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The Aberfeldy

June/July 2018


Welcome to our latest newsletter with news and
updates from Aberfeldy Big Local and the
NEW COMMUNITY HUB community. We are a group of local residents who have
come together to help improve the area and invest £1
million of Lottery money to make a real difference. Our
LOCAL FUNDING priorities are creating more spaces for the community
OPPORTUNITY to meet, bringing local people together and making sure
THROUGH COMMUNITY we benefit from the regeneration of the estate. We hope
CHEST you enjoy reading this and would love to hear from you
if you fancy joining us in helping to make Aberfeldy even

Spotlight on Leila
Leila is a member of the Aberfeldy Big Local board, and local resident. Here's a bit more about her:

How long have you lived in Aberfeldy?

I have lived in Aberfeldy for 8 years

What’s your favourite thing about living here?

My favourite thing about living here is that my neighbours look
out for each other and we know our routines. So if something
seems out of place, we call each other to make sure we are

What one thing would you change about the area?

One thing I would change is to have more community spaces.
What I mean is community space in a building that opens till
late, and more green spaces.

Why did you get involved in Big Local?

I got involved in Big Local because I had not done anything for
my neighbourhood since I moved in. For 7 years. I just came
home, slept and went to work. Now, I want to invest my time,
skills and experience in the neighbourhood and to make it a
Tell us something about yourself that not safe, fun and friendly place to live. And being part of the Big
many people know… Local is a way to do that.
Ermm... I taught myself how to sew and make
my own clothes.
The Tommy Flowers Community Pub
Who Is Tommy Flowers?
Tommy Flowers was born in 1905 and grew up on Abbott
Road. The son or a brick layer, her went on to study
mechanical engineering through a scholarship at technical
college in Newham and then on to gain a degree in
electrical engineering at the University of London.

Working as a post office engineer, he pioneered direct-dial

calls but his greatest achievement is without doubt the
design and build of the Colossus code-breaking machine
during World War Two, for which he used £1000 of his own

Colossus was partly de-classified thirty years after the end

of World War Two, with Tommy receiving an honourary
doctorate from the University of Newcastle in 1977, for
creating Colossus, the world's first modern electronic

He was awarded an MBE in 1943 and given back his

£1000, worth a lot less then than in 1943, but Tommy
being the man he was, shared the money with his team.

A Space for the Community

The Tommy Flowers was opened because a gap had been
left in the area by the closure and demolition of the old
Aberfeldy Tavern in 2013. A pub had been standing in
Aberfeldy since as far back as 1865, and it had always
been the centre of the community in the area. The Tommy
Flowers intends to become a new centre for the local
community- a place where people can meet their
The Mural neighbours, old and new, in a fun and relaxed environment.
This includes people who don't drink too- with the pub open
The mural of Tommy's face on the side of the
and available for use Monday-Wednesday 10am-6pm for
pub was painted by street artist Jimmy C. He
activities for local people. We've got darts, chess, cards and
also painted the mural of David Bowie in
draughts that can be played at any time, and a piano! If
Brixton that was turned into a popular
you've got any ideas- get in touch to chat about making
memorial for the singer after his death. Follow
them happen!
Jimmy's work on Instagram @akajimmyc

Tug Of War Team from the Aberfeldy Tavern at the Teviot Festival
Launch Event
The Tommy Flowers community pub opened for a
preview on Saturday 21st April. The pub opened
its doors to show people the work that's gone into
renovating the former shop unit and to listen to ideas
for what regular events and activities people want to
see there.

A couple of ladies who worked with Tommy at Bletchley

Park, as well as Tommy's son, came down for the day
to give the space their blessing. They were delighted that
the work and influence of Tommy is being recognised in such
a public way. The day was a great success, with lots of people
dropping by for a drink, some food from the barbecue and to try their hand
playing the piano! It was nice to hear positive feedback from everyone on the look of the space and was great to see
neighbours having a good time together!

Opening Hours
The Tommy Flowers will be open 7 days a week, split
between community use where anyone can come by for a
cup of tea or coffee, chat to people or host their own group
activities, and when it's purely a pub.
Mon- Community Use (10am-6pm)
Tues- Community Use (10am-6pm)
Weds- Community Use (10am-6pm) & Live Music from 7pm
Thurs- Pub (5pm- 11pm)
Fri- Pub (5pm-11pm)
Sat- Pub (12 noon-11pm)
Sun- Pub (1pm - 7pm)
Coming Soon at the Tommy Flowers...
Tinkle Our Ivories!
Knit & Natter Ged will be starting music lessons
at the pub every Wednesday
Every Thursday 10am-12pm
afternoon from 2pm. Ged can teach
we host a local knitting group. If
piano, guitar and music theory and is
you’re a novice and want to
happy to help anyone who wants to
learn how to knit or crochet, or
learn (from absolute beginners to
an experienced pro who fancies
those wanting to re-tune their skills).
a knitting with others over tea,
These will be group lessons, with
coffee and a giggle- then join
everyone learning together, so
them, just turn up on the day!
contact him on 07951920289 to get
The group are also a generous
bunch- they're currently knitting
blankets to donate to local care Tonight Matthew...
homes We’ll be putting on regular live music
and performance nights at the pub on
Wednesday Nights, think acoustic
bands, singers, stand-up comedy,
spoken word, and piano sing-a-longs. If
you reckon yourself a bit of a star, and
want to do a turn in the pub, get in
touch and let us know- contact Ged on
07951920289 and check at the pub for
upcoming events.
The World Cup!
The World Cup kicks off on Thursday the 14th of
June and this is (probably) the year that England
are going to win it again! To make sure everyone
can witness history being made, we’ll be
showing World Cup games during our usual pub
opening hours (Thursday-Sunday), as well as
opening for all England games.
Bulls Eye! 
We're looking to set up a Tommy
Flowers darts team (women and
men) to play weekly in the local
leagues. If you’re interested, give
Liam a call on 07972445604 or
come in the pub to put your
name down.

