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a retrograde planet; in this example it is an inner planet (mercury) as the planet come closer to earth

than sur_ _ ..
'Motion of the planet 2 to-5 planet cruises ^ 5 planet is combust in back
-till next conjunction of sun
with sun N
1 to 2
2 to 3
slow crossing
4to2 7 SUN
accelerate 3 station
P ane
station 4C
to 4 planet retrograde
in front of sun /

Epic e


in this system we view the solar system and earth from north pole of the universe (pole-star) so earfh should
rotates counterclockwise as to sep everything rising east (or sky rotates clockwise 360°per day)'/
it does't matter heliocentric or geocentric beliefs, it does not change the motion of planets viewed from earth.
Planetary results of the non luminary planets in birth-chart depending on their elongation (angle from sun easily seen in kaala software), which determine their speed & retrograde motion, + combust
or eclipsed state (nodes will eclipse the Sun or the Moon if they get closer than 5° to them & are on same nodal axis)
Planet & COMBUST; To use in dasha system also; Judging the 5 non luminaries from their motion; mostly from Brihat Parashara Hora Sastra; ch.27 v. 21-23_Not only it affects the natural
Synodic period Planets can be karakas of planets but also their house lordship & especially their star lordship in tarabala/ vimshottari dasha (or other udu dasha)_so KP system applies
(between 2 close to sun on To know when planets had or will pass the Crossing points;
superior oonj. with ecliptic/zodiac For Inner planets; crossing point Is on the same degree than the planet Inferior conjunction with sun,
the sun) longitude with sun For outer planets; crossing point Is on the same degree than the planet opposition to sun, (when the planet was or will be retrograde)
That is the zodiac but not combust & notice; the crossing point corresponds also to the same zodiacal degree than the planet closest distance from earth, it is only further away from earth,
angle for every still visible as it crossing point ▼ crossing point ▼
retro cycle depends on After sun After crossing The Speed of the A retro planet in the star of another The Speed of the before crossing After crossing till next conjunction with
declination (3D conjunction planet Is exactly 0 retro planet = Failure only, nothing will planet Is exactly 0 sun
position) Before crossing In the middle of the happen....for next life! In the middle of the
Rare; When a period, shifting So-called Retrograde motion period, shifting
planet exactly/ from + to - As Planets actually take over stars from + to -
fully conjunct the decelerating/ slowly crossing stationary before Retrogression # 1; if Retrogression #2; Again stationary Re-acceleration till Normal cruising # Normal cruising # 2
Sun; the areas slowing down till 15 pts Mandatara= retro=15 pts Vikala the planet starts to planet starts retro in before direct =15 pts crossing point (so 1 (till the planet is (sameas# 1, but
lorded & crossing= 30 pts even slower than the = confused, become retro in the the next sign= 30 pts Vikala = confused, called, because the ascending to it's the planet is going
influenced by the Manda= decrease / previous mentioned agitated, disturbed, same sign= 60 Anuvakra anu = agitated, disturbed, planet cannot cope/ farthest distance to the next sign
combusted planet short / gently/ motion, tara= broken, exhausted, pts.Vakra =crooked, along with, broken, exhausted, looses speed with from earth) = 45 before it's apogee
becomes inactive. foolishly = passing the cross, unwell, depressed, cunning, fraudulent, subordinate, unwell, depressed, the stars)7.5 pts pts Chara = from earth); 30
Verv meaaer somewhat slower the intersection with sorrowful = evasive .curved = followina = the sorrowful; so the Sama = neutral, movable, shaking, pts Atlchara
results are motion than usual, the stars; 25% auspicious: abnormal & planet brinas/ imoort results are verv indifferent, common, unsteady, = go means transgress,
expected, & the actually the planet 25% auspicious, results are still aood powerful/ forceful /blend somethina delaved, hard to aet equanimity, forward (faster changeable; ati =
native will starts being pulled but wait a lot for the but very delaved, behavior of the inherited from its & with lots of imperturbability = _sg than previously go beyond,
