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Free Download - Example Resumes

This set of example Resumes is a free download from My Performance, put together to help
you to understand the differences between the main types of Resume:

1. Chronological Presents your job history and education in date order, normally
with the most recent first
2. Functional Focuses on skills and job related experiences first
3. Hybrid / Combination Resume Typically lists jobs and education in date order and includes
more detail about skills used for each job, as it is listed

Nowadays the hybrid / combination Resume is generally considered to be the most effective for packaging
and presenting your skills and experience in a structured and easy to understand format, that employers
can navigate to find the key information that they need to know about you.

As we all know, there is much more to writing an effective Resume than simply following a template. If you
want to find out more about what you can do to improve your Resume and increase your chances of getting
an interview for the job you’ve always wanted, download our Job Hunter’s Pack and Checklists now. The
pack is full of useful information, tools and techniques and over 200 practical tips about:

• Understanding job adverts

• Tailoring and selling your skills and experience
• Making yourself stand out
• Completing employer application forms
• Building your resume and getting the content right
• Laying out and formatting your resume
• Preparing for interviews
• Presenting yourself during Interviews


Example of a Chronological Resume 3

Example of a Functional Resume 4

Example of a Hybrid / Combination Resume 5

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Example of a Chronological Resume

Edward Brown Home Telephone: 0117 246 135

123 Sea Street, Cell phone: 07771 345678
Bristol. BS4 1AA. E-mail:

STATEMENT: 12 years experience in retail sales with 7 years specializing in the technology sector.

Hi-Tek Mobile Handsets UK Ltd 2004 - Present

EXPERIENCE: Mobile Telephone Distributor
National Account Manager
Responsible for managing and expanding the accounts of several well known high street and
internet based mobile telephone retailers, increasing market share by 12% over 5 years.
Additional responsibilities:
 Identifying new business opportunities in other sectors.
 Developing relationships with potential customers.
 Building loyalty from existing customers and increasing sales by 5% per annum into those
 Developing effective volume bonus incentive schemes for distributors – volumes at some
retailers increased 112 per cent over 3 years.
 Leading and coaching a team of 8 sales executives.

EXPERIENCE: Cellphone City 1998 - 2004

National Mobile Telephone Retailer
Area Manager 2001 - 2004

As Area Manager, managed the operation of 14 retail outlets across the southern area including
the development of two new prestigious outlets in high profile shopping centers. Worked closely
with branch managers to increase revenue across the southern area by 93 percent over 3 years.
 Achieved and maintained 30 per cent annual growth over 3 year period.
 Maintained sales staff turnover at 7 per cent, recognized as the lowest staff turnover in the
Additional responsibilities:
 Led a team of 14 store managers.
 Developed long term business relationships with major accounts - 75% of clients were
regular customers.
 Increased client base by 28% per year
 Generated over £200,000 worth of free trade-journal publicity
 Co-ordinated the opening of 2 additional retail outlets in the midlands area

Branch Manager 1998 - 2001

As Branch Manager, employed to open and establish a new Cellphone City outlet in a new
shopping centre.
 Recruited and trained internal sales staff
 Integrated corporate policies and process with daily working practices
 Achieved 1st year target sales in first 9 months
 Developed partnership with local college to create a natural staff recruitment route

EDUCATION: Bristol University

BA (Hons) Sales and Marketing, 1994 - 1998

REFERENCES: Available on request 3 © 2010 My Performance Pitstop

Example of a Functional Resume

Miranda Reason E-mail address:

910 Apple Tree Street
Cell No: 01234 5678910
London Home No: 09876 5432100
NW1 123

OBJECTIVE To attain the position of HR Officer at Employment Resources PLC where my HR,
Training and Recruitment skills can be effectively utilised to improve staff
performance levels and HR processes.
PERSONAL 10 years of Human Resources and administrative experience. Responsibility
STATEMENT for the implementation and ongoing management of HR processes and for
providing HR support and expertise to over 50 employees and 200 consultants.

HR  Provided all of the operational HR expertise for over 250 people.

