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# 3 Ability to Inspire
# 4 Reaction to Success or Failure
L. Setyobudi


9/22/2014 LSB-FKEE 2


We all know people who are

inspiring. But just how does one
inspire others?
9/22/2014 LSB-FKEE 3

A Mile Stone to Success

1. Destiny (short, Middle, Long)
2. Be Productive not Busy
3. “Do what you love and you will achieve
4. Your Thoughts Rule Your Life
5. Avoid Envy, Focus on Your Journey
6. Stop Benchmarking
7. Be Passionate About Your Long-Term Goals
8. Overcome Self-Pity
9. Speak the Truth
9/22/2014 LSB-FKEE 4


• “Negativism is everywhere. We have to
accept that as a fact. But there is something
that can help you.”
• “From the rain, the water seeks paths down
the mountain, it joins streams, then it
becomes part of a river, it continues to flow
until it reaches the sea, its destination,” I
narrated. “If you actively seek your path, with
patience, you will fulfill your destiny.”
9/22/2014 LSB-FKEE 5

Be productive, not busy.

Otherwise, life will pass you by
• A person may be busy or a person may work
hard but it is best if the person is
productive. If a person works smart, or a
person has the knowledge and skill to
accomplish a task faster then that is much
better than a person who always need
overtime because he lacks the knowledge and
9/22/2014 LSB-FKEE 6


Life, it happens while you’re busy

These important things may include:
(1) building stronger ties with your family members,
(2) continuous improvement or self-development,
(3) recreation to stimulate creativity,
(4) rest to step back from everything for analysis,
(5) fun for emotional health,
(6) setting new goals and planning to reach them,
(7) assessing the opportunities around and,
(8) prayer and meditation.
9/22/2014 LSB-FKEE 7

• A person may be busy or a person may work

hard but it is best if the person is
productive. If a person works smart, or a
person has the knowledge and skill to
accomplish a task faster then that is much
better than a person who always need
overtime because he lacks the knowledge and
• So be productive, not busy. Otherwise, life
will pass you by.

9/22/2014 LSB-FKEE 8


Have you heard this? “Do what you love

and you will achieve success!”
• It is a familiar phrase. Something we’ve heard from school,
from work, from seminars, and from TV or even perhaps
from our family.
• The problem is, it is not accurate. And it can be misleading.
• Forgive me for being straightforward about this. But it is
not enough to do what you love in order to be a
success. By success, I mean that what you do or what you
offer adds significant value to many people. Enough for
them to be fans or advocates of your “good news”. Enough
for them to buy-in to you.

• Doing what you love is only phase one. It is not enough!

• Do what you love. But be an expert. Then design your
money machine.
9/22/2014 LSB-FKEE 9

Your Thoughts Rule Your Life

“Great men are they who see that
spiritual is stronger than material –
that thoughts rule the world.” –
• You may be an achiever and you will continue to
achieve if you continue to believe that you can do
more. Your character may have improved and it
will continue to improve if you continue to think
positively of many. You may be rich because you
wanted to be; your thoughts are occupied on
how to increase your wealth.
9/22/2014 LSB-FKEE 10


Avoid Envy, Focus on Your Journey

• “Envy, if surrounded on all sides by the
brightness of another’s prosperity, like the
scorpion confined within a circle of fire, will
sting itself to death” – Colton

• “Set your course by the stars, not by the lights

of every passing ship”
- Omar Bradley

9/22/2014 LSB-FKEE 11

Avoid Envy, Focus on Your Journey

• there is no need to compare and no need to
envy others.
• Know your course and know what you value.
Do not focus on others’ journey. Focus on your
own. Remember that you can never maximize
your full potential if you do not overcome
• Have you silenced envy? Are you focused?

9/22/2014 LSB-FKEE 12


Stop Benchmarking
• Benchmarking answers three questions:
(1) Who’s the best out there?,
(2) How good are they? and,
(3) How can we be as good as them?

• Focus innovation on what the customers

want, or might want, and address it. Ask the
(1) Who are my target customers?,
(2) What do they want that is under served? and,
(3) How can I deliver that?
9/22/2014 LSB-FKEE 13

Be Passionate About Your

Long-Term Goals
• How do you see yourself 10, 20 or 30 years
from now?
• Are your long-term goals clear? Long-term
goals provide a context that can help us
decide on short-term activities.
• Most if not all short-term activities should be
aligned to the long-term goals. Without a
clear view of the destination, the first stop is
not even certain. Be passionate about your
life-long goals.
9/22/2014 LSB-FKEE 14


Overcome Self-Pity
• “Self-pity is our worst enemy and if we yield to
it, we can never do anything good in the
world.” – Helen Keller
• Always think that you are a victor even in
difficult situations. Remember to never ever
feel sorry for yourself. Do not entertain any
thought of it. Expel it from your mind. Expel it
from your emotions.

9/22/2014 LSB-FKEE 15

Speak the Truth

“If you tell the

truth you don’t
have to
anything.” –
Mark Twain

9/22/2014 LSB-FKEE 16


What would be your end result?

You may not know everything
but you can determine your
attitude to failure. You can
either allow it to break you or
allow it to make you. Your call!

9/22/2014 LSB-FKEE 17

Career, become one with your passion

• Passion is that intense feeling about something.
The mind cannot shake off the object of the
• It captivates your thoughts and a longing for the
idea or goal develops stronger and stronger.
• “The more intensely we feel about an idea or a
goal, the more assuredly the idea, buried deep in
our subconscious, will direct us along the path to
its fulfillment.” – Earl Nightingale
9/22/2014 LSB-FKEE 18


Dr. Christiaan Neethling Barnard

(November 8, 1922 – September 2, 2001)
• was a South African cardiac
surgeon, famous for performing
the world’s first successful
human-to-human heart
transplant - See more at:
• He performed the world’s first
human heart transplant operation
on 3 December 1967, in an
operation assisted by his
brother, Marius Barnard; the
operation lasted nine hours and
9/22/2014 used a team of thirty people.