experience strona closer to earth, so it tarabala results, not easilv obtained planet: strona passaae in the next problems, the planet will aive Sama), expect supposed to aive
oppression from is (planet & It's & with some results, a bit delaved sian, in a beneficial confusions, imDartial, verv strong, fast but evil results (to
superior forces 50% auspicious but nakshatra lordship confusion, & crooked but but crooked/ trickv disturbances & mediocre/ ordinarv changeable/ houses ruled bv
(authoritv. father, results will come are becoming lazy) disturbance & benefic wav 50% benefic disappointments results, planet does uncertain results the acceleratina
aovernment, slowlv, not disaooointment. 100% auspicious (a kind of blend/ 25% auspicious not care, is with ups & downs. planet) durina the
boss) SO the Immediately. (planet & It's one wav or another comoromise/ (planet & It's indifferent 75% auspicious main dasa (see
planet natural nakshatra lordship (but bv hook or adaptation) with nakshatra lordship 12.5% auspicious Satyajatakam ch.2
karakas are are very lazy) crook of the planet) delaved results are very lazy) general rules for
frustrated, Check planet the study of the
unable to bear dignity in bhavas)
fruits next sign 50% auspicious
Combusted Inner Planets are Inner planets Start The natural slqnlflcatlon of retroqrades Start tondaccelerate Inner planets will Inner planets will
eclipsed + combust by Sun when in to Decelerate After becomes Inflated, swollen, too much, so After 2 inferior have exact have exact sup.
direct motion (Sun takes over), when superior conj. with dlsballance Is created Inner Planets are conj. with Sun superior conjunction with
retro they are in front of Sun but Sun becoming retro only after Inferior conjunction with sun In next sign
invisible conjunction with sun (sun left behind) sun In same sign
Mercury; .Can last up to 1 Last 29 to 36 days Last from 8 to 13 Last 1 day 2x closer to earth & bigger than in sup. Last from 9 to 15 Last about 1 week Last 31 to 41 days including
Retro cycle; month at+/-14° including combust. days Conj.= Super strong if retro + not combust days combustion time
every 115° elongation from Sun, (in front of sun) Last 20 to 23 days (20%
in 107 to 120 or +/-12° if retro of the time)
days, Fully combust every 7 2° max to 0o3070o50' 0o3070o50'to OW Speed is OW Speed is 0W to -1017' minimum in retro Speed is 0W 0W to OW/OW OW/OW up to 1054/2011' maxi / day
_Merc. years Very bright if close to sun & not combusted loosing -9° to -16° In the zodiac Very bright if close to sun & not combust.
Visible only restricted in behavior 0° to 25° from Sun 25° to 18° from Sun A point Between Mercury Is very dim; nen/ous, capricious, A point Between Then start direct till -27°/-18° (333°/342°) till 0° from
at twilights from authorities, but Mercury is a prince if Merc. Looses speed 23°/12° from Sun bypassing authorities, acts on its own will, -21°/-14° from Sun -27°/-18° from sun Sun
protected, look for not combust If Exalted + retro mercury is extremely (339°/346°) (333°/342°) Fast results with Rare occurrence
name/fame, strength, Mercury brightest = Merc. In higher latitudes = crossing & naughty; forebode extreme drought or rain/ Merc. In higher latitudes = stationary & ups & down in for mercury, but
wealth, beauty High intellect & mind stationary points will have more zodiacal 0
wind crossing points will have more zodiacal 0
mercury problems & evils in
mahadasha mercury dasha
Venus; For 3 month maxi s 8.2 months incl. 20 to 22 days Last 2 days Super strong if retro + not combust (in front of Last 2 days 20 to 22 days At least 8.2 months including
Always bright at+/-10° combustion period sun) Last 41-42 days (7% of the time) combustion period
Retro cycle; elongation from 1015' to 0o4370o06' 0o4370o06' to OW Speed is 0W Speed is 0W to -00o37'46" minim, in retro Speed is 0W 0W to OW'/ 0o43' OW'/ 0o43' Up to 1015' maxi. Per day
Every 570° in Sun, or +/- 8° if 0° to 43° from Sun 43° to 29° from Stationary at Retro from 29° to -28° (332°) from Sun = Stationary at Then starts direct Starts cruising from -43° (217°) till 0°
583.92 days = retro = oppression Venus is happy, Sun, 29° from Sun delays -287-26° till -287-43° from Sun
from spouse or unrestricted, getting o o
