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The science and technology development has given us sensory pleasures, added
comforts but no inner peace. Endless conflicts, relationship failure, cold war and
unrest are rising everywhere with no solution. There is erosion of social values
everywhere leading to unrest, disharmony, inequality, violent minds, erratic lifestyle,
environmental degradation, and unending internal and external conflicts.

Nature is best example of harmony between its habitats like plants, trees, forests,
land, mountains, oceans, animals, insects, and human beings. All are dependent on
each other. But human beings are destroying this harmony and balance of nature
due to its greed, expansion and excessive consumption.

We have lost alignment with nature and nature has started punishing us thru excessive
violent minds, climate change, and increase in natural and manmade disasters. The
future generation is going to curse us for not caring our planet.

This paper explains basic concept of Nature principles, the auto healing system gifted
by nature to us, and how aligning with nature we can be free from medicines and have
healthy body, healthy mind and pure soul. Healthy and pure minds will develop a better
sustainable society that will care more for equality, humanity, harmony and come out
with better sustainable solutions for mankind.

Nature has given us auto healing system but we run after medicines to heal and weaken
our health [1]. Nature teaches us that we can get natural healing thru returning to
nature with air, water, sun light natural food, yoga and meditation.

1 Major Deviations from Nature by Man ( few examples)

• Man was borne naked, but due to evolution of human minds and social living,
man started covering his body. Today man covers his entire body thru tight
cloths. But the billions of human cells that constitute the body do respiration
and release carbon dioxide, which gets trapped in clothes, goes back into the
body and leads to diseases.[2]

• Man also started living in closed houses / with air conditioning thus shunting
fresh air and direct sun light.

• Eating processed and unnatural food.

• Teeth and the digestive system of humans is not designed by nature to eat
raw meat, but we cook meat, add spices and cheat the tongue to accept meat
only to damage digestive system.

• Use of medicines for curing disease instead of letting auto healing system to
heal the body.
Ramesh Kumar, Global Harmony and Peace Mission
• We have cut down on walking and depend upon vehicles to move, thus
blocking the earth energy which otherwise body could absorb.

• Humans have polluted air, water and consuming natural resources faster.

2 Auto Healing system of a Normal Healthy Body

A Normal healthy body is designed by Nature to expel any foreign matter, waste
fluids, gases etc. thru following means

1 Sweating - for expulsion of Toxins/ morbid matter by the body cells.
2 Respiration to release waste gases/ carbon dioxide by Body cells and
3 Waste fluid thru urine via kidneys
4 Waste solid thru excretion

Auto Healing still works when we over eat and stress the various organs. Now body
develops symptoms like fever, pain, eruptions in skin, or swelling, common cold,
cough, diarrhoea, vomiting to expel morbid / fermented matter which
accumulates in different organs. Thus DISEASES ARE SIGNS OF AUTO
RECOVERY of body thru expulsion of toxins – so we should welcome them and not
rush to doctor to get relief. The medicines damage the auto expulsion/ auto healing.
The medicines do reduce the symptoms, but medicines do not remove the toxins,
that are root of the problem, but add on to more toxins in the body.

3 Why we get sick ?

We fall sick due to following reasons

1 Eating unnatural food / processed food / frozen food /canned food / medicines/
alcohol etc. due to production of toxins by undigested food.

2 Wrong life style like late sleeping polluted environment, lack of walking and

3 Negative thoughts/ emotions like anger, jealousy, hate etc. that weaken the
immune system, due to less secretion of dopamine, beta morphine and, serotonin

Our body is made of five basic elements i.e. water, air, earth, fire and ether .The
nature says that the body if gets sick will be healed only thru these five elements

Ramesh Kumar, Global Harmony and Peace Mission
Let us see how the five elements help us to auto healing.


Water is best source for expulsion of toxins from body. Hot/ cold water is also useful
in cleaning toxins by both internal and external cleaning means. Open air bath is
very useful in place of bathing by warm water in closed bath rooms.

Some Yogic shuddhi kriyaas like jal neti is useful to clean nasal system and get rid
of nasal congestion, tonsilitis, throat soar, sinus, asthma etc. Thru Vaman we clean
stomach thru warm water and this improves acidity and digestion. There is another
procedure to clean intestines using water called Shankh Prashalan.[3]


• Houses and rooms should be designed to let in free air and direct sun light.
We should avoid Air conditioning of rooms as it aids to global warming,
besides blocking fresh air and light.

