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Eran BERGER Gorter eee BERGER METAL PRIMER ZINC CHROMATE (Red/ Yollow Oxide) is a Zinc Chromate pigmented Alkyd primer for use on metal substrates in mild or moderate environments. ‘Areas of Use: Substrate: Compatible Coatings: Gee Interior Exterior Steel, ron, For zine and aluminium, see recommendation on surface preparation Berger's Alkyd Enamels - 404 Industrial Enamel, Marine Enamel Finishes: Colour: Sproad Rate: Drying Time: Gloss Levels: (cued Matte Red Oxide, Yellow Not applicable To touch: 15 mins To handle: 1 he. “To recoat: 4 hrs. Matte Recommended arless spray with constant agitation to avord zine dust from seting. BRUSH ROLLER For small area touch up. Apply during dry conditions, Minimum Temperature: 40°F (4°C) Maximum Temperature: 130°F (54°C) Minimum Humidity 0% Maximum Humidity 95% Surface Temperature 40°F to 130°F (4°C to S4°C) Coverage: Drying Time: 300 sq, gallon (6.13 sq. metefitre) To touch: 15 mins To handle: 1 he Maximum Recoat Time: 4 hr. EE Thinner: Storage Instruction: Flash Point: Shelf Lite: Pack Size: Pot Life Pie ec) Bergar Reducer No. 5 (Berger Economy Grade Lacquer thinner can be use to clean equipment) Store indoors Temperature: 40° - 10°C (4° - 43°C Humidity: -0 -90%) Lab to provide, 24 Months (Agitate periodicaly to prevent setting) Not applicable Bhours IMMERSION- ‘Abrasive Blast Clean to near white metal SSPC SP10. Blast profile: 1 -3 mils (25 to 75 microns) Non-Immersion - Commercial blast to SSPC -SPS and blast profile 1-3 mils (25 to microns) WATER IMMERSION SERVICE: Prepare steel as above and over coat with Berger Hibulld Epoxy MIXING: Power mix bath BASE and CONVERTER, combine 4:1 ratio by volume, BASE: CONVERTER and power mix = 2 = a] =. 3 i) ba fT | 3 (o} Qa =) fo] 3 » md (4 e] i) a es s ° cS ° es 3 ©, [+ Ty cu ce u a o 3 4 fe) F & iC) Ps + 3 ® 5 o % £ rc S) A £ 1S Ly ~T a E = [.% s Y = Penns READ INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE USE Do not take internally. Liquid paint and vapours may cause irritation, Use only with adequate ventilation. ‘To ensure the entry of fresh air, open all windows and doors. If headache or dizziness is experienced Use respiratory protection or leave area for fresh ait Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Ingestion: Do not induce voriting. Get medical attention immediately, Inhalation: tf excessive exposure symptoms are experienced, leave area to obtain fresh air. If difficuty continues, seek immediate medical attention. Eye Contact: Flush immediately with water for at least 15 minutes. ‘Skin Contact: Wash thoroughly with soap and water. Ceara ay Step 1 METAL PRIMER Apply 1 or 2 coats BERGER Metal Zinc. Chromate Red or Yellow to properly prepared surface. BERGER Metal Zine Chromate Red or Yellow is a great primer under Berger 404 Gloss and Magicote Gloss Paints BERGER = *eist7e-resenox, | wubergecrtbeancon “ff Bk tb az Ej