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Maharaja Soaps industries Private Ltd.

Marketing is a process or a function originated and developed along
with the past several years from the human civilization. But its emergency
as a management science is relatively of recent origin. It is a system of
integrated business activities designed to developed strategies and plans
to the satisfaction of customer wants of selected market segments or
targets concentrations, equalization, and dispersion constitute the heart of
marketing is a socio economic process social responsibilities include
personal obligations of people and economic process social responsibilities
include personal obligations of people and economic process includes the
exchange goods and services and their values determined in terms of
money price.

Hence marketers are called upon to anticipate changes in marketing

environment involving risks difficulties and uncertainties. The customers
tastes differs hence the forecast of changes marketing plans and programs
can be attained only by day reports, which involved present condition and
demand in the market only such reports can help the marketers to attempt
for the change and obtained the desires goals.

Therefore the marketing should be well planned, organized, directed,

co-ordinates and controlled. A project report is a collection of data or
information or things going on and around marketing place about the
product, they are marketing. Such report may help marketer to modify to
change or to adopt a particular marketing strategy.

Industry Profile

Consumer attitude towards shashi products
Maharaja Soaps industries Private Ltd.
No industry operates in a vacuum and none is self-sufficient.
All industries require several inputs to meet their marketing
and production processes. However big a company may be, it
rely on other industries for some ingredients, product labels,
containers, and shipping boxes, and more. Not only the soap
and detergent manufacturers must have access to vital inputs,
they should also seek low-cost suppliers as market forces
direct them to cut costs. The rise of global markets may help,
and the purchasing professionals at soap and detergents
companies are exploring foreign regions, including those in
developing countries, to find new sources of materials.
Characteristics of the labor market and physical infrastructure
also affect and influence the performance of soap
manufacturers. In this section we will discuss some other
factors-the structure of markets for non-labor inputs and the
availability of a research base-that are important to the

Soap makers, even the largest ones, do not for the most part
maintain their in-house chemical production capabilities. They
should therefore source and purchase their raw materials
from other suppliers. A recent trend among large soap and
detergent companies is to reduce the number of suppliers
used, as a move that help to reduce costs and improve
benefits. Known as "supplier consolidation", this trend puts

Consumer attitude towards shashi products
Maharaja Soaps industries Private Ltd.
more business in the control of a group of fewer suppliers,
thus providing them greater incentive and benefit to offer
superior service to their soap making customers. In addition, it
is apparently less costly and easier to deal with a small
number of suppliers for a given input. A negative effect of
supplier consolidation is that different suppliers have different
strengths. While some may be excellent at ensuring timely
deliveries of high quality inputs and reacting to direct requests
of the buyers, others may be very good at anticipating the
buyer's requirements or at offering providing auxiliary
services, like inventory tracking. Therefore, to implement a
successful supplier consolidation strategy, a buyer must
carefully weigh the tradeoffs that may arise.

While soaps and detergents are generally not considered as

high-technology products, the companies are always looking
for a breakthrough product to increase sales, because to have
new and high value products is the principal way to improve
profitability. But as most of the biggest soap makers in the
world, have divested much of their chemicals strengths and
capabilities, they are turning to the suppliers of their raw
materials to provide chemical expertise.

Beyond simply searching for efficient suppliers, soap

manufacturers and their raw material suppliers are expected

Consumer attitude towards shashi products
Maharaja Soaps industries Private Ltd.
to formulate more technology alliances over the next few
coming years than they have in the past. This requires the
soap manufacturers to devise and formulate a new culture, in
which they will share information with their suppliers.

Growth Drivers
The chemicals industry manufacture not only basic and
specialty chemicals, but also agro chemicals, pharmaceuticals
and consumer care products. Starting with raw materials such
as oil, fats, alkalis, minerals, gas, air and water, the chemicals
industry converts these materials into a wide range of
substances for uses and applications by other chemical
companies, other industries and consumers. Soaps and
Detergents are one of the oldest and major segments of the
chemistry business. These products are designed and
formulated utilizing simple chemistry but have a high degree
of differentiation along the branding lines. Research and
development costs are increasing and rising and most of these
products are becoming high-tech in nature. As consumer care
products we mean products, such as soaps, detergents,
laundry aids, bleaches, hair care products, skin care products,
fragrances, and more.

