·A2756 (Hope) ·Abarantikos (Fegovy) ·Abydos (Leisure Hive) ·Adeki (Planet of the Dead) ·Agora (homeworld of the Sixth

Doctor's companion Grant Markham. In 2191, the Cybermen attempted to take over this planet and change it into a breeding ground to rebuild their race) (Killing Ground) ·Albian ·Algol (Destiny of the Daleks) ·Alpha Canis One (Death Comes To Time) ·Alpha Centauri V (Lucifer Rising) ·Alrakis (...and Eternity in an Hour) ·Althrace (Tides of Time) ·A-Lux (A Cold Day In Hell) ·Alvega (Dalek Pocketbook and Space Traveller's Guide) ·Alzarius (Adric's homeworld, located in E-Space.) (Full Circle) ·Anagonia (Greatest Show in the Galaxy) ·Anathema (homeworld of the Eighth Doctor's companion Compassion.) ·Anima Persis (Death Comes To Time) ·Androzani Major (Caves of Androzani) ·Androzani Minor (Caves of Androzani) ·Aneth (home of the Anethans, was forced to pay tribute to the planet Skonnos) (Horns of Nimon) ·Anhaut (Return of the Daleks) ·Ansillar (Dreamers of Death) ·Antalin (War of the Daleks) ·Antari Three (First Frontier) ·Antari Two (First Frontier) ·Antimasque (Book of the Still) ·Antonius (Deceit)

·Antykhon (Birthright) ·Aquatica (War on Aquatica) ·Ararax (Question Mark Pyjamas) ·Arcadia (Deceit) ·Arcalis (Head Games) ·Archimedes (The Infinity Season) ·Arden (Shadowmind) ·Argolia 4 (Continuity Errors) ·Argolis (Leisure Hive) ·Aridius (once a planet completely covered by oceans; but its orbit around both its suns was somehow altered and now its seas have dried up and there is nothing left but desert. The only remaining species are the amphibious Aridians and the octopus-like Mire Beasts.) (Chase, Crimson Dawn) ·Astra (Rescue) ·Atrios (Armageddon) ·Avalon (Sorcerer's Apprentice) ·Avalone (Head Games) ·Averon (A Device of Death) ·Avernus (All-Consuming Fire) ·Axista Four (planet on which the Independent Earth Colony was founded by great humanitarian, Stewart Ransom in the year 2439. The Second Doctor, Jamie McCrimmon, and Zoe Heriot visited this colony in 2539) (The Colony of Lies) ·Azure (blue planet) (Nightmare of Eden)

·Bacchanalia Two (Deceit) ·Badefex (VMA 4: The Crystal Bucephalus) ·Bandraginus 5 (a planet rich in orlion until it was destroyed by Zanak in The Pirate Planet. It had over a hundred million inhabitants) (First Frontier, Pirate Planet) ·Bandril (planet of the Bandrils, the enemies of the Karfelons) (Timelash) ·Barcelona (is a planet where dogs have no noses)(The Parting of the

Ways and the 2005 Children in Need special.) ·Barclow (VMA 33: The Well Mannered War) ·Barrabas Gamma (All-Consuming Fire) ·Battrul (Demontage) ·Bellaphores (TwoDoctors) ·Bellatrix (Return of the Dad) ·Belmos (Deceit) ·Beta Caprisis (Love and War) ·Beta Centaurus (First Frontier) ·Beta Osiris (Scarab of Death) ·Beta Two (State of Decay) ·Betelgeuse (Destiny of the Daleks) ·Betrushia (St.Anthony's Fire) ·Biblios (War of the Words) ·Blini Gaar (Prime Time) ·Blue Profundis (Duke of Dominoes, Lungbarrow) ·Bonarcha Anarda (Power of Kroll) ·Boromeo (Greatest Show in the Galaxy) ·Bortresoye (homeplanet of the Eighth Doctor's companion C'rizz) (The Creed of the Kromon) ·Braah (Romance of Crime) ·Braktilis (Outsider) ·Brus (Nightmare of Eden) ·Bukol (The Gold Door)

