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University of the East

National Service Training Program


1. My contribution to the barangay activities.

- We went to the chosen barangay two times. The first one is to visit the

vicinity of the barangay and also how the children behave. We use jeep as

form of our transportation to get to the barangay, as we arrived, there were

children already playing at the place. The chosen place where we will be

teaching children is a mini-park in the middle of the street. The place is

quite inappropriate for teaching but it was the very least we can have since

it was the place where the children gather the most. The children were

already waiting for our arrival there but some children are yet to be called.

Since the main objective of first visit is to observe the children and

environment of the place that is what I did. I rigidly observe how these

children interact with us; some of them chose those of my classmate that

have quite attractive looks, some are those energetic and in Filipino

pabibo classmates. Some of my classmates started telling stories unto

them already but some of us just observe. At the end of the visit we gave

the children who cooperate with us snacks and then we had to clean also

the place, picking up the tetra packs the children wasn’t able to dispose

properly. The second visit is to teach the children, the chosen subject is

math. Our professor gave us instruction to find children for us to teach. As

soon as we arrived the place, there is lesser number of children than the

last time we visit but officers of our class roam around to find children. As
few minutes later the children’s number started to grew one by one we got

our own student to teach. Since I am a BSA student I focuses on basic

math but more complicated than usual. The student I taught is

knowledgeable since he is older than the rest. I gave him some very

complicated basic math problems, some of it he were able to answer but

most of them were not. Math is a tough subject most of the students’

weakness so I understand if he was not able to get the answers right, and

then what I did is, in his every wrong answer I instructed him how to get

the answer right step by step I directed him but in some instances I show

him how to get the answer while he is also answering the problem. I also

taught him techniques on how to get the answer easier. I taught him on

about 45 minutes to 1 hour since we went there late and in the remaining

time we gave them the usual snacks and clean the place before leaving.

2. What the barangay benefitted from the UENSTP students.

- There not that much benefit we had given unto the barangay since we just

visited them two times. I can say that is the knowledge we imparted to

those children that even thought is not much we can say that it can be a

step for them to love learning more and have a dream to be educated and

achieve greater things in life.


1. Classroom Experience

The classroom was not that much since we don’t have much meeting due to

seminars of our prof and unexpected suspensions, but during our classes I

can’t really say that it was memorable because our class don’t have much

time to really know each other but during our last meeting we were able to

interact with each other.

2. What I learned.

What I learned from NSTP is more on my civil liability as Filipino citizen. I

learned that I could help to improve this country not just economical but

morally, as a student I can be a model to other students or person by

following the rules and law that I learned from NSTP. Life’s number one rule is

give and take. Give what you need to give and the taking is in the right time.

3. The Teacher

Prof. Florita is good teacher and caring, but she is quite boring sometimes

because she is not making cooperate with the activity that much more on

discussion that makes us sleepy sometime especially the room is air-

conditioned. She is quite energetic when it comes to barangay visit she do all

her might to help us and assist even contracting jeepney drivers for us to get

to the destination. Overall I can say she is great teacher but because we were

not able to meet her class regularly it cause us that we were never able to

know her more.