Key market drivers of this industry include

Consumer attitude towards shashi products
Maharaja Soaps industries Private Ltd.
Product Innovation: Product innovation allow all companies,
large or small, to participate in a sector where the needs of
consumers are evolving and the opportunities are growing for
both mass market as well as niche solutions to satisfy diverse
attitudes and lifestyles. It helps to accomplish major
developments, innovations and technological breakthroughs,
which can be at formulation level, at product form level, or at
packaging level.
Sustainable Consumption: Sustainable consumption means
changing the habits of people so as to minimize the impact on
environment due to domestic use. This principle was put into
application with the advent of concentrated products. These
products however, did not have the intended economical and
environmental effect, as because some people just did not
think that a lower dosage of concentrated products was
required. Because of this in the recent years, the industry has
introduced the concept of unit dosing in capsules to tablets to
the dishwashing laundry detergents market. Unit dosage
provides convenience as well as simplicity, anticipating the
consumers' demand for easy to use and safer products. Unit
dosing has had various positive environmental effects,
because of less transport among others.
New Product Development: The practice of developing and
introducing new products to market spans the complete

Consumer attitude towards shashi products
Maharaja Soaps industries Private Ltd.
product lifecycle, which starts from primary identification of
market opportunity, conception, design and development and
goes through production, product launch, support,
enhancement and retirement. The process is basically
concerned with the conversion of the product concept into a
functional reality. As such, the concept of new product
development tends to have more focus on engineering,
dealing with the issues of new technology and the
development and testing of functional prototypes. As markets
are increasingly become mature, manufacturers are under
high pressure to have faster new product development cycles.
The prime reason for new product development is
Regulations: The soaps and detergent industry is one of the
most regulated of all and in addition to the regulation of its
products, it is subject to several requirements that aim at
reducing the release of chemical substances into the
environment during the process of manufacturing. Such
requirements generally include limitations (through
regulations) on the quantity of a substance, which can be
released to the environment.

Consumer attitude towards shashi products
Maharaja Soaps industries Private Ltd.
Company profile:-

Maharaja Industry’s manufacturing detergent soaps, washing powder,

crystal salt, table salt and other products under the brand name of Shashi
and Savaal , because of its good quality as products made out of good raw
materials to keep up consistent quality.

the qualified team of sales executives work in close co-ordination with

the clients, to understand their specific requirements and deliver products
in exact accordance, we have a strong foothold in Karnataka as well as
south India, due to our commitment to quality and our excellent service.

In detergent market Nirma and Hindustan Lever are close

competitors with 38% market share each. Norma leads the popular

Consumer attitude towards shashi products
Maharaja Soaps industries Private Ltd.
segments, while HLL leads the premium detergent powder segment. P&G
and Henkel Spice are the other key competitors in the detergent market. In
toilet soaps, HLL has a dominating 63% market share. Norma has also
garnered a significant 22% market share in short time. Other major players
in the segment are Godrej soaps and P&G.

The sachet was an innovative stroke of marketing genius that

reduced product differentiation and changed the dynamics of the
detergents market. Today, sachet sales constitute about 15-20% of the
detergents market. But innovation seems to have deserted the soaps and
detergents industry ever since.

With penetration at its highest and the market saturated the Rs.4000
core detergents market has been stagnating for almost 5 years.
Compounding this problem are the smaller players like Ghazi detergent,
who offer products of similar quality, at almost half the price.

Compact detergent from a small penetration of the total Rs.3500 core

detergents market. The compact detergents market is thus valued roughly
at Rs.100 core today.

In the total detergents market, International Surf Excel has a share of

11.5% with Ariel not very far behind at 8.6%, region wise; International Surf
Excel leads in each of the regions.

For instance, in the compact segment (northern region) Surf has a

market of 60%. It leads in the other markets in the concentrates as well,
with a market share of 55% in the south, 59% in the east, and 56% in the

P&G launched an onslaught with Ariel in the early 90’s, which was
later upgraded to Ariel with Micro shine which was launched at the end of
the 1996 and early 1997. Preceding the move, HLL had launched
International Surf Excel in April 1996, which replaced Surf Ultra. While the
concentrates detergents market originated in the early 90’s this segment
experienced heightened activity during 1996-97.

