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Rental Agreement

THIS INDENTURE OR RENTAL AGREEMENT is made and executed on this the

16th day of April 2017 at Bangalore by and between:

Govinda Rajulu.N, No-358, Second Floor, SRUSTI, 4th Avenue,

Behind South Tiffin’s Hotel, Teachers Colony, Koramangala, Bengaluru-560034.
Hereinafter called the OWNER of the ONE PART: and

GDX Facility & Management Services Pvt. Ltd.,

GDX House, 29, Sant Nagar, East of Kailash,
New Delhi-110065

Hereinafter called the TENANT of the OTHER PART, witness as follows:

The Expression OWNER & TENANT where the context so admits shall be taken
to means and includes their respective heirs, legal representatives,
administrators, executors and assigns.

Whereas the owner is the absolute owner of the house premises bearing No-
358, First Floor, Srusti, 4th Avenue, Teachers Colony, Koramangala ,
Bangalore 560034 and hereinafter called the Schedule premises.

Whereas upon the request of the Tenant the owner has agreed to let out First
Floor of the schedule premises, to the Tenants for his residential purpose with
effect from the date of

1. The Tenancy is executed for a period of 11 months and shall commence

from subject to renewal by mutual consent of both the owner and
the tenant.

2. The Tenant has to pay a monthly rent of Rs.23, 500/- (Rupees Eight
Thousands only) on or before 5th day of be every calendar month without
delay and default. The rent shall be increased by 5% after completion of
11 months.

3. The Tenant has paid an advance amount of Rs.1, 00, 000/- (Rupees One
Lakh Only) by cash to the Owner before the following witnesses. This
amount shall not carry any interest and shall be refunded to the tenant at
the time of vacating the schedule premises.

4. The Tenant shall pay the Electricity, water and pumping charges of the
schedule premises to the concerned department regularly as per the bill
without fail.

5. The Tenant shall not after, subject or underlet the schedule premises without
prior written permission from the owner.
6. Giving 1(One) month notice in writing may terminate this agreement by
either party. The tenant should stay for a min period of 11 months if he
vacates within 11 months then he shall pay one month rent.

7. Any damages occur the same shall be made good by the tenant by his
cost and risk only.

8. The Tenant has to pay one month rent towards the painting charges at the
time of vacating the house.

9. The tenant shall not do any illegal business such as prostitution, terrorism,
keeping illegal weapons, inside the house this premises is only meant for
residential purpose.

Notwithstanding what is stated above, the agreement shall be liable to be

revoked by the owner, if the tenant is in default in the payment of the rent
and/or other charges three months after the same have fallen due or if the
tenant commits any breach of any terms and conditions of this agreement.


The Residential premises bearing No-358, First Floor, Srusti, 4th Avenue,
Teachers Colony, Koramangala, Bangalore 560034 consisting of 2 bed room
(one attached bath room with electricity water), hall, kitchen, Bath room with
electricity water.

Fixtures & Fittings:

Ceiling Fans - 3 Nos.

Tube Lights - 4 Nos.
Geyser - 2 Nos.
Main Door Keys - 2 Nos.
Cupboard Keys - 8 Nos.
Inner Door - 4 Nos.

In Witness whereof, both parties have affixed their signature into this agreement
on the date first above mentioned.