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Ganesh Baag 2D.vimala

1 Student ,Department of CSE, BIST, BIHER, Chennai.

2 Assistant Professor , Department of CSE, BIST, BIHER, Chennai.

Openstack is an open source Cloud to use open source solution for deploying
Deployment Software developed the cloud. In this project a cluster of
extensively by Openstack community. It multiple nodes is being created on an open
has various projects that provide services and scalable cloud management platform
like storage, compute, networking etc. It is called OpenStack Juno (newly released
being used by enterprises to deploy and version). The nodes include Horizon
deliver the cloud services. The main (Dashboard), Keystone (identity service),
problem with Openstack is it is difficult to Cinder (Block storage), Glance (Image
configure and install, thus developers and service), Nova (Compute), Swift (Object
enterprises go for alternatives. It has a Storage) and Neutron (Networking)
Graphical User Interface where user drags proving multifunctionalities capability to
and drops various projects of Openstack the end-users within a very less span of
on the machines identified by the IP time.
addresses given by the user. Advanced
users can configure Openstack projects 1.INTRODUCTION
manually from the installer itself. With the
OpenStack is a free and open-source
help of this project installing and
software cloud computing platform. It is
configuring Openstack will be a breeze to
primarily deployed as an infrastructure as
many enterprises and developers who want

a service (IaaS) solution. The technology bright future in at least next 10 years for
consists of a series of interrelated projects sure. OpenStack is bundle of different
that control pools of processing, storage, cutting edge products that delivers the best
and networking resources throughout a cloud computing experience. So, learning
data centre, able to be managed or it and getting expertise in couple of
provisioned through a web-based projects will not only make you a seasoned
dashboard, command-line tools, or a cloud professional but also help you
RESTful API. develop problem solving skills.

1.2Scope of the Project

OpenStack, its Open Source available 2.LITERATURE SURVEY

freely with Apache 2.0 license and is
backed by thousands of big technological
companies. Over the years, its popularity
has seen a huge surge with wide FOR BUSINESS ADOPTING
acceptability and uses. Hundreds of CLOUD TECHNOLOGY
companies are using it to build their
AUTHOR: Tyler Britten, Technical
private cloud and others are providing
Advocate, Blue Box, an IBM company Kathy
services to maintain. So, career wise I
Cacciatore, Consulting Marketing Manager,
would say its one of the best technology to
look for in current market scenarios. I
have been associated with for roughly 3 Your regulatory compliance needs might
and half years, and have seen hundreds of dictate your choice of a cloud deployment
openings with awesome job profile and fat model. Not all models meet the needs of
pay cheques. Scouting through LinkedIn, organizations with industry-specific
you can find 100s of different job regulations, such as PCI, HIPAA, data
opportunities available in top 500 sovereignty, etc. Private, hybrid, and
companies community models offer the most
flexibility for implementing the necessary
One thing for sure cloud computing is
controls to meet your compliance needs.
there to stay, with that OpenStack has got
Some publiccloud providers have

specialized cloud regions for industry- lock-in. Our research paper gives you an
specific compliance needs. It is highly insight to use open source IaaS to set your
recommended to incorporate automation own public, private or hybrid cloud. The
capabilities, even in the early phase of reason behind it is that it delivers value to
your cloud implementation. Running an your enterprise. Comparing these three
OpenStack cloud requires a new operating open clouds will help researcher and other
model, as compared to the conventional IT users to decide which one would be a
model. Adopting a DevOps mindset and better option for their enterprise.
CI/CD model allows you to get the best Open source has certainly become the
benefits from your OpenStack cloud and foundation of building cloud technologies.
With Open source we have the freedom to
accelerate the time-to-value.After
run the program, the freedom to modify
successfully deploying your OpenStack the source code and the freedom to
cloud, you will need to adopt a set of redistribute its exact copies. The
foundation upon which you build a cloud
processes and procedures for maintenance
is open source and has an independent
and upgrades. A best practice is to keep community is around the project. It is
your OpenStack cloud homogeneous in pluggable and extensible open APIs are
present in it. It can be portable to other
terms of release version13 and take
clouds. The main reason to use open
measures to prevent portions of your cloud source clouds is that it avoids vendor lock-
from operating under different versions. in.
Version homogeneity will be key to your
ability to continue to automate and operate 3.EXISTING SYSTEM
routine processes.
The term "cloud computing" is
TITLE 2: Comparing delta, open everywhere. In the simplest terms, cloud
stack and Xen Cloud Platforms: A
survey on open source IaaS computing means storing and accessing
data and programs over the Internet
AUTHOR:MeenakshiBist ; Manoj Wariya ; Amit
instead of your computer's hard drive. The
cloud is just a metaphor for the
In the next five years to come people
Internet.May 3, 2016.Private cloud is
around the globe would choose open
cloud infrastructure operated solely for a
source deployment not just because they
single organization, whether managed
cut down cost but also helps avoid vendor

internally or by a third party, and hosted  Cloud computing is cheaper because of
either internally or externally. A cloud is economics of scale, and — like any
called a "public cloud" when the services outsourced task — you tend to get
are rendered over a network that is open what you get.
for public use. Public cloud services may  The cloud provider might not meet
be free.[86] Technically there may be little your legal needs" and that businesses
or no difference between public and need to weigh the benefits of cloud
private cloud architecture, however, computing against the risks.
security consideration may be  In cloud computing, the control of the
substantially different for services back end infrastructure is lim ited to
(applications, storage, and other resources) the cloud vendor only.
that are made available by a service  Cloud providers often decide on the
provider for a public audience and when management policies, which
communication is effected over a non- moderates what the cloud users are
trusted network. Hybrid cloud is a able to do with their deployment.[114]
composition of two or more clouds Cloud users are also limited to the
(private, community or public) that remain control and management of their
distinct entities but are bound together, applications, data and services.
offering the benefits of multiple
deployment models. Hybrid cloud can also 4.PROPOSED SYSTEM
mean the ability to connect collocation,
OpenStack software controls large pools
managed and/or dedicated services with
of compute, storage, and networking
cloud resources.Gartner defines a hybrid
resources throughout a datacenter,
cloud service as a cloud computing service
managed through a dashboard or via the
that is composed of some combination of
OpenStack API. OpenStack works with
private, public and community cloud
popular enterprise and open source
services, from different service providers.
technologies making it ideal for