Consumer attitude towards shashi products
Maharaja Soaps industries Private Ltd.
A. Background & Inception of the Company:
Maharaja Industries is one of the famous company producing detergent
cakes, powder & scouring powder etc…. in south India. Maharaja Industry
is the most respected company in India by producing quality products.

Smt. ShashikalaElangovan Ravi started manufacturing detergent

powder at home in 1990 to spend the free time in a useful manner. She has
studied up to 10th standard. Since from childhood, she has been dreaming
to industrialist. She was encouraged by her husband & friends to start a
small scale industry in manufacturing of detergent cakes, powder & scoring
powder. Sri Elangovan Ravi, who was working in detergent company, had a
good experience in his job.

He resigned his job & joined his wife to support in her work. Initially
she has commenced the business with the investment around 1 lakh
rupees with the help of 8-10 labors.

Maharaja Industry was register under the partnership Act with 2

parties, being Smt.Elangovan Ravi who is entitled for 60% share in the firm
& Sri Elangovan Ravi who has entitled for 40% of share in the firm.
However, Sri Elangovan Ravi is the partner of the Maharaja Industry.

B. Nature of the business:

Introduction to soaps and detergents:
Soaps and detergents are used by all of us as cleaning agents in our
everyday lives. These products are sodium salts of organic acids. They are
special organic acids that have long chain hydrocarbons with hydroxyl
groups. These types of acids are also called as fatty acids. Soapiness in
soap comes from sodium salts of the fatty acids, oleic acid and plasmatic

The raw materials required for the manufacturing of soaps are:

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Maharaja Soaps industries Private Ltd.
 Animal fats or vegetable oils
 Noah
 NaCl

Preparation of soap:-
Heating fat along with the NaOH makes soap. Sodium salt of a fatty
acid and alcohol is formed. This process is called saponification. One such
saponification reaction is shown below:

Fat or oil + sodium hydroxide soap + glycerol

(An ester) (An alkali or base) (Sodium salt)(An alcohol)

Introduction to washing powder:-

Washing powders are a combination of soaps, detergents and other
chemicals. Generally Washing powders have about 15-30% of their weight
in synthetic detergents.

The chemicals included in washing powders and their functions are as


 Sodium sulphate and sodium silicate are added to keep the

powder dry.

 Sodium triphosphate or sodium carbonate is added to make

sodium alkaline.

 Carboxyl methyl cellulose is added so that the dirt particles

removed are kept suspended in the solution.

 For obtaining sparkling white clothes, a bleaching agent is

added. The bleaching agent is in the form of sodium perborate.

10 products
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Maharaja Soaps industries Private Ltd.
Plant location:-

Maharaja industry is located in Davanagere district, Karnataka state.

The plant is located outside the Davanagere city i.e., at the industrial area
in lokikere road. The production capacity of the plant is 10000 boxes per
day. The address of the firm is,

Maharaja industries

No.2051/A, KAIDB,

Lokikere Road,


B. Vision, Mission and Quality Policy:-

11 products
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Maharaja Soaps industries Private Ltd.

Company’s vision:-
To establish a strong foothold in detergents products, crystal salt,
Table salt, Agarbathi& Match boxes, being a provider of high quality
products with excellent sales able to satisfy the all the customers.

 To be the best detergent manufacturing company in the country.

 To continuously upgrade the technology, human resource and

modernize is process.

 To meet the surpass customer expectations.

 To enable each and every employee to be committed to quality

and customer satisfaction.

12 products
Consumer attitude towards shashi
Maharaja Soaps industries Private Ltd.

Company’s mission:-

To be a proffered quality detergent products in South India and in

national market.To provide excellent quality and services.

 To develop new products.

 To provide quality products to the customers.

 To compete with the competitors.

 To provide employment.

Quality policy:-

Quality has always been the foremost concern for them. They have
adopted several quality control measures of international standards to
ensure superior quality. Their team of quality control inspectors monitors
each and every stage of the production process, from the procurement of
the raw materials to the dispatch of the finished goods in the market.

