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1. Which branch of Physics deals with the science 8.

The sky is blue at daytime because air particles

concerned with the motion of bodies under the in the atmosphere act as tiny
action of forces, including the special case in which a. mirrors which reflect light of short wavelengths.
a body remains at rest? b. prisms which separate light into different colors.
a. acoustics b. astrophysics c. gratings which diffract light causing dispersion.
c. mechanics d. waves d. polarizers which filter all colors of light except
2. Which of the following does not express a blue and violet.
derived quantity? 9. If you want to see the different colors of light
a. 20 N b. 220 V like red, orange, yellow, green, blue indigo and
c. 2000 MA d. 5 seconds violet, which should you use?
3. 0.25 kg is equivalent to a. lense b. mirror c. polarized light d. prisms
a. 250 mg b. 250 cg 10. Sunsets often have reddish-orange color
associated with them. This is attributed to the
c. 250 g d. 250 Mg
phenomenon of
4. One kilometer is equal to 1,000,000 mm. Which
a. diffraction b. dispersion
of the following expresses the value of 1 kilometer
to millimeter in scientific notation? c. polarization d. refraction
a. 1x107 mm b. 1x106 mm 11. If a man wishes to use a plane mirror on a wall
to view both his head and his feet as he stands in
c. 1x108 mm d. 1x10 mm
front of the mirror, the required length of the
5. The use of wireless technological gadgets such mirror
as laptops, cellular phones and iPod are
a. is equal to the height of the man.
applications of which principles of Physics?
b. is equal to one-half of the height of the man.
a. acoustic
c. depends on the distance the an stands from the
b. gravitation
c. electricity and magnetism
d. depends on both the height of the man and the
d. inertia distance from the man and mirror.
6. Which part of the camera corresponds to the 12. As the angle is increased for a ray incident on a
retina? reflecting surface, the angle between the incident
a. lens of the camera and reflected rays ultimately approaches what
b. film value?
c. shutter a. zero b. 45⁰ c. 90⁰ d. 180⁰
d. aperture 13. Which of the following best describes the
7. A person in a dark room looking through a image formed by a plane mirrors?
window can clearly see a person outside in the a. virtual, inverted and enlarged
daylight. But the person outside cannot see what b. virtual, upright and same size as the object
is inside. Why? c. real, upright and same size as the object
a. There is not enough light reflected off a person d. real, inverted and reduced
in the room.
14. What kind of mirror will form an image which
b. Light rays cannot pass through the window. is always virtual, upright and smaller than the
c. Outside light does not pass through the object?
windows. a. concave b. convex
d. Sunlight is not intense enough to be a source of c. plane d. plane concave
15. A concave mirror with a focal length of 10 cm 24. A radioactive isotope has a half-life of T –
creates an image 30 cm away from the principal years. The time after which its activity is reduced
axis, the corresponding object is located how far to 6.25 % of the original activity is
from the mirror? a. 2T years b. 4 T years
a. 5 b. 7.5 c. 15 d. 20 c. 6 T years d.8 T years
16. In which of the following material will light 25. The half-life of a radioactive sample is 3.02
pass with the greatest speed? days. After how many days 10% of the sample will
a. Air 1.0003 b. Ethyl alcohol 1.36 remain unchanged?
c. H2o 1.333 d. ice 1.31 a. 10 b. 12 c. 15 d.20
17. How is an incident light refracted as it passes 26. Which of the following is the famous equation
from a less dense to a denser medium? of Albert Einstein which shows mass equivalence
a. at the normal b. away from the normal of energy expressed in terms of speed of radiant
c. parallel the normal d. towards the normal
a. c2-m2 b. E = mc2 c. E=mv2 d. M-E c2
18. How can nearsightedness corrected?
27. Atoms of uranium-235 and uranium 238 differ
a. by using a converging or convex lens
by three
b. by using polaroid eyeglasses to eliminate glare
a. e- b. n⁰ c. p+ d. photons
c. use bifocal glasses
28. Which is not an advantage of nuclear power?
d. use diverging or concave glasses
a. A large amount of energy is generated from a
19. A far-sighted person can only see objects very small amount of fuel.
which are far, where is the image formed?
b. Nuclear power does not contribute to global
a. behind the retina b. in front of the lens warming.
c. in front of the retina d. on the retina c. Nuclear power does not provide CO2 or SO2.
20. What makes a fish appear larger when places d. The fuel is not readily available.
in a spherical fish bowl?