We all know people who are

But just how does one
inspire others?
Here are simple ways you
can inspire people to be
their best
9/22/2014 LSB-FKEE 20


9/22/2014 LSB-FKEE 21

I don’t know the key to success, but the

key to failure is trying to please
- Bill Cosby

Remember, tha
t failures are
permanent if
we stop trying
9/22/2014 LSB-FKEE 22


• You are who you are because of the

choices you have made.
Career, i • You will be who you will be because of
the choices you make now.
t is also • Some choices will empower you. Some
choices will weaken you.
about • Some choices will keep you
choices focused. Some choices will distract you.
• Some choices will build your
career. Some choices will destroy it.
• Habits are also little choices you make.
• What you habitually do in a day, week
or month with consistency will form the
foundation for the future.
• It is also true that what you fail to do
will affect your future.

Reaction to Success or Failure

• He (Abraham Lincoln) experienced defeat
more than twice, but that did not mean
he was a failure.
• Remember, that failures are only
permanent if we stop trying.
• I believe the only real failure is the failure
not to move on.

9/22/2014 LSB-FKEE 24


Reaction to Failure
the only way
to deal with failure
is to learn from it
and move on
A breakthrough may just be a few steps away.
What a pity for those of us who would stop
moving on. As far as I am concerned, the only
way to deal with failure is to learn from it and
move on
9/22/2014 LSB-FKEE 25

When Success Makes You a Failure

Perhaps you may validate some of them due to your
personal experience. Or, be warned lest you fall in the
1. When you do not have a holistic view of success
2. When you make life all about you
3. When gain makes you lose the more important in
exchange for the less important
4. When you begin to talk trash about others
5. When you no longer appreciate the simple things in
6. When you stop improving yourself because you feel
you have arrived
7. When your success does not benefit others
9/22/2014 LSB-FKEE 26


The Wheel Success

5 elements of your continues journey to True Self

9/22/2014 LSB-FKEE 27

Effectiveness of Learning
(Reference: Modified from Duke University, Medical Center)

based learning
Consult others 90%
Project based Practice by Doing 75%
Discuss Concepts 70%
Case method
teaching Demonstration 50%

Listening & Reading


Traditional Listening 20%

teaching Reading

9/22/2014 LSB-FKEE 28


Exercise # 3 for next week:

• Audit your habits.
• Replace destructive habits with
constructive ones.
• Choose to hone your craft everyday.
• Sharpen your skills everyday.
• Align your choices with your goal.
• When choices are major, consult the
9/22/2014 LSB-FKEE 29

Please paint/draw a picture

without any word or number
on your drawing
• How do you see yourself
10, 20 or 30 years from
9/22/2014 LSB-FKEE 30


Five rules self motivation

1. Motivation is not a product of external influence; it is a
natural product of your desire to achieve
something and your belief that you are capable to do it
2. Positive pleasure-oriented goals are much more
powerful motivators than negative fear-based ones.
The right combination of both is the most powerful
motivating mix.
3. Start with visualizing clearly your future success and
model the feelings you'll experience when you achieve
4. Walk mentally the path towards this success and model
your feelings at different milestones on the way
5. 9/22/2014
Assign a high priority to the
task 31

9/22/2014 LSB-FKEE 32


Inspirational Quotes for Physicians

9/22/2014 LSB-FKEE 33

Attributed to Thomas Edison

9/22/2014 LSB-FKEE 34


9/22/2014 LSB-FKEE 35

Dokter dan Pencuri

Kisah berikut ini bukanlah contoh perilaku yang baik, tetapi
hanya ingin memberikan ilustrasi keadaan dimana bila kita tak
bisa merubahnya, kenapa tidak sekalian mendorongnya agar bisa
total dan memberikan hasil yang optimal.
Begini kisahnya: Seorang pasien mengunjungi dokternya dan
berkata, "Dok, saya kok selalu terdorong untuk mencuri padahal
saya tahu itu perbuatan yang tidak baik."Sang dokter lalu
memberi tablet dan resepnya lalu berkata, "Jika dalam dua
minggu ini anda tidak sembuh, bisakah anda membawakan
saya sebuah tv layar lebar?“ Keputusan seperti ini memang
biasanya memiliki dua sisi nilai, kesulitan melakukan perubahan
dan implikasi pada etika. Pilihan ini tentu sulit, dan karenanya
banyak yang terus berusaha melakukan perubahan jika prinsip
yang dianut cukup kuat. (Keputusan, etika, tantangan dan pilihan)
9/22/2014 LSB-FKEE 36


9/22/2014 LSB-FKEE 37


"Kalau Anda menginginkan
perubahan kecil dalam
hidup, ubahlah perilaku Anda.
Tetapi bila Anda menginginkan
perubahan yang besar dan
mendasar, ubahlah pola pikir
- Stephen Covey


1. Kelompok:
a. Buatlah kelompok masing-masing beranggotakan 5
orang sesuai dengan kelas masing-masing (PDA, PDB
dan PD-KBI)
b. Buatlah Review Belajar apakah kuliah pada hari ini
(tanpa kesimpulan).
2. Individual:
a. Buatlah kesimpulan dari kuliah hari ini? (Maksimal
2/dua halaman per-orang di print 1,5 space, font 12
Arial, pada kertas A4 margin general word setup)
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