·Calderon IV (Android Maker of Calderon IV) ·Callisto (Lucifer Rising?, So Vile A Sin) ·Calufrax (planet on which the Fourth Doctor and Romana believe the second segment of the Key to Time is located) (Pirate Planet) ·Canvine ( Demontage)

·Capella (Deceit) ·Carsus (planet which the Sixth Doctor and Melanie Bush visited) (Spiral Scratch) ·Cassius (Sunmakers) ·Catalog (Hunger from the Ends of Time) ·Castopheria (aka. Kastopheria, a United Planetary Association 'UPA' protectorate and home planet of the 'People', set between UPA space and Draconian territory, Kastopheria is small and close to a large sun. Swarms of red ants in the jungle pick bodies clean) (PDA 11: Catastrophea) ·Castrovalva (small planet of the Phylox series in Andromeda)(Castrovalva) ·Centauri Seven (Time and ther Rani) ·Centros (Return of Varnax / The Last Time Lord) ·Charon (GodEngine) ·Checkley's World (Highest Science) ·Chelonia (home of the Chelonians, turtle-like aliens) (Highest Science, Zamper) ·Chardon (VMA 4: The Crystal Bucephalus) ·Chimeria (Delta and the Bannermen) ·Chloris (Creature from the Pit) ·Cinethon (Greatest Show in the Galaxy) ·Clavidas (VMA 4: The Crystal Bucephalus) ·Clytemnestra (So Vile A Sin) ·Colano Beta (Robots of Death) ·Collactin (Pirate Planet) ·Coralee (Storm Harvest) ·Crellium (Vampires of Crellium) ·Crestus (Ribos Operation) ·Crial (Timevault) ·Crinoth (Horns of Nimon) ·Czhanos (Death and Diplomacy)

·Daemos (Daemons) ·Dakhaar (Death and Diplomacy) ·Darkheart (The Dark Path) ·Darron (VMA 4: The Crystal Bucephalus) ·Darp (Nightmare of Eden) ·Delphon (A planet were the natives communicate with their eyebrows) (...ish, Spearhead From Space) ·Delta Epsilon (Shadowmind) ·Delta Magna (Power of Kroll) ·Delta Magna's third moon (is the setting of The Key to Time serial The Power of Kroll) ·Deltherus (Continuity Errors) ·Demos (Daemons, VMA 30: Burning Heart) ·Deneb 7 (Touchdown on Deneb-7) ·Dephys (Vortex of Fear) ·Desperus (penal planet of the solar system in the 41st century)(DW Dalek Masterplan) ·Destrus (Continuity Errors) ·Detrios (Head Games) ·Deva Loka (DW Kinda) ·Diadem (VMA 4: The Crystal Bucephalus) ·Dido (Rescue) ·Dione (Sleepy) ·Dioscuros (Greatest Show in the Galaxy) ·Diplos (home of Cessair) (Stones Blood) ·Dispater (Star Tigers) ·Dogworld (Mad Dogs and Englishmen) ·Draconia (homeworld of the Draconians) (Frontier in Space, Star Tigers) ·Drahva (home planet of the Drahvins, a female warrior race)

(Galaxy 4) ·Drakka (Vampire of Crellium) ·Dramos (is Titanias's satellite, a hunk of rock in space with no atmosphere, or water and is the location of Port Habitat) (VMA30: Burning Heart) ·Dronid (Shada) ·Dulkis (on which the Second Doctor encounters The Dominators) (Dominators) ·Dust (Interference) ·Dymok (Divided Loyalties )

·Earth (home planet of Humans, Silurians, Sea Devils and in an alternative future, Haemovores) (An Unearthly Child, etc...) ·Eden (Nightmare of Eden) ·Ellanon (Deceit) ·Elysium (Parasite) ·Emindar (Vanderdeken's Children) ·Endpoint (Hope) ·Enlandia (Ark) ·Ephros (Dimension Riders) ·Epsilon Four Zero Gamma (Dominators) ·Eskon (Coldheart) ·Esto (Sensorites) ·Eudamus (Greatest Show in the Galaxy) ·Evertin (Highest Science) ·Exarius (Colony in Space) ·Exo III (VMA 4: The Crystal Bucephalus) ·Extans Superior (Lungbarrow) ·Exxilon (planet on which the Third Doctor encounters the Daleks, the Great City of the Exxilons is one of the 700 Wonders of the Universe) (Death To the Daleks)

