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The colosseum, Rome, Italy.

Colosseum is the remains of the Flavian Amphitheatre. It is located in the center of

Rome, Italy. It is the biggest amphitheatre in the world and it is considered to be the greatest
work of the Roman architect. Nowadays it is the most visited tourism object in Rome.
Colosseum represents the Colossus, which is a remake of Nero's replacement. Nero is a
representative of the Sun God of the Romans known as Sol. The Colosseum building was
built to the needs of the Romans for an amphitheater. The building with unique architecture in
the style of the greatness of the Roman Empire was able to contain 50,000 people in it which
will occupy a descending level style of seats.
The size of the building is 29.484 square meters and the size of the arena is 24.000
square meters. The outer wall’s height is 545 meters, and the height of the inner wall is 48
meters. There are 80 entrance that we can use to enter the building, 4 of this entrance, located
on each axis of the ellipse shape of the building, Four of these were reserved for the elite,
while the rest were used for ordinary spectators. Each level used a different type of column:
Doric on the ground level, Ionic on the second level and Corinthian on the third level. The
arena’s floor that used to made of wood and covered by sand has broken, showing the
underground structure consist of secret passage, rooms and animal’s cages where The
Gladiator and the beast stayed before the competition.
Below the floor of the arena (which measured 157 by 272 feet - 48m by 83m) was a
two level basement area known as the hypogeum. It was here that people and animals would
wait before being brought out into the performance area. The roof of the hypogeum was made
of timber and on top of that was laid a layer of sand.The seating arrangements in the stadium
represented the stratified organization of Roman society. The Emperor had a lavish box for
himself and his guests next to the stadium floor. The other seats next to the floor around the
sides of the arena were given over to senators.
Each of the four sectors had tiers of seating: The first tier, called the Podium (meaning
place of honor), was reserved for the most important Romans. The Podium was like a flat
platform, or terrace, measuring 15ft wide. 2nd Tier - Maenianum primum: This seating was
reserved for the non-senatorial noble class called the Equites, or knights consisting of fourteen
rows of stone or marble seats. 3rd Tier was originally reserved for ordinary Roman citizens,
the plebeians. Seating was then divided into two sections: Maenianum secundum imum - the
better, lower seats for the wealthy plebeians, Maenianum secundum summum - the upper
seats for the poor plebeians. 4th Tier - Maenianum summum in ligneis: Consisted of steep
wooden seats which were set up in the gallery running around the very top wall of the
amphitheatre which were added during the reign of Domitian, this would seat common women.

Level style of seat of the colosseum