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Shawn A. Amold, Esq Melissa Goss-Amald, Es John P. Veombruno, Esq" ‘Braxton A, Padget 9. Bd Cro) Cina ia Arey Desedin Flan Gorg |» Bel Coe SU Cy Cony BT ‘Covert aw | “Bord Cried Eduaton aw | * Bo Supreme Cou Cad Ft aoe Law Offices in Jcksonvile, Florida JaRNOLD October 24, 2018 Joe Baird RE: Mason Classical Academy, Ine. Dear Mr. Baird, My firm represents the goveming board of Mason Classical Academy. Several comespondences you have sent to various parties have been forwarded to my office for review. Mason reports that it has conducted a thorough review ofthis matter. Witnesses were interviewed and correspondence, including contemporancously wetien emails writen by you, ‘were reviewed. There have been two annual audits by an independent auditor conducted during the timeframe of your allegations. In conclusion, the Board's position is that your policy concerns ‘and nefarious allegations are meritless Mason’s governing board takes allegations against school personnel seriously. Ifyou have future concems that have merit about Mason employees or the ccnduct of Mason's business, understand the Mason Governing Board, pursuant to its fiduciary duties, will investigate. However, as most of the items appear tobe from more than a year ago, coupled with the fact you no longer live in the State of Florida, the Governing Board would respectfully request that you cease harassing Mason’s employees, students and or parents. Further, we ask that future ‘communications with the governing board be professional and presented in a cogent manner. If you do not comply with tis reasonable request, the Governing Board will explore legal to protect its employees, students, and parents. Sincere) Er Shawn A. Arnold, Esq,BCS. SAAMKes The Arnold Law Firm, LLC (279 Dupont Staion C. | Jacksonville, FL 32217 1904-731-3800 908-731-3807 ‘winwaraoldawfirle com