Product Profile:-

Introduction of Shashi detergent soaps and


The larger quantity of Shashi detergent cakes and powders are

consumed in the household purposes, which contains all the

13 products
Consumer attitude towards shashi
Maharaja Soaps industries Private Ltd.
builders’components. It is interesting that output of both Shashi detergent
cake and powders of Maharaja Industries has been growing steadily year
by year. Though the place of progress of detergent cake has been much
faster than that of detergent powder, Maharaja Industries adopted in
planning process for producing bulk quantity of soaps and detergent

Shashi detergent soaps and powders were used both in rural areas
and urban areas. Now a dayShashi detergent soap and powder is having
a high potential market in whole Karnataka and some part of Andhra
Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Maharashtra and Goa. The users of
Shashi detergents soaps and powders are highly by the middle and
lower level income people. Maharaja industries is producing the product
in four forms such as,

 Detergent cake.

 Detergent powder.

 Scouring powder.

 Dish wash bar.

The products manufactured by the company are:-

 Shashi detergent cake

 Savaal detergent cake

14 products
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Maharaja Soaps industries Private Ltd.

 Shashi
detergent powder

 Savaal detergent powder.

 Shashi crystal salt

 Shashi table salt

15 products
Consumer attitude towards shashi
Maharaja Soaps industries Private Ltd.
 Shashiagarbathis

 Shashi match boxes

Therefore the position of Shashi detergent soap and powder in

Karnataka is almost favorable. It is mainly because of good quality with
lesser amount for products.

List of raw materials:-

o Soda ash light.

o Acid slurry.

o Sodium silicate.

o Soap stone powder.

o Dolomite powder.

o Perfume.

o Sodium sulphate.

o Feldspar.

16 products
Consumer attitude towards shashi
Maharaja Soaps industries Private Ltd.
o Liquid detergent.

o Color.

o Salt.

o Lime stone powder.

o China clay powder.

o Organic Surfacout.

o Sulphate of Alum.

o Sodium Phosphate.

Area of operation:-

As it is a small scale industry, it function only in the national market,

sells its products to the local customers within India. If they get any best
offer within their production capacity then they go for export in the best

Its finished products are sold throughout the Karnataka, Tamil

Nadu, Maharashtra, Goa, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh.

Ownership Pattern:-

Maharaja Industries is registered under the partnership Act with

two partners, Smt. ShashikalaElangovan Ravi who is entitled for 60%

17 products
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Maharaja Soaps industries Private Ltd.
share in the firm and Sri.Elangovan Ravi who is entitled for 40% of share
in the firm.

Competitors Information:-

a. Wheel

b. Rin

c. Surf

d. Ariel

e. Henko

Infrastructural facilities:-

They have fully developed infrastructure facilities at factory site at

industrial area, Davanagere. Factory is situated on over 5 acre of land
with constructed area and has abundant open space for surrounding the

1. Canteen facility

18 products
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Maharaja Soaps industries Private Ltd.
2. Vehicle facility

3. Medical facility

4. Water supply

5. Computerized statistical unit

6. 5000sq.mtrs of administrative block surrounded by the

greeneries and lawn.


 During the year of 2002, the Davanagere district women

industrialist association has selected Smt.
ShashikalaElangovan Ravi as a “BEST WOMAN

 Best entrepreneur award by chambers of commerce in 2003.

 Number 1 detergent award for its best quality in 2007.

Work flow model:-

Maharaja Industries adopts the machineries mentioned below,

generally packing of detergent cakes are done through machine/ hand
packing. That is by the women workers & the male workers in order to
provide work do paste mixing for the unemployed people of the society.

19 products
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Maharaja Soaps industries Private Ltd.


Mixing raw materials Getting bulk lumps of cake Avoid the crack in
design of cake

Removing the water
Cutting the pieces of cake
Cutting the long bars into molecules from the
in to equal size
small bar detergent cake mass

Drying the detergent
Stacking the cutter Packing the
detergent cake detergent cake


Movement of the stock Wooden pallets used for Taping the boxes
of the finished goods the purpose of stacking of of detergent cake
finished goods

20 products
Consumer attitude towards shashi
Maharaja Soaps industries Private Ltd.

Future growth and prospectus:-

The company is planning to:

 Enter into the products like edible oil, shampoo, toilet soaps
 Introduce new trade schemes to increase sales.
 Aggressive advertisement and publicity as a part of sales



Strategy Systems




1). structure:-
It is the basis of specialization and coordination influenced primarily by

21 products
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Maharaja Soaps industries Private Ltd.
Organizational structure refers to the basic hierarchical procedure in
which the organization carries out their business and accompanying
baggage that shows whose tasks are divided and integrated. Structure is
the basic organization of the company, its department, reporting lines,
areas of expertise and responsibilities.