·Fagiros (Greatest Show in the Galaxy) ·Farrash (Rights) ·Felophitacitel Major (All-Consuming Fire) ·Fifth Planet (Image of the Fendahl) ·Flidor (Dalek Pocketbook and Space Traveller's Guide) ·Flogstrune (Time Witch) ·Florana (Death to the Daleks, The Hungry Bomb) ·Freytus (Ribos Operation) ·Frinelli Minor (Lucifer Rising) ·Frontios (a colony planet in the Veruna system) (Frontios)

·Gadrell Major (Infinite Requiem) ·Gallifrey (home planet of the Time Lords) (War Games, Time Warrior, Deadly Assassin, Invasion of Time, Arc of Infinity, The Five Doctors, The Trial of a Time Lord, Lungbarrow, The Eight Doctors, The Ancestor Cell) ·Galsec Seven (Sontaran Experiment) ·Garaman (Deceit) ·Gelsandor (Large trees here have heart-shaped leaves its inhabitants the Galsandorians are extremly powerful psionics who supposedly never lie, they can menatally pilot a TARDIS) (The Ultimate Treasure) ·Gidi / Gidu (Nightmare of Eden) ·Girodun (Star Tigers) ·Glasson Minor (Pit) ·Glomi IV (Death and Dimplomacy) ·Glomi VII (Death and Diplomacy) ·Golobus (Greatest Show in the Galaxy) ·Goth (DWM: Black Legacy) ·Granados (Pirate Planet)

·Griffoth (home planet of the Graske) (Attack of the Graske) ·Griophos (Paradise Towers) ·Grolon (Greatest Show in the Galaxy) ·Grundle (A swampy satellite of this planet is home to the vicious Drashigs)(Carnival of Monsters)

·Hakol (Awakening) ·Harato (Deceit) ·Heaven (Love and War) ·Heiradi (Frontios) ·Heletia (Theatre of War) ·Hell (Nemesis of the Daleks , Emperor of the Daleks) ·Heracletus (Zeitgeist) ·Hesperus (War of the Daleks) ·Hexdane (VMA 4: The Crystal Bucephalus) ·Hirath (Longest Day) ·Hitchemus (Year of Intelligent Tigers) ·Horror Planet (Highest Science) ·Hyspero (Scarlet Empress)

·Indra (VMA 17: Lords of the Storm) ·Inter Minor (Carnival of Monsters) ·Iota Ophiuchi (...and Eternity in an Hour) ·Iphitus (Greatest Show in the Galaxy) ·Isopterus (On the Planet Isopterus)

·Jaconda (Twin Dilemma) ·Jadea (Placebo Effect)

·Jallafillia (Christmas on a Rational Planet) ·Janus Prime (Janus Conjunction) ·Jaris (Death and Diplomacy) ·Jekkar (Shakedown) ·Jovanna (Wish You Were Here) ·Justicia (system of prison planets. Rose Tyler mentions her visit to Justicia in the episode Boom Town (The Monsters Inside) ·Juksta (Vampires of Crellium)

·Kalaya (Final Sanction) ·Kantrass (Continuity Errors) ·Kantria (Destiny of the Daleks) ·Kapteyn 5 (Room With No Doors) ·Karfel (lies in the same galactic cluster as Earth) (Timelash) ·Karn (home to the Sisterhood of the Flame) (Brain of Morbius) ·Kastopheria (aka. Castopheria, a United Planetary Association 'UPA' protectorate and home planet of the 'People', set between UPA space and Draconian territory, Kastopheria is small and close to a large sun. Swarms of red ants in the jungle pick bodies clean) (PDA 11: Catastrophea) ·Kastria (home planet of the Eldrad) (Hand of Fear) ·Katakiki (Greatest Show in the Galaxy) ·Kembel (Mission To the Unknown, Dalek Masterplan) ·Kentaurus (GodEngine) ·Keth (Final Quest) ·Kirith (planet of the Kirithons) (Timewyrm: Apocalypse) ·Koblos (The Two Timer ·Kolkokron (Frontios) ·Kolpasha (Victims ·Kosnax (Time-Flight) ·Kreme (The Space Museum)