29. Which of the series of reactions is ranked in
a. Inside the focal point, the image is real, enlarged order of increasing energy?
and magnified
a. chemical reaction → nuclear fission → phase
b. Inside the focal point, the image is real, inverted changes → nuclear fusion
and magnified
b. phase changes → chemical reaction → nuclear
c. Inside the focal point, the image is upright, fission → nuclear fusion
virtual and magnified
c. chemical reaction → phase changes → nuclear
d. Inside the focal point, the image is upright, fission → nuclear fusion
virtual and unmagnified
d. nuclear fission → nuclear fusion → chemical
21. Uranium isotopes have different reaction → phase changes
a. atomic mass b. atomic number 30. Nuclear power plants are one of the greatest
c. number of electrons d. number of protons alternative energy resources. Many countries,
22. A certain nucleus splits into two medium sized despite the disadvantages, have enjoyed the fruits
nuclei as induced by bombarding a heavy nucleus of the technology. Who did not contribute to the
with neutrons. What is this? discovery of the artificial nuclear reactors?
a. fission b. fusion a. Albert Einstein
c. ionizing radiation d. radioactive dating b. Ernest Rutherford
23. Carbon-14 dating could be used to determine c. James Chadwick
the age of the following except d. Otto Hahn
a. ancient scrolls b. fossils
c. petrified wood d. paintings
31. Three resistors 2 Ω, 3 Ω and 4 Ω are connected 34. Using the graph prepared by a Physics student
so that the equivalent resistance is 0.96 Ω. The on voltage and current relationship, which shows
resistors are connected in the greatest resistance?
a. 2 Ω and 3 Ω in series and in parallel with 4 Ω
b. 2 Ω and 3 Ω in parallel and in series with 4 Ω a. R 1 only
c. all series b. R 2 only
d. all parallel c. R 3 only
32. Given the figure, what is the total resistance in d. Both R1 and R2
the combination?

35. If a resistor of a desired value is not available, a

technician simply selects two or more resistors
whose combined values add up to the value
needed, and connects them in series. Which of the
following is true?
a. A 75 Ω resistors in series will have the same
resistance as one 150Ω resistor.
b. Two 75 Ω resistors in series will have the same
resistance as one 150Ω resistor.
c. Two 75 Ω resistors in series will have the same
a. 9 Ω b. 11 Ω c. 13 Ω d. 18 Ω resistance as one 100Ω resistor.
33. Given the circuit consists of battery and 3 d. Two 75 Ω resistors in series will have the same
identical lamps, which of the following is true resistance as two 150Ω resistor.
about the circuit?
36. Two resistors are connected in parallel. The
total resistance if the combination
a. equal to the sum of the resistances
b. equal to the average of the resistances
c. greater than the resistance of either resistord.
less than the resistance of each resistor
37. Octopus connections are fire hazards. Why?
a. Current becomes very high
b. Resistance becomes very high
c. Voltage becomes very high
a. I through point x is greater than that through d. All of the above
point z
38. When a fuse is rated 8A, it means
b. I through point z is greater than that through a. it has a resistance of 8Ω
point y
b. it will melt if the current exceeds 8A
c. I through point x is greater than that through
c. it will work if current is less than 8A
point y
d. it will work if current is 8A
d. I will be the same through points x, y and z
39. How much electrical energy is used in two
hours by a 220 V electric stove whose power rating
is 3 kilowatts?
a. 3 kilowatts b. 6 kilowatts
c. 440 kilowatts d. 660 kilowatts
40. Why are electrical wirings usually covered with 46. A beam of light is directed forward in a upward
a layer of plastic? magnetic field. In what direction will the beam be
a. to help electricity flow along the wire deflected?
b. to make it look good a. backward b. downward
c. to make it safe c. to the left d. to the right
d. to prevent electricity flow in the current 47. A transformer with lens loops in the secondary
than in the primary.