loosing -15 20' to -16 40' In the zodiac (3327334°) fr. Sun (332 / 317 )fr.Sun 0 0

1 year + women, no marital away from Sun but Venus is brightest at Venus in front of sun Venus have mind on Venus is brightest at fast, unsteady Expect some problems
7.5months happiness, weak results get delayed +/- 38° from Sun but tries to override it by next sign & will try to +/- 38° from Sun but results, ups & or evils In maindasha;
Crosses in front eyes, interest in gradually looses momentum = charm, bribe/flatter override the looses momentum = downs Trouble with authorities,
of Sun every social life, music delays authorities, or use procedure of events delays_ Natural law, boss, fell
120 years later, skilled in diplomacy, tricks, by diplomacy, benefic planets looseth
restricted, scared.
weapons, hook or crook. It will charm, hook or strength in 11 & 12 Venus likely to change
subordinated. work but takes time crook, force from sun jclans/house
Outer Planets have dim light when After sun After crossing The Speed of the A retro planet in the star of another The Speed of the before crossing Outer Planets are slower than Sun,
close to sun or no light If conjunction planet Is exactly 0 retro planet = Failure only, nothing will planet Is exactly 0 so the Sun Is cruising towards them
combusted, sun blocks their Before crossing In the middle of the happen....for next life! In the middle of the till He overtakes them,
power period, shifting Outer Planets have strongest light when period, shifting #1; planet will be #2; planet will be
from + to - opposite to Sun or retro from + to - In exact conj. with In exact conj. with
So-called Retrograde motion sun in same sign sun In next sign
As Planets actually take over stars
Mars; Can Last 2 months Last for 11 months Last about 2 Last 2 to 3 days Last 60 to 81 days_Retro 9% of the time Last 2 to 3 days Last about 2 months Last for 9 to 11 months including
Retro cycle; maxi at +/-17° maximum including months Can stay in 1 sign for 8 months combustion time
Every 389° to elongation = from combustion time 4 to 6x closer to earth than in conj. with Sun Starts cruising from -125° / -96°
425° in 25.3 to Sun loosing -KySO' to -ItnO' in the zodiac (235°/264")) till 0° from Sun
26.5 months oppression from 0°44' to 0o357 0o24' 0o357 0o24' to OW Speed is 0°00'00" Speed; 0°00' to -00°16' minimum in retro Speed is 0°00'00" OW to 0o2570o35' 0°2570°35' Up to 00°44, Max per day
or brother or police, The more mars is further in north of ecliptic, the more the crossing & stationary points will be away from Sun & vice-versa _Mars latitudes; 4°3Tnorth maxi & 6°47' south maxi = more time in south
780 days +/-8 army, husband Opposition with Sun always occur when Mars is in its highest positive latitude (good for knowing the crossing point) & cunjunction with Sun always occur when Mars is in its lowest negative latitude
simillar to Mars Mars Is 0° to 95-123° to 128-143° At a point If Mars is still in in 5th or 6th house from Sun then At a point Then start direct till Case#1; will Case #2;
Check marsth
debilitated; sinful, 95/123° from Sun, from Sun Between expect good results_Mars retro is headstrong, Between -125°/-96° conj. Sun in Problems & evils in
special 4 (90°) cannot act fastest speed for Wait for tarabala 128° to 143° impulsive, injurious, selfish.Bypass authorities, -147°/-129° (235° to 264°) fr.sun same sign; Mars main dasha
& 8th (210°) righteously, mars, so; fast results results, from Sun law, order. But delaysjimpa-tience with (213° to 231°) Mostly hopes for fast, unsteady related with Sun;
aspects obstinate urges, if not combust, wait Mars get tired, mars)Can become very bad if debilitated/ weak or from Sun future, very mediocre results, ups & challenge with boss,
lack courage, a bit when mars still good results if frustrated, angry, in a badth place; fir, thief, fall-down, fear.Check Mars get tired, results, Mars is downs authority, transgress
willpower, more approaches the Krura planets are in disappointed, mars 8 (210°)aspects on sun; pension, frustrated, angry, indifferent but law, disobedience,
malevolent. crossing point. 5th or 6th house from depressed, legacy, disgrace. disappointed, stubborn; willpower still 50-50 % Good-
Sun. (from 90° to agitated. So Start retro in same sign Started retro in next depressed, & plans but not much bad results.