·Krennos (Face Value) ·Krontep (Mindwarp, Bad Therapy) ·Kusinitz's World (Sleepy) ·Kylos (The Space Museum)

·Lakertya (Time and the Rani) ·Landor (A Device of Death) ·Lebenswelt (Book of the Still) ·Lelex (Greatest Show in the Galaxy) ·Leophantos /Leovontos (Greatest Show in the Galaxy) ·Lexoptera (A New Life ·Levithia (Ribos Operation) ·Liasica/i (Placebo Effect) ·Limnus Five (Theatre of War) ·Limus 4 (Leisure Hive) ·Lobos (Space Pirates) ·Logopolis (home to a race of mathematicians who are masters of Block Transfer Computation) (Logopolis) ·Lorelei (Shakedown) ·Lubellin (Deceit) ·Lucifer (Lucifer Rising) ·Luna (Transit) ·Lurma (Carnival of Monsters) ·Lvan (Nightmare of Eden)

·Magla (Destiny of the Daleks) ·Magnus Epsilon (Mission to Magnus) ·Magvel Seven (Theatre of War)

·Makrath (Death and Diplomacy) ·Maleas (The Golden Door) ·Mandusus (Emperor of the Daleks) ·Mang (Highest Science) ·Manussa (Snakedance) ·Maradnius (VMA 4: The Crystal Bucephalus) ·Marinus (Keys of Marinus) ·Marmidon (VMA 4: The Crystal Bucephalus) ·Marpesia (Greatest Show in the Galaxy) ·Mars (homeworld of the Ice Warriors. It is also the planet of origin of mysterious signals saying "Beware Sutekh" that were being beamed to Earth) (Ice Warriors, Pyramids of Mars, Crimson Dawn, God Engine) ·Maruthea (Echoes of the Mogor) ·Massatoris (St.Anthony's Fire) ·Mazam (DWM: Abslom Daak Dalek Killer) ·Mechanus (jungle homeworld of the Mechanoids) (Chase) ·Megerra (Shakedown) ·Mekrom (Echoes of the Mogor) ·Melagophon / Melogophon (DW Greatest Show in the Galaxy) ·Menaxus (Theatre of War) ·Menda (Janus Conjunction) ·Metaluna (First Frontier) ·Metebelis 3 (where the Third Doctor takes a perfect blue crystal) (Carnival of Monsters, Green Death, Planet of the Spiders, Shakedown, Eight Doctors) ·Metralubit (according to 'Finnickan's Planets', Metralubits a remote Tellurian colony in the Fostrix Gallaxy, settled in the 58th segment of time, the colonists recovered the cryo-pod of Menlove Stokes and probed his brain, advancing their technology. Metralubit normally holds 2 million people, but the Femdroids transmatted most of them to Regus V) (VMA 33: The Well Mannered War) ·Miasimia Goria (planet ruled by the Rani) (Mark of the Rani) ·Micawber's World (Placebo Effect)

·Mictlan (Alien Bodies, Taking of Planet 5) ·Mimosa II (First Frontier) ·Minos (Vanderdeken's Children) ·Minyos (homeworld of the Minyans, and Minyos II is where they settle ) (Underworld) ·Mira (planet of the Visians) (Dalek Masterplan) ·Mirabilis (VMA 4: The Crystal Bucephalus) ·Mirabilis Minor (Ribos Operation) ·Miradilus Four (Highest Science) ·Mirath (City at World's End) ·Mobeli-Four (Time Witch) ·Mogar (planet stripped bare of all its natrual resources by humans, the Hyperion III spaceship sets off from Mogar with a cargo of deadly Vervoids created on the planet. Mogar is the source of the valuable rare metal vionesium) (Terror of the Vervoids) ·Moloch (Lucifer Rising) ·Mondaran (Throwback) ·Mondas (home planet of the Cybermen) (Tenth Planet) ·Montaplure (an outer planet in Turlough's home star system, where civilization devoted itself to the art of eating) (VMA 4: The Crystal Bucephalus) ·Morestra (Planet of Evil) ·Moriel (Death and Diplomacy) ·Morok (home of the Moroks, the rulers of Xeros and The Space Museum) (The Space Museum) ·Muscolane (Greatest Show in the Galaxy)

