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2018 FLORIDA LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY REINSTATEMENT DOCUMENT# 17000197641 Entity Name: CLASSICAL CHARTER MANAGEMENT GROUP, LLC Current Principal Place of Business: 2280 3RD AVE NW NAPLES, FL 34120 Current Mailing Address: 3280 3RD AVE NW NAPLES, FL 34120 US FEI Number: 82-3042429 Name and Address of Current Registered Agent: UCHTER, NICHOLAS W 2280 3RD AVE NW NAPLES, FL 34120 US FILED Oct 10, 2018 Secretary of State CR2019238385 Cettificate of Status Desired: No The above named ety submis his statement forte pupoce of changing ts registered ofc or registered agert or both, nthe State of Fda, SIGNATURE: NICHOLAS LICHTER 19/10/2018 Electronic Signature of Registered Agent Authorized Person(s) Detail : Tite AMER Tite Name UCHTER, NICHOLAS W Name Address 3280 3RD AVENW Adgress Cy StateZip: NAPLES FL 94120 city State Zip Tite AMER Name SMITH, GENAL Address 6070 CEDAR TREE LANE cit StateZip: NAPLES FL 34118 Date AMER HULL DAVID LUR. 1490 0TH STREET SW NAPLES FL 24117 erence nore noma cB sero sapeemen lez eng accua aa hata deco Saba have Became gl emectzs ace weet th Rela amano menue oraanager a eins ey conpn)o he Nala fase empoveca bec his ara: tuted) Chapa Poa SBUES kd fovmynameapeeeatee oro on amchwen Pa bere enpovered SIGNATURE: NICHOLAS LICHTER MEMBER roroi2018 Eletonic Signature of Signing Authored Persons) Detail Date