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Centre for Modern Architecture Studies in Southeast Asia

Bachelor of Quantity Surveying (Honours)

1. This assignment shall make up 15% weightage of the final marks.

2. This is a individual/group assignment in groups of 3 students.

3. Each group shall conduct a 15 minutes presentation on the required topic, followed by
discussion on the questions given. Assessment shall be made based on the attached
rubric, both for group and individual performance.

Coursework No. 1 – Seminar Presentation of Lecture Topics and Discussion.

P1. Construction Disputes with Interim Certificates.

Q1. Discuss the remedies available to the Contractor if the Employer has failed to pay the
Contractor for three interim certificates issued by the Architect.

Q2. Under Clause 30.1, the Architect is required to issue the Interim Certificate within 21 Days
from receipt of Contractor’s application. The Employer shall pay the amount certified within
the Period of Honouring Certificates. Discuss the activities that are required by the various
consultants from the Contractor’s application to the receipt of payment.

Q3. Contractor has submitted in their interim payment application a claim for material on site
for cement, bricks and plywood (for formwork use). As the Consultant QS, would you
certify these materials?

P2. Delays and Disputes.

Q1. As a Consultant assessing an extension of time application by the Contractor, what are the
i nitial checklist and the principles to be applied?

Q2. What are the purpose of an extension of time clause in most standard contract and its
implications? What is the implications of a Certificate of Non-Completion? What is the
difference between general damages and liquidated damages?

Q3. What are concurrent delays? Is the Contractor entitle to extension of time and loss and
expense if there are concurrent delays by Employer and Contractor?

P3. Construction Claims.

Q1. Under what circumstance is the Contractor entitled to both extension of time and loss and
expense? Please give examples.

Q2. When does a claim for damages arise? Are loss and expense approved and certified
subject to retention fund in the interim certificates? Please explain.

Q3. Can a Contractor claim for loss and expense if he does not give notice of his intention to
claim? Explain also why notice must be given.

P4. Partial Possession by Employer.

Q1. Explain the differences between Sectional Completion and Partial Possession in PAM

Q2. Under what circumstance can the Employer take partial possession of the site? Please
explain for both partial possession with and without consent from the Contractor.

Q3. Explain the contractual implications of partial possession and the items not affected by it.

P5. Rights of Setting Off by Employer.

Q1. Can the Employer set-off payments unilaterally for defects not repaired by the Contractor?
If the Contractor installed a window that is not in compliance with the contract
specifications, what are the remedies available to the Employer? Please support with the
relevant clauses.

Q2. What are the remedies available to the Contractor if he is dissatisfied with the Adjudicator’s
decision on a set-off dispute? What are the conditions that tigger a set-off actions by the

Q3. Why are set-off and Liquidated Damages taken up by the Employer separately and is not
stated in Interim Certificate? Can the Employer refer a set-off dispute to arbitration during
the construction period?

P6. Practical Completion and Penultimate Certificate.

Q1. Discuss the implications of Penultimate Certificate and Final Certificate.

Q2. Explain Clause 30.16 as to the conclusiveness of the Final Certificate. If latent defects are
found after the issuance of the Final Certificate, discuss the rights of the Employer.

Q3. Architect issued oral instruction to Contractor on site to change the window size. Discuss
the validity of his instruction and actions to be taken by the Contractor.

P7. Final Accounts.

Q1. Questions shall be posted separately.

P8. Determination of Contractor’s Employment by Employer.

Q1. Discuss the situations where Employer can determine the Contractor’s Employment
provided for in PAM 2006.

Q2. What must the Employer check before determining the Contractor’s Employment? What
can happen if the Employer had failed to pay the sum due on Interim Certificate at the time
of determination?

Q3. Discuss the essential contents required in the Notice of Default and Notice of

P9. Determination of Own Employment by Contractor.

Q1. If the project is suspended by the Employer for more than 3 months due to design change,
what are the remedies available to the Contractor. Discuss the conditions whereby the
Contractor is entitled to determine his Own Employment.

Q2. Discuss the checklist before the Contractor determine his own employment. What is the
procedure required under PAM 2006 for determination of Contractor’s Own Employment?

Q3. What happen if the Architect resigns from he project and there is no replacement for 4

MODULE QSB%3614%Professional%Practice%2 GROUP&REFERENCE
ASSESSMENT&DESCRIPTION Tutorial%Seminar%Presentation 1)
Mark%allocated%for%this%assessment 50 3)
%%to%be%C/F%to%final%assessment 15 4)
Student's%mark%for%this%assessment 5)
Students'%%%to%be%C/F%to%final%assessment 6)
NO TRAIT Excellent Very+Good Good Pass Marginal+Pass/+Fail
100+9+80 79+9+75 74+9+65 64+9+50 49+9+0
1) Content Presentation%had%an%exceptional% Presentation%had%a%high%amount% Presentation%had%a%good%amount% Presentation%had%some%valuable% Presentation%contained%no%or%
Did+the+presentation+have+ amount%of%valuable%material%and% of%valuable%material%and%was% of%material%and%benefited%the% material%but%still%lacking%as%a% minimum%material.
valuable+material? was%extremely%beneficial%to%the% higly%beneficial%to%the%class. class. whole.
Weightage:%10 class.
2) Teamwork The%teammates%always%worked% The%teammates%worked%from% The%teammates%worked%from% The%teammates%sometimes% The%teammates%never%worked%
Did+everyone+contribute+to+the+ from%others'%ideas.%It%was%evident% others'%ideas%most%of%the%time% others'%ideas%most%of%the%time% worked%from%others'%ideas.% from%others'%ideas.%It%seems%as%
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Did+everyone+seem+well+versed+in+ contributed%equally%to%the% some%work%and%tried%to% some%work%but%only%part%of%the% certain%people%did%not%do%as% worked%on%the%presentation.
the+material? presentation. contribute%to%the%presentation. team%members%carry%out%the% much%as%others.
Weightage:%10 presentation.
3) Organisation/&Planning The%presentation%was%well% The%presentation%had%organising% The%presentation%had%organising% There%were%minimal%signs%of% The%presentation%lacked%of%
Was+the+presentation+well+ organised,%well%prepared%and% ideas%and%easy%to%follow. ideas%but%could%have%been%much% organisation%or%preparation. organisation%and%had%little%
organised+and+easy+to+follow? easy%to%follow.% stronger%with%better%preparation. evidence%of%preparation.
4) Presentation&Skills Presenters%were%all%very% Presenters%were%generally% Presenters%were%occasionally% Presenters%were%not%consistent% Presenters%were%unconfident%and%
Did+the+presenters+give+good+ confident%in%delivery%and%they% confident%in%their%presentation% confident%with%their% with%the%level%of%confidence/% demonstrate%no%or%little%evidence%
impression,+speak+clearly+and+ did%an%excellent%job%of%engaging% and%demonstrated%some%skills%in% presentation.%However%the% preparedness.%Low%skill%in% of%planning%prior%to%presentation.
engage+with+audience? the%class.%Preparation%is%very% engaging%audience. presentation%was%not%as% engaging%audience.
Weightage:%10 evident. engaging%as%it%could%hve%been%for%
Students'%Mark: the%class.
5) Question&and&Answer Excellent%answer%with%precise% Good%answer%with%relevant%theories% Able%to%answer%the%question%with% Able%to%provide%answer%but%without% Unable%to%provide%answer%or%answer%
Did+the+presenters+handle+the+Q&A+ theories,%explaination%and%example. and%example. basic%theories%and%example. support%of%theory%and%concept. is%incorrect.