·Navarro / Navaros (is the home planet of the Navarinos, tourloving aliens) (Delta and the Bannermen, Return of the Living Dad) ·Necros / Nekros (frozen planet, used as a final resting place for the galaxy's dead) (Revelation of the Daleks) ·Nefrin (Time Witch) ·Neogorgon (Greatest Show in the Galaxy)

·Nephelokokkugian (Sleepy) ·Nestra (Wish You Were Here) ·New Alexandria (is the home of the Crystal Bucephalus, located on the edge of the Capricorn Tract, the Doctor and Kamelion hint the planet is actually the Ruins of Gallifrey. The Crystal Bucephalus is a time active resaurant and features 1,000 dining Cubiculi and 1,037,841 locations to choose from, the Doctor deeded his famed restaurant 'The Tempest Fugit' to his assistant, Raphael) (VMA 4: The Crystal Bucephalus, Continuity Errors) ·New Earth (Dogs of Doom, Time of Your Life) ·New Nippon (Duke of Dominoes) ·Nicaea (Pit) ·Nimos (Vanderdeken's Children) ·Nooma (Trees here grow into each other and are essentially one tree,the length of the Nooman year was adjusted to fit the reproductive cycle of the natives) (VMA 27: Speed of Flight) ·Nova Martia (GodEngine)

·Oblivion is the (homeworld of the Eighth Doctor's companion Destrii) (DWM) ·Oberon (Revelation of the Daleks, Shadowmind) ·Oceanus (A Device of Death) ·Ockora (Final Sanction) ·Ogros (Stones of Blood) ·Olleril (Tragedy Day) ·Olympus (Life Bringer) ·Omicron 378 (Also People) ·Ordifica (Interference) ·Oseidon (Android Invasion) ·Othrys ( Greatest Show in the Galaxy) ·Oskerion (Collector) ·Overod (Greatest Show in the Galaxy)

·Pakha (Legacy) ·Pandora (Pure Blood) ·Paradise (Star Tigers, Emperor of the Daleks) ·Parakon (leads a Federation of planets,it's supposedly a democracy, but the president is largely a figurehead with only one political party which has been elected unopposed for decades) (The Paradise of Death) ·Pazithi Gallifreya (Time's Crucible) ·Peladon (Curse of Peladon, Monster of Peladon, Legacy) ·Pendor (Flashback) ·Periboea (Greatest Show in the Galaxy) ·Pesca (Pescatons) ·Phaester Osiris (home planet of the Osirians, a powerful race who left their mark on Mars) (Pyramids of Mars, Scarab of Death) ·Pharos (Logopolis) ·Phobos (Deceit) ·Phoenix (Every Dog Has His Day) ·Phryxus (located in the region called NGC4258) (VMA 20: The English Way of Death) ·Pictos (Web Planet) ·Polymos (home planet of the Nestene Conciousness. destroyed prior to 'Rose') (Millenial Rite, Synthespians) ·Plaatus (Death and Diplomacy) ·Plaemus Tau (Falls the Shadow) ·Pluto (Sunmakers) ·Pluvikerr (VMA 4: The Crystal Bucephalus) ·Polarfrey (Lungbarrow) ·Ponten IV (Lucifer Rising) ·Ponton (Ribos Operation) ·Posikar (Mindwarp) ·Proamon (homeworld of Kane, the icy ruler of

Iceworld,it was destroyed a thousand years after his exile) ·Procyon (Deceit) ·Proxima 2 (Face Eater, Tomb of Valdemar) ·Promima Centauri (Duke of Dominoes)

·Qartopholos (Lucifer Rising) ·Qlopth (War on Aquatica) ·Qo'noS (VMA 4: The Crystal Bucephalus) ·Quiescia (Alien Bodies, Interference) ·Quinnis / Quinnius (planet visited by the 1st Doctor & Susan) (Edge of Destruction, 64 Carlysle Street)