Overall organizational structure:-

 The organization objectives strategies have direct bearing on the
organization structure. It is the visualized that Maharaja Industry
have the following strategic goals;
 To provide high quality products.
 It satisfycustomer needs.
 To develop policy governing organization design, compensation,
human resource development, human relations and human
resource retention.
 To make functions easy, the company is also having various
departments and sub divisions.

Organizational hierarchy/ structure is a basic frame work within which

the manager’s decision making behavior takes place. It is a pattern of
relationship among various components of the organization. This also
prescribes the relationship among various activities and positions.

Role of organization structure:-

It is capable serving many functions but at the same time cannot serve
all them equally well over ultimate time. In general, role of organizational
structure is;

Facilitating management action

Encouraging efficiency
Optimum use of organization resources
Stimulating creativity
Job satisfaction

22 products
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Maharaja Soaps industries Private Ltd.

Organization structure of Maharaja Industry:-

Executive director

General Manager

Purchase&inventory Finance & accounts Production & Department Marketing department

Assistant Accountant Production manager Marketing manager

Workers Clerk Assistant Sales manager

Supervisor Area sales manager

Subordinates Marketing executives

Functional departments:-
1. Purchase and inventory

23 products
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Maharaja Soaps industries Private Ltd.
2. Finance and accounting
3. Production department
4. Marketing department

Executive Director:-
Executive director is a one of who determines objectives, plans and
policies of an organization. He has to manage all the departments such as
production department, maintenance department and accounts department
and marketing department etc,.Of the organization. He has to look after the
functions of all the departments he issues instructions to various
departments and brings coordination between them he also keeps relations
with outside world including customers, suppliers, departments etc,.

General Manager:-
The GM have the control over mainly the needs and requirements of
all other departments such as production department, maintenance
department and accounts department and marketing department etc,.

1. Production department:-

Production departments
Production manager

Shift In charge

Production is the process of converting raw materials into finished

goods. Manufacturing is the process of producing only tangible goods
whereas production includes creating both tangible and intangible goods.

24 products
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Maharaja Soaps industries Private Ltd.
The production department consists of production manager, shift
supervisor, plant operators, dispatch coordinator, route supervisor and
helpers. Production manager is the head of this department. Every day he
has to collect details of every process through supervisor, plant operators,
packing operators and other helpers.

Function of Production Department:-

 Production according to target.
 Machine health.
 Low rejections and shortages.
 Follow system.
 Increase productivity and efficiency.

2. Human Resource Department:-

Structure of HR Department:




The management of HR is a system in which participate seek to

attain both individual and group goals.

The HR Department perform the function of recruiting employees or

workers selection, providing them training and development, placement,
giving job description, job evaluation,, merit rating, etc.

25 products
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Maharaja Soaps industries Private Ltd.
It facilitates the method of payment of wages, promotion, transfer,
welfare measures, entering in to contract with employees, handle labor
problems trade dispute, keep employment record and so on.

 To maximize commitment of people by organizing work and
creating attitudes and behaviorwhich generates best outcomes.
 To create and utilize an able and motivated workforce, to
accomplish the basic organizational goals.
 To establish and maintain sound organizational structure and
desirable working relationships among organizational members.
 To create facilities and opportunities for individuals or group
development to match with the growth of the organization.
 Designing high performance organization.
 Learning organization and knowledge management.
 Management of organizational growth and renewal.
 Management of labor.
 To develop human and social capital.
 Development of leadership.
 Creativity and innovation.

Functions of HR department:-
 Recruitment.
 Selection.
 Wages and salaries.
 Incentives and benefits.
 Performance management.
 Communication.

26 products
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Maharaja Soaps industries Private Ltd.

3. Financial Department:-
Structure of Financial Department:




Financial department is also one of the important departments in the

firm. Financial management is concerned with the managerial decisions
that result in the acquisition and financing of short term finance and long
termcredits of the firm. It deals with the situations that require selection of
specific problem considering the size and growth of an enterprise. Here the
analysis deals with the expected inflows and outflows of funds and their
effect on managerial objectives.

The analysis states two main aspects of financial management like

procurement like of funds and an effective of use of funds to achieve
business objectives.

