1. What are Oracle Alerts?

Answer------Oracle Alerts are used to monitor unusual or critical activity withina designated database. The flexibility of ALERTS allows a database administrator the ability to monitor activities from tablespace sizingto activities associated with particular applications (i.e. AP, GL, FA).Alerts can be created to monitor a process in the database and to notifya specific individual of the status of the process. 2. What types of Oracle Alerts are there? Answer------There are 2 types of alerts: Event Alerts and Periodic Alerts a) EVENT ALERTS are triggered when an event or change is made to a table in the database. b) PERIODIC ALERTS are activated on a scheduled basis to monitor database activities or changes. 3. What types of actions can be generated when an Alert is triggered? Answer------When an alert is triggered or the event is true, the alert can Email, send or print a message. Alerts also have the ability to execute a SQL script to perform an action. Using Response Processing, Oracle Alerts can solicit a response from a specific individual and perform an action based on the response that it receives. 4. Can I build an Alert to run with my custom applications or tables? Answer------Event or Periodic Alerts can work with any custom application, as long as the application is properly registered within the Oracle Applications package. 5. Which Email packages work with Alerts? Answer------Oracle Alert is designed to work with Oracle Office, Oracle Interoffice, UNIX Sendmail, and VMS Mail. 6. Can Alerts be triggered by other Tools? (i.e. other than Oracle Forms and concurrent programs) Answer------Oracle Alerts can only be triggered from an application that has been registered in Oracle Applications. Alerts cannot be triggered via SQL updates or deletes to an Alert activated trigger. 7. What is Response Processing? Answer------Response processing is a component of Alerts which allows the recipients of an alert to reply with a message and have the applications take some action based on the response. Response Processing only works with Oracle Mailproducts. 8. Do I need Oracle Applications to use Alerts? Answer------No. The following are the only components required to use

Basic Definition of Oracle Alert is : 1. Oracle Office or InterOffice) .e. Types of Oracle Alerts Periodic Alert: Periodic Alert Fires at pre defined set of Time.SQL*NET. To Monitor Activity of Business Needs.e. Event Alerts: Event Alerts Fires when particular database activity occurs e. N Alert Manager Alerts Define .FORMS .SQL*PLUS . How to Design Periodic Alerts: Design of Periodic Alert is explained from scratch with the help of Test Alert ³³Items with zero weight´ .g suppose you want to Email all Order Booked today We can Use Periodic Alerts... .SQL Scripts and Operating System Scripts.g Sending Email .ORACLE MAIL product (i. We have to design periodic alert ³Items with zero weight´ for our Client.RDBMS .calling Concurrent Program.Basic Business need of this alerts is for Email to MIS User for List of item having Zero Weight saved in Oracle Inventory. STEP1: Navigate To Alert Manager Form .g inserting record and updating record of tables. e. The components must be certified versions for your hardware platform and operating system.Oracle Alerts.

tem_number(segment1).In Example all input Column like Orgaization_code. Days: Choose days according to Frequency. Keep: How many days You Want to Mainitain History.Create_date preceded by Amperstand(&). Suppose you Chosse Frequency ³Every N Business Days´ Then Enter Value ³1´ in Day Field.y y y y y y y y Application Field: Name of Application e.ITEM. Choose Period tab Frequency :Choose Frequency Accordingly. Query is: Test Query for ³Items with zero weight´ Alert is SELECT .DESCR. Here is an Exapmle of Select Statement for Test Periodic Alert ³Items with zero weight´.Creation_date have Output Variable ORG. Select statement must include an INTO clause that contains one output for each column selected by your Select statement. Select Statement: Write Query in select Statement .Description.g Oracle Payable Name : User defined Name of Alerts.M Write ³06:30:00´ in Start Time Field. Start Time: Time You want to Fire periodic alerts suppose you want to fire at 6:30 A.

&item .description.1.20) .organization_code .organization_id = p.2 y Verify: Click on Verify Button to Verify your Query. i.creation_date.1. &descr .ITEM_TYPE = 'P' order by 1. . substr(i. substr(i. This message will populate if Query is Right.INVENTORY_ITEM_STATUS_CODE||'' = 'Active' and i.segment1.organization_id and p.distinct p.'ENF') and i. &create_date FROM mtl_system_items i. INTO &org .50). mtl_parameters p where i.unit_weight is null and I.organization_code in ('INF'.

Explaination of Field on this Form : y y Action Name:Specify Name of your Action. STEP2 : Define Action: Click on Action Button(Marked With Circle). Summary .we specify name ³EMAIL´ in Action Name. is for Email.y Run: To Check Record Count of Your Query Click on Run Button.action performed when no exceptions returned.0) Will Poulate.action performed once for each exception. No Exception ..0) Action Detail: By Click on Action Detail Button this Window (Action Detail Window 1. Suppose Your Query Written Zero Rows This Message will populate.1) . Three are three Action Level y y y Detail . Action Level: Action level should be Summary.action is performed for each exception returned. (Action Window 1. This Form (Action Window 1. For Example Our Alert ³³Items with zero weight´.

send message Concurrent Program Request .Action Detail Window 1. Enter Email Addrees in To Field.submit concurrent program SQL script .1 Action Type: Four Action type.execute an OS script We Choose Action Type ³Message´ because ³Items with zero weight´ Alert is for Email Purpose.execute a SQL script OS script . Text : In Text field design Layout of your Periodic Alerts.&item etc should be placed with in template like this« . ³Items with zero weight´ Alert Layout is this: Important thing is that Output Variable &org. y y y y Message .