·Raaga (penal planet of the Terileptils) (Visitation) ·Raghi (the sixth Moon of Unukalhai IV in the Indra System is independant of any undue corporte influence, although the planet sells Airavata animals to the Spinward Corporation, governing officials are selected by random by a computer program, to better insure democracy and to curb power-seekers) (VMA 17: Lords of the Storm) ·Ranx (Nightmare of Eden) ·Ravalox (is actually Earth, displaced by the Time Lords through time and space and renamed. It features a black light pinnacle of tremendous power) (Mysterious Planet) ·Raxacoricofallapatorius (home planet of the criminal Slitheen family, aliens made of living calcium, it is a paradise with burgundy seas and four polar regions, filled with several indigenous species. The Slitheen notwithstanding, the native species, the Raxacoricofallapatorians, are a generally peaceful race. they have limited technology, albeit highly advanced by Earth standards. ·Refusis 2 (is the destination for the refugees of humanity as they flee the devastation of Earth by the Sun in AD 10,000,000) (Ark) ·Rensec IX (VMA 30: Burning Heart) ·Regurel (Highest Science) ·Reja Magnum (Space Pirates)

·Rho Priapus (Janus Conjunction) ·Rhumos (Twilight of the Gods) ·Ribos (Ribos Operation) ·Riften 5 (Attack of the Cybermen) ·Rigel II (The Two Timer) ·Rigel Four (Stars Fell on Stockbridge) ·Rigel Seven (Rigellans the inhabitants mainly live on fruit & beans and thus crucially need flush sanitation. Rigellans near- worship mud and regard it as the sacred birthplace of all life) (BBCP 21: Players) ·Risa (VMA 4: The Crystal Bucephalus) ·Ruta III (home planet of the Rutan Host, it is icy and inhospitable) (Horror of Fang Rock,Time's Crucible) ·Ruta Magnum (Space Pirates) ·Ryos (Keepsake)

·S'Arl (First Frontier) ·S14 (Kinda) ·Sakkrat (Highest Science) ·Saloi (Death and Diplomacy) ·Salomar (Cold Fusion) ·Salostophus (planet in the constellation of Andromeda. Sabalom Glitz revealed that this was his home planet) (Mysterious Planet) ·Salvak (Mission To Magnus) ·Santiny (Death Comes to Time) ·Sarath (City at World's End) ·Sarn (Planet of Fire) ·Sava (Ark) ·Scultis (VMA 4: The Crystal Bucephalus) ·Segonax (is where the Psychic Circus perfomed) (Greatest Show in the Galaxy) ·Sense-Sphere (home world of the Sensorites) (Sensorites,

Shakedown) ·Serenity (Cold Fusion) ·Shada (Timelord prlson) (Shada) ·Shalonar (Managra) ·Shem (The Power) ·Shakrath (The Slow Empire ·Shivri (Death and Diplomacy) ·Shontaa (Rest and Re-Creation) ·Sifranos (Lucifer Rising) ·Siralos is (one of the '700 Wonders of the Universe', and it is the planet made of pure psychic energy that the Master takes over in a computer game) (Destiny of the Doctors) ·Sirius 4 (Placebo Effect) ·Sirius Five (City of Death) ·Skaar (Ribos Operation) ·Skaro (home planet of the Thals, the Kaleds, and the Daleks) (Daleks, Genesis of the Daleks, etc.) ·Skonnos (Horns of Nimon) ·Skythros (Ribos Operation) ·Slemos (Stowaway) ·Solos (Mutants) ·Sontara (VMA 4: The Crystal Bucephalus, Pure Blood) ·Sorsha (The Grief) ·Spiridon (inhospitable planet, home to the Spiridons, a race of beings with the natural ability to become invisible. The Daleks kept a secret army there) (Planet of the Daleks, Emperor of the Daleks) ·Stella Stora (Terror of the Vervoids) ·Strava (Duke of Dominoes) ·Sunyata (Sleepy) ·Svartos (Dragonfire) ·Szabo (Pit)