41. The electrical lines in residential houses maybe
either 110 V or 22 V. This voltage may either cause a. alternating transformer
shock or kill us. Which of the enumerated safety b. AC/DC transformer
measures is NOT advisable? c. step down transformer
a. Connect an appliance with a voltage rating of d. step up transformer
110 V to 220 V lines
48. Who devised the very first electric generator?
b. Do not switch on electrical appliances with wet
a. Andre Marie Ampire
b. Allesandro Volta
c. Never insert your finger to the holes of an
electrical outlet. c. Hans Christian Oerstead
d. Wear rubber shoes or slippers when repairing d. Michael Faraday
electrical appliances. 49. Electromagnets WXYZ are made by winding a
42. Calculate the generation cost of electrical wire coil around an iron core. Which is the
power if 46 kwh was consumed by a household in strongest?
one month. Assume the electrical energy costs Electromagnet # of turns Current in the
₱ 305.24/kwh. wire (A)
a. ₱ 130 b. ₱ 140 c. ₱150 d. ₱ 160 W 10 1
43. Which of the following does not produce a
magnetic field? X 20 1
a. a current carrying wire Y 20 5
b. a moving electric charge Z 10 5
c. a stationary charge
a. W b. X c. Y d. Z
d. an oscillating electric charge
50. A transformer steps-down a voltage of 3,300 V
44. Whose experiment proved that a magnetic to 220V. If there are 40 turns in the secondary,
field is present around a current carrying how many turns are there in the primary?
a. 880 b. 18, 150
a. Hertz’s b. Maxwell’s
c. 132, 000 d. 726,000
c. Michelson-Marley’s d. Oerstead
51. A stone is dropped from the roof of a building
45. A magnet is dropped from the ground through takes 4 seconds to reach the ground. What is the
a copper wire loop as shown in the diagram. What height of the building?
is the direction of the electric current induced in
a. 19. 6 meters b. 31.2 meters
the wire loop as a result
of the changing magnetic c. 78.4 meters d. 156.8 meters
field of the approaching 52. If an object has an acceleration of 0 m/s2, then
magnet? one can be sure that the object is NOT
a. clockwise a. changing velocity b. changing position
b. counterclockwise c. in a constant motion d. moving
c. downward
d. upward
53. The graph shows that the object has c. the force the cart exerts on the carabao
d. the force the ground exerts on the carabao
59. A 5000-kg truck travelling at 20 m/s is stopped
40 by the brakes in 5 seconds. Calculate the
20 deceleration of the truck?
a. 4 m/s2 b. 10 m/s2 c. 20 m/s2 d. 100 m/s2
2 4 6 8 10 60. An object at rest explodes into 2 parts. One
piece has a mass 4 times that of the other. If the
a. smaller piece moves with a speed of 120 m/s to
constantly increasing acceleration with time the left, the speed if the large piece is
b. constantly increasing distance traveled with a. 30 m/s b. 60 m/s c. 120 m/s d. 480 m/s
61. At what point is the kinetic energy of the
c. constantly increasing speed with time pendulum
d. constant magnitude of displacement at its
54. From the given graph, what is the acceleration highest?
of the body? a. A
a. 0 m/s2 b. 2.5 m/s2 c. 5 m/s2 d. 10 m/s2
b. B
55. Which of the following statements about
acceleration is not true?
c. C
a. Acceleration is a vector quantity. d. D
b. Accelerating objects must be changing their
c. . Accelerating objects must be changing their 62. When you lift a 5-kg bag of rice from the floor
velocity. to your kitchen table whose height is 0.8 meters,
d. An object which is moving at a constant speed is how much work do you do on the bag of rice?
accelerating. a. 0 b. 8 joules
56. Gohan accelerates a 0.4 kg ball from rest to 9 c. 40 joules d. 50 joules
m/s during the 0.15 seconds in which the foot is in 63. How much force is needed to accelerate a
contact with the ball. What average force does he 1,300 kg car at a rate of 1.5m/s2?
apply to the ball during the kick? a. 867 N b. 1950 N
a. 24 N b. 48 N c. 60 N d. 72 N c. 8,493 N d. 16,562 N
57. Which of the following statements is NOT true 64. If you double the force acting on an object of a
about acceleration? given mass, the acceleration will be
a. Acceleration is a change in velocity. a. doubled b. increased by fourfold
b. Acceleration can either be a positive or negative c. increased by ½ d. increased by ¼
65. If the velocity of the moving object is doubled,
c. A graph of x vs. t where x represents distance what happens to its kinetic energy?
and t is time will be linear for a constantly
accelerating object. a. doubled b. halved
d. An applied force is required for acceleration to c. quadrupled d. unchanged
occur. 66. How much power does a 70 kg person develop
58. When a carabao pulls a cart, the force that by running a 5m stairway in 10 seconds? (g = 10
causes the carabao to move forward is m/s2)
a. the force the carabao exerts on the cart a. 35 Ω b. 350 Ω c. 3500 d. 35 000 Ω
b. the force the carabao exerts on the ground
67. Which of the following statements about the 74. How much pressure is exerted by the water at
above situation is correct? the bottom of the swimming pool which is 10 m
a. The input work is greater than the output work. wide, 20m long and 5m deep?
b. The input work is less than the output work. a. 5x104 N/m2 b. 5x103 N/m2
c. The input work is equal to the output work. c. 50 N/m2 d. 5 N/m2
d. The lever is used mainly to change the direction 75. Study the diagram below. Which of the
of focus. following statements is true?
