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3 Washington University in St Louis SCHOOL OF MEDICINE November 8, 2018 Dear Mayor Krewson, ‘As coneemed physician in the fields of Bmetgency Medicine, Trauma Surgery, and Neurology, we vat to bring o your atention the worrisome trends in injuries we ale now seeing in our Emergency Deparment related twelecric scooters. We reviewed our medical records from early June 2018, prior tothe introduction of rental ‘seQofers inthe St. Louis area, through the week of October 20%. What we found was a scooter-related injury rate of |-2iweek prior to the roll-out of rental scooters to an average rate of 6-Tiweek during the peak weeks from mic- ‘August through October 208. Retween August 6 and Octcher 208 2018 we coafirmad at last 68 ceooterroltod ‘jis tested in ovr emergency departmant alone. The injuries associated with these seooter accidents included 3 people with brain hemorrhage, 8 uppor extremity fractures, 9 lower extremity fractutes, 1 spinal fratire, and 10 ‘cal lacerations requiring stitches. Six people required surgery, 12 were admitted fo the hospital and | died. ‘Despite operating information stating that helmets should be wor, only { patient was identified 2s using a helmet. ‘The serious injury rate, with over 25% suffering fom a major fracture, and nearly 20% heing admitted to the hospital is very worrisome, partioulrty with the inereasing popularity and minimal regulations curently aszcinted With scooter use in our area. These injuries were only ina single hospital over @ 10-week posiod, It is Uhely thet other emorgency departments inte city are winessing similar injuries, The costs to our ety for allowing the use ot Scooters hs probably been underestimated 1: epparent that this mode of transportation is geing popularity and may fil certain unmet needs in our urban area. However, due to the alarming nutnber and severity of injuries, we would urge vou to consider convening a task force consisting of healzheare providers, public health offcils, law enforcement oficial, Scooter company "Tepresentatives, and eScooter users to addtess che cafety issues related to @ Scooter use in our community. We believe that education and improved enforcement of some basic operating rules will make this mode of ‘ransporation safer alternative. Sincerely, ‘Anne Cross, MD Lawrence Lewis, MD. Professor of Newology Professor of Emergency Medicine AA hens Rosanne Naunhelm, MD. Douglas Schuerer, ‘Associate Profesor of Emergency Medicine rrogstor or: iim Lele Washington University School of Medicine at Washington University Medical Center, Campus Box 8072, 6608. Euclid Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63110-1093, (14) 747-3369 Fax (214) 747-1623