180° from sun) nothing happens = very forceful, th
strong sign= mars will import agitated. So happens, th
_Can cause
results, if in 7 from sun something from next nothing happens Look at mars 4 revolution, coup
expect fraudulent & th sign, by trick, lies, crook, aspect on Sun_90° d'etat, desertion,
rash behavior, if in 8 , compromise =land, house, mutiny, resignation.
violence, danger but treasure, private life Mars change plans
good results.
Jupiter; For 1 month Maxi. Last for 2.5 months Last 2 months maxi. Last 5 days Last 4 months _Retro 30% of the time Last 5 days Last 2 month maxi. Last for 2.5 months including
Retro cycle; At +/-11° including 30% closer to earth than in conjunction with Sun combustion time_Natural benefics
Every 32036' elongation from combustion time loosing -9°51' to ■10°20' in the zodiac loose strength if in 11 & 12th fr. sun
in... Sun = oppression 0o14' to 0o10709'20" 0o10709'20" to OW Speed is OWO Speed; OW to -00°07'43" min. in retro Speed is OWO )W to 0o8'4479'15" From 0o8'4479'15" Up to 0o14'
13 months & 5 from teacher or Per day Per day _becomes stronger if debit or weak, Jup. retro is ^er day maximum Per day
days = 398.88 father authority, Jup. is 0° to 59-57° 59-57° to 113°-116° At a point not favorable for brahmins & against the flow, At a point -1157-118° to Cruise from -627-66° till 0° from Sun
days religion._Jupiter from Sun. from Sun. Between unconventional, by hook or crook, expects results Between -627-66° from Sun
becomes unethical, Aupicious but slow Very slow results in 113°to 116° opposite to what it seems, Jup becomes over- -115° to-118° = (2457242° to
Check Jupiter profane, depends results. tarabala. from Sun. still optimistic, over-confident, so a source of trouble & from Sun 2987294°) Case#1; will Case #2; will have
special 5th & 9th on government or some good failure; beware of Jup. Dasa. Jup. exact trine (2457242°) Very mediocre & have exact exact conjunction
aspects friends, supporters. results but with aspects on Sunthalways occur when Jup starts still some good ordinary results, conjunction with with Sun in next
Gets limited/ lots of delay; or ends retro. 9 aspect of Jup on Sun = worship, results but with Jupiter does not Sun in same sign;
blocked by boss, confusion travel, vision, intuition, meditation, promotion, 5th lots of delay; care, is neutral, sign; Expect problems,
Expect sorrow from disapointment, aspect = luck, children, pious deeds, artistic confusion indifferent. fast, unsteady evils in jup maha-
children, willing to exhaustion. Start retro in same Started retro in next disapointment, results, ups & dasha.
take risks (loss of sign= very strong sign= Jup. will import exhaustion. downs Likely misunder-
wisdom), develop results if Jup. is not something from next standing with
over self-esteem, debilitated or in 6,8 or sign, if it was exalted in authorities,
up to pride. 12 houses next sign then loss of disagreements,
So Jupiter results power, if it was debil; uncooperative, Jup.