68. A man lifts a 20-kg load off the ground. A truck a. The block is denser
moves a 20-kg load to a 100 m distance than liquid A but less
warehouse. Who did more work with respect to dense than liquid B.
the ground? b. The block is less dense
a. the man than liquid A but denser
than liquid B.
b. the truck
c. The block is heavier
c. both did the same amount of work
than liquid A but lighter
d. neither the man nor the truck than liquid B.
69. A stone is thrown upward and falls back to the d. The block is less dense
ground when it reaches its maximum height, the than both liquid A and B.
velocity of the ball is
a. at its maximum
For number 76 and 77, refer to the diagram below.
b. at its minimum
c. equal to average velocity
d. equal to displacement
70. Which law states that the velocity of liquid is
inversely proportional to the pressure exerted by a
a. Archimedes Principle
b. Bernoulli’s Principle 76. The wavelength is equal to
c. Law of Inertia a. 2 cm b. 4 cm c. 6 cm d. 8 cm
d. Pascal’s Principle 77. If the frequency of the wave is 2 cycles/second,
71. What factors directly affect pressure? the speed of the wave in cm/s is
a. force and volume b. weight and area a. 4 b. 8 c. 12 d. 16
c. weight and force d. weight and volume 78. A boy shouts towards a cliff 80 m away from
72. According to Archimedes’ principle, a floating him. The speed of sound is 320 m/s. How long will
or submerged object displaces an amount of liquid it take before the boy hears the echo?
equal to its weight. How many kg of water will a a. 0.25 second b. 0.5 second
ship weighing 5,000 kg displaces? c. 1 second d. 2 seconds
a. equal to 5000 kg b. less than 500 0 kg 79. Which of the following attributes is not
c. more than 5000kg d. data not enough common to both water waves and sound waves?
73. The water level in the graduated cylinder rises a. a medium is needed
from 10 cm to 35 cm when a solid lead ball is b. direction of motion of particles of the medium
added. What is the approximate volume of the
c. energy is transmitted
lead ball?
d. produced by a vibrating body
a. 3.5 cm3 b. 25 cm3 c. 35 cm3 d. 45cm3
80. Which of the following ways may you follow to 86. Which of color bands represents a resistor with
make the pitch of a violin sound higher? resistance of 14 000 Ω?
a. change it with a thinner string a. black, orange, red b. brown, yellow, orange
b. decrease the length by pressing one part c. red, yellow, green d. white, blue, violet
c. tighten the string 87. Which of the following resists sudden change
d. all of the above in voltage?
81. Which of the following characteristics did you a. capacitor b. diode
particularly change in question number 80? c. resistor d. transistor
a. amplitude b. frequency 88. Which semi-conductor carries electric current
c. speed d. all of the above by the motion of the holes?
82.The wave property shown in the diagram a. diode b. N-type
below is? c. P-type d. transistor
89. Which of the following diagrams show the
expression: ( AB ) + C = Q
a. diffraction
b. interference
c. reflection
d. reflection

83. A television remote control is used to direct

pulses of electromagnet radiation to a receiver on
a tv. This communication from the remote control
of the tv illustrates that electromagnetic radiation
a. diffracts and accelerates air
b. longitudinal wave
c. possesses energy inversely proportional to its
d. transfers energy without transferring mass
84. Which of the following radio carrier signal
modulation types will modulate the height of the
carrier signal?
a. AM b. FM c. PM d. RF 90. Which of the following expressions refer to the
diagram below.
85. LASERS are instruments that produce streams
of very intense infrared radiation or visible light.
They are used mostly in surgery to either cut or
heat weld. LASER is an acronym for
a. Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of
b. Light Amplification by Spontaneous Emission of
c. Light Amplitude Stimulation Emitter Radiation
a. ( AB)  (CD)  E b. ( AB )  (CD)  E
d. Light Amplitude by Stimulation of Emitter
c. ( A  B)  (CD)  E d. ( AB )(CD)  E