·Ta (headquarters of the Issigri Mining Corporation) (Space Pirates) ·Tairngaire (Shadowmind) ·Tara (Androids of Tara, The Trials of Tara) ·Tanthane (VMA 4: The Crystal Bucephalus) ·Tanthane's Moon (the Extemplar was built on the lnhospitable moon of Tanthane, which has pools of liquid nitrogen, it could be juryrigged as a makeshift TARDIS) (VMA 4: The Crystal Bucephalus) ·Tarron (Tarnished Image) ·Tayloe (Highest Science) ·Telos (Tomb of the Cybermen, Attack... etc.) ·Tenos Beta (Infinite Requiem) ·Terakis (War of the Daleks) ·Terileptus (The Dark Path) ·Terra Alpha (location of Helen A's misery-free colony) (Happiness Patol) ·Terra Omega (Happiness Patol) ·Terradon (was the origin of the starliner on Alzarius) (Full Circle) ·Tersurus (planet on which Chancellor Goth met the dying Master prior to The Deadly Assassin. It was also the setting of the Comic Relief spoof episode The Curse of Fatal Death. The spoof described the Tersurons as the most gentle, yet most shunned race in the universe, due to the fact that they communicated through carefully controlled "gastric emissions". They became extinct when they discovered fire) (Duke of Dominoes, Deadly Assassin, VMA 4: The Crystal Bucephalus, Legacy of the Daleks) ·Tetrapyriarbus (Time and the Rani) ·Thegeros (Greatest Show in the Galaxy) ·Therabenas (Ribos Operation) ·Therra (Greatest Show in the Galaxy) ·Thordon (Mindwarp) ·Thoros Alpha (Mindwarp) ·Thoros Beta (home to the Mentors, an amphibious race) (Vengeance on Varos, Mindwarp)

·Thrapos 3 (Deceit) ·Thule (Time's Crucible) ·Tigella (neighbouring planet to Zolfa Thura) (Meglos) ·Tigus (Dalek Masterplan) ·Tisar (Dalek Masterplan) ·Titan (Invisible Enemy) ·Titan III (a desolate asteroid on which the Sixth Doctor planned to become a hermit) (Twin Dilemma) ·Titan 317 (Janus Conjunction) ·Titania (is a gas giant in a state of energy-matter flux, 'hot' enough to nearly be a new sun, geostationary automatic energy mining rigs syphon off Power for Dramos Port) (VMA 30: Burning Heart) ·T'Kao (Death and Diplomacy) ·Tojana (Time and Tide) ·Tokl (Mindwarp) ·Torrok (Time of Your Life) ·Tractis (Genocide) ·Trajen Five (Theatre of War) ·Traken (is in the Metulla Orionsis system was the homeworld to a race of pacifists and the centre of the Traken Union. It was first seen in The Keeper of Traken and destroyed by a wave of entropy in Logopolis. The Doctor's companion, Nyssa, was a native of Traken) (Keeper of Traken) ·Tranquela (The Ultimate Evil) ·Trefus (The Tests of Trefus) ·Trieste (Pit) ·Trion (home planet of the Doctor's companion Turlough) (Planet of Fire, The Earthlink Dilemma) ·Tythonus / Tithonus (is the home planet of Erato, a golobulous green entity) (Creature from the Pit)

·Unicepter IV (DWM Dreamers of Death) ·Unukalhai V (located in the Indra System) (VMA 17: Lords of the

Storm) ·Unukalhai IV (located in the Indra System, it is a frigid globe of liquid gases) (VMA 17: Lords of the Storm) ·Uranus (Dalek Masterplan) ·Urbanka (in the Inokshi system is the planet of the frog-like Urbankans, the technologically-gifted aliens) (Four To Doomsday) ·Usurius (Sunmakers) ·Uva Beta Uva Five (Romance of Crime) ·Uva Beta Uva Six (Romance of Crime) ·Uxarieus (is the location of the Doomsday Weapon) (Colony in Space)