• Pranayam (breathing control) is the best remedy for most of physical and
mental diseases. Pranayam lets transport oxygen and nutrients while,
cleaning toxins at cellular levels and Cell function improves. Pranayam also
strengthens nervous system and purifies the consciousness, rejuvenates the
cells and organs.[4]

Ramesh Kumar, Global Harmony and Peace Mission

• Earth has tremendous healing power hidden in its soil due to continuous
absorption of sun radiation by earth. Many deadly diseases are reported to
have been cured by lying bare on earth, without clothes, in woods for few
days. [1]

• In case of sickness we must eat only natural food and avoid processed and
over cooked food.

• Fasting expels toxins faster from body and makes all body systems back to
normal and healthy.

• Bare foot walking is better than walking with shoes as earth energy is directly
absorbed by foot.


• Sunbathing improves blood circulation Sunbathing expels toxins from the
body. Sun rays help in synthesis of vitamin D. It is important to stay hydrated
during sunbath.


• Earth, water, air and fire are four physical elements that describe the material
Universe. But ether, the fifth element, describes the Spirit that exists beyond
matter. It is the space out of which all material objects spring forth. This is also
awakening which one realizes thru meditation.

• Meditation affects brain cells specifically in our limbic nervous system (base of
brain), which controls metabolism, blood pressure, respiration, heart rate and
our emotions. Basic to success in meditation is continuous practice and
detachment from worldly pleasures.[5]


We need to develop a balance between our sensory desires/needs, and returning to
nature thru gradually diluting the luxuries and be more natural thru use of fresh
water, air, natural food, sun, Yoga and meditation for healthy body, mind and soul.

At the epicentre of reforms in the society is self-transformation as source of good or
evil thoughts, originate from the mind. Often we ignore, self-consciousness due to
our ego, and run after physical comforts. Ignoring self-consciousness and caring
only for physical comforts, we create all type of problems, around us whether it is our
self, or of our family relations or our neighbour, or society or nation or the world. The
unrest that starts from self-spills over to the world due to our egoism, the centre of
which is self-consciousness, which once established by all, will lead to a better

Ramesh Kumar, Global Harmony and Peace Mission

Self- realization occurs thru management and coordination between mind, intellect,
consciousness, physical body and the ego. The perfect coordination is achieved thru
yoga and meditation. New ideas and wellbeing for all will hatch as humans
work on self- transformation leading to evolution of new systems that will lead
to a more peaceful world tomorrow.

The inner journey is more pleasurable, satisfying, successful, rewarding, but not
unless one starts realising this, not unless one starts listening to his inner pure
consciousness, which always gives an alert that the action that one is doing is right
or wrong. Yog Sadhnas (practices) help in development of healthy body, healthy
mind and high intellect/ discriminating power within man which enables one to
choose the right.

Yoga has been found to be effective in controlling Psycho- somatic (both body and mind)
healing of diseases like blood pressure, acidity, digestive, respiratory , excretory systems,
circulatory systems ,diabetes, headache etc. [6] Yoga is good for modern times for
depression, neurosis, mental tensions, insomnia [7] . Yoga is ocean of great psychic
powers hidden within us. Peace or desire or Kama or Violence originates from Mind.
Practice of Yog Sadhana ( elements of Yoga practices ) leads to Mind Changer from
Violence to Non Violence

One of the main goals of yoga is to achieve tranquillity of the mind and create a
sense of well-being, feelings of relaxation, improved self-confidence, improved
efficiency, increased attentiveness, lowered irritability, and an optimistic outlook on
life. Thus, adoption of yoga and meditation enables people to harmonize the
relations within the family, and within the community.

Patanjali a seer from ancient India, wrote Yoga darshan/Yoga philosophy that
systematically lays out the definition of yoga in the broadest sense—yogash chitta
vritti nirodhah ( ), or ―yoga is the stilling of the fluctuations of the
mind‖. Patanjali describes adoption of eight wings of Yoga Sadhana (practices)/
called Ashtanga Yoga to attain wholeness and connectedness with universal
consciousness, the ultimate goal of being.[8]

The eight elements of Ashtanga yoga are

1) Yam (restrains/ethics to live in harmony, humanity and Peace in a community
like not do violence to anybody, adopting truth, love ,not to steal that which is
not yours, celibacy and non-hoarding),
2) Niyama (Observances /Ethics for self-character / behaviour like cleanliness of
body and mind, contentment, austerity/self-control, enhance knowledge and
surrender to divinity/ nature/aligning with nature).