Procurement of funds:-

27 products
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Maharaja Soaps industries Private Ltd.
As funds can be obtained from different sources, procurement of fund
is considered as an important problem of business concern. Funds
procured from different sources have different characteristics in terms of

Funds procured by the issue of equity shares are the best from risk
point of view for the company as there is no question of repayment of
equity capital expect when the company is under liquidation.

From the cost point of view, equity capital is most expensive source
of fund as dividend expectation of shareholders are normally higher than
prevalent interest rates.

Utilization of Funds:-
Effective utilization of fund is an important aspect of financial
management which avoids the situations where funds are either kept idle or
proper uses are not being made. Funds procured involved certain cost and
risk, so it should be used properly and profitably.

Profit Maximization:-
In the simple sentence,it means, maximizing the rupee income of the
firm. This objective is justified by the following points:

 Business is an economic activity carried on for making profits.

 It also maximizes social economic welfare.
 Only profit maximize will survive in the long run.
 Profit is the proof of success.
 Profit is the best source of funds for expansion, growth and
 Profit is essentially for earning goodwill, recognition and
prestige in the market.

Wealth Maximization:-

28 products
Consumer attitude towards shashi
Maharaja Soaps industries Private Ltd.
It means maximizing the net present value of a course of action. The
NPV of a course of actionis the different between the gross present value
of the benefits of that action and the amount of investment required to
achieve those benefits.

The gross PV of a course of action is found out by discounting its

benefit at a rate which reflects their timing and uncertainty.

4. Accounts Department:-
Structure of Accounts department:-


Transportation Account Sales Account

Account Manager Assistant

To run the organization, successfully, there should be a proper

Accounts Department. It is the department where the company’s all
accounting work is done. This department includes Account Manager,
Cashier, Computer operators etc,.

 Proper utilization of funds.
 Collection of funds.
 Maintenance of accounts of different parties.
 Making proper payment to the parties from whom raw materials
are purchased.
 Evaluation of financial performance.
 Financial and investment decision making.

29 products
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Maharaja Soaps industries Private Ltd.
 Looking after the overall financial requirement of the company.
 Recording the inflow and outflow of the cash.

 Receive the purchase bills from purchase department.
 Entries for purchase/sub-contractors bills.
 Purchase payments.

The accounts maintained are:

Stores and purchase accounts.
Cash or bank accounts.
Sales accounts.

 Union Bank of India.
 State bank of India.
 Urban Co-operative Bank Ltd.
 Lakshmi Vilas Bank Ltd.

5. Marketing Department:-
Structure of Marketing Department:-




Marketing department consists of marketing manager, assistant

manager, sales officers, sales representatives, etc. marketing is a

30 products
Consumer attitude towards shashi
Maharaja Soaps industries Private Ltd.
consumer oriented activity and also it is a social process by which
individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating,
offering, and freely exchanging products and services of value with others.

Marketing activities are divided into four basic elements which are
together referred as marketing mix.

The basic elements are:

1. Product
2. Price
3. Promotion
4. Place

 Improvements in the customer service.
 Capture large market share.
 To create and meet new customers and their requirements.
 To create a bridge between customer’s needs and company’s
 Expanding profit margin.
 Price stabilization.

 Continuous improvement of quality.
 Time management.
 To organize visits discussions in order to educate the customer
about their requirements and get a proper and clean feedback.
 Exploring new ideas and techniques to provide best quality
 Maintaining good relation with customers.
 To co-ordinate with inter-departments like production, purchase,
planning, etc.
 To meet customer requirements.

31 products
Consumer attitude towards shashi
Maharaja Soaps industries Private Ltd.
2). Skills:-
The capabilities and competencies that exist within the company,
what it does best are called the skills.

Basically they are dividing the skill into two categories viz,

1. Skilled.
2. Unskilled.

Skilled laborers are put for production process and unskilled in

packing and lifting the goods. Merit rating is given according to
performance in their work.

There are different techniques of training which are used to develop

the skills of the employees, like on the job, off the job training, etc. in case
the candidate recruited is unskilled, he is put under a probationary period
for the first few months under senior skilled employee where he is trained
on the job. For this Maharaja industry has no specific training department.
Once the training period is over, the candidate’s performance is evaluated
and the candidate is taken as permanent employee.

The company is providing on the job training of 15 days for both

new and existing employees.

3). Style:-
Style in an organization means the leadership approach of top
management and company’s overall operating approach.