·Vaagon (Highest Science) ·Valeria (Shakedown) ·Vampire Planet (world visited by the Fourth Doctor, it is so-named due to the presence of the Great Vampire, a great enemy of the Time Lords who escaped normal space through a CVE to hibernate on the planet in E-Space) (State of Decay, Blood Harvest) ·Vandor Prime (Sanctuary, Mission Impractical) ·Vanossos (Romance of Crime) ·Varda (No Future) ·Vardon (Time-Flight) ·Varos (Vengeance on Varos) ·Vasilip (Happiness Patol) ·Veltroch (First Frontier, The Dark Path. Mission Impractical) ·Vega 3 (K9, Beasts of Vega ·Vegan (Death to Mufl) ·Velusia (War on Aquatica) ·Venessia (Ark) ·Venus (it has yellow - green trees with coiled leaves, and petrol forrests that routinely erupts and burns, its wildlife includes 'nijij' which are small animals eaten live by the Venusian's, and 'ghifghoni' flying creatures used as messengers) (VMA 3: Venusian Lullaby)

·Verticulus (The Space Museum) ·Veterov (Theatre of War) ·Veturia (Greatest Show in the Galaxy) ·Vij (Nightmare of Eden) ·Vita 15, (in the future, is the homeworld to a race of warriors which Lytton belongs to) (Attack of the Cybermen) ·Voga (also known as the Planet of Gold. A wandering asteroid captured by Jupiter's orbit, it is homeworld to the Vogans and contains more gold than in the rest of the known galaxy. The Cybermen try to destroy it) (Revenge of the Cybermen) ·Vollotha (Two Doctors) ·Vona (The Rival Robots) ·Vorella (System Shock) ·Vorlag (Dogs of Doom) ·Vortis (the Menoptera and Zarbi were indigenous species. It is located in the Isop Galaxy, which also contains the Silver Devastation, from where Face of Boe comes) (Web Planet, Twilight of the Gods) ·Vulcan (home to a human colony) (Power of the Daleks) ·Vulpana (Greatest Show in the Galaxy)

·Waterworld (Crimson Dawn) ·Whynot (Also People) ·Wilson One (Mindwarp) ·Woman Wept (a planet visited by Rose Tyler and the Ninth Doctor, where the continental land mass is shaped like a lamenting woman; and the entire ocean, including waves hundreds of feet high, froze in an instant by means of some undisclosed natural disaster.) (Boom Town)

·Xaboi (Terror On Xaboi) ·Xenon (The Zicon Lights) ·Xeriphas (Time-Flight, King's Demons)

·Xeros (location of The Space Museum) (Space Museum)

·Yama 10 (DWM Deathworld) ·Yegros Alpha (Leisure Hive) ·Yemaya 4 (Sleepy) ·Youkali 6 (Return of the Living Dad) ·Yquatine (The Fall of Yquatine) ·Yula (Vampires of Crellium)

·Zaakros (Leisure Hive) ·Zamper (Zamper) ·Zanak (is the "Pirate Planet", a planet which can materialise around other planets and steal their mineral wealth) (Pirate Planet) ·Zantir (Deceit) ·Zastaz Four (Theatre of War) ·Zellen VIII (All-Consuming Fire) ·Zeen 4 (Leisure Hive) ·Zeira (The Power) ·Zeos (Armageddon Factor) ·Zeta Minor (Planet of Evil) ·Zeta Reticuli (First Frontier) ·Zil (Nightmare of Eden) ·Zircona (Timeshare) ·Zolfa-Thura (Meglos) ·Zorka (Emsone's Castle)

·Axos (is a parasitic organism resembling a spacecraft that attempted to feed on Earth) (The Claws of Axos.)

·E-Space, or Exo-space (is another universe connected to our own by Charged Vacuum Emboitments, through which entropy is vented from our universe to stave off the heat death of the universe. It contains its own planets, including Adric's homeworld, Alzarius) ·N-Space, or Normal-space (is our universe, where heat death should have already occurred, but for the Logopolitans' creation of the CVEs to shunt the excess entropy into other universes, including E-space. Unless otherwise noted, all planets listed are in N-Space) ·Terminus (is not a planet, but a planet-sized spacecraft that caused the Big Bang and lies at the centre of the universe. Its engines are capable of causing another explosion that will end the universe, and the radiation leaking from them is the cure for Lazar's Disease) ·The time vortex (is the continuum that time machines travel through on the way from one destination to another) ·4-X-Alpha-4 (is the extragalactic star system which the Movellans come from, as identified by Romana) (Destiny of the Daleks