Org Item Description Creation Date === ==================== ============================== ============= =**= Enter summary template below this line =**= **&org &item &descr &create_date =**= Enter summary template above this line =**= Column OverFlow: µWrap¶ Max Width: Choose According to Requirments. . In our Test Alert we enter Action set Name ³EMAIL´. y Action set Name: Enter Action Set Name. Click on Action Sets Button.2´) will populate.=**= Enter summary template below this line =**= **&org &item &descr &create_date =**= Enter summary template above this line =**= Layout Sample of Test Periodic Alert ³Items with zero weight´: The following items currently have no weight maintained against them in the system. Action Set Window (Shown in Pictiure ³Action set Window 1. Note : Action set Name should be same as in Action Name. y y y 80 Characters 132 Characters 180 Characters STEP3 : Define Action Sets: Enter the groups of action to be run. Otherwise Periodic Alert will not Fire.

Note that if you Output tab is Blank Requery the Alert then it will show output Variable.4) Member Tab: Enter Name of Action . Output Tab: Output tab Contain List of Output Variable defoen in select Statement as shown in Window 1.Action Set Window 1. In our Test Alert we enter Action set Name ³EMAIl´. (Window 1.4. .2 y y Action set Name: Enter Action Set Name. This problem we generally faced when designing periodic Alerts.

. Application Name and Table Name and Click on Check box ³After Insert´ and ³ After Update´ according to Requirment and rest of Procedure is same.Just you Have to choose Event Tab and give Event Details.How to Design Event Alerts: Procedure of design of Event Alert is same as Periodic Alert.


Query Event Alert: SELECT :ROWID. We developed Event Alerts. segment1.Practical Probem and Solution During Design Event Alerts: We have to Design ³Item Attribute Update´ in Toshiba. Solution: Solution of Problem is : GO TO Alert Details and in Alert Details Forms Click on Installation Tab and give the name of Operating Units for which You Want to Design Alerts. &organization_id. organization_id.Requirment of Alert is that if any item Comes in Inventory Email should sent to MIS USER. &segment1. Sydney Projects. &inventory_item_id from mtl_system_items_b where rowid= :ROWID . inventory_item_id into &rowid. But when we are inserting new record in MTL_SYSTEM_ITEMS_B our Alert is Not Fired.

rsl. 'RBatra@toshiba-tap.segment1. &SEGMENT1. &TO_RCP from mtl_system_items msi.organization_id = mp.organization_id = p_organization_id.serial_number_control_code INTO l_serial_control_code FROM mtl_system_items_b msib.organization_id CREATE OR REPLACE PACKAGE BODY cinv_update_msib AS PROCEDURE update_row( errbuf OUT VARCHAR2.receipt_num. 192) THEN SELECT msib.segment1.inventory_item_id = p_inventory_item_id AND msib.master_organization_id AND mp.to_organization_id and msi.organization_id in(184. . msi. sum(rcv. &QUANTITY_RECEIVED. 184.quantity_shipped.com'. p_inventory_item_id NUMBER) AS l_serial_control_code NUMBER:=NULL.quantity >0 and rcv.organization_id = rsl.(30/(24*60*60)) group by rsh. msi. rsl.quantity_shipped.shipment_header_id = rsh.195) and rcv.'wzarb@Toshiba-Tap.com dmorris@toshiba-tap.QUANTITY).SHIPMENT_HEADER_ID and rsl.SHIPMENT_LINE_ID =rcv.com nhirapetians@toshibatap.shipment_header_id and rsl.msi.com') INTO &RECEIPT_NUM. RCV_TRANSACTIONS rcv.184. decode(msi. &QUANTITY_SHIPPED.receipt_num. retcode OUT NUMBER.com jdunnicliff@toshiba-tap.Query Periodic Alert with time interval: select rsh.last_update_date >= to_date(:DATE_LAST_CHECKED.SHIPMENT_HEADER_ID =rcv.item_id and msi.com pbarker@Toshiba-Tap.SHIPMENT_LINE_ID and rcv. BEGIN IF p_organization_id IN (195. 'DD-MON-YYYY HH24:MI:SS') . mtl_parameters mp WHERE msib. rcv_shipment_headers rsh where trunc(rsh. rcv_shipment_lines rsl. 195. p_organization_id NUMBER.TRANSACTION_TYPE ='DELIVER' and msi. 200.com kwaterstone@Toshiba-Tap.com smarffy@toshiba-tap.organization_id.creation_date) > '01-jan-90' and rsh.inventory_item_id = rsl.

END update_row.inventory_item_id = p_inventory_item_id. 184. 189. ELSE NULL. 190. ELSE NULL.atp_flag = 'Y' WHERE msib. END IF.log. 187.organization_id = p_organization_id AND msib. 200. END IF. 188.'Process Failed:'). --NULL. END. / .IF l_serial_control_code <> 1 THEN UPDATE mtl_system_items_b SET serial_number_control_code = 6 WHERE organization_id = p_organization_id AND inventory_item_id = p_inventory_item_id. IF p_organization_id IN (195. EXCEPTION WHEN OTHERS THEN fnd_file. 192) THEN UPDATE mtl_system_items_b msib SET msib.put_line(fnd_file. END IF.

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