Participative Leadership:-

The organization follows the participative style of leadership. This

means, each and every employee of the organization are allowed to give
their point of view which are concerned to production, marketing and other

32 products
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Maharaja Soaps industries Private Ltd.
The employee who will have good views, which prove to be profitable
to the company, will be aware. This makes employees feel good working
environment in the organization. So the participative leadership style
makes the employee to feel like working in his own organization and his
morale will be boosted and it also enhance his loyalty towards the company
and this will result in the job satisfaction.

Top-Down Leadership:-
The top down approach is the style where in the final decision
happens at the top level of hierarchy and is communicated to the
respective departments. The top management will formulate the rules and
regulations, work procedures, etc. which are supported to be followed by
other departments.

4.) Strategies:-
Every organization is structured around its products, services,
technologies or a combination of them. As such, the organization may have
different work culture and organization structure defines roles and
responsibilities and expects good behavior from the work men.

The strategy of the company is satisfying its customers by providing

better quality products to its customers. To impart and develop its
employee’s skills and knowledge to the changing technologies to improve
its productivity, quality, efficiency and also to increase the morale of its
employees, the company has undertaken the work of giving training to
each and every employee so as to contribute to the organizational goals
and objectives.

Price Strategies:-
The pricing strategies of Maharaja Industry are quite good. They fix
the price at comparative level. They follow low pricing strategy. This helps
them to reach common people and rural areas.

33 products
Consumer attitude towards shashi
Maharaja Soaps industries Private Ltd.
 The price policy helps the firm in rising maximum profit.
 The price policy helps the firm in meeting market competition
 The price policy of Maharaja Industry assures reasonable
margin to them and also intermediaries, i.e., wholesalers and
retailers, who can be induced to take more interest in promoting
the sales of the firm only through margin of commission.
 The price policy of Maharaja Industry is flexible. It permits them
in changing price depending upon the market forces of demand
and supply and economic conditions of boom and depression.

The Maharaja Industry also flows Cost plus Price Method. This
method is also called as Mark-up pricing; margin pricing or full Cost
Method. The sales price per unit of a product comprises.

a. The cost of the product per unit covering the cost of

producing the product, the administrative and selling costs
and depreciation, interest, etc.
b. The desired mark-up profit margin.

The mark-up may be at a certain percentage based on cost or the

sale price. The mark-up percentage of profit differs from one product
to another product.

Launching of Sales:-
Launching of sales like promotion schemes by way of:

 Discount coupons to dealers.

 Discount coupons to retailers.
 Gold/silver coin scheme.

5). Staff:-
Staff means the company’s human resources in the organization. The
company will always appreciate the well performing employees and
motivates them for achieving higher jobs. It also follows a procedure of
giving monetary incentives, gifts, rewards and recognition for well
performing employees.

34 products
Consumer attitude towards shashi
Maharaja Soaps industries Private Ltd.
Technical Manager:-
They have to look after production and quality control, raw material
inflow and outflow, and maintaining of machineries.

General Manager:-
They have to look after labor problems and appointing new labors.

They have to look after quality control and attendance.

They have to look after maintaining files, mailing.

6). System:-
System refers to the rules, regulation procedures, both formal and
informal that complement the organizational structure. This includes the
way the functions of different departments are carried out.

 Accounting System: Financial statements are prepared under the

historical cost conversation on an accrual basis and comply with the
accounting standards.
 Costing system: - process costing.
 Inventory Control System: - FIFO method for issuing materials.
 Remuneration System: - Time rate system is following to employees.

7). Shared Values:-

These are the values and beliefs of the company. Maharaja Industry
is one among the private sector unit which has high values towards
customers and employees. The one more important thing which the
Maharaja Industry values towards is giving quality products to the
customers, innovation and respect for people.

SWOT Analysis:-

35 products
Consumer attitude towards shashi
Maharaja Soaps industries Private Ltd.
Strength and weaknesses are essentially internal to the organization
and relate to the matter concerning resources, programmers and
organization in key areas such as

 Sales.
 Marketing.
 Capacity.
 Manufacturing Cost.

Opportunities and Threats are external to the organization and can

exist or develop in the following areas.

 Size and Segmentation.

 Growth Pattern and maturity.
 International Dimensions.
 Relative attractive of segments.
 New technologies etc.