Asna/ Yoga Postures (to have good health and physique and be able to sit for
longer duration in meditation)
Ramesh Kumar, Global Harmony and Peace Mission
Asanas in various postures keep our body flexible, joints lubricated and
muscles strong. Asanas are physical postures which stretch and strengthen
different parts of the body, massaging and bringing fresh blood to the internal
organs while rejevunating the nervous system and lubricating the joints,
muscles, and ligaments. Each asana is purported to have different effects.
Some are stimulatory to the nervous and circulatory systems, some develop
coordination and concentration, while others have a calming effect on the
Pranayam is regulation of breathing in, breathing out and holding of breath in
a regular defined format. Practice of Pranayam improves oxygenation,
rejuvenate brain cells and all organs, and cultivate immunity to environmental
pressures. Our lungs are porous and have million of aircells (air sacs /
alveoli ), which are filled with air during breathing. In normal breathing, only
one third air sacs (alveoli) are open. During pranayam, almost all air sacs/
alveoli get active ,open out and diffusion of carbon dioxide and oxygen is
more efficient, thus making lungs and heart to stay healthy .[10]
5) Pratyahara (non-attachment) with external objects/ situations and control
over emotions/ desires. This stage a yogi reaches easily when he gets
maturity in adopting earlier four elements.
6) Concentration /Dhaarna - It is practice of concentrating mind on an object or
process .The mind is full of thousands of thoughts. Concentration enables us
to filter out unwanted thought and focus on desired target. The filtration of
thought waves of mind and making thoughts zero enables a Yogi to purify his
consciousness and enables him to meditate.
7) Meditation/ Dhyan- This is next level of Yogi, where he can sit in
concentration continuous for longer periods.
8) Enlightenment – When a Yog Sadhak reaches a state of meditation where
he can sit and meditate for longer hours without getting distracted and feeling
of discomfort, he gets enlightenment and gets clarity about self, knowledge
god, universe and nature. Enlightenment leads one to state of equality,
oneness in all beings, and self- transformation.

Thus Patanjali describes above eight tools to reach stage of meditation that leads to
self-realization and self-transformation starts as one continues to do regular practice.


After understanding needs to return to nature let us explore how we can implement it

1 Thru awareness and Value Education in Schools and colleges

Ramesh Kumar, Global Harmony and Peace Mission
Children are the resources to change. So we must start teaching the children to basic
understanding of nature cure, nature care, and nature harmony so that future
generations have more concern about nature.

Modern children are exposed to violence through childhood by addicting them with
children’s comics, toys and video games, news channels, cinema; TV soaps play it
out in every home and heart.

Children must be taught Value Education that should include subjects like Ethics,
Good behaviour, respect for seniors, respect for parents, respect for law of the land,
Non Violence, Truth, Cleanliness, care for the needy, human values, inequality, good
governance, Peace and Harmony, dissolving ego, Conflict management, health
management thru yoga, nature cure and nature care etc. are the key virtues that
must be developed among children.

2 Yoga and Meditation

As explained above, regular practice of Yoga and meditation enables one to have
healthy body and purify the mind. Pure mind leads to pure thoughts and keeps one
away from evils and bad thoughts. Pure thoughts kill the enemy within us i.e. ego,
anger, greed, lust etc. One becomes calm and humble and respect all as humans
irrespective of status, caste, religion and culture. Thus ultimate result of Yog
sadhna/ practices is deeper and more inclusive relationship with all beings, gets
clarity on who I am, my role and mission and a general transformation of all aspects
of our lives. So must adopt yoga and meditation as part of our life. Yoga is not
religion but science of body and mind.


1 Avoid use of Medicines and try to cure self-thru water, air, earth, sun, Yoga
and meditation. Reduce intake of medicines slowly and keep on aligning with
2 Control intake of food, take more natural and raw green salads, sprouts, semi
ripe fruits, nuts and avoid meat and alcohol. Reduce cooking of food and
never overcook food.
3 Take plenty of water during day. Water flushes out toxins.
4 Try to have bath in open wood, garden with minimum clothes.Avoid use of
tight clothes even during winter. Condition gradually your body to bear
climate of winter season without much clothes. Abrupt change in clothes
should not be done to avoid catching cold.
5 Does morning walk barefooted on soil in place of metal road or concrete.
6 Keep room’s airy; windows open and avoid use of air-conditioning.
7 Do yoga, pranayama, and meditation daily.
8 Visit a nature cure clinic in case you get sick.

Ramesh Kumar, Global Harmony and Peace Mission
9 Avoid negative thoughts, always keep smiling, refrain from criticizing / blaming
other and feel connected to supreme consciousness all the time.


Gradually returning to Nature, adopting yoga, meditation and limiting your needs and
dependency on science and development, is the only way to grow with healthy body
and healthy mind, in harmony with family, society and nation.


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Ramesh Kumar, Global Harmony and Peace Mission