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E n g l i s h L e a r n i n g C e n t r e






Country Profile
Official Name Islamic Republic of Pakistan
Date of Establishment August 14, 1947
Area 796,095 sq km
Population 164.6 million
Capital city Islamabad
Languages Urdu (official), Punjabi, Sindhi, Baluchi, Pashtu, English
Religion 95% Muslim, 5% others
Government Federal Republic
Major Industries Textiles, sugar, vegetable oils, agricultural products,
cement, fertilisers, steel, chemicals, sporting goods,
carpets, surgical instruments.

Karachi is the biggest city in Pakistan. It has the country's largest port and an International Airport.
Karachi has always been regarded as the main metropolis of Pakistan with everything to offer from
skyscrapers to historical buildings.

Climate: Pakistan has a continental type of climate, characterized by extreme variations of temperature.
Very high altitudes modify the climate in the cold, snow-covered northern mountains. Temperatures
on the Balochistan Plateau are somewhat higher. Along the coastal strip the climate is tempered by
sea breezes. In the rest of the country the temperature rises steeply in the summer, and hot winds
blow across the plains during the day. The daily variation in temperature may be as much as 11°C
to 17°C. Winters are cold with a minimum mean temperature of about 4°C in January.

Tourist Resorts: Murree, Ziarat, Hunza, Swat, Kaghan, and the Northern Areas of Pakistan
are incredible places that encompass natural beauty. Mohenjodaro, Harappa, Taxila, Kot
Diji, Mehrgarh are famous archaeological sites.

Mountains: K2 2nd highest in the world; Nanga Parbat 8th and the Gasherbrum
Mountain Passes, 11th highest.

Dear Students,

As the Principal of DOMINO, I would like to welcome you to my school. I started DOMINO in
1995 as an institute which envisages the best future for the students who join us.

Our goal is to make our students articulate and confident speakers of English. Having a good
command of the English language opens up many opportunities. All our staff at DOMINO are
fully committed to the success of our students.

I am positive that you will have no regrets with your decision to study at DOMINO either during
your time with us or when your career is underway.

A DOMINO certificate is a passport to your success in the challenging, fast developing and
exhilarating world.

The entire faculty and I welcome you to DOMINO.




Camp and Junior English courses are also offered for
school children.
Students have the chance to do many activities to enhance their skills.
Students take part in debate competitions to demonstrate their skills.
Teaching Staff: Essay competitions are organized to test their writing skills in English.
Why DOMINO? DOMINO has highly qualified, experienced and Chart presentation-the best way to demonstrate their language skills through visual aids.
It’s one of Pakistan’s best known and most experienced English dedicated teachers to help students reach their areas Extra curricular activities such as study tours and cricket matches are held to
language centres with a great choice of study programmes. Our successfully. All our teachers take a personal interest build up their personality and teamwork skills.
campuses are situated in the Gulshan, North Karachi, Defence in each student’s progress with regular reports. Multimedia presentation-a unique way for students to improve their English.
Karimabad and Malir areas of Karachi. We offer you a superb
range of English language courses allowing you to improve Ideal Location: Flexible Study Options:
your English with the best curriculum, environment and most DOMINO is centrally located making it easily accessible
professional care possible. from every corner of the city. We offer a full range of English language course at all levels. We have courses starting every month
throughout the year. We allow you to choose the course that best meet your personal needs.
Experience: Facilities: Assurance of Quality:
DOMINO is more than just a name. It started more than a DOMINO is equipped with everything that students need We focus on the four basic skills in a strict educational environment leading to an assurance of quality.
decade ago with unrivalled experience and solid achievements to assist them in learning English. We offer up to the minute
in the field of English language. Thousands of students have facilities and resources: Listening Speaking
benefited from our unique courses. Specially designed books to meet the needs of Pakistani
Reading Writing
An A c a d e m y W i t h M o d e r n Te c h n i q u e s : An exciting and interesting English audio and video system What is Your Answer to these Important Questions?
As we have entered into the new millennium, new opportunities ensures that the students improve their speaking and
listening skills in English. Do you want to stop making mistakes whilst expressing yourself in English?
are everywhere. There are limitless opportunities in education
and business as well as in our professional and social lives. You Comfortable student lounge where students can exchange Do you want to converse with greater fluency and poise?
their work.
can only make the most of opportunity if you make the most
Highly qualified instructors; friendly and caring staff. Do you want to speak with more force and expression?
of yourself.
Well-equipped AUDIO and VIDEO labs with individual Do you want to develop greater mental power to solve problems, to originate ideas, and
headphone facility.
DOMINO is the first English learning centre in Pakistan which Spacious and air-conditioned class rooms.
to evaluate the plans and proposals of others?
offers English language courses using an audio video and Classes are monitored through close circuit TV cameras. Do you want to write better letters, reports, and speeches using the techniques of the
headphone system. After a placement test, the centre places the A strict educational environment.
student in the study programme according to their English All the progress tests are computerised.
best writers of our time ?
language requirements. We offer courses to suit everyone such Computerised dictionary for all students. Do you want to read faster and develop a greater understanding of English?
as Pre-Foundation, Foundation, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, The final results of students can be seen online.
Advanced, Business English, TOEFL, IELTS, Professional A monthly news letter communique for the students & by
Do you want to make the most of your abilities and make a success of your life?
English courses and Teacher Training workshops. Summer the students.
I f Y e s , t h e c h o i c e i s D O M I N O .
5 6
Area of Studies
General English Course:
This is an enjoyable and effective way to learn English in an everyday environment.
This course has been carefully created using specially designed tests to let you see how
quickly you are progressing. The material aims to deepen and extend the student’s
knowledge of English from Pre-Foundation to Advanced level.