 Maharaja Industry has good reputation in local market.
 Competent man power.
 Good dealer, distributor network and market base.
 Strong advertisement and promotional tools.
 Brand name.
 Appropriate infrastructure for conducting of training.
 Hard work and committed employees.
 Partnership with various technical and management institutions
for providing a continuous supply of fresh graduates.
 Streamlined system of recruitment.
 IR/LR relations very conductive for the smooth functioning of
the unit.

 Distribution only for the particular areas not for other areas.
 Cut throat competition between the local competitors may
hamper the company.

36 products
Consumer attitude towards shashi
Maharaja Soaps industries Private Ltd.
 Difficult change to an alternative line of production with the
existing machinery.
 Lack of clarity and transparency in upward / downward
 No clear job description for various levels of resulting in dual
reporting relationships.
 Investment.
 Low awareness of the company in rural sectors.
 Increase in cost due to increase in manpower cost.
 Decline economy of manufacturing sectors in general.

 Upgrading the products.
 Introduce new products, and technology to the new
 Servicing the below poverty or low income people with new
 Favorable government policy like incentives and grants and
infrastructure facilities.
 Improvement in quality production / operations / services
through system approach. Groundwork for implementation of
WCM concepts, an ISO 9001: 2001 standards is already been
made to put the above theory into practice.
 Easy availability of manpower for vacant positions.

 Innumerous competition in the existing market.
 Rapid growth in technology.
 Research and development facilities.
 Threat from agents and dealers to increase commission.

37 products
Consumer attitude towards shashi
Maharaja Soaps industries Private Ltd.
 Government policies towards manufacturing industries,
imposing environment pollution restriction.
 Tough competitors such as detergents playing predominant


38 products
Consumer attitude towards shashi
Maharaja Soaps industries Private Ltd.
Questionnaire and bibliography

Dear respondents,

I am student of 2nd year MBA in HMSIT college at Tumkur. As a part

my curriculum, I have undertaken the project work titled as “consumer
attitude towards the Shashi soaps and detergents” with special reference to
Maharaja Industry, Davanagere.

I hereby request you to kindly spare of your few movements for me

toknow your opinion about Shashi detergents, the information relived by
you will be purity for academic purpose kept confidential.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully

(Dhanya Kumar G M)

1. Name:
2. Address:

3. Age:
4. Qualification:
a. Up to SSLC { } c. PUC { }
b. Graduation { } d. Other { }

5. Occupation
a. Former { } c. Business{ }
b. Profession { } d. Employee { }

39 products
Consumer attitude towards shashi
Maharaja Soaps industries Private Ltd.
6. Income level.
a. Below 10000{ } c. 15000-20000{ }
b. 10000-15000{ } d. 20000&above{ }

About the product:

7. For washing purpose which one you are using?

a. Detergent soaps { } b. Washing machine { }
8. If you are using detergent soaps, which soap you are using?
a. Tide { } b. Rin { }
b. Shashi { } d. Surf excel { }
9. If Shashi which one you will prefer?
a. Pink { } c. White { }
b. Blue { } d. Green{ }
10. What factor you will consider while buying detergent soap?
a. Prize { } c. Quantity { }
b. Quality { } d. Brand { }
11. How you come to know about the Shashi?
a. TV advertisement{ } c. Window display { }
b. Magazines { } d. News paper { }
12. How you feel about the Shashi advertisement?
a. Very good { } c. Average { }
b. Good { } d. Poor { }
13. From how many years you are using Shashi detergents?
a. Less than 1 year { } c. 3-5 year { }
b. 1-3 years { } d. More than 5 years { }
14. How frequent do you purchase Shashi detergent?
a. Once in a weak { } c. 3 times in a month { }
b. Twice in a month { } d. More than 3 times { }
15. What do you think about price?
a. Low { } c. High { }
b. Medium { } d. Very high { }

16. How do you feel about availability of the product?

a. Excellent { } c. Poor { }
b. Good { } d. Very poor { }
17. Have you come across any complaints regarding the product?
a. Yes { } b. No { }
18. If yes how often?
a. Frequently { } b. rarely { }

40 products
Consumer attitude towards shashi
Maharaja Soaps industries Private Ltd.
19. Your suggestions about the product towards the company:

Thanking you,

Place: Signature.

41 products
Consumer attitude towards shashi