will be meagre & power comes back is likely to change
restricted plans/ house

Saturn; For 1 month maxi. Last 55/50 days incl. Last 62 to 67 days Last 5 days Last 4.5 months_Retro 31 % of the time Last 5 days Last 62 to 67 days Last for 45 days incl. combustion time
Retro cycle; at+/- 15°elongation combustion time Speed is 20% closer too earth than in cc^junction with Sun Check Saturn special 10th aspect on Sun
every 14053' in from Sun = OWOO" loosing -6 20' to -6o50' ir the zodiac
12.5 months = oppression from 0°08' max. to 0o05'36" 0o05'36 to 0o00'09" 0o00'09" to Speed OW to -00o04'28" min. in retro OWOO" to 0W09" to OW'36" Speed is 0W36" to 0W maximum
378.10 days elders or mean OWOO" 0W09
people, or hard Sat. at 0° to 47o/50o 47o/50 o
to A point Saturn is brighter when retrograde, so even if A point Between -110°/-112° to 47o/50o to 0° from Sun
Check Saturn work, from Sun o o
108 /109 from Sun Between debilitated or weak, it gets stronger, but if exalted -1100to-1120 -47° /-50o fr. Sun still good results if not combust.
special 3rd & _when Saturn is 108°to 109° too dangerous, deviant, unsocial, rebellious. from Sun
10th aspects combust/ eclipsed, from Sun In any case Saturn will be secretive, expect
it doesn't become troubles to brothers, youger siblings in dasha &
weak because check if Sun is opposite= opposed to
father is in front, so; authorities, unsocial, fear of failures,
you get a noble Results with surely still good results if Krura planets are in 5th or 6th house from Sun. (90° mini to 180° maxi) Case#1; Saturn Case #2; Saturn
saturn interested in come but with long will have exact will have exact
own status & Check Sat. special Saturn there Start retro in same sign= Started retro in next Saturn there gets Check Sat. special
prestige but delays (especially 10th aspect on Sun; gets depressed, very strong results if Sat. sign= Sat. will import depressed, tired, 3rd aspect on Sun conj. with Sun in conjunction with
righteous, with Saturn) (Sat. at+60° fr. tired, sorry, is not debilitated or in 8 something from next sorry, loose (Sat. at-60° fr. Sun) same sign; Sun in next sign;
religioous, stick to Sun), persistent loose courage, or 12 house_ definitly sign-house & make a courage, so do = powerfull Good results Expect Saturn to
tradition & customs, effort, commitment so do the Saturn feels unsecure compromise/ the mahadasha drive,courage, to faster than usual, transgress law &
but Sun get & stability in labor mahadasha will bypass authorities, adaptation, if it was period with thrive for for but unsteady with authorities, so its
debased, problems, to get public period with do something exalted in next sign expectations for success, compete ups & downs mahadasha will
opression & esteem with expectations for unconventional, will then loss of power, if it results dragging with hard work, give problems,
restrictions with sorrows, regrets results dragging behave abnormally, was debilitated; power forever. worthy results with evils
authorities + no _otherwise results forever. contradicting its nature, comes back sorrows & regrets
descendant, male will come but very so obsacles & wrong later.
children or wife for late & not much, bit decisions will result in _otherwise if the
Sun. discouraging later strong grief & regrets aspect is not pecise,
Saturn succeed on much later, but results then Saturn will be
here if patient & uninterested=
tolerant mediocre results
Uranus Last for 5 months, Retro 70% of the time Last 10days
(Indraloka) Corresponds to loosing -3057' in the zodiac
Retro cycle;
in 7 months
Neptune Last for 5 months, Retro 70% of the time
(Varuna) Corresponds to loosing -9o50' in the zodiac
Retro cycle;
in 7 months
Pluto Last for 5 months, Retro 70% of the time
(Yamaloka) Corresponds to loosing -2079' in the zodiac
Retro cycle;
4041 ■
in 7 months