 Implemented a new process for performance management.
 Liaised with legal firm to provide specialist legal advice for employment law related
TRAINING  Led a comprehensive training needs analysis for 250 people.
 Developed a company competency framework to structure the approach to
performance development.
 Developed a suit of 4 management and 3 non management training programmes
to help to deliver required staff performance levels.
RECRUITING  Developed recruiting and consultant sourcing methods for multiple offices.
 Implemented a formal, structured recruitment process.
 Recruited 45 employees over 5 years to join the organization.
ADMINISTRATING  Managed a team of 3 HR administrators and 6 corporate secretaries.
 Streamlined core administrative processes to reduce timescales and improve
FINANCE  Managed the HR budget of £167,000, tracked performance and provided quarterly
MANAGEMENT and yearly spend forecasts and reports .
 Ensured that the department ended the year within pre-defined budget limits.

WORK HR Officer - People Solutions (UK), London – Consultancy providing expertise to

EXPERIENCE the construction industry
2003 – Present
Personnel Assistant - Jobs 4 U, Windsor – Recruitment agency recruiting for the
manufacturing sector
2000 – 2003
Administrator – Workhamton Council – Town council offices
1998 – 2000

EDUCATION 2:1 BA (Hons.) Business Studies with specialism in Human Resource Management
1997, University College, London.
PERSONAL Conservation - Volunteer at local wildlife nature reserve – 6 hours per week
INTERESTS Athletics – Recently ran in the London Marathon and raised £3410.00 for 'Help for
Swimming – I teach swimming to adult non-swimmers, once a week
REFERENCES Available upon request 4 © 2010 My Performance Pitstop

Example of a Hybrid/Combination Resume

E-mail Address:

Annabel Smith
123 Shell Terrace Telephone No: 01234 567899
Manchester MC1 Cell No: 0797 1234567

OBJECTIVE: To achieve the role of Change Manager at Call Centers UK and to use my skills and expertise to
maximize customer satisfaction levels through the implementation of effective administrative

SUMMARY: 10 years experience in managing change and improving administrative functions in a

variety of international businesses. Proven track record in streamlining administrative
functions through the use of technology to increase business effectiveness levels and to
reduce the cost and staffing level requirements of administrative processes.

EXPERIENCE: Select Consultancy Ltd. 2006 – Present

Management Consultancy Business
Area Manager – Change Team

Role: Responsible for leading a change team of 10 consultants and 8 administration staff
to implement change projects in a range of small and medium sized organizations.

Additional responsibilities:
• Analyzing existing business performance across all areas of business
• Developing strategic and operational plans to make required changes
• Providing financial project forecasts and tracking data
• Managing the implementation of agreed change plans
• Supporting the implementation team to maintain project momentum
• Liaising and communicating with key stakeholders to track project performance and

EXPERIENCE: Ex-ACT PLC 1998 – 2006

National Consultancy Business.
Branch Manager 2003 - 2006
Assistant Manager 1998 - 2003

Branch Manager: Established a new office, recruited and trained consultants and support staff.
Created and implemented branch operational policies.

• Achieved the award for ‘Best Office’ at national awards for change consultants.
• Developed revenue to attain 8% above target in 1 st year and 14% above target in 2nd year.
• Maintained staff turnover at below national average of 20%.

Assistant Manager: Worked with branch manager to set up office policies and to recruit, train
and supervise the administration team.

• Developed business relationships with and solved problems for clients (75 per cent of clients
were regular customers).
• Increased client base by 26% per year.
• Generated over £100,000 worth of free trade-journal publicity.

EDUCATION: BA (Hons). Business Studies 1995 - 1998, Open Learning University.

HNC – Marketing and Finance - 1993 – 1995, Reading College

PERSONAL  Sailing – belong to a yacht team and race at a semi- professional level around Europe.
INTERESTS:  Reading – Run an informal book club on behalf of the local church.

REFERENCES: Mr A Brownell – Marketing Director – Orino Foods Ltd.

Ms J Oppurs – Customer Service Manager – Staplerule UK. 5 © 2010 My Performance Pitstop