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Merlin is a very famous BBC series (dizi) .It is about the young man called Merlin.

He is
a (magician) wizard but he keeps this as a secret. If people learn this, Merlin will kick
the budget. His destiny(kader) is to protect and help future King Arthur. How can he
manage(başarmak) this by hiding his magic?? This is a real legand !
Season 01 Episode 01

Part 1 / Pre-watching:
Learn the characters of the BBC series Match them with their names.


1.________ 2._________ 3.________ 4._________ 5._________

Magic:__________ warlock:_________ knight:_________ servant:________
Sorcery:_________ witch:___________ castle:_________ armor:_________

PART 2 / While Watching- Fill in the blanks.

Amazing - unrealistic - annoying - fast-paced - hate - doesn’t mind - Merlin - Arthur - witch - is into - kick the budget
on the edge of your seat - can’t stand
a. _________ is the main character of the series. h. Gaius _________ Merlin.
b. The king _________ magic. ı. Merlin _________ Arthur.
c. __________ is the son of the king. j. Arthur is ___________ for Merlin.
d. The singer is in fact a________ k. Sorcery is __________ .
e. Arthur has a _________ life. l. Gaius thinks that Merlin has an __________ power.
f. The poor man ___________ because he makes sorcery(magic).
g. You feel ___________________ when you watch the series.

PART 3 / Who says this?

 Seize her! __________
 Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth_________
 That was my mistake______________
 Don’t run away  _____________
 No, no way ___________
 I am in disguise _______________ ( bu benim kılık değiştirmiş halim.)
 How could you be so foolish ! ___________
 You saved my son’s life____________

PART 4 / After Watching

1. Who saves Arthur’s life? _________________________
2. Does the series keep you on the edge of your seat ? _________________________
3. Do you recommend the series to your friends? _____________________________
4. Where does Merlin come at the beginning of series ? ________________________
5. Is Gwen into Morgana ? ___________________
6. What happens when the man dies ? ___________________________
7. Do you give it two thumps up ? _______________________________
8. What kind of a series is “MERLİN” ? ____________________________
9. Who is Merlin’s nearest and dearest ? __________________________
10. Who is stunning in the party? _________________________________
11. Who kicks the budget at the end ? _____________________________
12. Is the castle crowded or empty ? _______________________________
13. Do you want to watch Episode(bölüm) 2 ? _______________________
a. Merlin is angry because he is getting a cold.
b. They were hunting and they got a lot of food.
b. Arthur kills the man.
c. The woman gives a gift to the king.
d. This gift calls the spirits of the dead.
Activity 2: Answer the question

a. Why is Arthur sad?

b. Why Arthur didn’t want to tell anyone where they were going?

c. Is Merlin OK with Arthur’s decision?

d. Does Arthur regret of anything?

e. What does Uther say to Arthur?

Activity 3 Complete the sentences

My heart nearly J _ _ _ _ _ out of my _m_ _ _ _ _.

Arthur must have L _ _ _ _ _ back.

He would do anything to protect his L _ _ _ _ y.

I’m not e _ _ _ _ y frightened.

Activity 4: Who said that?

U – Uther / A – Arthur / M - Merlin

( ) You whole life I tried to prepare you for the day you would become king. Did you learn nothing?

( ) I watched you rule and I learnt that if you trust no-one, you will always live in fear.

( ) Your hatred came for fear, not strength.

( ) How dare you!

( ) I loved you and I respected you. But I have to rule the kingdom in my own way.
( ) I have to do what I believe to be right.

( ) I’ll not allow you to destroy all that I built.

( ) Camelot must come before all else

( ) You’ve caused enough harm.

( ) I am much more than that.

( ) You’ve had your turn.

Activity 5: Discuss with a partner.

a. Would you like to have magic? Talk/see to ghosts? Why(not)?

Answer key.


a. because it’s his father’s death anniversary

b. because he was going to call his father’s spirit

c. he is not ok but he doesn’t stop him.

d. not mentioned.

e. basically he disapproved all the things Arthur has done.

Jumped out of my mouth

Looked back





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