3.1 Disadvantage of Existing heterogeneous infrastructure. OpenStack

System: lets users deploy virtual machines and

other instances that handle different tasks

for managing a cloud environment on the machines rapidly and on-demand,
fly. It makes horizontal scaling easy, they can significantly reduce
which means that tasks that benefit from development and testing periods
running concurrently can easily serve and have more freedom to
more or fewer users on the fly by just experiment with new ideas.
spinning up more instances. For example,  Faster deployment of IT resources
a mobile application that needs to also means end users and business
communicate with a remote server might units no longer have to wait days
be able to divide the work of or weeks to start using the network
communicating with each user across services and applications they
many different instances, all need. In turn, they would be more
communicating with one another but capable of rolling out and
scaling quickly and easily as the completing projects earlier than
application gains more users. The cloud is before.
all about providing computing for end  Because OpenStack enables the
users in a remote environment, where the construction of private, on-premise
actual software runs as a service on clouds, it can help in regulatory
reliable and scalable servers rather than on compliance endeavors.
each end-user's computer. Cloud  You can personally take charge of
computing can refer to a lot of different ensuring that policies for securing
things, but typically the industry talks personal data, financial data, and
about running different items "as a other confidential and regulated
service"—software, platforms, and information are actually enforced
infrastructure. and not just printed on a piece of
4.1Advantage of Proposed System

 OpenStack’s orchestration and

self-service capabilities offers
developers and IT staff with faster
and better access to IT resources.
Because developers can provision

7.MODULES Zun -- a service that provides an API to
launch and manage containers.
 Compute
 Storage
 Networking and content Cinder -- a block storage service;
 Data and analytics Swift -- an object storage service;

 Security and compliance

Freezer -- a backup, restore and disaster
 Deployment
recovery service;
 Management
 Monitoring Karbor -- an application and data
protection service;

Manila -- a shared file system.

Glance -- a service that discovers, registers DELIVERY
and retrieves virtual machine (VM)
images; Designate -- a DNS service for the
Ironic -- a bare-metal provisioning service;
Neutron -- a software-defined networking
Magnum -- a container orchestration and (SDN) service for virtual compute
provisioning engine; environments;

Nova -- a service that provides scalable, Dragonflow -- a distributed control plane

on-demand and self-service access to implementation of Neutron;
compute resources, such as VMs and
containers; Kuryr -- a service that connects containers
and storage;
Storlets -- a computable object storage
service; Octavia -- a load balancer;

Tacker -- an orchestration service for Chef OpenStack -- a service that provides
network functions virtualization (NFV); Chef cookbooks for OpenStack;

Tricircle -- a network automation service Kolla -- a service for container

for multi-region cloud deployments. deployment;

7.4 DATA AND ANALYTICS Charms -- a service that offers Juju charms
for OpenStack;
Sahara -- a provisioning service for big
data projects; Puppet OpenStack -- a service that
provides Puppet modules for OpenStack;
Searchlight -- a data indexing and search
service; TripleO -- a service to deploy OpenStack
in production.
Trove -- a database as a service (DBaaS).
Horizon -- a management dashboard and
Barbican -- a management service for
web-based user interface for OpenStack
passwords, encryption keys and X.509
OpenStack Client -- the OpenStack
Congress -- an IT governance service;
command-line interface (CLI);

Keystone -- an authentication and multi-

Rally -- an OpenStack benchmark service;
tenant authorization service;
Senlin -- a clustering service;
Mistral -- a workflow management and
enforcement service. Vitrage -- a root cause analysis (RCA)
service for troubleshooting;
Watcher -- a performance optimization
Ansible OpenStack-- a service that
provides Ansible playbooks for

7.8 MONITORING browser and uses python as its core
language hence it is independent of the
Aodh -- an alarming service that takes
host. It
actions based on rules;
opens the door for cloud application
Ceilometer -- a metering and data
developers to use Openstack for their
collection service;
cloud applications

CloudKitty -- a billing and chargeback

straight away, right out of the box. This
also gives students and researchers to

Monasca -- a high-speed metrics

contribute to Openstack and learn more
monitoring and alerting service;
about cloud and virtualization techniques
Panko -- a service for metadata indexing
and event storage to aid auditing and
depth. Additions and Modi_cations are
most welcome. The Project is being

at GitHub repository under GNU GPLv2

The application resolves the common
problem of deploying Openstack on the

systems. It remove all the hurdles that one

faces while deploying an open source
solution [2]

for cloud management in a very user [3]

friendly way. This application runs on a




[8].Privacy Commissioner of Canada

(OPC), “Fact Sheet: Introduction to Cloud

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[9].CSS Corp Private Limited,

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[10.]Omar Sefraoui, Mohammed Aissaoui

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[11.]Cloud Computing – Issues,Research

and Implementations Mladen A.
VoukDepartment of Computer Science,
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