Course Objectives:
Students gain fluency in English.
Students improve speaking and listening skills and think in English.
Students read, write and speak in English using appropriate forms depending
on social purpose.
Students learn to work independently and establish control over the direction
of their study.

Pre-Foundation Level:
This is a specially designed course for students who are unable to understand any
English. It enhances the student’s ability to understand English. Daily use vocabulary
is provided to make them feel comfortable and confident enough to initiate their
Course Duration: 1 month (5 days a week - 2 hours a day)

Foundation Level:
This is an ideal course for students with a basic level of English. This course builds
on the knowledge you already have and greatly improves your confidence.
Course Duration: 1 month (5 days a week - 2 hours a day)

Regular Level (Elementary & Pre-Intermediate):

DOMINO has its own course books specially designed by English language scholars.
These carefully prepared books meet all the requirements for students of Elementary
and Pre-Intermediate Level. The topics included are designed to interest and motivate

This course offers the balance of English language study with plenty of opportunities
to improve speaking, writing and listening skills.
Course Duration: 3 months (5 days a week - 3 hours a day)

Key Features of Regular Level:

Communication: Teaches grammar, vocabulary, and conversational skills in an
interactive and fun environment.

Survival English: Teaches students the English skills necessary for everyday situations
such as eating at restaurants, going to the doctor and shopping for food.

Multimedia Studies: Uses the language audio and video system to teach students
advanced listening, writing, speaking and reading skills.

Cultural Studies: Students practise reading, writing, speaking and listening whilst
learning about different cultural traditions.
Slang and Idioms: Students learn the essential idioms, slang and phrasal verbs
necessary for everyday communication.

News, Issues and Debating: Students learn advanced English skills whilst debating news issues
and learning debating techniques.

Public Speaking and Presentation: Students learn how to develop and give dynamic and professional
presentations in English.

Intermediate Level:
This intensive course creates the ability to deliver speeches and face an audience confidently. The
course aims at everyday conversational skills.
Course Duration: 2 months (5 days a week - 2 hours a day)

Summer Camp:
DOMINO Summer Camp provides an English language activity based course for school students in
a fun environment to build up their general conversational skills, which helps them in their schools,
homes and future studies.
Professional English Courses
Executive Advanced Level:

We recognize the successful student’s need of

practice in the four main areas of English learning:
listening, reading, writing and speaking.


Giving presentations
Enhancing writing skills
Business Presentation
Interview preparation
Goal oriented advanced vocabulary

This course is suitable for those who are

working as it is offered on Saturdays and

Teacher Training Course:

This course is designed to develop and improve
your teaching skills. Under the guidance of
experienced and qualified trainers, teachers can
make their teaching more effective and challenging
for their students.

SLE (Speaking-Listening-Expression):

A program for the students to improve their

speaking and listening skills in a short span of

Listening Exercises

Business English Course:

The Business English course is focused on teaching you the language skills required in the professional working world. There
is a great deal of practical emphasis including real time exposure to business situations. You will learn how to speak confidently
in public situations, how to communicate effectively by telephone, e-mail and in more formal correspondence as well as how
to assimilate business idioms and conventions.


Drafting Handling meetings Report writing

Official presentations Business vocabulary

Ielts Preparation:
IELTS stands for INTERNATIONAL ENGLISH LANGUAGE TESTING SYSTEM. It is an examination taken by people who plan to
go to U.K, Canada , Ireland and Australia for higher studies. It is also mandatory for immigration to Canada and United Kingdom. IELTS is
designed to test the English proficiency level of each candidate. It includes four modules namely listening, speaking, reading and writing.
Candidates are graded from 9 band. There are two test dates given for IELTS test. The first date is for the test of reading, listening, and writing.
Candidate is informed about his speaking test date on the same day. Results are posted after 14 days of examination. IELTS is conducted by
British council and AEO every month. Test dates are and other specific information related to the registration are provided by the two
examination centers.


