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Test procedure for Mokveld “PRESSURE SWITCH” in combination with Mokveld “TEST UNIT”.

Test procedure is based on the German specification DIN 3381 para. 4.8.

1. Connect nitrogen bottle to the connection on the test unit, pos. 11 of drawing 1 (thread M16 x 2).
Between the nitrogen bottle and the test unit must be a pressure gauge of approx. 1.5 times the test
2. Close the ball valve on the test unit and increase the test pressure on the test unit with approx. 1 bar per
10 seconds, till the valve is closing. After the test open the ball valve on the test unit to allow resetting
of the pressure switch by press pos. 57.33 (see drawing 2).
* If the set point must be checked read the pressure on the pressure gauge at the moment of closing
the valve.
3. After closing the valve reset the pressure switch by press pos. 57.33 of drawing 2 and the valve will
open automatically is hydraulic supply is available.
4. Repeat this procedure for the second unit pos. 13 of drawing 1 (if applicable).
5. Make sure that ball valves on test unit’s pos. 11 and 13 of drawing 1 are open after testing to assure
proper operation of the system.

Drawing 1

Drawing 2