are all there with him in a heaven-like environment. They are all very happy, and at peace. BACK TO SCENE Zack starts to fall backwards as he thinks that he is lifting off of the ground. He eventually lands square on his back in the middle of the table. Markus makes a bolt for the door, but Kyler has it locked from the outside. Zack starts to have violent seizures. He also starts to throw up vomit with blood in it. He is twitching and foaming at the mouth. Markus is looking at Zack with horror and guilt on his face. ZACK¶S VISION Zack¶s euphoria has turned into a horrific nightmare as his dream world turns very dark. The visions in his mind turn bad at the same time that he gets the seizures. He sees the sky turn black, and rain down blood. All of the plants around him shrivel and die. All of the statues melt. All of his friends fall down dead. BACK TO SCENE

110 Markus bangs on the door as hard as he can to get out of the room. Markus falls onto his knees, and sits against the wall. Zack is not moving at this point. Then the door opens about an inch. Markus gets up and opens the door all the way. Kyler stands in front of him. They stare at each other for a moment. Markus looks at Kyler in disbelief. MARKUS John, what are you doing here? (tears running down his face) Did you bring that kid here? John, who had been pretending to be Kyler, quickly stabs Markus in the stomach with a knife. As Markus falls to his knees, John takes off his glasses to show him his scarred eyes. Markus dies at John¶s feet. John wipes the knife handle down with his shirt, and he places the knife in Zack¶s right hand while Zack is still unconscious. John turns and walks out of the room. Once he is out of sight, Kristen makes her way towards the conference room that Zack is in. She walks very slowly down the hallway with her hand touching the wall for support. She doesn¶t know where she is; she just went inside the building that she saw John (Kyler) walk into. Kristen approaches the conference room, and looks inside the window. She gasps when she sees Zack lying on the table, surrounded by dead bodies. Kristen goes inside the room, and jumps on the table with Zack. KRISTEN Zack. Zack, please wake up. Zack¶s eyes flutter open. Kristen hugs Zack. KRISTEN Thank the Lord you¶re alright.

111 They both clasp each other tighter as they start to look around the blood soaked room. ZACK How did we get here? I can¶t remember anything. KRISTEN Neither can I. But we have each other right? ZACK Yeah we have each other. We have each other. John walks down the hall, and as he walks he takes the contacts out of his eyes that made his eyes look scarred. Now his eyes look completely normal. There is a large furnace in the building¶s basement, and John throws all of his clothes in it to destroy it. Then he opens a locker where he had a business suit ready for him to put on. He goes up some stairs, and comes to a room where the CEO of the company is waiting. The CEO happens to be John¶s father. This is the Father from the beginning. CEO So it¶s done, is it? JOHN Yeah, it¶s done. Zymitor has gone back to being our little secret. CEO You did good Son. You did real good. I guess it¶s that time. Police sirens are in the background. JOHN They¶re already on the way. CEO Let¶s get this over with. I¶m hungry, are you hungry?

112 JOHN I could eat. They walk out of the room. CEO What do you feel like? JOHN Japanese? EXT. XYLEM BUILDING - DAY The CEO is outside of the Xylem building, giving a speech at a press conference. CEO Today marks a new day for Xylem pharmaceuticals. Yes, today is a day for (MORE) CEO (Cont¶d) morning. But, it is also a day to rebuild. It is hard to say goodbye to the men and women that we lost to this tragic event. But, we can all look forward to meeting new people, and creating positive relationships with our new employees as we continue to grow. As the CEO continues to give his speech, the scene switches over to Zack and Kristen in the police station. They are still wearing the same bloody clothes. Zack and Kristen look absolutely confused about what is going on. They both look like they have gone through hell even though they have no recollection. As they are getting their pictures taken, their eyes look like they have been crying, but the detail of their eyes is not clear. The CEO¶s speech is continuing in the background.

113 CEO (V.O.) To the stakeholders; I want to let every customer, employee, investor, and community member know that this terrible event, done by two evil people, will in no way, shape, or form stop Xylem from being the world renowned pharmaceutical powerhouse that it has become. If anything, we will become stronger from it. I want every employee to know that we have installed a state-of-the-art security system to ensure ultimate safety. Also, the two people responsible for this atrocious crime, Zack and Kristen Marvel are in police custodyINSERT: MUG SHOT OF ZACK AND KRISTEN In their picture they look like two people that are capable of mass murder. They look confused and crazed. CEO (V.O.) -and I assure you, they will not go unpunished for the things that they¶ve done. INSERT: MUG SHOT (CLOSE UP) Zack and Kristen¶s eyes are very badly scarred. They look just like Kyler¶s eyes.


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