DOMINO offers IELTS classes twice every month. There are programs for five days a week i.e. from Monday to Friday. For candidates who
cannot make it for the week days, executive IELTS classes are held on Saturdays and Sundays. Five days a week program is of two hours
each day. Saturday and Sunday executive IELTS program is of four hours each day respectively with refreshments during break. Domino
provides the course material along with a compact disc to all its students. A test is conducted before admission so that the level of the candidate
is assessed. It is only after this test that admission is confirmed. Our one month course is designed for intensive practice, therefore students
with good English background are given admission only.


Domino has earned a high esteem over the years with extreme hard work and consistency. We provide you with the best of everything and
IELTS is no exception. Lets go through the top 10 reasons for joining DOMINO,

1. IELTS qualified experienced teachers.

2. Material provided to students without any extra charges.
3. Examination atmosphere is provided in the classroom.
4. Students are timed during practice.
5. Air-conditioned comfortable classrooms.
6. Interactive classes for speaking module.
7. Listening classes are held according to the examination procedure.
8. Writings of students are assessed regularly for proper improvement.
9. Reading module is given especial attention as it is considered to be the most difficult of all the four modules.
10. Students are helped and guided even after their classes are over.

Students Visa Consultancy

Domino is the one stop solution for all your international education needs. Its core activity lies in assisting
students to make the right choice with regard to pursuing education in overseas educational institutions. Domino
provides information regarding higher education in various countries such as UK, Australia, New Zealand,
Canada, Malaysia, Switzerland and Ireland. The mission of DOMINO is to provide comprehensive career
development services to help students integrate education experience with life long learning and career opportunities
through effective academic / career decision making, planning and job searching.

Studying abroad gives you an internationally recognised qualification as well as an unforgettable experience.
This is a great advantage when seeking employment, especially with multinational companies.

Studying abroad could be your passport

to a successful life-long career.

Our Objectives:
Student satisfaction
Quality of service

Our consulting service achieves excellence in fulfilling our mandate and analyzing our vision through our
commitment to:

Professionalism Confidentiality Student service

Integrity Teamwork Fairness & compassion

The career decision you make now could be the most important one of your life.

We help you in

Finding the best university/college to achieve your career objectives.

Gaining university/college admission.
Housing / Accommodation.

We offer:
Free initial counselling.
Free visa information and assistance.
Fast processing.
Free advice on the acceptability of Pakistani qualifications for foreign university entry.
Assessment of competence in English.

One of my friends told me about DOMINO English learning centre. At that time I
had completed my graduation and looking for a good job. However, it was a difficult
task for me because it’s a modern age English is prevailing everywhere in the society.
I was poor in English language. When she told me about DOMINO that it fulfils all
the requirements like it emphasizes on all the aspects speaking good English i.e.
Grammar, pronunciation, accent, listening, writing and reading. Within three months
DOMINO makes their students capable to speak English fluently. I am proud to say
that I am a student of DOMINO that actually makes me feel confident and eligible
to get better job. May ALLAH Bless DOMINO.

Joining DOMINO English learning Centre could be described as the best experience
of my life. From a shaky individual, unable to face audience, to a confident speaker;
DOMINO was solely responsible for the transition. It was a difficult task to learn
English as my professional life allowed me less time to learn , but the devotion &
efforts of DOMINO staff & the administration really helped and facilitated me in the
most conducive way. Hats off-10 DOMINO for making me stand out in the crowd.

I wanted to get an internationally recognised qualification, so I chose DOMINO

to help me make the correct choice. They gave me all the information and guidance
that I needed and now I am here at HSI Limerick Business College in Ireland
studying ACCA. I found the consultants at DOMINO to be very professional and
courteous and I would recommend DOMINO to anyone who wants to study abroad.

English is an international language. So it’s essential to learn it. I am from rural area
where students do not have ample ways to move forward for their careers. My mother
tongue is different from urdu which is used as lingua franca in all over Pakistan. But to
come closer to my dreams I have to learn English. DOMINO is the platform where I can
meet all the challenges of my life. I am a student of 3rd month regular and now I am
confident enough to speak good English. It is just because of the healthy environment
and qualified & Co-operative teachers who are always there for the benefits of the students.

My admission in UK demanded 7 band in IELTS and this requirement brought me

to DOMINO English Learning Centre. IELTS classes here turned out to be as fruitful
as I had expected. All four modules were covered properly with an extensive practice
material provided to every student. The techniques & strategies taught here give a
very profound insight into IETLS. I must say, attending this month intensive program
was a worthwhile experience as my final IELTS examination was no different than
the classes I had attended.

E n g l i s h
L e a r n i n g
C e n t r e