Local History
Not many people know much about Tommy Flowers and his story,
despite the influence he had on World War Two and the invention
of modern computing. This has got us thinking about all the other
hidden stories and characters from the area that are in danger of
being lost or forgotten. We want to find & document these people
and stories for future generations, and are setting up a weekly
Local History group to research the estate's past, including Poplar
Hospital, the origins of Aberfeldy in Mackintosh's Farm and the
rebuilding of the area in the 1960s. If you’re interested in learning &
documenting the area's past in a series of pamphlets, then join the
team every Thursday from 1pm at the pub at our weekly local
history group.
Running Club Coffee & Cake Morning
Looking to get fit, or do regular A weekly coffee & cake morning is
exercise in an informal group? held every Wednesday at the pub
Join the new club that meets from 10am-12pm. Come along to
every Sunday at 12pm at the meet your neighbours, unwind and
Tommy Flowers. All abilities find out what's going on locally!
welcome for walking, light jogging We'd love to get any keen bakers to
and running- and a well earned bring a cake along to share too!
drink at the pub afterwards!
get together
@ the Tommy Flowers
JOIN your neighbours in a conversation about how to
improve life in aberfeldy
find out more about aberfeldy big local and the £1 million of
lottery money for the area
get to know what's going on in the area
share your ideas for making
aberfeldy a better place to live

Food will be provided on the night for free

drinks available at the bar
for more info contact liam
no need to book- turn up on the night!
Aberfeldy Big Local 2017-2018 Report

Since April 2017, the Aberfeldy Big Local group has been working to support the local community and make
things happen on the estate. This is what we've achieved in the last year.

Community Chest
We've funded 11 activities in the area with our commuity chest money. Groups have applied for £250 to fund
their activities, these were:

2 women's fitness classes

A women's yoga class
A music video for Belle Dancers dance group
AV Studios, music production
A trip for the bingo group
Nutrition workshops 
Ballroom Dancing classes for older people
Taster sessions for Poplar Singers community choir
A knitting group
Box-fit and circuit training classes

Our next Community Chest funding round is open in June, please contact Liam on 07972445064 or to find out how to apply. 

We've put a number of events to bring people together as
a community, including our summer Fun Day, Santa's
Grotto and a Christmas meal. We also held a community
Get Together in October where people had the chance to
share their ideas for improving the area. 

Thanks to everyone who volunteered their time to make

these happen, and for those who turned up to enjoy them
and have their say!

If you have any ideas for future events, or want to help us

put them on, please get in touch with us. 
Bigger Funding
As well as funding activities through the community chest, we have also provided larger sums of money
for bigger initiatives. These have been:

Sponsorship for Aberfeldy Football Club- £12,000 a year for 3 years

The Aberfeldy Big Local group decided to sponsor Aberfeldy FC for 3 years. The money was given to
support them to develop an under-14s and under-16s youth team, as well pay for new kit, training
equipment, training venue hire and league entry fees. It will also support the team to support 9 of their
players to go on an FA coaching course to qualify as football coaches. As part of the deal, Aberfeldy FC
agreed that they would work to help set up a girls football team too. The Aberfeldy Big Local group were
impressed at the efforts of the team to set this club up and run it on a voluntary basis, as well as the fact
that it provides young boys and men with something constructive to do in their spare time. If you're
interested in finding our more about the team, or joining them, please email 

Supporting the Tiny Tots Playgroup- £6,000 for 1 year

The group also chose to fund a Children and Families worker at the Tiny Tots playgroup that runs from
the church hall at St Nicholas' church. Tiny Tots runs every Wednesday morning 10am-12pm. It provides
a space for parents and carers and their children (under 5 years old) to meet, play and socialise. The
group is open to anyone from the local community, of any faith, to join. The Aberfeldy Big Local group
thought this was a valuable resource for local parents and carers, who can easily become isolated with a
young child. 

Opening the Tommy Flowers Community Pub- £17,360

The Big Local group also committed around £17,000 to refurbish and re-fit the old florist shop on
Aberfeldy Street to help turn into the new Tommy Flowers community pub. The money for this was
awarded because the group felt that there was a real lack of space for the community to meet and
socialise with each other in Aberfeldy, especially in the evenings and weekends. This stops people
getting to know each other, sharing information and having a laugh with their neighbours. It is hoped
that the pub becomes a lively hub for the community. 

The money given out by the Big Local group is the community's money. We hope you
feel we have invested it wisely and that it benefits everyone. If not, then let us know
and we can see how to better use it to benefit you! Or join our group to have your say!
To find out how to join, or to have a chat about anything in this newsletter, please contact Liam, our
engagement worker on 07972445604 or Or pop in to see him at the Tommy
Flowers community pub at number 50 Aberfeldy Street Monday-Wednesday. 


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